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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 15769 letters have been answered. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subjects.

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Need to add T. E. Lawrence History USA
Many still refer to cops as pigs History USA
Can one build a new character? Character Ghana
Suggested resources Mental Health USA
Squirrel made a home in the feeder Behavior USA
Is attraction the same on the Moon? Gravitation Nepal
Permission to provide a link Health USA
Approved fuel containers Physics Electricity Australia
Kennedy half dollars History USA
Torque and increased diameter Physics Force USA
Annoying ad on page Physics Waves USA
Using 60Hz on 50Hz circuit Physics Electricity USA
Would oven work in Israel? Electricity Israel
Explain infinitives and gerunds Writing India
Applications of viscosity Physics Fluids India

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Need to add T. E. Lawrence


May 19, 2017


yeah so I'm scrolling down the list and see that for "Laurence of Arabia" you put down the movie and not the actual person himself, "T.E. Laurence".

Ricardo - USA (28052)


Thanks for the input. I updated the part on Lawrence of Arabia to include some facts about T. E. Lawrence.

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Many still refer to cops as pigs


May 15, 2017


just a comment: I and many people I know still refer to the police as 'pigs'....

campbell - USA (28047)


At one time "cops" was a derogatory term for police. Now, that term is accepted and I guess it has changed to "pigs".

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Can one build a new character?


May 15, 2017


Been fully grown, can one still build a new character?

Do we have have an extent that character we get to then we describes it as a fully matured character?

JOHN - Ghana (28048)


You can always improve your character. You may have learned some character traits that now are not beneficial to you and your relationship with others. In such a case, you can seek to change and improve your character.

Look to people who are honest, courageous, conscientious, and helpful as examples to emulate.

Best wishes on improving your character.

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Suggested resources

Mental Health

May 15, 2017



I really enjoy your site and all of the mental health resources you offer. I wanted to reach out because I thought my organization would be a great addition. My organization is called Recovery Local, and our website can be found at We post in-depth engaging content about addiction, drugs, alcohol, recovery, and harm reduction. We also help people find medical detox in their own towns, at no cost. We also do not post paid listings or advertisements. Our mission is simply to offer people a reliable and free resource to learn how to recover from addiction.

Here are some cool pages:

Interactive statistic counter
Interactive "Periodic Table of Drugs".

I hope you find these useful! We would love to offer help to your audience.

Sam - USA (28049)


Thanks for the suggested resources. I added links from Mental Health Resources. Best wishes for success in you organization.

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Squirrel made a home in the feeder


May 14, 2017


OK, I hope this one does not stump you, but I had bought many months ago, a metal squirrel feeder with a lid, and my Wife and I have enjoyed watching them, eat, play, get closer and more trustworthy of us.

But a couple of days ago a very strange thing occurred. As I was standing on our deck looking at the squirrel feeder over on the fence, something looked odd, so I went over to look. A squirrel had climbed INSIDE, with the lid closed and appeared all curled up, either asleep or I was afraid had died. I wasn't sure what to do. I finally rousted him awake (Whew, wasn't dead), but he sure appeared afraid.

I went to prop the lid open, looking for something to use, figuring if I propped it open, he'd leave. Well minutes later I came up with something (He had plenty of time to escape while I was looking, but hadn't). While I was in the process of trying to prop the lid open, the squirrel came flying out of there, startling the CRAP out of me>>LOL.

Well I figured, lesson learned for him or HERS>>LOL. Won't do that again. Well late this afternoon, early evening, there it was again. It took me longer to prompt it to leave, and I decided to take the feeder down, and plan to give it and the near new bag of feed away.

But I am still wondering, why this behavior, why now, this one squirrel after so many months??? Didn't appear ill, because it ran like the dickens.

Steve - USA (28046)


It sounds to me like the squirrel thought it found a good home that included a source of food. Of course, you frightened the critter when you tried to prop open the lid.

We had a squirrel feeder on our back deck and supplied it with peanuts. But then one of them ate a hole in the sliding screen door and would start to come into the kitchen to beg for food. We then removed the feeder to discourage them.

They are clever little animals and fun to watch, but they can be a nuisance too.

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Is attraction the same on the Moon?


May 13, 2017


Will force of attraction between any two objects be same on the moon.

Jyotirmay - Nepal (28045)


Gravitation force only depends on the masses of the two items. The mass of an object is the same on Earth, on the Moon or in space. Thus the attraction is the same on the Moon.

However, the attraction of a single object toward the surface of the Moon is different that its attraction (or weight) on Earth. That is the force of Gravity on the Moon or Earth.

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Permission to provide a link


May 12, 2017



Nick here; I’m reaching out to introduce myself as Footprints Behavioral Health Center founder, 12 Steps advocate, and small business peer. As a business built on strong community support and professional referrals relationships, I know the many hours and energy went into building these relationships. Kudos on the impressive list of professional contacts on your resource page. I want to extend our professional relationship by adding your website to our website's Resource Page.

Let me know if that is okay.


Nicholas - USA (28043)


You certainly can add a link to our Health pages. Best wishes for success in your endeavors.

