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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 14512 letters have been answered.

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Put solar panels on the Moon Astronomy USA
Where do fish behind a dam come from? Animal Health South Africa
Why does the US use 60Hz AC? Physics India
Cold water is dark but hot water is not Health USA
How long does object remain at its peak? Physics Australia
Why is pendulum angle small? Physics Nigeria
Writing about an unjust war Fiction Nigeria
Added links Speaking UK
Want knobs for Rosenbaum cookware Health Canada
Teaching an 8-year old Education USA
Improper ads on website School for Champions USA
Got my life back on track Success Stories France
Have good character but can't advance in job Character UK
Can everything be separate universes? Physics USA
How can a company use TQM? TQM Lesoth

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Put solar panels on the Moon

April 22, 2014


Actually this has to do with solar power. Why not set up a large array of solar panels on the moon, and send the energy back to earth? By using microwave or laser beam technology. We would have an abundance of solar power (electricity). Get rid of nuclear power.

Mark - USA (24890)


Although you could create electricity with the solar panels on the Moon, there would be no good way to send that energy back to the Earth. Perhaps by creating microwaves and sending them back to Earth and then converting the energy to electricity might work. But that is a round-about way of getting the energy and would be very expensive and may not be effective.

There had been talk about placing huge reflective panels in orbit to reflect light to the Earth at night. That idea was dropped a number of years ago as not being practical.

The best solution is using solar panels on Earth, such that the distances are not so immense.

It is great that you are thinking of creative ways to find clean energy. Keep coming up with new ideas.

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Where do fish behind a dam come from?

April 21, 2014


Where is the fish came from couse we found fish even in dams?

Zwelihle - South Africa (24881)


Over the years fish swim upstream in a river to find places to eat and breed. Most will stay in a good area. Some fish--like salmon--go upstream to breed and then go back down to where they came from.

Once a dam is built, the fish that are upstream stay there, because they had found a good area. Fish that need to go downstream may die if stopped by a dam.

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Why does the US use 60Hz AC?

April 20, 2014


1) Why usa use 120volt 60 hertz instead of 50hertz? What is the reason behind this?

lomesh - India (24877)


The lesson Background of Worldwide AC Voltages and Frequencies explains that most countries originally used 60Hz, but then a major electrical supplier wanted to use 50Hz. Many countries switched over, even though is 50Hz was less efficient. The United States stayed with the more efficient 60Hz.

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Cold water is dark but hot water is not

April 19, 2014


What should I do if I am getting dark water? When I run cold water, it happens, but not with hot...?

Zatch - USA (24876)


Usually dark water means there is sediment or rust in the water. However, if does not come through with the hot water, it may be settling in your hot water heater or changing by dissolving. You probably should check with a local well service company to see what the problem is.

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How long does object remain at its peak?

April 18, 2014


When an object is thrown upward, what is the duration of time at the peak of its travel, ie when v=0? Or how long is it "suspended" between the upward force and gravity? Is it actually stopped mid-air for a finite time, and can that time be measured? Is that time the same regardless of mass and force? Thanks for your help! Martin.

martin - Australia (24872)


That is a good question. In theory, the object should change directions instantaneously upon reaching the maximum height, such that the velocity is zero at that point. It is just like holding an object from a height and dropping it. The object would immediately accelerate from v = 0.

However intuitively, it would seem like there would be a pause before changing directions. The instantaneous change in direction would mean an infinite acceleration.

Another way to look at it is when an object is projected upward at an angle, such that its path is in a curve. Reaching the maximum height and curving downward would only mean a continuous change in velocity.

I hope that helps.

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Why is pendulum angle small?

April 16, 2014


i Have two separate questions 1) it is often recommended that the angle of swing of a pendulum be made as small as possible, WHY?
2) will the value of g be affected if the size of bob be varied, WHY?

bright - Nigeria (24871)


A pendulum will swing properly at larger angles. However, the equations for period and velocity are much simpler if the angle is small. This is to approximate having to deal with the sine of the angle and other factors.

Since gravity affects objects of different mass equally, the pendulum will swing the same with a heavy bob as a light weight bob. However, if the bob is physically large, air resistance may come into effect.

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Writing about an unjust war

April 15, 2014


I wish to write about an unjust war,an ethnic cleansing, the effects on a people, the re-writing of history to favor the victor, and the subsequent systematic oppressive rule by the government of the day. How do I go about this? I need a good plot/ plan. Please help.

Pascal - Nigeria (24867)


You have a very ambitious project. It is a historical novel.

First consider and describe your main character or hero of the story. He is living in a country where there is an unjust war. State who are the leaders of this war. They can be the villains or bad people in your story. What is the reason they want war? Greed? Hatred?

Ethnic cleansing or eradicating other groups are events that affect both the soldiers and victims. There are many personal stories that you can include. Likewise for the other events.

My suggestion is that you break things down into small stories that you can weave together at a later time.

For example, you could have a short story about how there had been a war and the hero's side won. They elected a new leader, and everyone seemed happy. But then the new government started making changes and became corrupt and as bad as the previous one. The hero is jailed but escapes and starts the process over by fighting the new villains.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes for success in your writing.

