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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 14867 letters have been answered.

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Explain vividly the kinetic theory of matter Physics Matter Nigeria
How are magnetic materials classified? Physics Magnetism Ethiopia
Have been reading but not getting good grades Grades Nigeria
Has problem with cold weather hair Physics Static Electricity USA
Wants permission to use image Astronomy USA
How are electromagnetic forces related to light? Physics Magnetism India
Applied force and force of gravity Physics Gravity India
Wants to make a rubber band powered device Experiments India
Dog has gum pain and vet prescribed Tylenol Animal Health Canada
Wants to get good grades again Grades Germany
Why do I dreams things before they happen? Senses USA
Consequences of squirrel losing tail Behavior USA
Terminal velocity of falling object Physics Gravity USA
Throwing objects from different heights Physics Gravity USA
Wants information on public speaking Speaking USA

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Explain vividly the kinetic theory of matter


January 26, 2015


1. Explain vividly the kinetic theory of matter.

2. What are the two forces that acted on the Particles of matter.

SIMEON - Nigeria (25725)


The Kinetic Theory of Matter states that matter consists of atoms and molecules that are in constant motion. That means they have kinetic (or moving) energy.

Forces acting on the particles of matter include molecular attraction, magnetic, and electrical forces. There are also forces caused by the collisions between the particles.

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How are magnetic materials classified?


January 24, 2015


how we classfied this classification deppend on what

abdurehman - Ethiopia (25720)


Magnetic materials are classified according to how well they are attracted to a magnet. Some are strongly attracted. some are only weakly attracted or not attracted at all, and some materials are actually repelled by a magnetic force.

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Have been reading but not getting good grades


January 20, 2015


i have been reading but I am not getting good grades. I do not know what is wrong. what can I do?

ifunanya - Nigeria (25713)


Reading is important in learning and in getting good grades. However, you not only need to understand what you read, but also you must remember the important parts of the material.

A good point to know is that usually, the first sentence is the most important in each paragraph. The rest of the paragraph elaborates on the first sentence.

Some students mark sentences or words that are important. Then it is easier to review the material when studying for a test.

Another way to help understanding is to write a short paragraph summarizing the ideas in a chapter you have just read. Although this is extra work, it will help in the long-run.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes on getting top grades in school. I know you can do it.

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Has problem with cold weather hair


January 19, 2015


Dear friends, I live in a climate where the cold weather causes the static problem not only for myself but also for my two black cats with medium length hair. What would be a safe solution for "cold weather hair"? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Valeria - USA (25711)


In cold weather, the air can get very dry with low humidity. Not only does it cause flyaway hair and extra static electricity, but it can also make your skin dry.

It might be worth it to get an inexpensive humidifier to use in on cold, dry days. Even boiling water can put some humidity in your house.

Note that when the air in the house is very dry, you are more apt to catch colds and such.

Hopefully extra humidity in your house will help you and your cats.

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Wants permission to use image


January 19, 2015


I am writing a book on Moon and space travel. The book is meant for promoting science learning among young adults. An Indian publisher has agreed to publish the book. I want to use the image from your article depicting Kepler's second law. Please give me your permission and tell me how would you like me to write credits.
Thank you
Ramesh Shishu, P.hD.

Ramesh - USA (25712)


Congratulations on writing your book.

Yes, you have permission to use the image. I would appreciate it if you would state: Permission from Ron Kurtus, School for Champions (www.school-for-champions.com/astronomy/keplers_laws.htm) or something to that effect.

Note that I have updated the image to improve its resolution. I you want, I can send you a higher resolution file as a JPEG, that would be more appropriate for print publication.

Best wishes for success with your book.

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How are electromagnetic forces related to light?


January 18, 2015


how the electromagnetic forces are related to light? what its really mean by light is electronagnetic radiation?

bhaskar - India (25708)


When an electromagnetic field oscillates rapidly, the field moves outward as waves. The frequency of the oscillations determines what sort of electromagnetic waves or radiation is formed. At high frequencies, the radiation is visible light. At lower frequencies, it can be radio waves, and at higher frequencies, it can be x-rays.

See Overview of Electromagnetic Waves for more information.

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Applied force and force of gravity


January 17, 2015


work done against gravity =mgh in which mg is the force acting on the object and h is the vertical displacement occured due to that applied force. but force of graviy is also mg . so my question is that how will the displacement occur if the applied force and force of gravity are equal

Reetinder Singh - India (25707)


The applied force must be greater than the force of gravity for the object. Otherwise the object will not be lifted higher.

When you hold an object, the applied force equals the force of gravity. When your applied for is greater than gravity, you lift the object and do some work.

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Wants to make a rubber band powered device


January 16, 2015


ok so i have to make some rubber-band powered devices that solve 1 technical difficulty in total and the main force of the device should come from a rubberband and we also cannot use direct manual force.
can you help me??

- India (25705)


Take a look at images of rubber band powered devices to get some ideas. I hope that helps.

