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Each day readers send in questions and feedback concerning the various lessons in the School for Champions website. A total of 15894 letters have been answered. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subjects.

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What is sound? Physics Sound USA
Insulating room with plastic water bottles Sound Thailand
Thanks so much for the post Thanks USA
How is magnetic field created? Physics Magnetism India
What is a solid, liquid and gas? Physics Matter India
Customer spreading false rumors Business USA
Electric charges and protons Physics Static Electricity USA
What is gravitational acceleration? Gravitation Pakistan
Multiply terms with different base Algebra USA
Ultra Craft waterless cookware handles Health USA
Using a USA Sony in the UK Electricity UK
How can you change the speed? Physics Force USA
Azeotropic Mixture Chemistry Nigeria
Suggested resources Web Design Sweden
7-year old can see into the future Senses Canada

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What is sound?


November 14, 2017


I like sound. oh and i like waves yeah I like waves. but what is sound?

Denry - USA (28320)


Sound consists of regular vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear.

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Insulating room with plastic water bottles


November 10, 2017


I live in a remote northern Thailand village. Access to manufactured goods are hundreds of kilometers away. We have abundant plastic water bottles, corrugated tin and bamboo. Is there any way that these meager possessions can sound insulate our community room from the teenage boomboxes. I considered gluing the plastic bottles to the corrugated metal 2 deep and then lining the outside with bamboo strips to avoid the ugles....Am I wasting my time? Thanks, michael, volunteer.

michael - Thailand (28316)


I think your idea to insulate the community room walls with the plastic bottles and corrugated metal would probably work and reduce the sound to a degree.

Before you insulate the whole room, it might be worthwhile to make a box with the materials to enclose a boombox, just to see how much the noise is reduced.

Best wishes with your efforts. Let me know how things work out.

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Thanks so much for the post


November 8, 2017


Thanks so much for the post on character. Really Great.

J - USA (28314)


I'm glad the information was useful to you.

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How is magnetic field created?


November 7, 2017


how megnetic field created around electric current

ravi - India (28312)


Electrical charges have an electric field around them. When the charges move a magnetic field is created perpendicular to that movement. An electric current consists of moving electrical charges.

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What is a solid, liquid and gas?


November 7, 2017


Q1. What is solid, liquids, gas

MD - India (28313)


See States of Matter for an explanation.

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Customer spreading false rumors


November 6, 2017


We had a customer accuse of of fraud for selling her a setting made of platinum because it was attracted to her rare earth magnet. I understand that jewelry is not our platinum, but considered pure with 950/50 ratio. I understand cobalt is often used as the 50. I understand cobalt is magnetic. I also understand that platinum is paramagnetic; which means it is a weak magnet.

Even if there was no Cobalt, is it possible if the rare earth magnet was strong enough it would attract the platinum? There are many websites stating that if it is attracted to a magnet. It is not platinum. The hurt the entire jewelry industry. Jewelers and pawn shops are misinformed because if these sites. They misinform customers.

I need some help in getting the truth out. We used, Stuller, a Billion dollar company as our supplier and showed her the invoice. We even paid $150 to have the setting independently appraised by a certified GIA gemologist. She would not accept those pieces if evidence and is calling us frauds, ruining our business. I need help in stopping the false info on the net that hurts our industry.

I hope you can help me with data on this. Thank you in advance.

Kim - USA (28310)


It is unfortunate that some people are complete jerks, and not only will not accept solid information that disputes some belief those people have, but they are also so nasty that they try to ruin another person's business.

The problem is that it is so easy to spread false statements through Social Media, and that there are people who will believe anything they see.

One thing you could do concerning this nasty customer is to offer to buy back the setting. It might be worth taking the loss than having such a person spreading false information about you and your business.

It is unlikely that any platinum used in jewelry is 100% pure. Also, since is it paramagnetic, it is slight attracted to a strong rare earth magnet. But of course, this will not convince some people.

I guess you--as well as many business people dealing with the public--have to be careful and spell things out before making a sale.

Best wishes for handling such problems in your business.

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Electric charges and protons


November 6, 2017


I was taking a Science quiz and I googled the question and your website came up. I read it and I got the question wrong. It said "electrical charges" it is actually Protons. Just in case if you want to update that. Thanks, just thought you need to know. :)

Mika - USA (28311)


Thanks for the feedback. A proton is not an electrical charge. Instead, it is a subatomic particle that HAS a positive (+) electric charge. Likewise, an electron is a particle that has a negative (-) charged particle.

