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by Ron Kurtus

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Would a flashlight bulb work in experiment? Electricity Canada
Make a vinegar battery Electricity Canada
Mobile recharger of Eucalyptus tree Static Electricity Bangladesh
Should I use newspaper for my thermos? Thermos Canada
Should I put shiney aluminum foil in my thermos? Thermos Canada
Give me an idea for a science project Matter States USA
Science project on mixing liquids Fluids Canada
Have to insulate a chocolate bar Thermos Singapore
I need as much information as possible General USA
Wants to do an experiment on states of matter Behavior USA
Looking for a chemistry or physics project Chemistry Honduras
Wants three liquids that will separate after mixed Matter States USA
Comparing melting of different ice cubes Mpemba effect USA
Needs to keep water warm for 6 hours Thermos Canada
I have to build a thermos Thermos Canada

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Would a flashlight bulb work in experiment?

January 19, 2008


Would a flash light bulb light up with a wet cell like the L.E.D. did?

Sonia - Canada (15173)


A wet cell battery made as an experiment usually does not have enough power to light a flashlight bulb. You can try to see if it will glow dimly. An LED usually takes less power to light up. You can also check to see if the battery works by using a voltmeter.

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Make a vinegar battery

January 17, 2008


how do you make a wet cell using wires, water, vinegar, bottle, L.E.D., copper and zinc? does it work?

Sonia - Canada (15163)


Mix water and a little vinegar in a bottle. Attach wires from an LED to the piece of copper and piece of zinc. Put the two pieces in the liquid, and the LED should light up.

See how to make it on YouTube.

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Static Electricity

Mobile recharger of Eucalyptus tree

January 14, 2008


Hi all,
I'm A student of a renowed college in Bangladesh named Dhaka Residential Model College in Bangladesh.I want to take part in our science fair. My Project is - "Mobile Recharger from A tree name Ucayliptus."I didn't find it anywhere. So Please If u give me its something, its procedure or anything then i'll be really so greatful to you people. So Please help me.

Thank You

Nazmus - Bangladesh (15123)


Do you mean the Eucalyptus tree?

It is good to define what you mean by "mobile recharger" so that people understand the topic.

A possible article on it is:

Best wishes in your project.

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Should I use newspaper for my thermos?

January 13, 2008



SIDRA - Canada (15118)


Look at the Reader Feedback to see what other students are using. Newspaper could work if it is wrapped thick enough. Styrofoam or other foam material is probably better.

Don't forget to insulate the top of your container, but yet be able to open it.

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Should I put shiney aluminum foil in my thermos?

January 12, 2008


I am planning to make a thermos for a school project in 3 days. I would like to put the shiny side of aluminum foil in the can, and the dull side on the outside of the can. To keep the heat inside, I would like to paint the shiny aluminum with a thin layer of black paint, and then put some plastic wrap so that the paint doesn't wash away.
Will the plastic wrap absorb some of the heat? Is there anothe clear material that I may use (that is household)that has kenetic energy?

Iris - Canada (15113)


The shiny foil only reflects radiated heat inside a glass thermos. If you are using a can as a container, foil and paint do little. The most important thing is to wrap the can in insulated material. This includes the top and bottom. You don't want a material to absorb the heat. Rather, it must insulate and prevent heat or cold loss.

You can use bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or even layers of newspaper. See our Reader Feedback in the lessons on Thermos Container and Thermal Insulation to see what other students have done.

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Matter States

Give me an idea for a science project

December 11, 2007


Please give me one idea for my projet of Physical Science

Odalis - USA (14957)


If you are interested in the states of matter, you can show how the temperature required to boil or freeze water changes with the amount of salt or sugar you add to the water. It is easier to measure when it boils than when it freezes.

Boil pure water and measure its temperature when it starts to bubble. Then add several tablespoons of salt to the water and try it again. The boiling temperature should rise about 1 degree. The more salt you put in, the more it rises. But it is only a few degrees.

I hope this helps you with your project.

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Science project on mixing liquids

December 5, 2007


How to start off on a science project report on liquids

it's called liquids just don't mix..and my head is spinning

Cindy - Canada (14910)


Look at Mixtures, Solutions and Polar Molecules in our Chemistry section for information on mixing liquids.

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Have to insulate a chocolate bar

December 4, 2007


I have to insulate a chocolate bar so that it does not melt in the sun at about 30 degrees Celsius for about an hour. I was thinking of putting the chocolate bar in a plastic bottle, filling it with Styrofoam balls, then wrapping it in layers of newspaper, and lastly, wrap it in foil with the shiny side out. Is this OK? Is there any way I can do it better?

Thanks. I really appreciate it, your website is AMAZING!!!

Sibonay - Singapore (14903)


Yes, your technique should work. Just to make sure, cool your bottle and filling before you put in the chocolate bar. No sense in putting it in a warm container.

