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Resource corrections Shingles USA
Needs Kitchen Queen handles Waterless Cooking USA
Must clean school with toxic materials General USA
Lustre Craft and Royal Queen suppliers Cookware Companies USA
Why do men get excited? General Nepal
Adding health resource Resources USA
Experiment on Healing Touch Healing Touch Australia
Trying to get rid of ringworm General Uganda
I need instructions on how to cook Cookware Companies USA
Which stainless steel is the best? Waterless Cooking USA
Spilled toilet bowl cleaner on my hands General USA
Can I solve TMJ with properly fitting dentures? TMJ Dysfunction Canada
Experience in getting pot top unstuck Waterless Cooking USA
Vomits every morning Vomiting India
Has hiatus hernia and does yoga Heartburn India

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Resource corrections

June 14, 2012



Valerie Cecil here. I've been doing some ergonomics research and I have a quick note for the person in charge of updating the resources on this page:
[contact me for details - your contact form won't allow]

On your site, you mention the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain and point here:

That URL is dead though - I get an error in my browser when I try to click it and I imagine other researchers do too. That's no good!

If youre still updating your site, you could fix it by using this URL instead:

And while you're updating that page I have a suggestion for you that I think could make a nice resource addition:

Visitors to the site can get one-on-one usability assistance from the owner, over the phone. She's been selling ergonomic solutions since 1993 and REALLY knows her stuff. Just thought your visitors might appreciate such a great site!

Thanks for your time and the valuable resources on your site!

Valerie - USA (22718)


Thanks for letting me know about the bad links. I added the American Pain Foundation and deleted the dead link.

When I put up a page on ergonomics and health, I will add the Ergo Store link.

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Waterless Cooking

Needs Kitchen Queen handles

June 10, 2012


I need handles for my Kitchen Queen Cookware.

I purchased Kitchen Queen 5-ply cookware in 1973. True to their marketing, my cookware is in excellent condition. Yes, almost 40-years of consistent use!

Over the years the plastic handles have been broken. I need handles 10 handles for the pot and skillet. They are all the same size. The handles for the lids are in good condition, however, I would like to purchase 5 handles for the lids as well. Thank You, Joan

Joan - USA (22711)


I believe Kitchen Queen and Royal Queen are the same brand.

Try Regal Ware replacement parts or call Customer Service: (262) 306-7054

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Must clean school with toxic materials

June 8, 2012


Hello! I am a school cleaner and as summer comes we will be starting to clean the school again using chemicals. My question is, what will happen if you get an accidental splash or sprinkle of the chemical(mix with water) in the eyes? Or in the lips or mouth? Are you going to be blind? Most of the chemicals we use have a toxic symbol, and some are poisonous. Some of the examples are floor stripper (ultra lift-off), toilet bowl cleaner (scrubber) and wall cleaner (Patriot 2 and 3).

Thank you in advance for the enlightenment. It will be a big help.

- USA (22709)


You need to be very careful when cleaning with toxic or harsh chemicals. This means using rubber or protective gloves and protective eye glasses.

Many of the chemical cleaners have a strong odor and can affect your breathing. The area must be well ventilated. Some using such cleaners wear a face mask to protect their breathing.

You should have immediate access to water that you can use to rise your skin, eyes, mouth or such if you happen to get some chemicals splashed on you.

I am very surprised that the school would allow cleaning with toxic materials, since a residue would remain in school when the children come back.

Also, your employer must make sure to have safety precautions in place to protect you and others cleaning the building.

Best wishes on doing your job in a safe manner.

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Cookware Companies

Lustre Craft and Royal Queen suppliers

May 21, 2012


I am in need of an on-site address or phone number for a supplier of Lustre Craft and Royal Queen parts in the state of Alabama. At one time there was a business is Montgomery, Alabama, on the Eastern Boulevard. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the business. Appreciate your assistance with this.

Geri - USA (22665)


Check West Bend Support or call (866)290-1851

Call Royal Queen customer service at: (262) 306-7054

They should be able to give you the information.

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Why do men get excited?

May 17, 2012


Why the penis of any person come in active when they watch the vagina of female?

Ravi - Nepal (22657)


It is the natural function of male behavior meant to encourage reproduction.

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Adding health resource

May 17, 2012



I am contacting you on behalf of the Public Outreach department for While I was making contacts with people in the health community I came across your site.

