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by Ron Kurtus

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Wants to be more competitive in the business world General USA

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Wants to be more competitive in the business world

April 4, 2004


Hi I study Management Information Systems which is a branch of Business Administration. My question is what other than an MIS degree would I need to make myself more competitive in the business world. The only thing I can think of now is that if my goal is to start my own business I will need to study entrepreneurship but what if I dont want to start my own business and work my way up? Is there any advice you think you could give me on that, thanks.

Nate - USA (2927)


The first step is to get a job with a good company. You may go through a few jobs until you find a company that shows promise for advancement. The big thing to do is to make yourself valuable to the company. That is not something that is taught in school. You must keep your eyes open for opportunities to fill in a need.

A MBA is later worthwhile, and many companies will pay for the degree.

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