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Feedback Q&A on Senses

by Ron Kurtus

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Slow Motion Had car accident in slow motion USA
6th Sense Concentrating and getting things right UK
6th Sense I actually dreamt the future USA
Slow Motion Time slowed when daughter passed away USA
General Can talk to friend through my thoughts India
6th Sense Experiments Wants to improve her 6th sense USA
Slow Motion Experienced falling in slow motion UK
6th Sense Sensing spirits in photos USA
6th Sense Foresaw brother's friend's death India
General Why do I dreams things before they happen? USA

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Had car accident in slow motion

Topic: Slow Motion


October 21, 2015

I have had a car accident where I went into slow motion. During the wreck II unbuckled my seat belt turned around and forced my 4 year old daughter back down into the car seat as her seat belt was not buckled up! Not just one force with my hand but two and made a conscience choice to push my daughter down into seat twice where only pushing her half cousin down once! There was a second experience The Again in slow motion when my daughter was bouncy on water bed with no padding on rails, I dove under her in slow motion and caught her before she hit the hard rails.

But my even more interesting question is a bout my sister who had to go in for nerve testing for her spine. Her pain is tremendous, off the charts!!! During the test and all the pain she looked up at her son who was with and she saw his face melting! What in the world was this? of course his face wasn't really melting! I have seen lots of other similar things as well!

sandy - USA



Thanks for sharing your experiences in sensing time in slow motion. It is certainly something you remember for a long time. It could be from adrenaline causing you to sense time more slowly.
As far as the situation about your sister goes, my guess is that the medication they gave her or the pain she experienced caused her to hallucinate under the extreme conditions.

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Concentrating and getting things right

Topic: 6th Sense


October 16, 2015

Sometimes when i see something i get a strange feeling and my feeling are mostly true!
For example, i was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and saw Bruce i had a feeling about him and he turned out to be transgender, when i think of an episode it comes on TV but one thing i find creepy is that when i concentrate on something e.g. how many fingers is a person holding up, i get it right! Please help me i have no idea if I'm just thinking this or its something!


Anam - UK



Sometimes you can read body language or have intuition about people, such as that with Bruce Jenner changing to transgender.

However, there are many time a person can sense future events, such as how many finger a person holds up. We aren't sure how this works, but many people seem to have this sense strong enough for it to work.

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I actually dreamt the future

Topic: 6th Sense


August 15, 2015

I actually dreamt the future and my dad said "You are trying to trick me" or something along those lines. And now that i know that other people can do it I might tell him it's true also if there is bad spelling sorry lol! The for telling me that other people can do it lol

Jaden - USA



Yes, it is amazing to have a dream that later seems to have come true. Many people have had such dreams. But it is still weird when it does come true.

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Time slowed when daughter passed away

Topic: Slow Motion


June 24, 2015

I am an attorney and I was in a trial and cross examining a witness and all of a sudden the whole scene was proceeding in slow motion. Later I asked my associate if he had noticed anything and he said no. Later that night I learned my 24 year old daughter passed away suddenly and tragically. I believe it was when she died her soul passed through me and slowed everything down in my world. Never happened before or since. That was on May 8 2012 at approximately 2:00 to 2:30 in the afternoon. I had no knowledge until later if a reason for me to experience the slowing down of time. Have you heard this from anyone else in losing someone close to them without warning and this happening only to find out later their loved one passed? Thank you,

Jill - USA



I am sorry to hear about your daughter passing away.

Certainly many people seem to be able to sense events that will happen in the near future or have just happened. This is especially true when something tragic or bad happens. Usually, they just get a "feeling" that some will happen or just happened.

I haven't heard of others sensing time slowing down on such occasions, but it certainly is possible. Perhaps they just didn't notice it. The fact that your were in an intense cross examination may have made you more sensitive to such things.

The idea of your daughter's spirit or soul passing through you or somehow communicating with you is interesting and pretty much unknown. If it did happen, it might be comforting to you.

I hope these thoughts help.

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Can talk to friend through my thoughts

Topic: General


May 11, 2015

I have this ability to talk to a friend through my mind and I can see what he sees by he picturing it in his mind. We talk to each other in our mind like we normally do. It have happened to us about one year ago and still continues.

This is how it happened to us. Everyday we think about each other. Next morning when we both wake up we both feel what the other had thought about. And after few weeks, one day he came to my mind from no where.

