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Funding private schools As a Business
Relations of philosophies Philosophies
Want to study in Greece General USA
ADHD in kindergarten Teaching Hyperactive
Enroll in school General USA
Does adopted child have ADDH? Teaching Hyperactive
Wants to go to Univ.of Texas General USA
Other subjects Home Schooling
Suggested correction Home Schooling
Effective teaching methods Teaching India
Guildlines for 3rd grader tests Grading
Rating schools General USA

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As a Business

Funding private schools

December 4, 2003


I like the thought of a private, non-profit educational system funded initially (construction) by private investment, and operationally by by our tax dollars. Frankly, I thought a private education could not be funded by tax dollars. Yet, I've thought for the past couple years that there should be some way to do this from a business investment perspective, but I never motivated myself to pursue this. Now I'm glad you came along to propose and push this concept.

However, I do have a question regarding one of your comments, and that is you would propose taking care of the $10.6M debt to Manchester as part of the overall financials of the Bedford Academy proposal. I'm assuming by this that the upfront investment portion of this package would include this $10.6M cost, along with the capital cost of the facilities. And, that payment for this "total" cost would be amortized over a 30 year period, and paid by the annual tuition revenue. Is this "grossly" correct? Do you have any more information on the financing concept that I could use to help me "debate" the issue with my neighbors?

Thanks for any informative response you can provide.

Al - (1474)


The problem that happens when schools are funded by tax dollars is that the government becomes the customer to be satisfied and not the parents who are paying the taxes. This can result in schools not being responsive to the wishes of the parents.

Although funding must come from taxes to be able to allow all children to get an education, the attitude toward being responsive to parents should be changed.

There are some school systems where public funds have gone to private schools, provided they do not exclude students on unfair grounds.

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Relations of philosophies

November 23, 2003


pls tell me which philosphies of education are inter relates with each other?
Thease Philosphies are 1: Idealism
2: Realism
3: Pragmatism
4: Existentialism
5: Perennialism
6: Essentialism
7: Progressivism
8: Reconstructionism
9: Islamic Philosopic of Education
pls tell me as soon as possible.
I will be very thankful to u for this act of kindness.

saqib - (1353)


I'm sorry, but that would require extensive writing. The only information at this time is what is on the website.

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Want to study in Greece

November 13, 2003


please i want to study in greece so send to me the list of the chaepest colleges of business

saidi - USA (1198)


For a listing of colleges in Greece, see

The best thing to do would be to go to the adminstration office in a local college or university. They would usually have information for students wishing to study in another country and would be able to give you the assistance you need in finding a school.

Best wishes in your studies.

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Teaching Hyperactive

ADHD in kindergarten

November 6, 2003


I have A severe problem. My Daughter has ADHD she is in kindergarden. Her teacher is unwilling to wait or work with the medication. She keeps demanding that my daughter take more. Which effects her health. I have complained to her the pricipal and the board. How do I get the point across that my daughter is 5 and is going to talk in class every once and awhile or play in class. where do I go from here to keep this drug happy teacher from turning my daughter into a zombie?

Kimberly - (1101)


Be careful allowing your daughter to be classified as ADHD. Some children are simply overactive. But even if she is medically classified as ADHD, you certainly want to control how much medication she takes.

It might be good to see about sitting in her class and observing her behavior for yourself. If she is truly disruptive, then you can make whatever adjustments you think necessary. Of course, note that some children will act up a lot more when mother is not around. But that isn't necessarily ADHD.

The teacher has a job to do, but she also must realize that you are paying her wages through your taxes. But also, it is better to approach the principal and board from the viewpoint of trying have the best education for your daughter. Taht is always better than complaining about a situation.

If your daughter seems disruptive to the class, you can also see if there are special classes for such students. Often, they include therapy to help the child cope and overcome the problem.

I hope these ideas help. Let me know how things turn out.

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Enroll in school

October 14, 2003


How do I enroll my child at Merryhill at Brookside elementary school?

Musu - USA (821)


You should contact that school directly. We have nothing to do with their enrollment.

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Teaching Hyperactive

Does adopted child have ADDH?

October 3, 2003


My child is an adopted child. She is a very sweet emotional and active child since beginnig. She is now 7 years old and is in 1st standard. Since last year teachers have started complaining that she is weak in phonetics. I took two days to teach her phonetics. This year She has scored good marks in Language, Maths and EVES but has performed bad (10/20) in Text. I was called at school and asked to take my child to a counseller. My child is very managable when she is with me or at home but if I am talking to someone she tries to disturb. I feel her behaviour is quite normal and her scoring marks also is not that bad. Do you feel the child is sufferering from ADDH? if yes, is it a hereditory desease or behavioural pattern?

Sharmistha - (725)


When my wife and I are on the couch talking, our dog will often make a fuss and get in between us, wanting attention. Children do the same thing. So it certainly isn't unusual for your daughter to try to disturb you when you are talking to someone else. That is more true if she is the only child. Also remember that adopted children are often somewhat insecure unless adopted at a very young age.

I seriously doubt your daughter has ADDH. It is obvious to the parents of a child with that disorder that something is wrong, because the child goes beyond simply being overactive. They have trouble concentrating and even playing with other children.

