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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 599 comments and questions on Grades issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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I have a bad memory General Malaysia
Suddenly I have the lowest grades in class General Tanzania
I try to beat my brother in school work General Mauritius
Must give a presentation before parents and veterans Speak with Confidence USA
By what age should we set goals? General USA
Send me a not on how to get good grades General Somalai
Can't study when it is quiet General USA
I study but I can cannot remember for the exam General Sri Lanka
Received a "D" and wants an "A" General Namibia
I want to attain 95 percent in 12th grade General Srinagar
How do I pass my Law Degree with Distinctions? General South Africa
What to do if you don't speak good English? Speak with Confidence USA
Is it possible to get 18 Distinctions? General South Africa
I have been doing terrible in school General USA
I want to prove to my teacher I can do well Teachers Ireland

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I have a bad memory

August 21, 2012


I have a bad memory and I can't concentrate in class. I am really really bad with numbers too, they drive me crazy. Help?

Cherry - Malaysia (22852)


One way to remember things is to write them down and even say them to yourself. This helps to ingrain them in your memory.

Taking notes in class of important things the teacher says will keep your concentration on the material and will help you remember things.

Some people are better with numbers than others. But don't tell yourself you are bad with numbers. Instead think of getting better with numbers.

See: Getting Good Grades for more information.

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Suddenly I have the lowest grades in class

August 15, 2012


Sometimes my grades are good for a while then before i know it i'm down with the lowest grades in class..what should i do?

Bhoke - Tanzania (22842)


You certainly don't want to have the lowest grades in class. You want to be proud of your grades.

It is good to set some goals for the type of grades you want in your classes. Write them down as a reminder. This will help you keep on track.

Some students get good grades and become over-confident and then not pay attention to keeping their grades up.

It is also good to set up a regular schedule for doing your studies and homework. This makes sure you don't skip doing what you should do.

I hope this helps. Best wishes on getting to be the tops in your class. I know you can do it.

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I try to beat my brother in school work

July 16, 2012


i always have an aim to beat my brother but he always beats me in all subjects. i work twice as hard but still i can not beat him. what do i do?

jai - Mauritius (22784)


Although it would be fun to beat your brother in school subjects, what your goal should be is to do your best in your various classes, so that you get good grades.

One thing you can do is not to work harder but to work smarter in your classes. Sit to the front of the class, take notes of important items the teacher says, and learn how to do well in tests.

Another thing to realize is that people have different strengths. Your brother may be good in schoolwork but not as good in sports or in dealing with other people. Learn what your strengths and talent are, so that you can emphasize them.

Finally, instead of competing with your brother, encourage root for him. Hopefully, he will encourage you in return. Two brothers encouraging each other can be a powerful force.

Best wishes for success in school and other activities.

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Speak with Confidence

Must give a presentation before parents and veterans

May 31, 2012


Dear School for Champions,
I live in Hawaii, Oahu and go to Mililani Middle School. My anxiety level is very high because we have to do oral presentations. At Mililani Middle, we have four different tracks ( Yellow,Blue,Red, and Green ) and three different grades ( 6th, 7th, and 8th). I am in BLUE track, grade 6 (B6). In B6 there are 6 classes, each with a good amount of students. My teacher is also causing me anxiety because parents and veterans are going to be there ( Learning about WWII). My fear is talking on stage in front of B6, with parents and veterans, and all my friends looking at me. I just got my hair cut and just got my glasses too. Since only three tracks can fit at my school, one track will be off of school (my track. So far, no body has seen me with my new looks and yes, I'm a girl, 11 years old. My question is, how can I have at LEAST a okay presentation. Every time I think about it, I want to CRY! Please help! Thanks. Psst! I'm VERY shy!!

DaShaye - USA (22693)


First of all, try to keep your presentation simple, with only three major points to explain. Start your presentation by telling what you are going to talk about, then go through each item, and then summarize with something about what you explained.

