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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 117 comments and questions on Education issues. They are listed according to date.

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Personal philosophy about education Philosophies USA
Son is struggling in school General USA
Boy in bad circumstances Teaching Hyperactive USA
Young boy misbehaves and is too active Teaching Hyperactive USA
How to answer your philsophy of education Philosophies TANZANIA
Mother held son back two grades Grading USA
Looking for more resources Teaching Hyperactive Malta
Home environment is important Home Schooling India
Needs philosophy for a class Philosophies USA
Do philosophers relate to the realities of life? Philosophies Philippines
Seeks lesson plans General Pakistan
Little brother also has cancer Child Cancer USA
Making media effects helpful to the learners General Philippines
Which philosophies are favorable to the Philippine Philosophies philippines
Wants self-study General Vietnam

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Personal philosophy about education

June 23, 2005


I trying to come up with my own personal philosophy about education and I favor realism and existentialism what things do I need to include that would best describe my beliefs and values.

Dianell - USA (7348)


Although the listed theories are nice, they are also academic exercises that may not have much to do with real teaching.

To establish a good personal education philsophy, consider your personal goals in teaching. But also include the goals of the parents, students and even society. Note that educational philosophies usually do not address the goals of the students, and sometimes they don't even consider the wishes of the parents.

Then list your beliefs and values and see how they fit with respect to those goals. For example, if you believe in the value of your religion in education, but you are in an atheistic society, you educational philosophy may not go too far.

Needless to say, it is a good exercise to see how your ideals fit within the educational framework in which you want to teach.

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Son is struggling in school

May 24, 2005


I can't say enough wonderful things about this website. I have used it many times to encourage my son to be a better student. I've mentioned it as well to many of our friends whose children could use extra help.

I am writing you because my husband and I are in a dilema with our son's overall character. He has struggled this school year not only with grades but with his self esteem and confidence. He tends to "hide" behind the truth instead of being up front. He is in the seventh grade in an elementary catholic school. This is an important year for him, as his 7th grade grades and the first trimester of 8th grade grades are submitted to the high school for entrance. I would like to find a program where he can learn the importance of having good character, of being honorable and honest, having integrity, courage and responsibility. Any suggestions?

Lyn - USA (7063)


The 7th and 8th grades are the toughest on many children. Not only are they going through a lot of changes, but there is also intense pressure to fit in and belong. Also, some kids in those grades can be quite mean-spirited with teasing others. And that is discouraging for those on the receiving end.

Although you want your son to do well and to get into a good school, you need to be careful not to put undue pressure on him. It is better for him just to know you love him and are there to help him, if he needs it. Try not to criticize him as a way to get him to do better. Instead, look for things to praise and give him encouragement. Even well-meaning criticism can lower a boy's self-esteem and confidence. Positive comments can bolster that esteem.

His own self-talk is important too. It is good for him to celebrate achievements, even if just finishing his homework. That puts a positive spin on his confidence.

Feeling good about himself and being confident can rub off in improving his character. Look for areas of skill he has and perhaps find a group or extra activity he can join. Sometimes sports teams can help build confidence and character. I don't know if he's too old to start the Boy Scouts, but they certainly emphasize character growth and ethics.

Just as some parents root for their kids playing on some sports team--whether the boy does well or not--you can also root for him and encourage him to do his best in schoolwork.

I hope these ideas help. Let me know how things turn out. I am sure he will do fine.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Boy in bad circumstances

February 23, 2005


Boy,14 yrs old( he is in the 6th grade), his parents are divorced, so his grandparents are raising him, since the age of 3. Teacher says he disrespects,bad mouth,has lots of attitude with athority figures. Was on ritalin, then was put on two other medications, which he no longer takes, reason,it made him sleepy and very fat. Only his mother can tell a doctor whats going on and insists that the medication is fine, cause he sleeps all the time and is out of her hair. He sees his mom maybe once every 5 weeks. I find that he may have learn alot about bad mouthing from his grandmother. She is a very loud domineering person. She's obese and have lots of medical problems she cannot walk and needs help with everything. The boy will swear that what he says and does is right and that everybody else is wrong but, his grandmother does the same thing. He does fidget constantly, everything he hears he has to investigate. But, when his grandmother hears something outside the house she makes him go out and see what is going on cause she can't do it herself. When ask him about his last detention, he is always blaming the teacher,she hates me. When he is punished, he is sent to another school for a week at a time, he sits in an area with 3 walls to keep his attention focus in one area. His dad can't say a word, the mom has all the say so. His grandmother believes that home schooling will help, i feel that the boy is going to be happy being taken out of school. So he won the game. HOW DO I KNOW IF ITS SOMETHING HE LEARNED OR ITS REALLY HYPERACTIVE? Cause sometimes he is not as bad as other times.

