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by Ron Kurtus

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Doing a business plan about George Westinghouse Westinghouse USA
Qhat did Aristotle do as a mathematician? Aristotle USA
Views on Civil War Mark Twain UK
What was Benjamin Franklin's last invention? Ben Franklin USA
Direct me to summary of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain USA
Mark Twain's connection with U.S. Grant Mark Twain USA
Happy to have sold Westinghouse products Westinghouse Italy
How did early life influence his philosophy? Aristotle Tanzania
Myths about Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald USA
Can I copy material for a report? Edison Hong Kong, China
Wants the value of pi Archimedes Nepal
Edison inspires me with my invention Edison South Africa
Wants to know if related to Churchill Churchill USA
Is a blade with King Gillette's picture worth anything? Gillette USA
Why does the establishment want Tesla to be forgotten? Tesla USA

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Doing a business plan about George Westinghouse

October 20, 2009


I am doing a business plan about George Westinghouse and I want to know everything that I have to do to make an A. My teacher tells me to be the person and tell him what we did to help make things happen. I chose George Westinghouse and I want to know his goals from top to bottom. We also have to do it on trifold but I already know what to do on that. Thanx!

Jasmine - USA (18541)


Look at our updated list of Resources about Westinghouse at:

Also check:

Those resources should help you.

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Qhat did Aristotle do as a mathematician?

October 18, 2009


what did aristotle do as a mathmatician i keep trying to find stuff and i do find stuff but i dont understand it so could you help me out please thank you

charlie - USA (18524)


Aristotle was better known in other areas than mathematics. In fact, many of his works have been lost. One part of mathematics that he did much in was in logic, which can apply to the sciences too.

An article on Aristotle and mathematics is at:

I hope that helps.

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Mark Twain

Views on Civil War

June 13, 2009



I just finished reading through your write up on Smauel Clemens life. You mention him taking up with the Confederate Army....and how his brother was such a Union Abolitionist. You mention Mr Clemens leaving teh Confederate forces and and taking up work with his brother. You then state what a change of 'political views', applying the Myth that Lincoln's war was over slavery. I understand that is because the way people have been taught through the federal backed schools systems, the liberal media, and Hollywood. Anyone, that has studied early history of the states....and of this war can see that it is Not true. Ive spent years studying lincoln's war and it blows my mind after all of my Real education that people are blind enough to think that the yanks were moralistic freedom loving friends of the black man, and the God-fearing Southerners were just a bunch of cruel black hating, whooping, taskmasters. I wonder if these people have any idea who brought blacks over here? Which state first legalized slavery? (it wasnt in Dixie) Who dealt in the african slave trade? How lincoln really felt about blacks? Why lincoln stated he fought the war? What lincoln had stated about secession? Who started segregation? Where were the states that Outlawed blacks settling? (it wasnt in Dixie)...I could go on and on. You all did Not outright state it, But you did imply with the earlier mentioned statements that it was about slavery. One of the best books a person in the states could ever read is 'Myths of AMERICAN Slavery' by an author named Kennedy. I have gave this book to from friends and families to pastors. I did enjoy the rest of your write up on Smauel Clemens.

matt - UK (17903)


Thank you for your comments.

Although freeing the slaves was one factor in causing the U.S. Civil War, the issue of the right of states to make their own laws and even secede from the Union was more of a factor. After the war was over, there was actually more initial acceptance of Blacks in the South than in the North.

Before and after the Civil War there were moral people in both the northern and southern states that felt slavery was wrong. But of course, with the cotton farms, many in the South had a great financial incentive to continue slavery.

Hollywood glamorizes certain aspects of all wars. But Hollywood movies are not an accurate depiction of history.

Clemens was interested in politics. Rather he was an observer and writer about people and how foolish many of them act.

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Ben Franklin

What was Benjamin Franklin's last invention?

April 13, 2009


I was wondering, what was Benjamin Franklin's last invention?