You want it simple, so that you can remember things. If you are allowed to use charts or slides, that helps you remember. But also, you need to practice in front of an audience several times. Practice your speech on front of your parents as an audience. They should hear your talk several times. Also ask some of your friends to be a practice audience. You can take turns listening to each other. Think of it like a band rehearses before a show or actors rehearse before performing a play.

When you practice several times without making mistakes, you gain confidence in your ability. Being shy has nothing to do with it, since you are putting on a performance.

You are not trying to impress anyone. Instead, you want to provide interesting information to the audience. Speak clearly, so that they can understand you.

Also remember that everyone is rooting for you to do a good job. With some good preparation, I am sure you will do a great job in your presentation.

Best wishes for success in your talk.

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By what age should we set goals?

May 16, 2012


Do you think having a goal helps with making good grades? If so, then by what age should we have are goals set?

Matt - USA (22654)


If you have a goal of getting a certain grade in a class, you have a better chance of achieving that grade than if you had nothing in mind. It gives a motivation and a direction.

Even having a goal of simply "getting a good grade" helps you achieve that grade. Some young children want to do well in school, so they have such goals.

You can have a goal of getting a good grade in next week's exam, and that will encourage you to study effectively.

These are not long-term goals, such as wanting to be an Astronaut. Long-term goals change many times.

It is good to have goals and dreams in your life. It makes life and school more enjoyable.

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Send me a not on how to get good grades

May 14, 2012


I am one of the students in Somalia, so that I am requesting you to send me a small note about the "how to get a good grade".


Abdulkadir - Somalai (22648)


The best thing to do is to pick an area in our section on Getting Good Grades where you have problems, such as doing tests, doing homework, dealing with teachers, or such. Then study the lessons on how to improve yourself in those areas.

They should give you some ideas on how to get better grades.

Best wishes in getting top grades in school.

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Can't study when it is quiet

April 24, 2012


my question to you, is if you know how to be able to concontrate in complete silence. this is one of my biggest issues in school. when it is silent i cant work and it is really effecting me. i work better with noise around me. i also have a problem with getting things right. if i cant do something right i instantly want to give up and i put my self down. iam in high school and im scared of dropping out because sometimes that seems like the best thing for me to do.

Megan - USA (22609)


I am surprised that it is so quiet in school, when you are trying to study.

Some people seem to be able to work better when there is a din of background noise. Can you work better with background music or just noise in general?

One thing to try to do is to verbalize what you are doing when you study. In other words, quietly talk to yourself. See if that helps.

You might explain the problem to your teacher and ask if you can try using an iPod or MP3 player while studying in school.

Fortunately, you can study at home in a non-quiet atmosphere.

I hope these ideas help. Let me know how things turn out.

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I study but I can cannot remember for the exam

April 8, 2012


how much i ever study nothing goes to my mind and the exam is also nearing can u pls tell me a solution

shaheema - Sri Lanka (22569)


You need to study what the teacher emphasized as important, because that is usually what will be on the test. Taking notes in class and marking important items in your textbooks will help.

Review your homework as a way to help study for the test. Just looking at problems helps you recall the answers.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in doing well in the exam.

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Received a "D" and wants an "A"

March 21, 2012


can you please help me..i wrote ma grade 12 last year and obtain a D grade in phsical science,,it was easy but dont know how,,how must i study so i can obtain an A' i realy want to..

vistorina ndapewa - Namibia (22521)


When you get to a specific topic in your class, you can use our Physical Science / Physics lessons to help with your understanding. You can also look at the Resources for more information.

Practice taking tests from our Graded Tests section.

Also see our section on Getting Good Grades for ideas on improving your study methods.

I hope this helps. Best wishes on getting an "A" grade. I am sure you can do it.

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I want to attain 95 percent in 12th grade

March 10, 2012


I have got 72 percent in my 10th but i want to attain 95 percent in 12th i want to do more and more hardwork but for this i need a nice environment

Sufiya - Srinagar (22496)


It is good that you have a goal of what you want to achieve. Write that down and post it where you can see it every day, as a reminder.

