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Feedback Q&A on Senses

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 700 comments and questions on Senses issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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6th Sense Sensing spirits in photos USA
6th Sense Foresaw brother's friend's death India
General Why do I dreams things before they happen? USA
6th Sense Scientific Possibility Can a sense be evolved to give and advantage? USA
Slow Motion Using technology to perceive other energy forms USA
Slow Motion Mother had feeling I had been in an accident USA
Hearing Pitch Examples of high and low pitch sounds USA
Spirits Has video of spirit walking in her bedroom USA
6th Sense I believe is the 6th sense completely USA
Aura Son affects electronic devices USA

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Sensing spirits in photos

Topic: 6th Sense


February 23, 2015

Hello, I was wondering if a sixth sense would include being able to see spirits in photos. I almost immediately find a ghost or spirit in images. I can send some obvious ones over.

Rebecca - USA



The 6th sense is more concerned with sensing future and past events. See Sensing Spirits for information that might be about sensing spirits in photos.

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Foresaw brother's friend's death

Topic: 6th Sense


January 28, 2015

I nisha rani ... whenever i saw somthing has happend with me (these can be some thougt )even during day time..after some dayes i happens wth other e.g i saw my self dead 2 days back n tday my brothers friend died...simmilarly there are many cases...i m confused wat r these .. pls help me ... n do rply ..


NIsha - India



I am sorry to hear that your brother's friend died.

Many people seem to have such dreams that then come close to being true. Some people seem to be able to foresee future events more than others. It can be considered a talent or a curse. The best thing to do is to realize you can often see things happen.

For some reason, it seems like foreseeing bad things happens more than seeing good things happen. It may be because the visions have more impact.

Best wishes in having a productive life.

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Why do I dreams things before they happen?

Topic: General


January 14, 2015

Why do i dreams things before they happened ? why do i feel the people who have left this world ? I scared to go into a strangers home because i sense a person there . please help me please .

Caroline - USA



Many people experience what we call the 6th sense, where they see things in the future or sense the presence of others. See Your Sixth Sense and Beyond for more information.

Dreaming things before they happen is often called precognition or deja vu.

Some people seem to be able to sense these things more than others. It can be annoying or scary. But one unusual thing about this sense is that the harder you try to see into the future or see some spirit, the less the sense seems to work.

One thing to do when you go to a stranger's home is to expect sensing someone or some spirit. That usually removes the sense.

I hope these explanations help.

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Can a sense be evolved to give and advantage?

Topic: 6th Sense Scientific Possibility


December 27, 2014

Why is the '6th sense' always considered to be some kind of future prediction. All animals and life as we know it is dictated by five senses, sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. No animal or creature that is created on this planet has had a different type of sense. But why wouldn't this be possible? As animals evolve we develop traits that give us an advantage in our surroundings. would it not be possible to develop a sense that percieves something different, not future predicton, but maybe the passage of time or something. we percieve the passage of time, that perception that may also be considered a sense. Could an animal develop a sense that is past our capability of understanding, will humans eventually evolve to a state where we have the ability to sense different things, that we currently cannot comprehend?
at the very least this idea creates an interesting movie or book. what is your opinion? can a creature evolve a different sense to give it an advantage, why would we limit ourselves to five senses, could it be possible to have many more than five senses?




Actually, scientists have found more than five senses in animals and humans. Sharks can sense electrical fields in the water. Some birds seem to be able to sense magnetic fields. Also, the sense of touch could be divided into sensing pressure and sensing heat. Animals and plants can also sense gravity. We also all seem to sense the passage of time.

I agree that there must be a purpose for the development of certain senses over others.

As far as sensing future events goes, it does seem a stretch. However, many people seem to have had such experiences. There are also some who claim to have psychic powers to predict the future or to look into past events. Perhaps the 6th sense for both future and past events could be something spiritual or related to other dimensions.

I know there is a book and movie called "The Sixth Sense" about a child who had visions of dead people. Perhaps a different spin on the topic to show the development of a sense that would give an animal or person an advantage might be quite interesting.

Thanks for your comments and best wishes in your investigations.

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Using technology to perceive other energy forms

Topic: Slow Motion


December 27, 2014

Just looked at some of your other articles, saw that you said tempertature, time, and the perception of gravity are our other senses. And you mentioned how birds can possibly sense magnetic poles, and eels can sense electromagnetic fields. probly should have read your other work first LOL but do you think that humans could forcibly create the perception of another sense using technology or another form?




Often people will read one article and not check similar ones.

