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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 117 comments and questions on Education issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Happy teachers day General India
I enjoyed the article very much Bennett Teaching Virtues USA
Why is philosophy in education important? Philosophies Philippines
When was the student survey conducted? Student Survey Philippines
Contract not being renewed because of my comments As a Business UK
System of mathematics used in Canada? General Sri Lanka
Wants DVD for driver's education school Delivery Media Australia
I want to be the best teacher General Namibia
Thesis on the effect economy has on students College Expenses USA
Problems with teaching deaf child Teaching Hyperactive India
Article helped me understand some classroom problems Teaching Hyperactive USA
What are the other philosophies of education? Philosophies Philippines
Has article been peer reviewed? Philosophies USA
Has trouble with misbehaving boys in her class Teaching Hyperactive Indonesia
Son is hyperactive and always gets zero in school tests Teaching Hyperactive Philippines

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Happy teachers day

September 4, 2010



SOUMYA - India (20330)


Thank you. You put a smile on my face.

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Bennett Teaching Virtues

I enjoyed the article very much

September 2, 2010


I enjoyed the article very much and agree with the message. I was searching for some ideas on discussing and instilling virtues in our children here at Koelsch Elementary School. I will continue to point out examples of good behavior as demonstrated at school.

Thank you

Armida - USA (20326)


For more about virtues and character that can be applied to your students, see our section on Character at:

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Why is philosophy in education important?

July 25, 2010


why is philosophy in education important?

izabelle - Philippines (20122)


A philosophy is a belief in the correct way to do things or to solve problems.

The philosophy of education is the study of the purpose, nature and ideal content of education. It also gives ideas on the nature of the knowledge, dealing with authority in school and the relationship between education and society.

There are different beliefs or philosophies how students learn and the best way to teach them.

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Student Survey

When was the student survey conducted?

July 18, 2010


when (month & year) and where (state/country) was this survey conducted??can i use this survey for my class report??

theresa - Philippines (20087)


The way our student survey works is that questions are randomly posted on the "Tricks for Good Grades" page at:

When a student goes to that page to look for lessons on how to get better grades in school, he or she can answer the survey question. There is also a page with all the questions that is available, if the person wants to answer more questions.

A student can answer each question only one time.

This is a continuing survey, started in 2007. Students from all over the world have participated in the survey.

Ron Kurtus is the author of the survey.

You have permission to use the results of this survey in your class report. Best wishes for a successful report.

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As a Business

Contract not being renewed because of my comments

July 8, 2010


funny … I have just being told that my contract as a holistic teacher will not be renewed due a comment I made that could bring bad publicity to the college I worked for, the coment in question: “education is a bussines”?

Nicole - UK (20029)


I am sorry to hear that your contract with the school will not be renewed. Both public and private colleges are keenly aware of their public relations, since it can affect the funding they receive. However, there have been recent cases where top professors have made outlandish or anti-social comments but have not been dismissed because the schools were supposed to be places of free thought and expression. A hidden factor may have been the rank of the professor and backlash if he was dismissed.

In any case, a person should always be careful about expressing views that may be taken the wrong way by the employer. Since what you said "could" bring bad publicity to the school, it might be worth while to talk with the school administration to see what you could do to make amends. Also, you can always claim ignorance of their rules in hope that they may change their mind.

Best wishes in solving this problem.

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System of mathematics used in Canada?

June 29, 2010


Please let me know what system of mathematics use in canadian government Secondary schools? Whether it is IGCSE or GCSE? International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)> I need this information as I will be migrating to Vancouver in August this year.

Jayantha - Sri Lanka (19986)


You should be able to get your information through:

British Columbia Education Ministry or
Vancouver Public Schools.

Best wishes in your studies in Canada.

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Delivery Media

Wants DVD for driver's education school

June 4, 2010


I will be starting a driving school soon on teaching student on Driving in proper method in Brisbane metropolitan area.
Is there any Driving training DVDs technique available in the market for trainer to use to teach the student on ways of proper teaching procedure and method?
Also is there any simple gadget that I can buy this day in the market so that I can install another speedometre on the front passenger side so that I can gauge the Vehicle speed limit properly without trying to lean over to the driver side to check on the speed that my student is driving while in training?
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Henry - Australia (19838)


It would be worthwhile for you to take a driver education course yourself to see how it is done. The instructor may also be able to give you some pointers.

Most driving schools have their cars set up with devices to assist in training the student. Some even have extra brake pedals for the instructor. I would check with other driving schools to see where they get their equipment. It might be good to check schools in a different community, so that they won't consider you their competition.

Sources for DVDs include:

I hope that helps. Best wishes in starting your school.

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I want to be the best teacher

April 3, 2010


im a physical science student teacher. i want to be the best teacher please help me to gain more knowledge in physical science

frieda - Namibia (19487)


Our lessons in Physical Science includes Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics. They go through the basics and are a good starting point for excelling in the subjects.

Going through our lessons will help your understanding of those subjects. But also, in order to be an excellent science teacher, you need to be able to interest her students in the subject and express your knowledge to them.

If you are enthusiastic about Physical Science, that enthusiasm will rob all on your students and many of them will become more interested in learning about the subject.

It is good to plan ahead by writing out tests and exams for your students before you start teaching them. In this way, you can fine tune your tests so that they are not too difficult but yet challenge the students, as well as yourself.

Go through our lessons, take the quizzes, check the resources and look in other areas to improve your skills. The fact that you want to be the best teacher is a great start, and I am sure that you will become a champion science teacher.

Best wishes in learning and teaching.