Our organization is an advocacy group that aims to educate the public about harmful drugs and medical devices. We work 1-on-1 with individuals and their families affected by these products and provide them with free informational literature and financial support. Additionally our website has the most up to date information on these topics. We would love to provide our resource to visitors of your website.

If you are interested or have any questions please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day.

Best Regards,
Jasmine McCarthy
Public Outreach

Jasmine - USA (22660)


I added a link to your site in our Health Resources page. When we get a specific pages on drug abuse or dangers, I will add the link to those pages.

Best wishes in your efforts to educate the public.

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Healing Touch

Experiment on Healing Touch

May 16, 2012


You suggest that Emily Rosa's experiment was tainted and that you would prefer to see a larger sample group and a perhaps more rigorous testing procedure, (perhaps control groups and double blind testing?)
I am sure you have greater access to practitioners and better resources than Emily Rosa. How about it Ron?

Nolan - Australia (22656)


The fact that Emily Rosa was only 11-years old and was able to her experiment published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) just doesn't sound right. Something is missing in the story.

How could the JAMA publish a youngster's science fair experiment when many medical researchers have trouble getting published?

I'm not passing judgment on whether Healing Touch actually works, but after seeing the video of the experiment, I felt it was set up to fail. I'd like to see the experiment done more scientifically to determine the value of the practice.

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Trying to get rid of ringworm

May 15, 2012


What causes ringworm? I've been trying for pass 9 yrs to treat it bt all in vein, i ve failed. Pliz help me

Geofrey - Uganda (22651)


Ringworm is caused by a fungus. It can spread easily from one person to another. You can catch ringworm if you touch someone who has the infection, or if you come into contact with items contaminated by the fungus. You can also catch ringworm from pets that carry the fungus.

To care for ringworm, you should keep your skin clean and dry. Don't wear clothing that rubs against and irritates the area. Wash sheets and nightclothes every day while you are infected.

Apply over-the-counter anti-fungal creams that contain miconazole, clotrimazole, or similar ingredients. Some are specific for ringworm.

Your doctor may prescribe pills to treat the fungus if you have a severe case of ringworm or ringworm that keeps coming back or that lasts for a long time.

I hope this helps. Best wishes in curing the problem.

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Cookware Companies

I need instructions on how to cook

May 1, 2012


I bought a set of seal o matic pots second hand. I need instructions on how to cook in them. Thanks

Doris - USA (22627)


Seal-o-Matic no longer provides instructions. The best thing to do is to check a bookstore or for waterless cooking books. There are a number of them that can show you how to use the product, as well as to give good recipes.

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Waterless Cooking

Which stainless steel is the best?

April 27, 2012


Hi Is 316 waterless cookware really any safer than 304 for everyday cooking?

read a test at dr mercolas site showing that stainless steel leaches metal into the food so am concerned about that.


tim - USA (22617)


316 stainless steel is less apt to corrode when boiling concentrated salt solutions. However, it also has more chromium, which can leach if the pan has been scoured and scratched. In either case, they are extreme conditions.

With normal cooking, both 316 and 304 stainless steel should be safe. They certainly are much better than cooking with pans made of soft metals like aluminum.

Dr. Mercolas sells cookware, among other products. Although I am sure he has some good information, there are a number of websites that call him a quack or a fraud.

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Spilled toilet bowl cleaner on my hands

April 19, 2012


Dear Sir/Madam:

I was using a toilet bowl cleaner yesterday, i was not wearing any gloves, and it accidentally spill on my hands. I washed it right away, but removed the stains (blue color) on my hands after one hour (because doing something). I did not experience any irritation or feel something different. But just want to make sure through your opinion, if there could be any effcts on my health or any reason to be concerned?

There is no WHMIS (poison, corrosive, etc.) symbol on the label, and the only thing I remembered was it stated "no phosphorus" at the back of the bottle. What does it mean if there is no symbol printed at the label? Is it safe to use even without protective equipment?

Thank you very much.

- USA (22598)


Spilling toilet bowl cleaner on your hands can irritate the skin. If it has some coloring in it, it can stain your skin for a short time. Most toilet bowl cleaners use bleach and non-toxic chemicals.

Since you washed it off right away, no harm was done, so you don't have to worry. However, it is a good idea to make sure you don't splash any of the cleaner in your eyes, because that can cause problems.

In general, just being careful and perhaps wearing rubber gloves should give you plenty of protection.