Technology will often extend senses, like seeing in the dark or hearing subsonic sounds.

Except for sensing time, most senses detect or perceive forms of energy. But there are forces and forms of energy that we have not yet been able to detect directly.

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Mother had feeling I had been in an accident

Topic: Slow Motion


December 27, 2014

sorry to send so many emails but i figured i would share a possible experience for a sixth sense (the future prediction kind)

when i was thirteen i was in a car crash where the car flipped over, luckily nobody was hurt in the vehicle but it was a crazy event. mere seconds after the event occurred my mother called me, i answered and told her i'd call her back in a minute. I called her and explained the situation.
she explained to me that she felt that she should call me for some reason and see if i was ok, she had no other reason to call me at the time. she decided that it was some sort of extrasensory perception that gave her the intuition to call.

thanks for reading my emails and good luck with your work




Having a premonition like your mother had is not uncommon. I would classify it as a form of the 6th sense.

Interestingly enough, for some reason my wife Googled the name of her nephew, who she hadn't talked to in years. She then saw an obituary from the week before that said his wife had just died. This is another example of these strange premonitions or feelings about some event.

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Examples of high and low pitch sounds

Topic: Hearing Pitch


August 8, 2014

What are some examples of things and animals with high and low pitch sounds? thank you




Since mice squeak in high pitches or frequencies, cats are able to hear high pitches in order to hunt for the mice.

Elephants can make low frequency sounds that travel for miles. They also can hear such frequencies.

Thunder gives off low frequencies, while squealing brakes give off high frequencies.

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Has video of spirit walking in her bedroom

Topic: Spirits


July 13, 2014

my name is judy, if theres any question of a live spirit I have one on video walking from my wall into the bedroom, and no it isn't a person, its a spirit and you can see that, ive seen spirits before, not often, I also predicted a couple of things that came true, Im not sure if it is a gift or a curse but I know im different than others, I saw a spirit, a beautiful woman walking past one of the blds that I live near , I asked if anyone was killed there, I was told a woman was killed by a man that was infacuated with her, he killed her when her husband went to work, I described her and they said that's what she looked like,i feel alone with this and scared to tell anyone , that they would think I was crazy, so I keep it to myself, I saw your sight and saw I could right a message , I had the video of the spirit freeze framed and enhanced

judy - USA



Thanks for sharing your experiences. Many people can see into the future and past, but not too many have actually communicated with spirits. It probably is a similar talent or sense.

People who have not had such experiences might say others were crazy. Others just keep to themselves.

I don't know what reaction you would get if you put your video on YouTube.

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I believe is the 6th sense completely

Topic: 6th Sense


June 24, 2014

I believe in this fully because I have a tendency of really freaking people out with some of my ability to be spit one whether if I want to be or not. im still trying to understand my abilities and haven't understood fully why they happen.

they come at the most random of moments and they are vary quick and and end very fast. but even with things like going to the store and getting a lotto ticket. or scrach off my friend went in and got two tickets I told her the to not buy a third one. it came out a loser.

and when somethings not right ill tell u and be spot on about I wone my first trifecta at a horse race and never did a horse race a day in my life. but I didnt get the two thousand because there was a disqualified horse. but still walked out with more than I went in with.

I took preseason football and circled most of the winners I thought would win out of all the per season months I olny came out with six losers not olny did I do preseason. I picked six games from the rest of nfl season and thay all came out winners.

I almost made my best friends brother poop his pants. and ive kind of grown acoustic to it and would like some help with my ability to understand and cope with it if I can get help abie I can understand it more need input please help me it kinda scares me sometimes.

but then again I do come from a line of witches and native American background and my dad and step mom it comes naturally to them too.

Tiffany - USA



Thanks for sharing your experiences with seeing into the future.

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Son affects electronic devices

Topic: Aura


February 13, 2014

One of my grown children has an effect on objects like smart phones, TVs & other electrical items. The TV may change channels, smart phone may lose information & then get it back (this happened on a couple of phones). Some items just stop working & in a few days begin working again. He does NOT welcome this phenomenon.

Jean - USA



It is difficult to pin down the reason for your son's problem.

Some people have a body chemistry that seems to be prone to collecting electrical charges. Another reason could be extremely dry skin that builds up charges on the clothes. Typically, they often get static shocks when touching metal objects.

This may be what is happening to your son, such that it affects electronic devices.

An acidic diet can cause the body to be more prone to electrical charges. If it is dry skin, avoiding polyester clothes could help.

Your son can try looking into those possibilities. Hopefully it will help.

Best wishes for him to solve his problem.

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