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College Expenses

Thesis on the effect economy has on students

January 26, 2010


I am writing a thesis on the effect the economy has on students' decisions to stay in school and pursue higher degrees. I have been trying to find data on the amount of money available for loans during the years of 1955-1988, but have been unable to find anything on it. Would you mind letting me know what sources you used for this data so I can see if it has anything I can use or if it leads me anywhere? Thank you.

Deven - USA (19114)


Our article was submitted by Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe, a retired business educator and free-lance writer. As of 2003, her email address is She should be able to give you some leads on her resources.

Best wishes with your thesis.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Problems with teaching deaf child

January 16, 2010


My four years old daughter, a prematured baby having a problem of not respond from right ear and slightly heairing from the left ear. She also suffed from ADHD. So i am facing lots of problem like to teach, to speak , to learn. My baby is smart and gentle but the problem of deficit attention makes a lots of time to learn . How will i send to her in school is a big problem. So please advice me what technique should be applied on her to good concentration to go ahead her good life.

Thanking you for unique services.

Yogendra - India (19061)


Premature children take many years to catch up to the other children. At four years old, she is still behind other children at four. However, she should catch up soon.

The fact that she has problems hearing affects your ability to learn and her behavior. She may not have attention deficit or ADHD, but instead may be behaving that way because of a lack of incoming communication.

Unless you can afford good hearing aids, it is worthwhile to learn sign language and teach it to her, as a way to improve your communication. This will also help to stimulate her mind and her thinking.

Find out if there are organizations or schools for deaf children in your area. In this way, you can find ways to improve her ability to communicate and learn, as well as to get along with other children.

Getting her started now will help when it is time for her to go to school. I am sure she will be able to live a full and happy life. Best wishes with your daughter.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Article helped me understand some classroom problems

October 3, 2009


This article helped me to better understand some of the problems I am seeing in the classroom. I will hope to implement some of your ideas in order to get a positive outcome on childrn's ability to focus in class. If you have any further articles or stategies that may be helpful, please e-mail them.
Thank you

Ana - USA (18430)


Note that boys often seem more hyperactive in classes than do girls. One reason is that some boys need more physical or hands-on activity to help them learn and pay attention. They aren't ADHD but simply need a different approach.

Look at the Reader Feedback on our lesson to see what other teachers and parents think about the topic.

Best wishes in teaching your students. I know you will do a good job at it.

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What are the other philosophies of education?

September 25, 2009


what are the other philosophies of education and its meaning?

rey pj - Philippines (18385)


The five listed philosophies are the major ones. There may be other ideas that people have, but they are not much in use.

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Has article been peer reviewed?

September 22, 2009


Hi, I was just wondering if this article has been peer reviewed?

- USA (18364)


The article is based on material in the books "Curriculum Essentials" by Jon Wiles and "methods for Teaching" by Jacobsen and Eggen, as well as various textbooks.

It has not been peer reviewed, because it is not for submission to a professional periodical.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Has trouble with misbehaving boys in her class

September 4, 2009


dear sir,
i'm a teacher in year 1.this year i have to face many active student in my class, especialy boys. i have 22 students with age 6-7 in class,a half are boys and a half are girls. the girls are ok. they can follow all the subjeck i conduct. but there are 3 boys can not follow.they don't pay attention to the subject, and usually chase after each others in the class room, shout to each other etc altough they know it's forbidden in the class.they often go outside from the class while i teach.if they are asked get in they will do nothing.they often say "i'm tired" or "i'm lazy"if they asked to do worksheet. they have only short consetration.i try to make many fun games in class to atract them.but nihil.i try o aprouch them in with individual dialogu to know what they want but i still don't have any clue.i try with reward and funishment too.but it's not realy work's seem they only want to play outside.what do i have to do?

fely hilman

fely - Indonesia (18258)


Boys are typically more active than girls and have greater problems sitting still and paying attention. Often some of them learn more by physical activities than sitting in class.

But that is no excuse for them to show disrespect to you and to break school rules. You need to be very firm in showing that you are in charge of the class and that they need to behave.

You might try something like this: Next Monday start your class by telling them there are going to be some new rules in the classroom that will be strictly enforced. State the rules that apply to all the students, where there is no shouting, no leaving the seat without the teacher's permission, no leaving the classroom during the class hours, and other important rules. You can tell them that the punishment for breaking the rules are (1) a warning, (2) detention and no play time, (3) a message to the parents, and if they still misbehave (4) failure in the class or even a suspension.

It is difficult for you to gain control of your class again, but you must be firm and stern, with no giving in.

Before you implement this plan, talk to your principal for approval. Also, perhaps talk to some of the older teachers for advice.

Note that the parents of the boys that misbehave probably would be angry at their children for acting up. They want their boys to learn and not to be held back in school.

I hope these ideas help. Let me know how things turn out in your class.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Son is hyperactive and always gets zero in school tests

August 8, 2009


i had a hyperactive son 7 years old when he is in scholl he can understsnd tere lessons always got zero hes weak but in home hes not like that pls advice me what to do

christine - Philippines (18131)


One thing he needs to do is to learn to concentrate and complete the test. It is good to have him practice taking tests at home, where he must sit and finish the test. Praise him when he finishes a test and when he gets a good grade. Tell him it makes you happy. Also, you might even give him a reward. But praise is most important.

Teachers do not want their students to get bad grades. Tell his teacher you want him to practice taking tests at home. The teacher may be able to give you some sample tests for him to practice.

I hope these ideas help. It is not good for his esteem and confidence if he gets poor grades in school.

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