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Approved fuel containers


May 12, 2017


Hi guys

I am an ex firefighter (28 years) and are now involved in teaching fire safety. I deliver training to fuel company staff. One of the topics covers using the correct "Approved Fuel Containers" for transport of fuel (Petrol).

My question is, are the containers manufactured of a plastic that incorporates a conductive substance to dissipate electrical charge? If they are that is great but, my thoughts are they are as conductive as any other plastic container. If this is the case, how does the electrical charge dissipate when filling the fuel container on the ground. In theory it is non-conductive.

My thoughts are that all plastic will conduct electricity to a degree. Not enough to allow enough current to flow to power a light bulb if used in a circuit but will allow enough current to flow causing a static spark. I am thinking milliamps as compared to amps will flow.

I am attempting to confirm that the only difference between an approved fuel container and a non-approved fuel container is its solid construction of plastic that will not deteriorate by petrol.


Fred - Australia (28044)


Static electricity consists of electrical charges on the surface of the container. Approved Fuel Containers usually are made of a hard plastic material that does not collect charges as mush as a container made of a soft plastic. You can tell by rubbing a balloon on the container and see if it gets charges such that it sticks to some surface.

The big concern is having charges collect on the container and getting a static spark that would ignite the fuel fumes. If the container is on the ground and you are also on the ground, you are both "grounded" such that charges readily flow to the ground. But if the container is on a plastic bed of a truck when being filled, a spark may jump from the container to you are the filling tube, thus igniting the fumes.

Note that the issue isn't whether plastic conduct a little electricity, but is it whether charges on the surface will jump and cause a spark to some other item or person on the ground.

It isn't a simple situation, and I hope this clarifies things somewhat (or does not confuse the issue!)

Best wishes for success in your fire safety classes.

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Kennedy half dollars


May 7, 2017


Do all the Kennedy half dollar have the mark on the collar or is it a rare coin

Debra - USA (28039)


I haven't seen many Kennedy half-dollars recently, but I don't think they changed the design. It also seems that only the half-dollars and the dimes have the artist's mark on them. Some pennies have a "D" on the front, but that indicates the coin was minted in Denver.

The ideas that the Kennedy half-dollar and the Roosevelt dime have Communist insignia seems to be a silly myth.

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Torque and increased diameter


May 6, 2017


Im interested in torque on a round object.
I'd like to know if you increase the diameter of the object by say 10% how does it affect rotational torque.

Jon - USA (28038)


Since T = FR, increasing the diameter by 10% increases the radius R by 20%. Thus, the torque T would increase by 20%.

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Annoying ad on page


May 2, 2017


While on the page using Chrome on a Mac, the page is regularly refreshing and jumping around, making it very difficult to use.

The video ad in the upper right cannot be turned off, and is very distracting.

I like your material very much--you are clear, give enough information without assumptions as to how much a person knows and progress clearly. Thanks!

Stephen - USA (28033)


Thanks for the feedback.

The ads on my site are through Google AdSense and are not supposed to be annoying. I also hate going to websites where they have videos with loud sound. You typically can click the Pause button on the lower left corner to stop the sound and video.

If that does not work, let me know what company the ad is from, and I'll contact Google to block them from my site.

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Using 60Hz on 50Hz circuit


May 1, 2017


I buy a Makita hp1630k drill 220v 60hz question:can I use this drill in Europe 220v 50hz

Jani - USA (28031)


The drill should work, although it may run a little slower. It is good to contact the company customer service to see if they recommend using an adapter.

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Would oven work in Israel?


April 20, 2017


Hi. I'm thinking about importing an induction stovetop and oven to Israel from the US that is 240 VAC and 60 Hz. Would it work in Israel which works on 220v? If not, could I use a converter for such a large appliance?
I really appreciate your help!

Elliot - Israel (28016)


Line voltages vary by about 10%, such that 220VAC and 240VAC are in the same range. The oven should work fine in a listed 220V system. However, it always is a good idea to check with the company making the oven to make sure.

Best wishes with your oven performance.

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Explain infinitives and gerunds


April 19, 2017


Please explain about infinitives and gerunds in English, sir.

Kanchana - India (28013)


English learners often have difficulty with gerunds and infinitives.

A gerund is the –ing form of a verb that functions the same as a noun. For example, “Running is fun.” In this sentence, “running” is the gerund. It acts just like a noun.

The infinitive form of a verb appears with the word “to.” For example, you can say “I like to run.” In this sentence, “to run” is the infinitive.

I hope that helps.

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Applications of viscosity


April 18, 2017


Sir please explain: Applications of viscosity in our daily life in an easy way.

Kummari - India (28007)


Viscosity can be thought of as the "thickness" of a liquid or fluid. One application is in lubricating a machine. Oil or grease has a greater viscosity than water and thus it works better at reducing friction and wear between the parts.

High viscosity means the material is slow-flowing, like molasses or toothpaste. You wouldn't want them to have low viscosity, such that they were runny.

I hope that helps your understanding,

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