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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 362 comments and questions on Animal Health issues. They are listed according to date.

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Did you receive the email? Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Dog is panting Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Our Lab has arthritis Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Dog is 15 and getting arthritis Giving Your Dog Aspirin Canada
Dog ate ham and got sick General USA
Aspirin for large dogs Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Does Rimadyl kill dogs? Giving Your Dog Aspirin United Kingdom
I give my dogs infant tylenol Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Information very useful Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Giving aspirin and sufla drug Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Old beagle getting seizures Aspirin USA
Dog has ear infection Giving Your Dog Aspirin UK
Two dogs bit her dog Dogs USA
Young dog suddenly sick Giving Your Dog Aspirin USA
Wants permission about animal ages Animal Ages Brazil

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Did you receive the email?

June 3, 2013


I wrote a fairly long letter to this website today, which took me ALL day, so I hope a knowledgeable person will actually read/respond as soon as reasonably possible. However, after sending it, I have not yet gotten an email indicating that it was received, which concerns me. So, I came back to try again with a short 'test' email in hopes that this isn't just some kind of scam to get my email address, etc. I sure hope not after all the effort I went to today to write my letter and related questions. My email above is definitely correct. Thanks and I hope to find that this does work.

Amanda - USA (23742)


Yes, I received your long email and just answered it.

I hope my thoughts will help relieve your distress about losing your dog.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Dog is panting

June 1, 2013


I did all of that u recommended. Thats where I hth ot my info. I want to knownh ow slow is breathing back down...pantting

Rebecca - USA (23734)


Aspirin can be used to help relieve pain on a short term basis. If your dog is having breathing problems or is panting too much, you should check with a vet. There may be other problems.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Our Lab has arthritis

May 26, 2013


our lab has arthritis...i give him 6 baby aspirin every 12 hours when it flares up..( usually due to weather change noticeably)after @ 2 1/2 days the symptoms always completely clear up until the next there a safe maintenance dosage of aspirin i can give him to avoid flare ups without becoming toxic?

estella - USA (23719)


Instead of a maintenance dosage, I prefer to think of it as an emergency dosage. Some discomfort is not bad, and you can never completely eliminate it in an older dog (or older person).

You always need to make sure your dog takes the aspirin with food. The biggest problem with aspirin is the possibility of intestinal bleeding. It is also a good idea to check with your vet for advice on dealing with arthritis in an older dog.

Best wishes for good health with your Lab.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Dog is 15 and getting arthritis

March 19, 2013


Hi. My dog is going on 15 yrs. She is normally healthy but lately she drinks a lot of water and voids a lot more. I suspect she has developed diabetes. She is also showing a lot of signs of arthritic pain. I just don't have the money right now to take her to the vet. Any suggestions on how to make her more comfortable? I'm afraid that baby aspirin will be hard on her kidneys in her state. Thanks for your time, Joanne

Joanne - Canada (23549)


At 15 years, she is an old girl. Make sure she is not too heavy, since extra weight aggravates both arthritis and diabetes. Old dogs don't need as much food and can put on extra weight.

Make sure you give her some light exercise every day. A short walk can help warm up her joints, even if it start out painful.

The only time I'd give her aspirin is if she was very uncorrectable, like on a damp, cold day.

Also, give her plenty of love, so you both can enjoy her senior years.

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Dog ate ham and got sick

February 2, 2013


i gave my shizue a small amount of ham ..after he ate it he acts like his belly is hurting ..what can i give him to help...

- USA (23170)


I guess the ham didn't agree with him. But I am sure he is feeling better by now.

It is good to know that if a dog has an upset stomach, you can give some mild--and easy to digest--food. Rice and some boiled chicken (not fried) is often helpful in settling a dog's stomach.

Best wishes for good health with your Shizue.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Aspirin for large dogs

October 19, 2012


I was looking at your chart for recommended aspirin dose and noticed it only goes up to 96 lbs. Our dogs are considerably bigger than that (she's 125 and he's 195 - Great Danes). I just wanted to suggest a possible update to the chart.
Thanks for your time.