Because of the shape of the chocolate bar, it might be better to use a rectangular container, so that you don’t have an edge of the bar too close to the outside.

See our sections on Thermal Insulation and Thermos Container for information on the subject. Also look at the Reader Feedback to see how other students made their thermos.

Best wishes with your experiment.

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I need as much information as possible

November 26, 2007


i am doing a science fair project and i need much info. as possible please help by sending links to better info or whatever its due dec.3, 2007

science kid - USA (14852)


You need to decide on a specific thing that you want to do or demonstrate in your science project. Narrow it down and be able to stated exactly what you would like to show in your project. Then start to plan how to do it. At that point, you can start looking for information, if necessary.

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Wants to do an experiment on states of matter

November 1, 2007


I have to do an experiments on matter. An option that my teacher gave me was does teenagers listen to music more than adults? i dont want to do this because everyone in my class is doing that. please tell me a project that is about the states of matter.

Thank You,

vishwanni - USA (14687)


When matter gets colder, it decreases in size. Most materials have a smaller volume when in the solid state than in the liquid state. Water is an exception. Instead of getting smaller, it actually expands when it freezes.

You can demonstrate this by filling an aluminum pop can with warm water. Put it in the refrigerator for a while, and observe how the water level dropped slightly. The water was contracting as it got colder.

Then put the can in the freezer. When the water freezes, it will expand. Sometimes it will even split the can. For that reason, you should not use a glass jar.

I hope this is a good experiment for you or will give you some ideas.

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Looking for a chemistry or physics project

September 23, 2007


Hi i am looking for a chemistry or physics project please i need a answer in case of 2 days please do it i need that project cheers.

Carlos - Honduras (14429)


You should look for things that interest you. What are you curious about? What would you like to demonstrate to others?

We list some projects you can try.

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Matter States

Wants three liquids that will separate after mixed

September 20, 2007


I am working on an experiment with liquid density and wondering if there are 3 liquids that I can add together and after being shaken up will again separate themselves.


- USA (14421)


You can add water, engine oil and cooking oil. All three have different densities and should separate after mixing. Instead of engine oil, you can try some other oil that is either thicker or thinner than cooking oil.

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Mpemba effect

Comparing melting of different ice cubes

August 16, 2007


I have yet to try this experiment but it goes something like this: Firstly, freeze both hot water and cold water and apply the Mpemba effect. Next, melt both the "hot-water" ice cube along with the "cold-water" ice cube. Which melts faster?

Garrett - USA (14208)


The biggest problem is in making the Mpemba effect work. Some are successful at it, while others seem to have problems with it.

The difference between a "hot-water" ice cube and a "cold-water" one may be in the amount of gas dissolved in the water. Also, unless the water is pure, there are usually some salts dissolved in the water. You could take some hot water from the faucet, which would have more air mixed in it, and freeze it. Also, take cold water from the faucet and freeze it. Measure the time it takes to freeze each, as well as the time to thaw each out.

I'm guessing that ice with many little air bubbles frozen inside would thaw out slightly slower than ice without the bubbles.

It is a good experiment to try.

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Needs to keep water warm for 6 hours

May 31, 2007


ok. my project is to make a insulator. I know everything of what to do. however our project is to keep the boiling water warm for 6 hours without a lid. There is no limit of how big the bottle, jar, or can is. can tou give me the best ideas.

John - Canada (13856)


Boiling water is at 212 F or 100 C. But who knows what warm is? Is it just warm to the touch? You should ask your teacher to clarify what temperature it should be.

Use a larger plastic or glass jar. The more insulation you wrap around the jar the better, but you don't want to overdo it.

You need to be able to test your thermos by measuring the temperature of the water after a few hours. The problem with taking off a cover or lid is that you lose a lot of heat. So it might be good to have a small hole that you can unplug and slide in a thermometer. Or even have a thermometer stuck in all the while.

Make a thermos with some insulation. Put in hot water and put it in the refrigerator freezer for an hour. If the water is still warm, you can then test it at room temperature for 6 hours. But if the water is cool or cold, you need to add more insulation and make sure there are no leaks, like by your lid.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in your project.

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I have to build a thermos

May 6, 2007



I have to build a thermos.
I Am currently Using a Plastic Cola Bottle, Wrapped in Bubble Wrap, and a Layer of Styrofoam. I Have 2 Insulaters that way, Will this work?
Also, Do i need to put a insulater inside the bottle?

Thank you

- Canada (13720)


The problem with cola bottle is that it's difficult to get liquids inside without spilling them. You could use any glass or plastic jar with a screw on top. Wrap the insulating material around a bottle or jar. You may need to take the installation with something like duct tape. You also need to put some insulation on the cover.

Try out your experiment before turning it in. Put some hot or cold liquid inside to see how well it maintains its temperature. If it doesn't work well, you may have to add more insulation.

Look at the reader feedback in the Thermal Insulation lesson to see what other students have done.

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