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Dog has gum pain and vet prescribed Tylenol


January 15, 2015


Please help me. I have a lab cross, weight 37 lbs, 14 yrs old has cancer, is on special cancer medication, but also has sore gums. My vet has told me that the view of giving 1/2 Tylenol to dogs has changed and it is now alright to give Tylenol. I have been giving her 1/2 Bayer regular aspirin sometimes every night, I ease back and she can manage doing without sometimes for a couple of nights. I have been putting Manuka gold honey on her gums and then put Myrrh 1/4 tsp mixed in a cup of water and apply to her gums with an eye dropper. I had a long talk with my vet today regarding Tylenol, I am very nervous to try this and feel I should just keep using regular aspirin. Your held would be very much appreciated. Is there a dog aspirin?

Virginia - Canada (25704)


I'm sorry to hear that your dog is having these problem. But I like the idea of putting some natural ingredients on her gums for relief.

I've seen reports that small dosages of Tylenol may be OK for dogs, but care must be taken concerning other medication she receives.

Aspirin can cause stomach irritation, so care must be take to give only with food. It is often also used to reduce inflammation.

I'm not really keen on giving a dog pain relief medication on a regular basis, but between the two, I think aspirin would be the safer bet. Although your vet certainly knows your dog's condition more than me.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for her good health.

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Wants to get good grades again


January 14, 2015


I am a student in high school in 9th grade. I study a lot and very hard and am still not doing well in high school. I just don't understand. I have read the all the posts. Please help me... im so mad at myself and so desperate so become very good at school again. I was very good in 2nd grade with a average of 8.7/10 and now im at a 8. Please help me! Everything is appreciated.

Ferdinand - Germany (25701)


It is good that you have a good of getting better grades and to get back to where you should be. Some ideas to help you improve include:

Set a specific time and place to do your homework, with no interruptions. Study smarter, emphasizing important areas.

Ask yourself why you are having problems. Is it a lack of understanding? Studying the wrong things? Goofing up tests? Or what? You might be able to find areas for improvement.

Ask your teachers for advice on how you can improve your grades. At the very least, they will know you are interested in improving yourself.

Sitting toward the front of the class helps you pay attention. Usually those in front get better grades than those way in the back.

Take notes in your classes. As you go up in grades, note-taking becomes more important. It also helps in studying for tests. Teachers give hints on what will be on the test or exam.

I hope these ideas help. Don't get discouraged. You know that you have what it takes to excel and become a champion in your school work.

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Why do I dreams things before they happen?


January 14, 2015


Why do i dreams things before they happened ? why do i feel the people who have left this world ? I scared to go into a strangers home because i sense a person there . please help me please .

Caroline - USA (25702)


Many people experience what we call the 6th sense, where they see things in the future or sense the presence of others. See Your Sixth Sense and Beyond for more information.

Dreaming things before they happen is often called precognition or deja vu.

Some people seem to be able to sense these things more than others. It can be annoying or scary. But one unusual thing about this sense is that the harder you try to see into the future or see some spirit, the less the sense seems to work.

One thing to do when you go to a stranger's home is to expect sensing someone or some spirit. That usually removes the sense.

I hope these explanations help.

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Consequences of squirrel losing tail


January 13, 2015


There is a squirrel in my back yard whose tail is absent. What are the consequences of the loss of this appendage for the squirrel?

Thank you for answering.

Joanne - USA (25700)


Sometimes a squirrel will lose part of its tail when trying to get away from a predator. A major use for the tail is to help with balance, although it is also used for communication, as well as warmth when sleeping.

Hopefully, the little fellow will be able to get by without its tail.

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Terminal velocity of falling object


January 12, 2015


Let some object hang by a string. So no motion since weight was counter balanced no net force. Now string is cut. Object is falling under gravity and experiences air resistance. Terminal velocity is reached when weight is equal to the air resistance. So no net force and no net acceleration after terminal velocity. But why does the object continue to fall if there is no net force acting on it, why doesn't it just hang in mid air dead stopped ? Is this motion due to inertia ? If it falls a distance of 'x' at terminal velocity what is the work done in terms of W = F x d ?


MD - USA (25698)


The force of gravity accelerates a free-falling object. Air resistance is a function of the velocity and it slows down the falling object.

At what is called the terminal velocity, the force caused by the air resistance equals the force of gravity. Thus the object will no longer accelerate. However, the object is traveling at the terminal velocity and has momentum according to that velocity, due to the Law of Inertia. Thus, it will continue to move at the terminal velocity.

Also, since the force on the object is the force of gravity minus the air resistance force, resulting in a no net force. Thus, the equation W = F x d cannot be used. However, the work on a falling object can also be defined as the difference in potential energy times the distance. Since PE = mgh, where "h" is some initial height, the work done at a distance "d" when moving at the terminal velocity is P = mgd.

See Work Done by Gravity Against Inertia and Air Resistance.

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Throwing objects from different heights


January 12, 2015


If you throw two objects same size and speed from different heights would they hit the ground at the same time?

I assume the answer is no, because gravity does not effect horizontal direction.

Nichole - USA (25699)


If you drop the objects or throw then downward from different heights, they would hit the ground at different times, according to the height. The same is true if you threw them in a horizontal direction.

See Gravity Time Equations for Falling Objects for more information.

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Wants information on public speaking


January 11, 2015


I want to get more information on public spending and how I can a student. I live in Stone Mountain Ga.

Kenneth - USA (25696)


See Public Speaking to get basic lessons.

It is worthwhile attending Toastmasters meetings to learn and practice. See Clubs near Stone Mountain, GA for more information.

Best wishes in your public speaking.

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