When I was in the 3rd grade, my teacher wrote on my report card that "He is noisy and likes to fight." I never had problems or reports before that, nor did I have have any afterwards. So, you should consider your daughter's track record before becoming concerned about what some teachers may say. Also, not doing well on a test does not seem to be something about which to see a counselor.

You seem like you are giving your daughter the love and attention she needs. I am sure she will do fine.

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Wants to go to Univ.of Texas

September 21, 2003


i really want to get into the university of i obviously need good grades, but im also really busy with other things and get off focus, how can i stay on focus and not concentrate on other things that arent as importnant

Meredith - USA (622)


Get a Longhorn poster or some other item to put on your wall to remind you every day of the Univ. of Texas. This will get you visualizing yourself on campus and attending the school. That daily reminder will help you focus on what you really want, as opposed to getting sidetracked.

Best wishes on getting the good grades and making it to the Univ. of Texas.

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Home Schooling

Other subjects

September 18, 2003


I have two children in home-school, and one in public school.

Your site is one of the best I've run into.

Do you have any more on different subjects?

sara - (565)


Thanks for the feedback. Although Physical Science is the largest set of lessons, there are a number of topics that may help your children. Go to to see the listing.

We plan to be adding Math soon.

Best wishes in your home-schooling.

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Home Schooling

Suggested correction

August 21, 2003


I like your site. In fact I have decided to use it as a base for may daughter's home schooling 7th grade physics and chemisstry curriculum.
If I may suggest, the statement that Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia-Croatia is not correct because it does not reflect a historical fact that he was born on July 9/10, 1856 in Smiljan, Austria-Hungary at the time. Never in history was Smiljan part of Serbia. After Austria-Hungary, it was Yugoslavia. Today is Croatia. By ethnic origin, Nikola Tesla was Serbian. To see the picture of his birhtplace, check:

Thanks for a great site! Keep up good work.

Aleksandar - (280)


Thanks for the correct information on Tesla's birthplace. I've updated the site and added a link to the Tesla Society as a Resource.

I'm glad the site has been useful in helping with your daughter's education.

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Effective teaching methods

August 19, 2003


Hello sir

my regards for you. first of all let me introduce myself, i am Nishtha from India, working as a lecturer in English subject in one Engineering college. i enjoy teaching but sometimes i find pauses, like abruptly i feel now i dont have anything to say, and then i guess i start some useless speech. Please guide me for effective teaching, which skills do i need to have to make my class interesting and interacive too.

Thanks a lot for providing a chance to write you. yours truly

Nishtha - India (260)


One of the most difficult things for a teacher is to realize that you don't have to do all the talking in class. Many teachers will lecture and give information through the whole class period. The problem is that unless the teacher is a very dramatic speaker, some students will lose interest. In large college lecture halls, some even fall asleep.

A good method to use some of the time in your teaching is the Socratic Method. The Greek philosopher Socrates would teach by walking around the classroom, asking questions of his students.

You might prepare some questions to ask before class on the material you are teaching that day. One question you can ask a student is, "What is your opinion about this topic?" Then ask someone else if he or she agrees. Perhaps you can start a discussion in the class.

You can also ask if a person has had an experience related to the subject. Or if he knows why this topic is important.

The big thing in asking questions and trying to get the students to repsond is that you must have patience. People take a while to think of an answer.

Note that engineering students often find that learning English is not their favorite subject. Perhaps allowing students to give short technical presentations in good English to the class will give them motivation.

I hope these ideas help in improving your teaching. Best wishes in your class, and let me know how things turn out.

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Guildlines for 3rd grader tests

March 31, 2003


I'm a concerned parent of a third grader. I also have a junior in high school and have never come across this grading system my third grader is involved in right now.

We live in illinois and I am unable to find a guideline that teachers in elementary public schools follow to determine a grade. I am told that my third grader in only being graded on his test and quizes.

Class participation, homework, and class assignments are not included. Can you give me any information or direction where I can find information regarding this. Thank you.

- (101)


The best bet is to talk to the teacher to find out how he or she grades. It is always good for a parent to have a conversation with a teacher and simply gather information.

It doesn’t pay to disagree with the grading system, because often teachers just follow school or district rules. And unfortunately, parents have little to say about such things.

Note that although the grading is supposed to be only on tests and quizzes, most teachers give the benefit of doubt to students that seem interested in the work being done in class. Also, teachers tend to give better grades and more attention to children whose parents show interest in what is going on.

The most important thing is that your child is enjoying the class and gets along with the teacher. The learning experience is the most important, especially at that age.

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Rating schools

February 9, 2003


I found your site very interesting. I will be reading it and try to use it to help my children do well at school.

I would like to know if there is a source that can rate our school. I am particularly interested in the ACT and SAT scores.

Our school is Wilmington Area High School, New Wilmington PA, 16142.

Thanks For Your Time.

Thomas - USA (175)


One site rates schools, but I believe you must pay a fee. You can search to see if they have your school listed.

That is the only one I know of concerning rating. You might check with your local school district or the state education division.

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