Reagan - USA (17596)


Probably the bifocals in 1784, since he was getting older and needed them to see better.

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Mark Twain

Direct me to summary of Huckleberry Finn

March 5, 2009


Can you direct me to a summary of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn?

Ceil - USA (17458)


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Mark Twain

Mark Twain's connection with U.S. Grant

February 22, 2009


What was Mark Twain's connection or relationship to U.Grant?

Ceil - USA (17316)


Mark Twain had some financial difficulties on bad investments in the 1880s. When he heard that the Ulysses S. Grant wanted to have his memoirs published, he visited Grant and proposed to publish his memoirs, giving Grant 75% of the profits. Grant also had financial troubles, so he agreed to let Twain do the job.

Unfortunately, Grant died shortly after finishing the manuscript. The book was a great success, and Grant's widow received over $400,000 in royalties. Twain also made a good profit, but the money wasn't enough to get him out of debt.

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Happy to have sold Westinghouse products

November 17, 2008


Dear Sir,
I'm an Italian painter 71 years old. But when I was 23 years I worked 9 years for Westinghouse Italian ( WESTMAN in Voghera town).No a person know name Westinghouse and I worked as a black the way to sell Westinghouse television and radio. My work-place was Emilia-Romagna, and I sell television in all little town. Always I say: "Know you Nautilus? This television its the best in the world! BUY!" I spend 9 years of my life the way to make know Westinghouse television! But I'm proud I did very well! All people know televison, radio, conditioner, etc. I say I spent well my young years. Best regards yours sincerely from BOLOGNA, ITALY.

Gianni - Italy (16816)


Thank you for sharing your experience selling Westinghouse. I am sure that you were an excellent salesman and perhaps even a champion salesman. You helped people know about the Westinghouse products and helped the people get things that were useful and enjoyable to them.

Best wishes in your painting and in a long, prosperous life.

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How did early life influence his philosophy?

October 17, 2008


Aristotle lived an interesting life as a sphilosopher of his time or even today. My question is, how did his early life infuluence his state philosophy? How is his state philosophy relevant to today's life?

Evarist - Tanzania (16659)


Aristotle observed and learned from his father, who was a renown physician. His family was well-educated and he went to the famous Plato's Academy, where they studied and discussed philosophy.

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Lee Harvey Oswald

Myths about Lee Harvey Oswald

October 14, 2008


Are you interested in trading links?

I think we could both benefit from a trade since our readers regularly surf the net for information regarding the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy Assassination. Our site,, debunks many of the myths regarding Oswald's time in the Far East.

Myth: Oswald did not have a security clearance.

Answer: Oswald probably was given an Interim Secret Clearance while in Atsugi due to the fact that he worked in the Marine Control Squadron One (MACS-1). Such documents were taken out of a Marine’s personnel jacket if he got into trouble or if a Final Secret Security Clearance was not completed prior to a new assignment which required the Marine to move. Only Final Clearances were placed in the Personnel Files and these replaced any Interim Clearances.

Myth: Oswald served in the military with former Dallas police officer, Roscoe White.

Answer: Oswald did NOT serve with Roscoe White. White went to Okinawa, Japan while Oswald went to Atsugi, Japan. Both came to Japan on board the USS BEXAR but this ship carried over 1500 persons and there is no proof that both men ever met.

Myth: The U-2 Program was the most secretive operation in the MAG-11 area.

Answer: The U-2 was not the most secret device at MAG-11. A Top Secret installation was also located in the Marine Sector of Atsugi and close to Marine Air Control Squadron One, Oswald’s Unit. Only five officers from Marine Air Group 11 had access to this site. This location is shown in of the illustrations showing the Marine Air Group Flight Line. This site was called “The METO SITE”.

Myth: Oswald was in military intelligence.