Now I'm stuck with him and I can't stop. Do any one have any similar experience like this ,can anyone help me. I'm sure if any one do like this it will happen to them. I know it is so unnatural to believe, but someone have to.

anoop - India



Some people can sense and read another person's mind by knowing the person well and observing clues, such as body language. People can almost tell what another is think upon been seeing about a news item.

You must be very close and similar to your friend for you to be able to know each others' thoughts. Such a relationship is rare but not unknown.

Your ability to sense your friend;s thoughts probably occurs without really trying to do so. The same thing happens to people who can sense future events.

Those people can stop the ability to sense future events by actually trying to do that. Thus, you should be able to stop or slow down this ability you have of reading your friend's thoughts by actually consciously trying hard to do that.

If you say to yourself, "I'm going to talk to my friend through my mind right now," it will probably not work. That is the way to stop it, if you want to.

I hope this helps.

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Wants to improve her 6th sense

Topic: 6th Sense Experiments


March 28, 2015

Hello my name is Jennifer and ik I have a 6th sense in fact I might have a few but I want to embrace them I wanna hunger better at them what can I do? I can feel the future and now I feel it more than ever about every day Ik when my mom is on her way when I'm late I guess time cards right and I just feel bad and good things that come true so is there a way to get better at it? Also I can read mins once in a while Ik what my sister will say next also my friends and some strangers once in a while I also know when someone is with me and I think I might be able to feel spirits I feel ppl when they stare nd IDK if the last two where sences but I mean I think they can be Plzzz reply I want to be able to control my senses to use them for good

Jennifer - USA



Many people seem to be able to foresee future events, but some seem to have the sense much stronger than others.

The interesting thing about the 6th sense is that the harder you try to use it and see future events, the less it works. It usually occurs when you are not trying.

Be aware of how you feel and what you are thinking of when you do have these times of feeling future events. In this way, you can possibly improve your abilities and know when it will happen.

But still, remember that if you are trying to see the future, the sense usually turns off. Thus, it is tricky to use.

The best thing is to enjoy your special senses.

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Experienced falling in slow motion

Topic: Slow Motion


March 22, 2015

YES! I have had the same experience today, of tripping, and trying to save myself, but as I went down, time seemed to slow, and I felt as if I was running towards the ground, even thinking what might be best to do in these circumstances. I was so shocked by the weirdness of it that I looked it up & therefore found your website.
You are not alone.
Kind Regards,

Dianne - UK



Felling as if your are moving or falling in slow motion certainly is an interesting and strange experience--one that we'll never forget.

Thanks for Sharing.

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Sensing spirits in photos

Topic: 6th Sense


February 23, 2015

Hello, I was wondering if a sixth sense would include being able to see spirits in photos. I almost immediately find a ghost or spirit in images. I can send some obvious ones over.

Rebecca - USA



The 6th sense is more concerned with sensing future and past events. See Sensing Spirits for information that might be about sensing spirits in photos.

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Foresaw brother's friend's death

Topic: 6th Sense


January 28, 2015

I nisha rani ... whenever i saw somthing has happend with me (these can be some thougt )even during day time..after some dayes i happens wth other e.g i saw my self dead 2 days back n tday my brothers friend died...simmilarly there are many cases...i m confused wat r these .. pls help me ... n do rply ..


NIsha - India



I am sorry to hear that your brother's friend died.

Many people seem to have such dreams that then come close to being true. Some people seem to be able to foresee future events more than others. It can be considered a talent or a curse. The best thing to do is to realize you can often see things happen.

For some reason, it seems like foreseeing bad things happens more than seeing good things happen. It may be because the visions have more impact.

Best wishes in having a productive life.

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Why do I dreams things before they happen?

Topic: General


January 14, 2015

Why do i dreams things before they happened ? why do i feel the people who have left this world ? I scared to go into a strangers home because i sense a person there . please help me please .

Caroline - USA



Many people experience what we call the 6th sense, where they see things in the future or sense the presence of others. See Your Sixth Sense and Beyond for more information.

Dreaming things before they happen is often called precognition or deja vu.

Some people seem to be able to sense these things more than others. It can be annoying or scary. But one unusual thing about this sense is that the harder you try to see into the future or see some spirit, the less the sense seems to work.

One thing to do when you go to a stranger's home is to expect sensing someone or some spirit. That usually removes the sense.

I hope these explanations help.

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