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by Ron Kurtus

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How can I plan and organize my business? General UK
What courses do you offer for certificates? General Business Topics Pakistan
Why are managers mostly men? General Business Topics Cambodia
Can tell me some steps of running my own business? General Business Topics Cambodia
Wants to help his father improve business General Nigeria
How can I reduce the cost of my business? Costs Netherlands
I lost my passion for business Improvement Steps Portugal
How do you start a business? General Business Topics Pakistan
How much are your courses? General Business Topics USA
Don't have enough education and want more General Business Topics Myanmar
How can I improve my business? General Business Topics Philippines
You need to add economics General Business Topics USA
Ways to promote a new soft drink General Business Topics Pakistan
Elasticity of prices General Business Topics Pakistan
Wants to start own business in psychology General Business Topics USA

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How can I plan and organize my business?

September 21, 2009


has a business man, how can i planing, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controling my business?

Domingos - UK (18354)


The best way to do this is to first start by defining your business with a short business plan. What business are you in? What are you selling? Who are your customers? How do they find out about your business? How is your product compare with your competition? Where is your competition?

Then you need to make a plan of action of what you want to achieve for your business in the short-term and within five years.

This type of up-front defining of your business will make the other aspects, such as coordinating control your business much easier.

ISO 9000 is important in making sure you document what your company promises to do and how you do it. This not only is helpful when organization, but it is also assuring to your customers.

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General Business Topics

What courses do you offer for certificates?

August 29, 2009


Respected Authorities,
I am an MBA and want to improve myself. Will you please tell me that do you award certificates for any courses. if yes then please send me the list of those courses.
thanking you in anticipation

Hassham - Pakistan (18225)


Our website provides free explanations and additional information on business topics. Sorry, but we do not provide certificates or degrees. Other online colleges can provide that for you.

Best wishes in your schooling.

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General Business Topics

Why are managers mostly men?

April 1, 2009


Can you tell me why level of management mostly are men in organizations?

Yep - Cambodia (17537)


It has only been in recent times that women have gotten into the workplace, so many of the men managers are holdovers from years ago. Also, they tend to prefer to promote other men to be managers, because they feel male workers are more comfortable with a male boss. Thus, it is difficult for a woman to become a manager in many companies.

The old way of thinking about who qualifies as a manager is going away. There are a number of large companies that have a CEO or president who is a woman. Companies and businesses that have women managers do just as well, if not better, that those that do not have women managers.

Surprisingly, there are many more women who have started up their own businesses than men. This makes them managers or chief executives of their own businesses. Some have many men working for them.

More and more women are getting into management. But it is a slow process and some cultures still frown on it.

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General Business Topics

Can tell me some steps of running my own business?

February 11, 2009


Can tell me some steps of running own business to be successfull

yep - Cambodia (17247)


You need to have an idea of a business where there is a demand for the product or service. It is often good to do a trial run to see if people would want the products.

You need to have a good way to reach people, let them know about your business and have them come to you to buy things. If your business is a store, the location must be where people can easily access.

After a new business starts, it takes some time to start get enough customers to make sufficient money. You need initial funds to buy equipment, supplies, pay rent, and to get buy until you start making a profit.

If you have a real good idea for a business, you should be able to get some people to invest in your enterprise. This can either be as a loan or as a percentage of the business.

Satisfying your customers is a very important part of being successful. You should be polite and give them extra service, beyond what they expect. They will then be repeat customers and will also tell their friends about your business.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in a successful, prosperous business.

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Wants to help his father improve business

January 28, 2009


Good father has a haulage company in nigeria and a block industry. i just left my old job to help my father organize his business but i see the business lacks organization. for example he spend so much on his truck for haulage and he does not get returns and the staff are not properly given their specific job rather you find an accountant doing the work of a sales man. please how can i re organise this business as his son.

oghosa - Nigeria (17172)


It is important that your father will accept your advice on how to improve his business. Sometimes a father will resist changes that his son suggests. You need to get his assurance that he will allow you to truly reorganize his business to make it better.

