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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 599 comments and questions on Grades issues. They are listed according to date.

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I get nervous and have to swallow when speaking to class Speak with Confidence Pakistan
I have trouble keeping a homework schedule Homework USA
How can I be first in exams? Tests Nepal
How can I be good in school? General Yemen
I want a perfect routine for studying. Studying India
I have many exams to take this month Tests India
How much time can I be online instead of studying? Studying India
I am struggling in the 5th grade General USA
Sticking to a schedule is difficult Studying USA
Stays up too late downloading music ADHD USA
Wants a schedule for doing homework Homework USA
Want to get an online degree General South Sudan
Often has to read paragraph twice Read Faster India
I always bomb my tests Tests Canada
Wants to join our school General ltaly

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Speak with Confidence

I get nervous and have to swallow when speaking to class

November 23, 2011


My question is.....when i go in front of the class,i cannot speak without the notes.and also cannot speak in front of everyone on the stage but can behind a desk.And this is all because of the fear that everyone is watching me taking gaps,swallowing.When I start to speak,I need gaps,I don't know but i have to swallow,as i am so nervous.Just tell me i hadn't seen anyone in my entire life doing such a thing.HELP ME!!!

fazal - Pakistan (22196)


If you have an assignment to speak in front of your class, you should practice your presentation at least several times. You can do it in front of friends or family. This will give you more confidence. Most fear is due to not knowing the material well enough.

Note that any performer in front of an audience rehearses, also giving a talk to a class requires rehearsal. Also, many entertainers say they are nervous before they start, but calm down once they get into their act.

There is nothing wrong with using notes, but it is best not to have to refer to them.

Your goal is to provide information to the class and not to try to impress them. Thinking in terms of providing information can get you over being uncomfortable with swallowing and such. Take your time and the gaps do not seem annoying.

Many speakers often may be nervous, have gaps in their speaking, have to swallowing or even shake. The thing is that usually the audience does not notice those things. It sounds like you haven't noticed it in other people.

In summary, the big thing is to practice and rehearse. I am sure you will be doing much better.

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I have trouble keeping a homework schedule

November 10, 2011


i've been having alot of trouble keeping to a schedule that i've made well really just not keeping to it at all please tell me how to keep to it. me not keeping to it makes me do little or no homework and studying so please reply as fast as you can it's urgent.

abby - USA (22163)


What time have you decided to do your homework, and what do you do instead? If you don't do your homework and studying after school or in the evening, do you end up trying to do it in the morning or not doing it at all?

Getting started on your homework is the most important step. Perhaps you could just try to some some homework or studying for 5 or 10 minutes. Once you get started, it is much easier to keep going. There is a saying that "every journey starts with a single step." But the first step is the hardest. And that is just getting started on doing your work.

Also, you might try promising yourself with a reward or treat after you finish a section of homework. That might help to motivate you.

Getting over procrastinating or putting things off can be difficult, so you really need to work on it.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you are doing.

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How can I be first in exams?

November 6, 2011


I can't remember what i have read in the exam?
how make my memories powerful?
why i am frighten of exam?
how can i be first in exams

prakriti - Nepal (22144)


You do not need to remember everything in the book. Mark the important items or sentences. Re-writing the important items is a good way to ingrain them in your memory. Taking notes from what the teacher says is also good in preparing for an exam.

Look at our lessons on taking tests. Start with Be Good at Taking Tests

Preparing for a exams is the best way to become good at them.

Best wishes on being successful in your studies. I know that you can excel.

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How can I be good in school?

November 4, 2011


how can i be good in school

mohammed - Yemen (22137)


When in class, take notes of the important facts the teacher says. Often it is a hint of what will be on the tests. Also, notes help you remember and help in studying for the exam.

Set aside a specific place and time for doing your homework and studying. Allow no interruptions. This will allow you to get the work done more quickly.

Practice taking tests. To be good in tests is very important in getting good grades.

Look over the various lessons in our Get Good Grades section.

Best wishes on doing well in school. You have great potential.

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I want a perfect routine for studying.

October 19, 2011


I want a perfect routine for studying.
I am 10 years old and my school is from 9 am to 2 pm.
What should I do?
I think only this website can tell this to me.

Priyam - India (22096)


Many students set aside several hours to do their homework after they eat in the evening. However, since you get out of school at 2 pm, you might be able to put in an hour of studies before you eat. Sometimes it is good to break up your study time, so that you don't get saturated. Also, you want to set aside some time for activities with your friends after school.

A few students do some studying in the morning before they go to school. However, that is often difficult to do.

You can designate time for homework according that will fit in with other activities and obligations you may have. But note that it is important to go to your work area and not be disturbed or distracted when you are trying to complete your studies. Be firm about study time and about fun time.

Just thinking about a routine is a good start, such that you can realize how you spend your time.

I am sure you are going to be doing well in school. Best wishes with your schedule and with getting top grades.

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I have many exams to take this month

October 19, 2011


There are so many national and international exams this month.
How can I handle?

