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Communication Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

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How to communicate in correct english General India
Loses his words when speaking General India

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How to communicate in correct english

January 24, 2004


how to communicate in correct english my english is not so impressive

preeti - India (2084)


By listening to English being spoken and by reading material, such as simple books in English, you can improve your understanding. Reading aloud can help you pronounce the words.

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Loses his words when speaking

November 2, 2003


when speaking to the people generally i lose my words

seema - India (1041)


Many people have that problem. Sometimes in conversation, a person will lose his or her train of thought. That is usually due to going too fast and trying to say too much. Listening will help control your thoughts.

When speaking to a group, you must know what you are going to say ahead of time. That is why practice is important. Also, if the speech is long or complex, it is good to have an outline available to guide you, in case you lose your place. Often outlining with key words is good to remind yourself of what to say.

I hope that helps.

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