Mark - USA (22989)


Thanks for the feedback. You sure have some big dogs. I'll update the chart to cover larger dogs.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Does Rimadyl kill dogs?

April 30, 2012


Rimadyl kills dogs! There is plenty of info on various websites substantiating this, including a petition at the website 'Care2petitionsite' to stop the drug company from continuing to market this drug.

This drug has killed at least 3,200 dogs so far. Please take some time to do your own research on the above and hopefully this will convince you to change your remarks on Rimadyl on your website.


Sara - United Kingdom (22623)


My article talks about occasionally giving aspirin to a dog for pain relief. I give many warnings about using caution in giving the dog aspirin.

The only thing I say about Rimadyl is "most vets prescribe Rimadyl as a better pain-killer and anti-inflammatory than aspirin." I am not advocating Rimadyl, and it is up to the vet to check for allergic reactions and to properly prescribe the medication.

I certainly do not want dogs to die from taking the wrong medication or from taking too much. However, I would hope that the veterinarian would use proper medical judgment in prescribing Rimadyl or another other pain-relief medication.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

I give my dogs infant tylenol

March 24, 2012


I have always given my dogs infant tylenol because it is liquid form. It has always worked. I have never had any side effects on my animals. I use the mininum dropperful. Is this wrong? I have done this for years. Please let me know. Oh I have found using shark cartilage for arthritis is better than using that chronditin stuff. It is cheaper and highly effective too!

Meri - USA (22528)


Some vets recommend liquid infant Tylenol instead of baby aspirin. Regular Tylenol is not readily digested and can be toxic if given too much. With any pain relief medicines, you need to be careful, and the minimum dosage is the best.

Thanks for the info on shark cartilage for arthritis.

Best wishes for good health among your dogs.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Information very useful

December 23, 2011


at a time when the vet isn't available, this was great info to have access to. my little terrier mix jumped off a chair and hurt her paw.
this helped her to get some relief, 'til we could get in to see the
vet. thanks for the help!! C

c - USA (22286)


I'm glad the information was useful to you.

Best wishes for your dog's speedy recovery.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Giving aspirin and sufla drug

December 22, 2011


Is it safe to give my collie her baby aspirin eachday with sulfa? She has a UTI and is taking sulfa for it.She is also on a baby aspirin a day for arthritis in her back end. Thanks so much. Terri Owens

Terri - USA (22283)


Although I don't think there is a problem with taking aspirin and sulfa, I would wait until you are through giving the sulfa before giving your dog aspirin again.

Also, it would be a good way to check if the aspirin really helped her that much.

Of course, always give aspirin with food.

Best wishes for your dog's good health.

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Old beagle getting seizures

November 5, 2011


I have a roughly 13 year old beagle that is nearly 20 lbs. His weight, height, etc are great but he was a rescue dog that was thrown down a flight of stairs by his previous owners. Both back legs were broken and the owners did not seek medical help so his legs healed as they were. They are slightly bent (permanently). He walks great, runs even better and according to the vet he is in great health. Lately though he has started waking up with one side of his body stiff and the other side trying to compensate and exerts all his energy in trying to stand. His head also is stuck to one side. His front legs extend out with his toes spread apart. He doesn't yelp, but it is very painful to see him in such discomfort. We have massaged his muscles (this worked the first time), but today its been nearly 2 hours with him laying down on a blanket stiff as a board on one side. Is this arthritis? Sezures? Advice?

Thank you...

Marie - USA (22139)


Some people are just terrible. They do not deserve pets (or children) by their poor behavior. I'm glad your dog now has some caring owners.

At 13-years old, he may be getting arthritis. However, his symptoms sound more serious that that. It would be good to check with your vet. At the very least, the vet can prescribe some pain relievers.

For short-term relief, see Giving Your Dog Aspirin.

