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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 599 comments and questions on Grades issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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I want to be a great student General Ethiopia
Get real nervous before taking exams General UK
What should my son do to get good grades? General Vanuatu
Work hard in school but failing all subjects General Pakistan
Find out more about the student General Canada
Parents want me to get all A's General USA
Wants good grades in language class General Canada
I try hard but still get same grades General Nigeria
I am a senior in college but don't get good grades General USA
I study thoroughly but don't get good grades General India
I write too slow during the exams Be Good at Tests South Africa
Tips on passing economics General Uganda
Worried about starting secondary school General United Kingdom
How can I get good grades to prepare for college? General Philippines
Teacher puts nots on smart board Taking Notes in Class USA

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I want to be a great student

January 24, 2013



omer - Ethiopia (23145)


The fact that you want to be a great student is a good start and already puts you ahead of many other students. Make a list of your courses and the grade you would like to get in each of them. Put the list where you can see it when you study, This solidifies your goal, and helps remind you of what you want to get.

Teachers give hints about what is important to study and what will be on the tests. Knowing this helps you emphasize and focus your work. You want to study the right things. It is studying smarter.

Look over our lessons on getting good grades and the ones that apply to you. They should help.

The most important thing is that you have done the best you can do. Best wishes on being a top student. I know you can do it.

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Get real nervous before taking exams

January 17, 2013


Hi, i'm 16 years old and i'm on my final school year. i've got a lot of exams to do, but i want to know the reason why before the exam i always struggle. my heart beats, my hands shake and this some times causes me failing the exam. however i take time to revise it and i feel self-confidence to go and do it once i start i start shaking i don't understand why. may i know your fought about this problem to be get finished?

jonathan - UK (23131)


What you have is what is called "test anxiety". It is similar to the problem some people have in giving a speech before an audience.

You want to be able to go into an exam with a degree of confidence, realizing that you may not know everything, but you are prepared enough to figure things out and do the best you can.

One way to overcome test anxiety is to practice taking tests and working under the pressure of time constraints.

Take a look at the lessons on Knowing how to take tests. You should get some good tips that will help you.

Best wishes on doing well in your exams. I know you can do it.

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What should my son do to get good grades?

January 8, 2013


My son is on grade 9 and what are the things he should be doing in school to help him succeed in all his subjects?

Leodoro - Vanuatu (23112)


It is good to have a definite schedule for doing his homework. Practice being good in tests is good to develop that skill.

Let him go through our lessons on Getting Good Grades, especially in areas that apply to him.

Also, we have lessons that can help understanding on some subjects, such as the sciences.

Best wishes for his success in school.

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Work hard in school but failing all subjects

January 7, 2013


My name is Zaeem Ziayee and i am from Pakistan. my family wants me to be a position holder in school. But i dont know how to work hard why i am the only student failing in all subjects.
How can be good in my studies?

Zaeem - Pakistan (23110)


It is not good to be failing in your subjects. You know you are smarter than that, so you must be doing something wrong.

Some students seem to work hard, but they are often distracted, so that they do not concentrate on an assignment.

Other students study hard, but they are not studying the right material. It is important to know what the instructor wants when you are doing an assignment. Make sure you understand what is wanted. You can ask for clarification.

Examine why you are not getting good grades. Is it because you don't do good in tests and exams? Or is it because you don't complete your homework? Or is it some other reason?

Teachers do not want their students fail. You might ask your instructor for suggestions on how you can improve your grades. This will show you want to do well, and the teacher may give some good suggestions.

I hope these ideas help. The fact that you want to improve means you have what it takes to move ahead.

Best wishes on getting top grades. Also, go through our lessons to get more ideas.

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Find out more about the student

December 7, 2012


This msg from jarad about if he will get all A's or get beat
maybe you could find more out of this kid make sure this is
not the case ask more into what that was all about please do.

Rob - Canada (23058)


Thanks for your concern.

I agree that more information is needed about Jarad and his parents to give a complete answer. I tried to do the I could with the information given.

Some advice might help, but it also may be good for him to talk to a school counselor about his situation. They may then talk to his parents.

Anyway, I hope he does well with his grades.