One aspect in ISO 9000 is that job descriptions must be written down. You need to write down what the accountant is supposed to do, what the salesman is supposed to do, and even what the president of the company is supposed to do. In this way, the duties of the job are well defined. That does not mean that a person cannot do multiple jobs, but at least there is some control.

ISO 9000 concerns keeping good records and documenting what you do. With another area of improving your business is by using Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques. You want to make sure your workers are properly trained to do their jobs and that they are doing the jobs where their skills and talents lie. If an accountant has been trained to do sales work, he may do a sufficient job, but is probably wasteful for the company to use his talents in the wrong area.

Also, it is good to allow your workers to give suggestions on how you can improve the business. This not only motivate them to do a better job, and it also helps you to improve the way work is done. Sometimes work is done in efficiently and wastefully, and management is unaware of it, but the workers know that this is a fact. This is an effort to continually improve the way you do business.

Having a philosophy of satisfying your customers is important in keeping them, as well as getting new business. Try to get some feedback to assure that you are doing a good job for them. Your workers should also note that it is important to keep customers happy.

Spending too much on a truck or equipment can be an unfortunate mistake. You need to have controls over how purchases are made. Certainly one person should not be responsible for purchases, especially expensive ones. Consultation and price comparison is a good way to cut costs.

I hope these ideas help you in improving your father's business. Best wishes to your success.

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How can I reduce the cost of my business?

January 24, 2009


i am student writing a project for the business in developing areas. how can i reduce the cost of my business?

haika - Netherlands (17152)


You want to reduce the costs due to wasteful practices, as well as to increase your business.

Your business must aim to satisfy your customers by providing the quality of products they expect. This increases business.

Workers should be properly trained to do their jobs well. They must know that the company wants to make good products and that will help them keep their jobs. In developing areas, workers often do not realize that poor work may result in no job, but good work can result in promotion or a bonus.

Note that companies in developing areas often make the mistake of paying their workers poorly and not spending money on training. But note that a well-trained and motivated worker can out-perform a poorly trained and unmotivated worker many times. Plus, the poorly trained worker may make costly mistakes.

Improving the way business is done and your goods are produced is where the real cost savings comes in. It is wise to allow workers may suggestions on ways to improve the system and processes. Often the ambitious worker will see things that management does not.

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Improvement Steps

I lost my passion for business

December 28, 2008


I answered the 3 questions correctly and I know exactly what I can improve in my business, but that depends only on my strength and after 30 years of being the "captain of my boat", I lost the passion for it. How can I gain that passion again that kept me going ? I'm tired and fed up of having to deal with people that I do not understand these days. The world has changed and I'm always comparing things with the past. It seems I don't have fun anymore..
I hope you have a word that might help me!

Ana - Portugal (17009)


The reasons people start and run their own businesses are to work in an area that they love, to make money, and to help other people. The order of importance is different with various business leaders. Helping other people often means keeping the customers happy.

But when the business is no longer enjoyable, and you are only in it for the money, it is time to re-evaluate your direction and perhaps make a career change.

Note that a person goes through phases in life. In the early years, you are excited to do what you love to do. In the middle years, you want to grown and make enough money to get what you want. Then in the mature years, you want to give back and help others.

If you are young enough to completely change directions and start up a new business, it can bring back the passion and excitement. On the other hand, you can also look at moving into an area where you are helping or teaching others.

In any case, it is time to make a switch in direction and look toward having enjoyment and even fun. Life is too short to waste it on the mundane and activities that you don't enjoy.

Best wishes in your new direction.

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General Business Topics

How do you start a business?

December 27, 2008


how do you start your business

salah - Pakistan (17006)


You need a great idea for a product or service that people will want and that you can make or provide to them. Often it is something that you really enjoy and that others will enjoy and want to buy.

Once you have that great idea, you will many more on how to start up your business. Enthusiasm causes things to happen.

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General Business Topics

How much are your courses?

September 8, 2008


How much are your courses? Do you have a network program?
Do you have a partnership program?

allee - USA (16466)


Our lessons are free and meant to supplement other studies. We do not have a network or partnership program at this time.