A good environment for doing your studying and homework is important. However, some students improvise, just to try to find a place and time where they can study and concentrate in peace and quiet. Setting a schedule for when you will study is important and helpful.

You want to study smart. That means to pick up clues as to what is important in class and in your reading and then concentrate on the important items. For example, you don't need to memorize everything, but instead know the material that you feel will be in the tests.

I hope these ideas help. Read through our lessons for more pointers.

Best wishes on top grades in your 12th grade.

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How do I pass my Law Degree with Distinctions?

February 7, 2012


How do I pass my Law Degree with Distinctions

Dineo - South Africa (22412)


Getting a Law degree requires extensive reading. That is why it is good to learn to read faster and to take notes of what you read. Since Law is a logical area of study, being able to outline material can be very useful. It can also help in examinations.

As with any advanced study, you need skills in taking tests. Many students fail exams and must try again. There are sample exams in Law available to help you practice taking tests under time constraints.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in getting your Law degree, especially with Distinctions.

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Speak with Confidence

What to do if you don't speak good English?

February 1, 2012


What to do if you don't speak good English?
Can you give me a tip?

Josh - USA (22402)


Practice giving your speech to some friends. They may be able to help in areas where your language or pronunciation needs help.

Your goal is to present your ideas or material such that the audience understands it. They really don't care if your English is not perfect.

One thing you can do is to tell the audience before you start your speech to feel free to ask questions if they have trouble understanding what you say. They will appreciate your considerations.

Keep you speech simple and to the point. That is true for most speeches.

Best wishes for success in your speaking.

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Is it possible to get 18 Distinctions?

January 28, 2012


Is it possible to get 18 Distinctions?

Dineo - South Africa (22390)


I'm not sure what you mean by 18 Distinctions. Are these special awards?

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I have been doing terrible in school

January 4, 2012


Hello, I try to do good in school. I had straight A's in trimester one for the first time ever. I'm in seventh grade. Also, no matter how hard I try I've been doing terrible. i Failed a quiz and im in the lowest math. Wherenever I try my 100% i always fail. and i dont know how to get a's and do good in quizzes. Also, i'm having trouble studying, i don't know the correct method to study in. I am not very poplular and half of my time i try to study and work hard to do good in school but i end up failing. So i would like If you can tell me methods on how to study,how to do good in school and quizzes. I would love feedback because i need help.

Vignesh - USA (22304)


If you were able to get straight A's recently, it shows that you have the ability to do it again. However, you may be trying too hard, causing you to tense up.

Although it is nice to get 100%, you basically want to do your best. If the score is a little lower than 100%, it isn't so bad.

Think back to when you got your good grades. What were you doing then? How and when did you study? This might give you some clues of how to improve.

You want to be able to study SMART and not study HARD. That means to be efficient in your studying. Teachers usually give clues about what is important and what should be emphasized in studying.

You do not want to be anxious or nervous when taking a test or quiz, because then you will probably do worse. Instead, be well prepared and relaxed. Also, practicing taking timed tests at home can help you get better.

Look over our lessons in our Tricks for Good Grades section. There are many tips and ideas. You can also look at the reader feedback to see what problems other students have had.

I am sure that you have the potential to get top grades. Best wishes on reaching your goals.

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I want to prove to my teacher I can do well

December 8, 2011


hi my name is melissa im 15 and im in 3rd year i find my subject hard but not all of them my best subject are maths, i read your trick and i would love all the help or tips to prove to my teachers i can do well

melissa - Ireland (22256)


You are off to a good start by wanting to do well and to show the teachers that you can do it.

Take a look at the lessons in Succeed in Understanding Arithmetic and Succeed in Understanding Algebra for explanations and tips in those subjects. Also, we will be adding new lessons to expand the material soon.

Best wishes for getting top grades in school.

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