Priyam - India (22098)


Try to focus on what is the most important for your grades and your future. Often a student can take too many courses or exams that do not focus on a future job.

Set aside a certain amount of time for each exam you must take. Try to study effectively. Work for an hour and then take a 5 or 10 minute break to refresh your mind.

Best wishes for success in your exams.

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How much time can I be online instead of studying?

October 19, 2011


I want to be online all time....
How much time is good for that, because I have to study also?

Priyam - India (22099)


Your first priority should be to finish your course assignments. Set aside a time to do your studies and then reward yourself with a period of time online.

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I am struggling in the 5th grade

October 18, 2011


hi my name is rebecca say i want to know how to get good grades in 5th grade im actually a little struggling on all subjects so can you help me please ? if you help me ill appretiate it

Rebecca - USA (22095)


Try to sit near the front of the class. It helps you pay attention and allows the teacher to see you are anxious to learn.

Ask your teacher to can give you pointers on how to do better in the subjects. Sometimes the teacher can give good suggestions. It also shows you want to get a good grade.

Make sure you set aside a specific time to do your homework and studies. Often students who have trouble in school also get distracted and don't study well.

the fact that you want to improve your grades is a great start. I am sure things will get easier for you and that you will do well in all your subjects.

Best wishes for top grades.

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Sticking to a schedule is difficult

October 10, 2011


I have a schedule but sticking to it is a challenge for me any tips? Also
I need to start studying more I have time after my homework A's I usually never take the full time to do it should I study then? Or after my hour of computer time which is after I do my homework no time is better than the other but it does need to be one of them also I need help cracking down on my foreign language which is mandarin chinese (wo kan ni) I want to srudy it more efficiently. And I'm not the nicest person at school as I really only talk to my fruends and either ignore someone or make a rude comment to them since they annoy me please help Thanks :)

Abby - USA (22056)


It is good that you have a schedule, although it is sometimes difficult to follow one, because unexpected events occur. But the fact that you are making a good effort to get a routine for getting your homework done is terrific. Note that even the most organized people sometimes have trouble keeping on track.

It isn't good to be rude to others. If you are busy doing something or in a hurry and someone tries to talk, you can politely say, "I'm sorry, I'd like to talk, but I've got this work to do. Maybe later."

Being friendly or cordial with others is important in life. You never know when someone will have some valuable information for you. Also, being unfriendly sends out negative vibrations. A friendly, happy person can get a lot more done than someone who is up-tight and unfriendly.

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Stays up too late downloading music

September 25, 2011


Thanks for responding to my last email in a few days I thought it would take a full week. I have a schedule but I think I have ADHD or something along those lines as when it's time too do homework I get distracted when my brother comes home or by my mom coming home early or anything really then I blow it off and say I'll do it in the morning but I don't want to have this problem all my life help please. Also another major problem is that I don't study enough I rarely do because k-6 grade my studying was going to class and paying attention but in 7th grade I didn't study and didn't get the grades I know I'm capable of getting now I'm entering 8th grade and I want to change that habit should I set a time just for studying or combine it with home work and for how long on each subject in general like what was your general studying when you were a kid and when a teacher told you about a test then how long would you study, tips and tricks how to please. Lastly I stay up too late like right now I'm usually up on my iPod touch playing games or downloading music, and I have a hard time getting up in the morning I read your better grades book and it said to think about a thing that you want to do later that day but I'm grounded from last year for messing up the last quarter until progress reports come out and I have all A's and B's so I have no game to look forward to later that day but it comes out by at least next Monday so that may change I hope. And another lastly (sorry last minute question) my mom will only let me on an hour a day on the computer and that hour is right before my bed time but in my schedule I put it right after my homework so I can "zip" through it this of course after the reports come out any way that I can change her mind without telling her my plan because every time I tell her she just wants to help like last year I told her about your website and my goal of getting all A's she just interfered and I feel she messed me up. Thanks for reading this long thing and I'll probably email you again with the results of your help which is always good results and I just want to tell you that I think when I say this that I speak forever one who uses this site that we appreciate it that we can't even express it into words.

Abby - USA (22017)


I don't think you have ADHD, because those students even have trouble sitting still in class and are always interrupting other people. But it seems that you do tend to procrastinate and put things off, especially since there are so many distractions that are easier to do and more fun than homework.

Procrastination is simply a bad habit. Some people procrastinate all their lives, often missing out on opportunities because they put off something until later, which could then be too late.

It is good to get into the habit of doing something right away--even if it is only a small part of what you have to do. When you're going to do your homework, perhaps you could lock yourself in some quiet space, where you won't be disturbed. If you know your brother comes home at a certain time, plan to take a short break when he comes home. Then say that you've got to get back to your homework.

Although work gets more difficult when going from 6th to 7th to 8th grades, there is a big jump in difficulty when you get to high school. That is why it is important to get good study habits now, before you get to high school. Students who found 8th grade easy and never got good study habits often find it very difficult to adjust to high school. Also, they may miss out on some of the fun activities you can have in high school.