- USA (6088)


One problem for this boy is that he may feel unloved. Divorce affects kids, and if he is sent with his grandparents he may feel his parents don't love him and may feel like wanting to rebel. Perhaps there is a lot of anger because of the situation. He feels helpless, so he blames everyone else.

Of course, he picks up bad habits from his grandmother. He can start to imitate her. But at least she loves him.

Fidgeting and being disruptive may be signs of being hyperactive, but it really doesn't sound like he is that bad. I think more has to do with his environment and the way he thinks about things.

The fact that he investigates things and that he is active may be an indication of hope. He has curiousity. If he is curious, he should be praised for it. Also, he may find something he is really interested in and is good at. He needs to feel worthwhile. Someone has to help him find his talents and then encourage him to pursue it. But also, his self-image needs to be increased, so that he will accept being talented in something.

It is sad to be in a bad situation, but there are so many who are in worse circumstances. Let him look at what he has and be thankful. Perhaps that will help get rid of the anger. There is hope for him, as long as everyone doesn't give up.

I hope these ideas help.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Young boy misbehaves and is too active

November 2, 2004


I have a child in my pre-k class that jumps and climbs up the shelves. He doesn't like large group activities and when he goes to the playground he doesn't want to come back(A security guard must escort him most of the time) What can I do? Please help me.

luz - USA (4883)


Sometimes young children are overly active until they learn to get along with the group. When I was a youngster, I used to bite other children until one bit me back! That taught me a lesson of how to get along. Hopefully your son will adjust to his new environment.

But if he doesn't sem to adjust soon, and if discipline doesn't help, you may have to use other methods. Certainly, you should talk to him and tell him that it makes you unhappy when he acts so disruptive. Also, if they have a counselor, you should talk to see if they have any ideas. Finally, as a last resort, you may have to give him some medication to control his hyperactivity.

It is a challenge, and I hope these ideas help you to get your son to settle down.

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How to answer your philsophy of education

October 1, 2004


How can I answer the question' What is Your Philosophy of Education'I as a Tanzanian teacher.

sia - TANZANIA (4468)


You can answer this as a complex theory, but it is better to look at the way you believe is the best to teach the students, such that they will learn the subject. Some teachers believe that memorization is the way to learn, while others rather have discussions and allow the students to find their own solutions. The best is usually a combination.

We feel it is good to remind the students of the basics each year and to encourage curiosity and observation to motivate the students to want to learn. Students that want to learn require much less discipline.

I hope that gives you an idea of how to answer the question.

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Mother held son back two grades

August 25, 2004


Hi there!
I want to help my 16 years'old son get better grades and show more interest in school work. What can I do? It's a constent fight at homework time. I asked to have him held back twice because I believed he wasn't mature enough for the upper grade and now I feel so guilt for doing so because he's with children 2 or 3 years younger and still can't manage he's grades. He tells me "Mommy I want to do better but I don't know how to get started" He seems pinned up inside angry with himself then easely gives up and zips through the homework.
I may have contribeted to his low self esteem by my igrorent intervention. How can I repair the dammage. I know you perhaps are going to tell me it's his responsability, but I believe turning back the clock hindered his natural progress rather than produced a better student, better grades. It made him a lazy teen without any sense of direction.
I appreciate any suggestion.
Ps do you have or can you come up with some kind of buddy system withwhom he can establish a help and progress relationship. A support system coming from others could be a key to my son. After all I'm just the mother I don't know anything.

rachel - USA (4090)


One thing you can do is to point him to our "Tricks for Good Grades" section at Let him go through the material himself. There are ideas of how to do well in school, plus letters from other students wanting to do better in school.

The fact that he is with kids so much younger than him will probably really affect his desire to learn. But one thing you can do is to try to get him involved in sports. This is an area in which he should excel, since he is older than the others. I heard that in Texas, some parents have held back their boys so that they will excel in sports against a younger competition. The idea is that they will be better able to get a college scholarship in the sport.

Also, try to get him involved in other activities where he can deal with kids his own age. Getting him into sports and activities can build up his esteem. Don't bug him about his school work. I think if he starts to excel in other areas, the motivation to study will come.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes with your son's success. I am sure he will be a champion.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Looking for more resources

August 23, 2004



I am a sixth former teacher in a Maltese college and one of the next topics i should discuss with my students next year is 'hyperactive children'. Altough i found really useful your website i would like you to send me some more information or links that i can share with my students. The information could be about every topic which makes part of hyperactive children.

thanks for your help. i hope i hear from you with in these first months

Malise - Malta (4072)


The resources listed near the bottom of the lesson are all we have at this time.

