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Establishing a non-profit Mission
Noise reduction invention Entreprenuer
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Services from India General India

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Establishing a non-profit

October 17, 2003


are there companies or agency that will help to establish non profit? If so send me names so that i can get in touch with them ... Thank you for assistanc. BJ from kansas

Befekadu - (893)


Some simple steps are at:

Also see: (video and audio, so very slow)

Also see:

But I like the book "Nonprofit Kit for Dummies", which gives very good information on the topic.

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Noise reduction invention

October 12, 2003


I am an enterpruner engaged in designing noise reduction enclosers for equipments which make noise. How can I make a noise cancelation system for noise of low frequency of betwen 125 to 300 Htz? So far I have achieved noise reduction by 41 dBA i.e. from 105 dBA to 64 dBA by using combination of Foam and Rockwool.

I would like to offer much silencing product to the society.

Rajendra - (804)


You might look at our article on Noise Reduction at:

Right now, electronic methods for reducing noise are mainly headsets, but there have been efforts to reduce the noise emitted from enclosed sources using a similar electronic feedback method. It is a product that is in high demand for those who can solve the problem.

Best wishes in your efforts, and keep me informed on your progress.

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Material is helping

October 9, 2003


This school is helping me alot I am improving alot at my work place

I come from Mozambique Africa, City of Beira. I work with Food for the Hungry Internationl

I want to learn more

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

And bless you

Tomas - (780)


I am glad the material is helping you. We are continuing to add more lessons.

Also, the School for Champions tries to encourage others to help organizations like yours. Let me know if there is any help that the Food fo the Hungry International can use. We may be able to give assistance.

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Services from India

July 31, 2003


Good Morning

Some people think that companies around the world are turning to India for programming and production support is to save money. But that's only one of the reasons.

It's true that we can provide substantial savings on almost any multi-media, Web, or CD project. But it's also true that we can provide graphic design, programming and production that will match any that you could find anywhere. And we take great pride in meeting both the budget and the schedule.

We're MVS Softech Ltd (MVS). We are a young, but growing organization that serves clients in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and a number of other countries. We've produced a wide variety of multimedia applications, including:
Computer-Based Tutorials (CD-ROM)
Video Based Training
Web-Based Tutorials
VHS/Beta Tapes into Interactive Training CD-ROMs
Web Applications / Rich Internet Application
Educational Games
Simulations in Flash
Flash Action Scripting

You can see some of our work at, or I will be pleased to
send you a CD ROM containing some of our recent projects.

If you have a Web or CD project - or if you are looking for a dependable production partner - please contact me. We'll be happy to show you what we
can do.

If required I'm glad to give our client references in Atlanta(USA)/ UK

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
MVS Softech Ltd.
Tel: +91-44-24792352 / 62
Mob: +91-98410 68984

Venkatesh - India (51)


Thank you for your inquiry. The School for Champions is an educational website serving learners throughout the world. If you would like to contribute a short educational article, we would consider posting it, along with a short biography of the author and information about your company.

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