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Parents want me to get all A's

December 4, 2012


My parents say that i need to have all A's by the the time christmas break or i will get beat

Science A- 90
P.E. A 95

Jarad - USA (23056)


It is good that your parents want you to get good grades, but they also have to be realistic.

Since you seem to have problems with History, it would be a good idea to ask your teacher for pointers on how to improve your grade in the subject. Find out from your History teacher what is important in the class. Some like students to remember dates, while others emphasize concepts.

Also tell your parents about it to show you are really trying to get a top grade.

I hope this helps. Best wishes on getting top grades in all your classes.

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Wants good grades in language class

November 13, 2012


i want a really good grade in language because my dad expects a lot can you give me some tips on how to succeed in language please help me. THANK YOU.

MANDY - Canada (23035)


I'm glad that you are trying to get a good grade in Language and are also trying to please your dad by getting a good grade.

Language classes require a lot of practice and knowing the grammatical rules to follow. Also, it is important to listen carefully for hints your teacher gives on what may be on the tests. Taking practice tests is a good way to prepare.

Also, let your teacher know you want to get a good grade and perhaps ask for tips to improve.

Out lessons on getting good grades can help too.

Best wishes on top grades in Language. I am sure you will excel.

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I try hard but still get same grades

November 9, 2012


Hello. Please i have a very serious problem in school. it is like the harder i try i just keep getting the same grades. i don't know what to do again. please i need help.

Ugo - Nigeria (23027)


What could be happening is that when you try too hard, you get tense during tests and don't do as good as you could.

Although it is good to work hard on your studies, it is more important to study smart. In other words, find out what the teacher feels is important and concentrate on those items. Teachers give hints as to what will be on tests or exams.

Do not get distracted during study time, because it is easy to not absorb the information.

Although it is difficult to do, it may be worthwhile to ask your instructor for tips on how you can get better grades. Often the teacher can point out weak areas. Also, the teacher will know you really want to excel.

Go through our lessons on Getting Good Grades for more ideas.

Best wishes on getting top grades. I know that you have it in you.

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I am a senior in college but don't get good grades

October 26, 2012


Hi, I am a senior in college and am trying to get my college degree. I don't get good grades. I am trying to graduate and find a career. Do you have any tips for me to do good in school and get my college degree?

Joe - USA (23003)


Have you ever asked yourself why you haven't gotten good grades in school? Is it because you have poor study habits? Or aren't you that interested in the subjects you are taking? Or are there some other reasons?

Also, have you decided what area you would like to work in after you graduate from college? Just looking for a career without any specific goals will not get you too far.

As a starting point, you need to consider what you have been doing so far and then define some specific goals about what you would like to be doing.

Although getting mediocre grades in school won't help you get a good job, being able to turn things around your last year can certainly help your chances.

Look over our lessons on getting good grades to see what applies to you. Hopefully they will help you.

Best wishes on graduating and with your career.

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I study thoroughly but don't get good grades

October 11, 2012


i'm having a problem that i study vry thoroughly and a spend a lot of time in studying..
But i dnt knw where my marks are dedctd.
Please help me and gve me tips how to study in a gud manner ..
Thank you

Ayesha - India (22979)


It is a good idea to take some notes in class of the important items that your teacher talks about. Often, these will be on the tests. Notes also help you do your homework and to study for tests.

You can study thoroughly but spend a lot of time on unimportant items. That is why it is important to understand concepts and what is important.

Sometimes you can make an outline of the material to see things in a logical manner.

Ask you teacher to give you tips on how to study better and where marks have been deducted. Often teachers are willing to help you get better grades. If you do well, the teacher looks better too.

Go through the lessons in our Good Grades section in area that may help you.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes on getting top grades.

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Be Good at Tests

I write too slow during the exams

September 25, 2012


Hi there.
I am currently in my final year of school and busy with something we call trial papers which is just before our final exam. Ever since I can remember I am always the last person to hand in a test. It happens that most times everyone has left while I am still writing although I am not allowed to take longer than the allocated time.

