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by Ron Kurtus

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6th Sense Why do we have so many negative predictions? India
6th Sense Check Your use of the term sixth sense is a misnomer USA
6th Sense Check How to energize the 6th sense? India
Hearing Direction Hears sounds that seem to come from mountain USA
6th Sense Check Is the 6th sense a kind of spirit? Kenya
Slow Motion Thoughts about time slowing down USA
Slow Motion Time may go slower because we don't want things UK
Spirits Is our ability to see auras a rare gift? Australia
Spirits I am followed by a spirit Australia
6th Sense Check This quiz was interresting for me USA

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Why do we have so many negative predictions?

Topic: 6th Sense


November 28, 2011

why my all answers to the questions on your site are correct in one go i am afraid of it littel bit and why i see only negative dreams about future yup i once predicted in dream a baby in my hand and i got a news that one of my close friend was pregnant this hapened a year back after then i have only bad dreams wd bad negative predictions

meetu - India



For some reason many of the things people foresee--whether in dreams or feelings--are negative. I guess the reason is because bad events affect us more than good things. We often forget the good things that happen, but we dwell on the bad things.

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Your use of the term sixth sense is a misnomer

Topic: 6th Sense Check


November 11, 2011

I think your use of the term sixth sense is a misnomer. consult the work of Sir Charles Bell and you'll see that our sixth sense is actually proprioception.

Allan - USA



Thanks for your comment,

A number of sources use the "sixth sense" expression to describe an extra sense. Extrasensory perception (ESP) is often called the sixth sense.

Our use of the sixth sense is really precognition. I've been planning on changing the sixth sense material over to precognition, since that is a more accurate term for being able to foresee events.

I'm not aware that Bell called proprioception the sixth sense. I know that he called it a "muscle sense" as a physiologic feedback mechanism.

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How to energize the 6th sense?

Topic: 6th Sense Check


November 4, 2011

i want to know wht to do to energise sixth sense

saroj - India



Recall the times when you have experienced foreseeing future events. How did you feel at that time. Then you can try to duplicate those feelings.

Practicing guessing which side of a coin you flip will show is a good way to find the right feelings. Sometimes you get a good feeling and you are able to predict the result of flipping the coin many times in a row.

You cannot energize the 6th sense, but you can be more sensitive to it.

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Hears sounds that seem to come from mountain

Topic: Hearing Direction


October 17, 2011

Any response appreciated! My small home sits at foot of small mtn and ravine. There are other structures next to it but open in environment. I hear voice mumbling (talking low) which i think is coming from above. But there is nothing above. Where would it come from-which direction. I'm not hearing impaired or a senior. I cannot figure this one out! Thanks

Rbt - USA



In an area where there is little or no background noise, you can often hear sounds that travel some distance. It appears that you are able to hear people talking from some building that is not directly in sight. Perhaps the sound is traveling along the ravine or maybe even looping over the small mountain.

Although it is not the same thing, Sound Amplified Over Water and How Obstacles Affect Sound Waves can show how some sounds can bend and carry a distance.

Best wishes in finding the source of the talking.

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Is the 6th sense a kind of spirit?

Topic: 6th Sense Check


October 13, 2011

How do iknow that the sixth sense work for me,because it is kind of spirit?

Hashim - Kenya



Everyone seems to have a sense where they are able to foresee the future on occasion. It is not a kind of spirit but is one of the hidden, weak senses people seem to have.

Think of the times that you have felt something was going to happen and then it came true. Or perhaps you have a dream that came true.

The problem with this sense is that it is very unreliable, such that it just seems to happen without you trying to make it happen.

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Thoughts about time slowing down

Topic: Slow Motion


October 13, 2011

Hi! I think this also occurs in situations other than accidents. I do this when I play basketball and football. It doesn't happen so much when running for track, but when I get the basketball and I'm driving to the lane and weaving the ball between defender's hands on my way to the basket, it's like I have slow-motion vision. It's like I'm in the air for 4 or 5 seconds. With football, when the ball is coming through the air and I'm jumping to catch it, the closer it gets to my hands, the slower time seems to go, then the run down the field seems to take forever, especially if there are defenders in front of me, not just behind. Later when I'm watching film, it all happens so fast that it's hard to even tell what happened exactly. And the "instant replay" in my minds eye is at the same rate that I initially experienced it. My theory is that the increased adrenaline circulating in your body is what causes the slowed perception of time. Another interesting note is that usually when I go into the slow motion state, I lose concious control of my body. I would say I set my body free is more accurate than "lose control" because when this happens I perform better that if I was conciously thinking about what I wanted to do. My body just takes over and moves itself. Just my input. Very interesting article!

Thank you,

Brett - USA



Thanks for your comments and observations.

Many athletes talk about getting into the "zone" or "flow" during a game or event, such that they are unaware of other things and their perceptions are extremely sharp, such that the ball or events is in slow motion.

Although just before an accident, you may get a shot of adrenalin that could slow down your perceptions, getting into the zone seems to be a case of extreme focus, along with great relaxation.

In either situation, the changed perception of the passing of time is quite interesting. Now, I wonder if there is any relationship between going in slow motion in certain situations and the fact that time seems to go much faster when people get older.

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Time may go slower because we don't want things

Topic: Slow Motion


October 9, 2011

Another reason for perceiving time (actually noticing it)is when one wants to get somewhere in a hurry or when one doesnt want to get somewhere at all, or we want to delay a bad thing happening (eg an injury). The latter is when we try and slow down time to delay something we dont want. The former is your mind noticing all the elements of trying to achieve your goal. I believe we can slow down our perception of time when we want to actually slow real time , but we are not able to quicken time perception at will. Probably a memory thing, as suggested on this site. I believe our minds are capable of doing many things that can help "protect" us when we really need it.

Jilly - UK



Thanks for your concepts and beliefs about the sensing and perception of time.

One thing to consider is that when a person gets older, time seems to be going by faster and faster. However, most older people would like the time to seem to go by slower, so they can enjoy it.

Whether we can control the perception of time is certainly an interesting topic to mull about.

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Is our ability to see auras a rare gift?

Topic: Spirits


September 25, 2011

Hi, Again

Me and my brothers have a thing for auras my brother can see them and incandescent feel them like literally like a full explosion of the emotions they are feeling is this a rare gift? At first I thought it was coincidental but now I think. Otherwise can my gift.expand to seeing them also???

Thank you please answer

James - Australia



Since not many people claim to be able to see auras, it would be considered a rare gift. It is probably due to a greater sensitivity to the electrical fields around people, which can also be increased by the person's emotions.

Enjoy your special senses.

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I am followed by a spirit

Topic: Spirits


September 25, 2011


Well I believe I am being followed by the spirit of a liyttle boy because of my gifts to see and talk to many spirits although I am only 14. I have talked to home by accident but he doesn't seem interested in what I have to say, he runs awaybat the sound of my voice. Is what I am experiencing realistic or not???

James - Australia



It is difficult to say whether your ability to see and talk to spirits is an actual power or sense or if it is your imagination. This is especially true since others can't communicate with the same spirits that you see.

However, that is not to say that what you are experiencing is not possible. The best thing to do is to try to test the situation to be able to figure out if what you see and hear is real or imaginary.

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This quiz was interresting for me

Topic: 6th Sense Check


August 17, 2011

This quiz was interresting for me. Due to the fact that I got them all correct. Thank! God bless

miranda - USA



I'm glad it was interesting to you. Now you have more understanding about the 6th Sense.

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