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General Business Topics

Don't have enough education and want more

September 2, 2008


I am 41 yrs old now but I still want to study in advance. I finished my university in 1988 with Zoology major. I worked at construction company, cosmetics company and trading company. I still working at cosmetics company. I think I don't have not enough education and want to study further more.

San San - Myanmar (16446)


It is good to continually learn and increase your knowledge and education throughout your life. Many people your age make a transition in their lives to move into a new career. Consider what you really love to do and what you are interested in, and then focus your education in that area.

If you like your work and feel you have potential to move up in the business, select the job you would like and seek the education that would help you get that position.

Always think big. You can get further if you do, even if you don't achieve the big goal.

You can use our lessons to give you a start in gaining the extra education you seek.

Best wishes in your career.

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General Business Topics

How can I improve my business?

July 2, 2008


JULY 02, 2008



ROMANO - Philippines (16171)


See our section on Total Quality for some ideas to improve your business:

The best way to improve your business is to provide some extra service with the good products you sell. Add a thoughtful touch to show the people you appreciate that they bought from you. This friendliness will be returned to you many times over and will pay you back for the extra effort.

Best wishes for success in your business.

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General Business Topics

You need to add economics

May 18, 2008


You need to add economics for the college students.

Lashawna - USA (15963)


Thanks for the suggestion.

Although we have a section on Personal Finances, we don't have anything on Economics. We plan to have material on the subject in the future.

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General Business Topics

Ways to promote a new soft drink

April 22, 2008


A beverage company wants to introduce a new soft drink in the market.
You are a marketing manger in that company. A task has been assigned to you to promote that soft drink. So what are the different ways through which the soft drink will be promoted to the customer?

( hope that u will send the good points of your mind thanks)

Shahid - Pakistan (15778)


Most beverage companies will put ads in newspapers and magazines on the new soft drink, as well as commercials on television and radio. They will also have large displays about the drink in the stores.

Some will send out coupons in the mail to people, offering a free sample of the drink. Not many advertise new products through email, though.

7-Up soft drink company had games on their website that appealed to young people, as a way to advertise their new products.

Having a contest is another way to let people know about the product and to get their interest. The contest can be advertised in the newspapers, on television and in the mail.

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General Business Topics

Elasticity of prices

April 19, 2008


What are the major determinants of price elasticity of demand? Use
those determinants and your own reasoning in judging whether demand for
each of the following products is elastic or inelastic.
a. Bottled water;
b. Toothpaste;
c. Crest toothpaste;
d. Ketchup;
e. Diamond bracelets;
f. Microsoft Windows operating system.

Shahid - Pakistan (15753)


Prices are often determined by supply and demand. Also, some businesses will allow negotiation or bargaining on the selling price of the product.

When there was the disaster in New York City in September 2001, some nearby stores raised the price of bottled water from $1 a bottle to $10 and even $100. People were outraged at them profiting on a disaster. But it shows how elastic a price can be when the supply is low and the demand is high.

Brand name products such as Crest toothpaste and MS Windows using have a suggested retail price. The companies usually are inflexible in their wholesale price, but vendors may put the products on sale if business is not good.

Diamond prices are artificially high due to the diamond industry.

Generic products can be readily affected by supply and demand.

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General Business Topics

Wants to start own business in psychology

March 21, 2008


Hi my name is Nadia and i'm intrested in taking free online class to earn a certificate or degree in business i'm 22 and i'm intrested in opening my own business one day i currently am enrolled in college but i'm taking up psychology but as i already mentioned i want to do business also how can i start ? can i take these free classes at any time of the day are they really free and when can i start will i be able to talk to some one from your company as i go along how does this work exzactly.

Nadia - USA (15579)


Many people with psychology degrees run their own businesses, often in counseling. The first thing you need to do is to pick the area of psychology and which you want to work and then get a job in that field to get some experience.

In the meantime, try to find some small businesses specializing in psychology in your location. You can often find listings in the phone book or through a professional psychology organization. Talk to the owners to get some ideas of how they got started. It might also be worth while to take some basic business courses while you were in college.

Our lessons are free and meant to supplement other studies that you are doing, in order to give the basic understanding.

Just keep at it and continue to lay down plans for your business. Best wishes in your success.

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