Best wishes for your dog's recovery.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Dog has ear infection

August 26, 2011


Hi there,

My dog has allergies to beef produce and Gluten (I think), so I normally keep her on a restricted diet as allergy testing can be expensive.

She has eaten something recently whilst my brother looked after her and as a result has an ear infection again (same as every other time) the ear goes red and also her paws itch.

I have given her 10mg of cetrizine Hydrochloride per day for the past two days and this seems to stop the itching.

She is 32 KG, is it ok to give her 1 asprin and per day for a couple of weeks or so? would this reduce the inflamation and get her back to normal?

Each time I go to the vet they give her anti-biotics, anti-inflamatories and anti-histamines so would the above be similar?

Is there anything else I could give her?

The vet is expensive and I cannot afford it, they won't perscribe without seeing her but I don't have the money for this...I know what is wrong with her as it is the same every time she strays from her diet.

Thank you in advance

Rebecca - UK (21924)


I'm sorry to hear your dog has problems. It is difficult to determine what a dog (or a person) is allergic to.

Ear infections are often caused by hairs in the ears or excess wax buildup. If your dog is prone to ear infections, it is a good idea to carefully trim the hair in her ears and to check for smelly wax buildup. You can clean out much of the wax with a cloth and warm water. If you use a Que-tip, you must be careful not to stick it into the ear and cause damage to the eardrum.

I don't recommend using aspirin, except to give temporary relief from pain. Giving aspirin for a couple of weeks could result in stomach problems.

I often wonder if giving antibiotics, antihistamines, etc, can result in more problems that they help, since dogs can build up a resistance to them.

I hope these ideas help. Best withes on relief from her problems and good health for your dog.

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Two dogs bit her dog

August 12, 2011


My dog was protecting her yard and she confronted another dog. They got in a fight and a third dog attacked her from the rear. She has a few puncture wounds on the inside of her rear upper thigh. What should I do for them? She keeps licking them so I put band aids over them.

Wendy - USA (21885)


I'm sorry to hear that your dog was injured. The big thing to watch for is infections from the dog bites. The expression "licking your wounds" also applies to dogs. Licking the wound can actually help the healing process. But still, you should clean the woulds thoroughly.

If they start to look infected, then you had better bring your dog to the vet.

Of course the people who owned the others dogs should not have let them running loose. If there are vet bills for the injuries, those owners are liable for them.

Best wishes on a good recovery for your dog.

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Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Young dog suddenly sick

July 17, 2011


My dog just turned 1 yesterday, in the morning everything was fine, we went to a baseball game and he seems like he is 80 years old! Needs to be carried up and down the stairs, won't poop or pee. wants to sleep 24/7. 17 lbs, male, and his brother is 14 lbs male... best of buds and nothing is wrong with him??? Dexter is Hot to the touch, gave him a 81 mg asprin at 10 AM and at 6 PM he is back to being a 90 year old man?? I will say that after 45 minutes this morning he showed signs of life, ate, drank water, went up and down stairs to go Pee outside and now nothing?? When can I give him another asprin??? do I need to wait till 12 hours????

Rodney - USA (21823)


If your dog is ill, giving aspirin isn't the solution. He could have eaten something that made him sick or caught a bug of some sort.

If he is getting back to normal, that is good. Drinking water is important to clean out the system. Also, it is good to give some easy-to-disgest food like boiled chicken (not fried) mixed with rice.

If he stays sick for a couple of days, you should bring him to the vet.

Best wishes on your dog getting well again.

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Animal Ages

Wants permission about animal ages

July 13, 2011


hi, My name is Luciana, i am a veterinarian from Brazil. I would like to translate yours charts about ages from animals to publish in one text about animal geriatric on my web page. Of course the credits and the link for your webpage will be there.
Thanks for your attention!
web page: (under construction)

Luciana - Brazil (21808)


Yes, you have permission to translate and publish our animal age charts on your website, along with a link to our site.

Best wishes in your website and veterinarian practice.

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