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What is gravitational acceleration?


November 4, 2017


what is gravitational acceleration

muhammd - Pakistan (28308)


Gravitational acceleration is the acceleration or speeding up of an object caused by the force of gravitation. This usually concerns large objects in space.

It is different than the acceleration due to gravity, which is for normal sized objects close to Earth.

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Multiply terms with different base


November 3, 2017


I need to find out how to multiply terms with different base and exponents but i looked online and nothing shows up something like this. XY* in a radical multiplied by x*y to the third power inside a radical. Please help it feels hopeless right now

Lester - USA (28307)


I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Are you trying to multiply something like (2^3)(5^2)?

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Ultra Craft waterless cookware handles


November 2, 2017


Do you know where or what company took over Ultra Craft waterless cookware? I need some replacement handles. Thank you

Joleta - USA (28306)


You might try Regal Ware or Kitchen Craft, since they bought out many cookware companies. Otherwise, you can try some repair shop to get generic handles that may fit.

I hope that helps.

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Using a USA Sony in the UK


November 1, 2017


Hi guys,

I have a USA 4k tv (Sony xbr-65x900c) that is dual frequency which I am now using in the UK. I have it stepped down at the moment due to the 2 pin power cord plug fitting but was wondering if I should change to a uk plug.

Curently, I assume I now have a 120v but at 50hz running to the TV.
Is the TV effectively converting the frequency it needs ?
Would it be better for the tv if I just change the plug to a uk type ?


David - UK (28304)


I'm really not sure. The best bet would be to check with an electrician or a Sony dealership in the UK.

Best wishes on solving your problem.

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How can you change the speed?


October 31, 2017


What are some ways you can. Change the speed

Tjey - USA (28303)


When you apply a force that pushes or pulls on an object its speed or velocity changes, provided that force can overcome friction.

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Azeotropic Mixture


October 27, 2017


Whats Azeotropic Mixture

Saviour - Nigeria (28301)


An Azeotropic Mixture is known as a constant boiling point mixture. That means the mixture cannot be separated by boiling or distillation. An example of such a mixture is 5% water and 95% ethanol.

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Suggested resources

Web Design

October 19, 2017


Hi Ron,
Hope you're enjoying your day :-). My name is Robert and earlier this morning I stumbled on your helpful resource page, here:

While you've listed some awesome resources for your readers, I noticed that you haven't mentioned Website Builders, which are perfect DIY website/blog building and also marketing tools for writers, small business owners, bloggers, freelancers, creatives...

I am web developer/designer and I often get questions about website builders. Thus, I decided to test out 10 most popular website builders.

I conducted several tests (reliability, usability etc..). Anyways, here's my 'case-study':

If you have some free time, take a look at it. If you find it useful/helpful to your readers - don't hesitate to mention it on your page and help your visitors to get know and choose the best website builder.

As web presence is important then it might make a nice and useful addition on your page.

Thanks and let me know if you've any questions/concerns,

Robert - Sweden (28293)


Thanks for the kind words.

I added a link to your "Best Website Builders" page at < href="">Web Design Resources and "33 Ways to Monetize a Website (or a Blog)" at eCommerce Resources.

Best wishes for success in your business.

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7-year old can see into the future


October 19, 2017


My son is 7 and claims that he can see into the future. I believe him because I personally have had dreams that have come true. How can I help him tap Into this talent in a world that does not believe in such things?
I would love to help him advance in this but don't even know how to talk about it with him.
Thanks muchly

Cynthia - Canada (28294)


Many people seem to be able to occasionally see future events (called "precognition"). Sometimes it happens in a dream, while other times the person juts gets a "feeling" that something will be happening.

However, it seems that the more you try to see future events, the less it happens. The ability usually happens when the person is relaxed and not trying. That is why is is so hard to measure the effect.

You can tell your son that seeing into the future is perfectly normal, although many people seldom experience it. One way to perhaps improve this ability is for him to recall how he felt when he saw into the future and then try to duplicate that feeling. However, I think it is better to let things go naturally and let him enjoy the occasion when he does see the future.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for a happy and productive son.

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