My problem is that I can't even finish my paper within the allocated time. I usually have a section to complete and I feel that if I just had around 15 more minutes I could be fine. I am very slow but my marks compared to other students are still quite good even if they finish before me. I am however guilty of studying only the day before an exam but I still do well probably because I have a relatively good memory. I know I can do even better if I could write faster.

I've tried to write very fast in the exam but somehow it's still not enough. Recently I came across an internet article which suggests a test to determine writing speed. I averaged at 43 seconds to write a short rhyme in my fastest but legible writing which indicates extremely slow writing speed. I should mention that I have a very large hand compared to other 17 year olds and I do not hold the pen as usual either. My grip is extremely tight but writing in the normal way is very uncomfortable and leaves my hands in an awkward position hitting the page.

Please advise what I should do. Can I improve my speed or should I rather improve my thought process. I am desperate to improve before finals and university next year.

Thank You

Safiya - South Africa (22955)


Many students with good memories try to only study or "cram" just before the exam. Unfortunately, that often results in not knowing or understanding the material as good as you should. This means you have to spend time thinking before each sentence, and that is a big reason it takes you longer to write the paper.

It would be a good idea to study and understand the material well before the test. Taking good notes of important items will also help when you review material the night before the paper or exam.

Although it is a lot of work, writing out a sample paper without referring to your books or notes, as a simulated test, would really get you ready to write quickly and effectively.

Trying to write faster can actually cause you to mentally tighten up and actually slow down your thinking. Some good preparation ahead of time is the best solution.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes on your papers and exams.

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Tips on passing economics

September 10, 2012


What are tips of passing economics?

Besigaki - Uganda (22891)


Unfortunately, we don't have a section on Economics at this time.

Check Basic Economics as a starting point for basic information on the subject. I hope that helps.

Also, your should take notes in your class and know what are the important points that your instructor is emphasizing. Often the teacher gives hints to what is on the exam.

Best wishes on top grades in your class.

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Worried about starting secondary school

August 31, 2012


Hi! In a few days i am starting Secondary school an i am quite worried what subjects i will be doing and thinking everything will be hard and i need some advice how to become confident in all subjects!

Thanks Xx

Yasmin - United Kingdom (22875)


Remember that all the other students in your grade will also be just starting and many of them are worried too. But you were able to do well in you past class, so it won't be that much harder than before. Plus, you are smarter than you were last term.

It is good to pay attention to the instructions your new teachers give, so that you don't miss anything important. Once you get your assignments, set a good schedule for getting them completed.

Things may be a little different at first, but I am sure you will quickly adapt and do fine in all your subjects.

Best wishes on getting top grades in school.

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How can I get good grades to prepare for college?

August 30, 2012


how can i have good grades this 4th year high school so ican have a good background for my college admissions

Ely Joy - Philippines (22873)


Hopefully, you have reasonably good grades for your first three years of high school.

Taking notes in class is worthwhile, since it helps you organize the material and study for tests. Also, note-taking is very important in college.

Although you need to understand the subject material, being good in tests and exams helps you get good grades. See our lessons on practicing and preparing for exams.

If you have a goal of getting good grades in your fourth year, you are on the start of achieving your goal. Best wishes in school and in college.

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Taking Notes in Class

Teacher puts nots on smart board

August 29, 2012


My teacher doesn't really lecture he just puts notes up using a smart board (which is basically a advanced projector)and i write down everything on it, but as I'm doing this he talks about the material more in-depth but i cant focus on what he is saying really. He has the notes avalible online though should i write down what he says during the class and look at the notes the night before or after the class, or just keep doing what I'm doing? It's a week into school and i don't want to wait until a test appears so please respond as soon as possible.

Abby - USA (22869)


Don't write down everything he has on the board. It is more important to focus on what he is saying.

You might just write down one or two key words, especially concerning things he explains in detail. Also, in the detail material, there may also be a key item. The whole idea is to use these words or phrases to stimulate your memory later.

Also, since he offers the notes online, definitely use them.

A combination of some key words about important concepts and his notes should help to learn and remember the material.

Note that different methods work for different people, so try to experiment to see what works best. You should be able to tell what you are comfortable with before any test.

I hope this helps. Best wishes in excelling in this class.

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