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Added links

April 15, 2014



I am writing from the leading Mind Mapping Software Developer, MindGenius.

I was going through your site School for Champions and I noticed you recommend mind mapping tools to your audience on the following page,


I am just enquiring as to whether you would be interested in adding MindGenius to your list of resources?

MindGenius is used extensively for preparing for speeches and presentations and comes with its own presentation view to help both create a speech and help present.

Would you also wish to receive a free licence of our most recent Version 5 of our mind mapping software. Let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to send you more details along with a free licence.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,


Simon - UK (24868)


I added a link to MindGenius in the Speaking Resources, Writing Resources, and Graphical Outlining pages.

It would be great if you sent me a free licence of the software.

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Want knobs for Rosenbaum cookware

April 14, 2014


I am looking for knobs for Rosenbaum, any help would be appreciated. Mine all broke and they were never put in the dishwasher, it saids Thermo control on the knob, Dont really want that kind anymore, just normal ones that will fit. THANK YOU.

Madonna - Canada (24866)


You might try a hardware store or some repair shop that may have generic knobs that will fit. They may also be able to give you some suggestions.

Best wishes in getting replacements.

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Teaching an 8-year old

April 13, 2014


I have volunteered to home school my 8 year old nephew for the last 2 months of school. I am a retired teacher,but I do need a guidance to do the best to for this very bright, but troubled boy. I was called to the Christian applications to start the day. This boy must be challenged.


Bettie - USA (24864)


It is wonderful that you are helping home school your nephew. Our lessons are more for middle school through college, so they may be too advanced for an 8-year-old. However, many of the topics may help you in teaching the boy.

There are online schools aimed at younger students. However, many charge fees. Check with your local schools for some suggested online resources.

Best wishes in success with your nephew.

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School for Champions

Improper ads on website

April 9, 2014


I teach an online earth science course and would like to direct my kids to your site for information but the ads suggesting kids to view single Asian women's profiles prevents me from doing so....

Is there a way that you can contact whomever posts the ads on your site and insist that they only place ads suitable for your intended audience?

Tami - USA (24854)


Thanks for letting me know about that. Such ads some to come up randomly and are not appropriate for our site.

They come from Google Adsense. I will contact them to have such ads blocked from this site.

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Success Stories

Got my life back on track

April 8, 2014


Dear Mr. Kurtus,

It is an honor to write to you. In the year 2000, 2001, I was going through rather tough times. I was 20 years old.

I could have just talked to my family about my problems, they would have supported me, but at that time, I had kept them for myself.

Through your website, I managed to get back on track. At at that moment, I swore myself I would give 10.000F (now about 1500€) to your website.

The moment where I will actually be able to make that donation is nearing. I just wanted to say Thank You.

Your website, at that moment, shaped my life and repaired my sadness.

Please let me know if where I could send those 1.500€? (I will be able to send them in a year or two, but as you notice, I never forget)

All the best,

C. - France (24857)


I'm glad to hear that the School for Champions material helped you get back on track and helped to improve your life.

Thank you for making the kind offer of sending money. But what would be even better would be to follow our philosophy of giving back by championing a worthy cause or being a champion to someone else in need. Perhaps you could find someone or some organization in your community that could use help of a donation. That would be gratifying to me, too.

Best wishes on a successful life. Let me know how things turn out.

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Have good character but can't advance in job

April 7, 2014


I am so positive and confident yet to trustworthy I have not been able to capitalize on my knowledge and experience in my field

Costa - UK (24847)


Certainly knowledge and experience are important in advancing in your career. Having good attitudes, character, and confidence make a good impression adds to your potential.

In some situations, a supervisors will see a good worker and recommend the person for a promotion. But there are supervisors who won't do that. It is good to let others know of your skills and character.

You also need to examine the chances for growth in your job. Ask yourself what would be the next step for advancement. In some situations, you may have to seek a transfer or a new job.

Keep up with doing good work and having good attitudes. But also make plans for your advancement.

Best wishes in your career growth.

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Can everything be separate universes?

April 7, 2014


I have always thought the same thing, atoms and solar systems are extremely similar. And one step further,Galaxies are similar to molecules. My question, is it possible that everything living is a separate universe? Be it a person, animal, vegetable, and God?

- USA (24848)


A problem with considering galaxies as similar to molecules, it that galaxies usually have billions of stars. There are cases of double stars rotating around each other. This could be similar to a two atom molecule.

There is the Theory of Multiple Universes (Multiverse) that could apply.

Certainly, there are concepts that go beyond what is commonly considered,

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How can a company use TQM?

April 4, 2014


How can a company use total quality management? for example Vodacom company

- Lesoth (24841)


Vodacom is an African mobile communications company. The first application of Total Quality Management (TQM) is to continuously improve the quality of their products and services, including reducing faulty parts and waste. This will improve profits.

Helping vendors ans suppliers to provide quality parts helps the quality of the products.

Customer satisfaction is very important in TQM. Vodacom must make sure their customers are pleased with their products and services.

The major requirement in applying TQM is that upper management buy in and agree to these principles.

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