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TMJ Dysfunction

Can I solve TMJ with properly fitting dentures?

April 10, 2012


Once the gums adapt to a poorly made denture and TMJ takes place, what is the probability of solving the problem with a new denture?

Can the hearing loss be restored with a new denture alone or will there be several procedures that are never ending?

Rotelco924 - Canada (22576)


You need to have a correct bite to avoid stress on the jaw when eating. However, a major cause of TMJ is the strain and irritation from clenching your jaw, both during the day or at night while you sleep.

You want to have your dentures fit properly, so that pressure is evenly distributed. But also, you need to avoid clenching--which may even be subconscious.

If you wear your dentures while you sleep, it is worthwhile looking into getting a soft mouth guard to wear at night. Or you can try not wearing the dentures at night. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach, because that causes pressure on your jaw.

During the day, catch yourself if you clench. It is just a bad habit.

See a good dentist to get proper dentures. Also, tell him about your TMJ and ask for a recommended expert.

If you relieve the TMJ irritation, your hearing should improve.

Best wishes on solving your TMJ problem, getting good dentures, and improving your hearing.

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Waterless Cooking

Experience in getting pot top unstuck

March 24, 2012


We were searching for answers on how to unstick the lid from a Lustre Craft pan (containing 2 day old tomato soup). My husband called the local Lustre Craft office for advice & found out they got bought out (by West Bend, maybe?). He was advised as you have already responded: heat the pan to break the seal. Well, we're here to tell you that this did NOT work for us. The local rep had a 2nd option: take it outside and beat the Hell out of it. We didn't want to ruin the pan, as it really, really is lifetime cookware, but we were determined to get the lid off, so my husband put a paper sack down on the driveway, turned the pan on its side and proceeded to give it a few whacks onto the paper sack. The lid popped right off and there was no damage to the pan or the lid! Now, this does sound a bit extreme, but I'm here to tell you that it works! While I'm sure the School of Champions won't add this to their recommendations, I would advise trying the heat treatment, then the soak treatment before resorting to the whack treatment.
Terry & Carol, Milwaukie, Oregon

- USA (22530)


Thanks for your feedback and information about getting your lid unstuck.

Usually the problem is a vacuum created when the heated contents cools off and contracts. Usually, just heating the pot will expand the contents and allow the top to be removed.

However, it sound like you may have had some food that dried up and really got that lid stuck. Your husband is a genius for figuring out another way to get the lid off. I'm glad it worked and the pot wasn't damaged.

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Vomits every morning

February 2, 2012


sir i m 26y old. I am not use drink and smoking. I face the problem of vomitting in early morning from last 10 months. I have also done endoscopy but everning is normal. I also vomit after having lunch or dinner occasionaly. Plz suggest me sir i will be thankful to u.

Vikas - India (22404)


It is not good to have to vomit so often. Your physician should have some suggestions to help solve the problem.

If you vomit in the morning, it is an indication that you did not thoroughly digest the evening meal. Try to avoid eating spicy foods in the evening and eat smaller amounts. You might also try some digest aids. Papaya tablets area good natural digestive aid.

Keep track of the foods you eat before you vomit. That may give a clue as to your problem.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help. However, a doctor should also give you some help in this area.

Best wishes on improved health.

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Has hiatus hernia and does yoga

January 19, 2012


iam 26 female i have hiatus hernia i don have habit of eating junk foods im doing yoga for 4 years i have normal weight i have some doubts and dont know whom to ask even doctors are not clarifying me 1.can i do yoga because i want to stay fit and dont want to get tummy what kind of exercise i can do to reduce my tummy and what kind of food and fruits i can take to stay healthy please answer me please can i take cashew nut papaya apples promaganate green tea apricots strawberry walnuts atleast please

sandhya - India (22347)


I'm sorry to hear you have a hiatus hernia condition. The foods you mention are healthy and should not cause problems with your hernia.

If you are having problems from your hiatus hernia in getting an upset stomach or acid reflux, you should eat smaller, more frequent meals and do not eat within 2-3 hours of bedtime. Also, you can raise the head of your bed 20 to 30 cm.

Care must be taken in doing yoga after eating, because time you are on your back can cause acid reflux. In fact, you should check with your doctor about doing yoga, since pressure on your abdomen can cause problems.

Needless to say, you should be able to handle this ailment, be healthy, and reduce your tummy.

Best wishes on good health.

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