Playing games on your iPod or downloading music should be considered your rewards for completing your homework. That is a good way to think of it, instead of a distraction from doing the work.

You are on the right track with having a goal to excel in school, to get good grades, and be able to handle your homework effectively. I know you will be getting some top grades this year and in the future.

Don't get discourage, but keep at it.

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Wants a schedule for doing homework

September 14, 2011


Hi I've been having a bit of trouble in school it's not major but trouble nome the less. First off I just can't seem to do my homework when I get home it's not that I can't do it just to lazy to do it; it just seems I have no drive to want to do it so I end up waking up at 5 AM to do it and I'm not a morning person. Also I can't really set my self to a certain time on electronics. I've read some other letters and they ask you to make a schedule for them and you say it's not that easy with other factors included such as sports; but I'm simple I have no social life really with the exception for a few good friends school starts at 7:20 AM and ends at 2:40 I get home by 3:10 then workout from 8:30 to 9:30 with shower included then I sleep till 5 AM if homework needs to be completed in between time slot from home till workout I do some homework and read and play games reading is like playing a game also to me. Now I could search up a schedule online or make one myself but in my mind you are the "god" of this type of stuff and the placebo effects me greatly when it comes to this type of thing so please please please make a schedule for me I gave you every bit of my day to day life I beg you to do this for me. Please reply ASAP. Thanks :)

Abby - USA (21989)


Some students need pressure to do their homework, so they wait until the morning to do it. However, it isn't fun getting up so early. But if it works, it might be a way to go.

One thing to do to get you motivated to do your homework at night is to promise yourself a reward when you finish it. The reward could be something good to eat, a call to a friend or such. This would also help your social life a little.

The big thing is to set a specific time to do your homework. That way it become a habit, and you won't have something else planned for the time.

Often students involved in sports have a tough time fitting in homework. Also, by the time they get to the work, they are tired from their practice. On the other hand, if your grades slip, you may not be able to participate in sports.

If your workout is in the evening from 8:30, you have a time slot of about 5 hours to fit in your homework. It looks like the amount of time you spend on your homework in the morning is about 1 1/2 hours. you should be able to fit that in after school.

When you get home from school, you could spend a half hour relaxing or such and then designate 1 to 2 hr for homework. Give yourself a reward, such as playing game. It is good to get the things you have to do before you do the things you want to do.

If you could finish at night, you might clean a few things up in the morning.

Another thought is to use time at school efficiently. I used to do a little homework during lunch hour, so I would have more time for myself in the evenings.

I hope these ideas help you set up a good schedule for doing your homework. Often you have to experiment with different schedules to see what works the best for you.

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Want to get an online degree

September 7, 2011


i am very glad to know computer and this is what result to your school.

i will be very happy if the school admin me online for degree

thank to all the staffs your school

Matiop - South Sudan (21957)


It is good that you are able to use the computer and get on the Internet. That puts you among the top students.

Our lessons are meant to help you understand classes you are taking or subjects of interest. We do not offer a degree.

Best wishes in your studies.

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Read Faster

Often has to read paragraph twice

September 7, 2011


Very good article. I want to read fast. But I have problem that I read some paragraph many times, if you have any solution please reply me.

Arun - India (21959)


Some material can be read quickly or even skimmed, and you are able to understand it. But complex writing that has deep concepts really requires you to carefully the and maybe even re-read the material. This is especially true if there are unfamiliar word in the material.

With difficult material, you can quickly skim over it to get an idea of what it is about. reading headings is a good way to get an idea about the material. Then you can go through it, trying to read rapidly. But if it is truly difficult reading, you just have to accept trying to understand each paragraph.

in other words, read the easy material as quick as you can but realize you will have to slow down with the complex material.

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I always bomb my tests

September 5, 2011


I always study but when it comes to test I bomb them,and I'm really not good at writing letters.Please help

Mohamed - Canada (21952)


Analyze why you bomb your tests. Is it that you forget things? Or perhaps you get nervous during a test. Knowing what the reason is will help you overcome it.

One thing you need to do is to learn to do well in tests. See Be Good at Taking Tests and similar lessons on test-taking. They may give you some ideas on how to improve.

Best wishes for success in school.

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Wants to join our school

September 2, 2011


am a boy 30 years of age. and offered pure science at Ghana but as am talking am staying at Italy. moreover God help me to pass well with the following statement of the results,there are the below of the results i obtain during my exams.Physics D, Chemistry C, biology, D mathematics{elective} C integrated science C,mathematics D,english language C, social studies C.looking at your school it seem to good to me ,and have much interest in the school in which i like to apply for the school.

poku - ltaly (21941)


You are taking some difficult classes, but you need to improve your grades to hopefully get at least a B in each one.

The lessons in the School for Champions are meant to help you in your various classes. However, this is not a formal school with grades and exams. It is just meant to help you succeed.

One thing to do is to improve your methods in school See our section on Getting Good Grades for some ideas of how to improve.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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