We have a similar article aimed at students in our "Tricks for Good Grades" section at

Best wishes in your class. I would be glad to hear the results of your class.

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Home Schooling

Home environment is important

August 21, 2004


i feel that the home environment also has a notable effect on the studies of children and their grades as i would like to say that if parents provide some good environment and take great care in the education of their children then desired goal..
i say that a parent's role is also remarkable.

sai - India (4056)


Thank you for your feedback. Yes, the home environment is important in the education of children.

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Needs philosophy for a class

July 22, 2004


Hello, I am a student in Early Childhood Development.I am presently taking an administration class and the teacher wants us to find a philosophy that addresses these eight subjects:ADMINISTRATION,ADVOCACY,FINANCES/BUDGET,FACILITIES,STAFF,CURRICULUM,HOME/COMMUNITY RELATIONS,AND HEALTH,SAFETY,AND NUTRITION. She says that if we can't find one we should write our own. If I had an example to look at I could write one. But, how do you bring facilities and budget into a philosophy? Do you have an example of a philosophy that embodies all of these? Please help, this due tomorrow night at 6pm. Thank you very much.

Sandra - USA (3821)


I think your teacher is looking for some sort of administrative policy that covers all those issues. Certainly, "philosophy" is the wrong word. Also, it seems a pretty vagues assignment.

You can define an organization and state what its policies are concerning each of the items listed. For example, "Our organization is fiscally responsible and adheres to a strict budget. Our staff consists of highly educated people from the top colleges, we emphasize positive community relations through an outreach program,...etc."

I think something like that is what your teacher wants. That is my guess.

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Do philosophers relate to the realities of life?

July 19, 2004


My question is that, do educational philosophers relate to the realities of life most especially in my country Philippines?

Jacky - Philippines (3792)


All teachers follow a combination of philosophies, theories of teaching, and methods of learning. Following just one concept is not a good idea. Also note that religion and national political viewpoints affect the way material is taught.

Unfortunately, all of these factors often don't correspond to the realities of life in a given area.

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Seeks lesson plans

July 8, 2004


I am a High school science teacher. Please send me activities & lesson plans for using in the class. I hope your messages would help me to become a better teacher.

aqsajohn - Pakistan (3707)


The Physical Science lessons are meant to supplement your regular class structure and help the students understand the material better. Unfortunately, we do not have lesson plans and activities, although there are some experiments for the students to try.

We have lessons for teachers to imprve their methods at:

The philosophy of the School for Champions is that both the teach and students seek health and knowledge, do excellent work, provide value to the community, and have good character.

Best wishes in teaching your class. I am sure you will be a champion teacher.

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Child Cancer

Little brother also has cancer

March 18, 2004


i Am very sorry about what happen to you when i was reading that i almost cryed i have a little brother with a problem and i dont know what i would do if something like that happento him i would not be able to do anything because every thing would remind me of him but you was able to move on and with Gods help hope fully every one else will be able to too you continue to keep teaching so people like Allen and my brother will be able to have a good education they are the people that will make the feature better thats why parents should puss their children harder in school if every one didnt do their work then this world would be terrible well i will keep you and Allens family in my prayer

Myeisha - USA (2747)


Thank you for your kind words. I hope for the best for your little brother and pray that he will recover. Love is the most important thing.

Best wishes to you and your brother.

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Making media effects helpful to the learners

March 11, 2004


How can the teacher help in making media effects helpful to the learners?

Joel - Philippines (2682)


Students learn more when they receive information that reaches several senses, such as vision and hearing. Media effects can do this. But also, interaction is inportant. This influences their feeling or touch and also makes them think and stay alert.

A student can watch and hear media effects and then the teacher can ask them to discuss the material and tell what they thought about it or learned.

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Which philosophies are favorable to the Philippine

March 2, 2004


which of the following educational philosophies is favorable to philippine conditions?why?

joel - philippines (2582)


The first thing you would have to do is to define the culture and attitudes toward education in the Philippines. That is not easy to do, because of the different religions, economic and ethnic backgrounds of the people.

Typcially, a mix of educations philsophies would be required.

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Wants self-study

January 4, 2004


How can I self-study effectively?

Phuong - Vietnam (1804)


You can use the lesson from this site, if they help you. Self-study requires a definite focus of what subjects you want to learn about. Once you have that focus, you can find books, courses, and websites that will help you learn.

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