Answer: Oswald was not in military intelligence. He was an aviation electronics man. Thus, he did not have access to classified materials even if he did hold a Secret Clearance at one time in MACS-1. This does not give him access to Secret Materials automatically. Classified materials were housed in all intelligence offices in the Air Group with Top Secret being held in the Group Intelligence Office which had a 24 hour guard. Intelligence Officers who served during 1957 and 1958 were questioned and they never heard of Oswald. Neither did agents who worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence in Atsugi during the same period of time.

Myth: Oswald's Officers and Sergeants were interviewed by the Warren Commission after the Kennedy Assassination.

Answer: The Warren Commission only interviewed three Marines in person from Atsugi. One of these men was always on Temporary Additional Duty for he played sports; another was not in Oswald’s Unit; and the third did not know Oswald very well. No officers or sergeants were ever interviewed by the Warren Commission. Some of his sergeants had important things to say.

Please let me know if you are interested in a link trade. Thanks.

Tim - USA (16644)


Thanks for the interesting information. I added the link to your site/book from our Oswald pages.

You can add "Strange Life of Lee Harvey Oswald"
to your site.

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Can I copy material for a report?

September 30, 2008


Are these pages copyright? If they are, can I copy them for a report? I won't be selling the information to anybody.

Kathy - Hong Kong, China (16568)


You can copy the material for a report. You should always state the resource of your material.

That is the proper academic practice. Best wishes for a good grade in your report.

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Wants the value of pi

September 14, 2008


I got the answer that the value of pi lies between some numbers but I wanted the exact value of pi in fraction which I didn't got in your site,

Anoj - Nepal (16494)


Pi to 50 places is: 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510.

Most people only use 3.14, which is accurate enough.

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Edison inspires me with my invention

June 8, 2008


I am also an inventor of a first invention in the world in the medical field
I learned that you cannot make it on your own Edison had to work hard to achieve his goal and what kept him going was believing in himself be honest in what your are doing. I have venture in one o0f the most difficult fields ever but I will never give up also working day and night on projects that I believe can make a difference to mankind

Petro - South Africa (16064)


I am glad to hear that you are an inventor in the medical field. It is very true that it is difficult to make it on your own in developing your inventions and in selling them to the public. Edison was very hard working, but he also a good businessman who was able to get technical and financial support to develop his ideas.

You need to be able to get others interested and excited about the possibilities of your invention. You do not need to tell how your invention works, but you can tell others about what it will do and about its potential.

By working hard to achieve your dream, you can become a champion in your field. By trying to make a difference to mankind, you become a champion to that cause.

Best wishes in your success. I am sure you will do fine.

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Wants to know if related to Churchill

May 31, 2008


How can we find a family tree....My husband is a Churchill and he is from Canada. we have always heard that he was an ancestor but would like to know for sure.

Terrie - USA (16014)


Some websites on the genealogy of Winston Churchill include:

You still may have to do some research, but this should give you a start.

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Is a blade with King Gillette's picture worth anything?

May 13, 2008


do you think a blade in rapping paper with King Gillette's photo on is of any value?

- USA (15943)


The problem is that, although it probably is an old blade and not in production any more, millions of such blades were produced. If it is in good shape, there may be a collector interested in purchasing it. I don't think it is of extreme value. You can check in auction and trading websites such as eBay to see what someone would offer for it.

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Why does the establishment want Tesla to be forgotten?

May 11, 2008


Tesla has pretty much been taken out of the picture by our government and put on the 'Back Burner,' why is this? He did so much for our country and it seems that the establishment wants him to be forgotten, why?

David - USA (15932)


One reason for Tesla's ability to make discoveries and inventions is that he was very independent in his work. Unfortunately, that was also his downfall, along with a number of poor business decisions. There are a number of great inventors who have not been given much credit their work, while others who are good in self-promotion received undue credit. Tesla was one of these inventors.

The government has nothing to do with Tesla's place in science. In fact, the scientific community honored Tesla by naming a unit of magnetic fields after him. Even Edison has no scientific unit named after him. Also, there are numerous books about the life and works of Tesla.

No one wants him forgotten, and there is renewed interest in his work.

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