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Children killed in Oregon by Japanese bomb in WW II Japanese Attack SB USA
Someone in the mint did this intentionall Communist US Coins USA
Billy Joel should write part 2 of the song Start the Fire Singapore
Did Lincoln's ghost make it happen? Lincoln and Kennedy USA
When was Lincoln killed? Lincoln and Kennedy USA
Man who filmed the JFK assasination was named Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy USA
Lincoln and Kennedy killed by bankers Lincoln and Kennedy USA
Osama bin Laden and the Twin Towers General Nigeria
Assassinations 100 years apart Lincoln and Kennedy USA
Want to learn more about Lincoln to become a success Failures of Lincoln USA
Birth dates of Lincoln and Kennedy Lincoln and Kennedy USA
Added information on Peter Pan and Davy Crockett Start the Fire Facts USA
Monroe, Mayland and Marilyn Monroe Lincoln and Kennedy USA
Frightening how desperately some hang onto old ideas Communist US Coins Canada
Interesting additions to the similarities Lincoln and Kennedy USA

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Japanese Attack SB

Children killed in Oregon by Japanese bomb in WW II

December 18, 2009


I beleive that the Japanese balloons that flew over Oregon that had explosives attached did cause at least one or two fatalities to some picnicing children.Also if I'm not mistaken those balloons made it to the Midwest and Canada.Please get back??

Andeaux - USA (18880)


The Japanese sent over 9000 balloon bombs over the United States during WW II, as an effort to do damage and raise havoc. Some children found one of the balloons in Oregon and were killed while dragging the balloon, causing the bomb to explode. See:

I know the balloons reached as far as Montana:

Canadians reported a bomb reached as far as Saskatchewan.

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Communist US Coins

Someone in the mint did this intentionall

December 4, 2009


I would think that because these presidents were "A peoples president", that someone in the mint did this intentionally. I highly doubt that any of these men were in any way, shape, or form. As your website seems to imply.

Peter - USA (18790)


Since both Roosevelt and Kennedy had dealings with the Soviet Union, some people misinterpreted the markings on their coins as something intentional. As the article said, those were simply the initials of the artist that designed the coin -- as is common practice in all our coins. It takes a stretch of the imagination to think that they actually had anything to do with Josef Stalin or the Communist Party.

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Start the Fire

Billy Joel should write part 2 of the song

November 28, 2009


Billy Joel should write part 2 of the song We didn't start the fire as this year is the 20th anniversary of that song. 1990-2009. I am a fan of this song and it is my top 10 all time best song.

Kelvin - Singapore (18757)


It would be great if Billy Joel had a follow-up to his song, concerning more recent and historical events, such as for the past 10 or 20 years.

I am sure others have recommended this to Billy Joel, and hopefully he follows those suggestions.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Did Lincoln's ghost make it happen?

November 27, 2009


So...what, do you think that Lincoln's ghost made all of that happen to Kennedy or something? Although I think that it's interesting to note these coincidences, it amounts to nothing.

Joe - USA (18750)


The coincidences came about after Kennedy's death, especially since some felt he was similar to Lincoln. They then started noticing how similar events between the two were. The list built from there.

Critics have said that you could take any two famous people with similar jobs and find numerous coincidences. Whether that is true or whether something "weird" happened is up to speculation.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

When was Lincoln killed?

November 24, 2009


i thought abe was killed on the 19th of april?

- USA (18736)


Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865. He died the following morning on April 15.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Man who filmed the JFK assasination was named Abraham

October 12, 2009


One more similarity; the man who filmed the JFK assasination was named Abraham.

- USA (18488)


Very good similarity. Also note that the guard who supposed to guard Lincoln, when he was assassinated was named John.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Lincoln and Kennedy killed by bankers

September 12, 2009


One main similarity that is very relevant and totally overlooked is:

Both men tried to circumvent the central banking system, as they believed it to be corrupt. Also, both assassinations were inside jobs linked to members of the part of society that is in governmental control.

Lincoln withdrew America's funds from the central bank and deposited them into another bank just four days before he was assassinated.

Kennedy tried to warn the American public of the force behind the scenes that is corrupt and detrimental to this country's success and the freedom of the people. In other words, he tried to tell the truth, as did Lincoln, and he was killed for it.

Those in power have been killing those who serve to expose their corruption for centuries. Why would Lincoln or Kennedy be any exception to that?

Teri - USA (18302)


Although there was some that say Lincoln was against the central bank, studies on Lincoln state that he was actually in favor of the central bank, as were members of the Whig Party. He used its capabilities to finance the Civil War. See:

Kennedy amended a law from Pres. Harry Truman concerning the Federal Reserve and issuing silver certificates.

It is hard to imagine bankers in either case forming a conspiracy to assassinate a President over such an issue. That is not to say it is impossible, but it is highly unlikely. Look at the incompetence of bankers and those leading the Federal Reserve today with our financial crisis. Also, no major politicians or members of the press have talked about such a situation.

However, since there is the similarity on this issue, it might be worth adding to the material.

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Osama bin Laden and the Twin Towers

September 4, 2009



ONIBUDO - Nigeria (18254)


I hadn't heard that the destruction of the Twin Towers was predicted in the 1920s, especially since they had not been built yet.

For some reason Osama bin Laden did not like those buildings, because he apparently tried to bomb them previously.

Osama bin Laden is from a wealthy family, but he would rather be a leader of people wanting to do destruction.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Assassinations 100 years apart

August 25, 2009


I did some math and I found out that between the 2 assassinations, the exact difference is: 100 years, 7 months, and 8 days. I was wondering if there was anything special about these numbers that could have led to them being murdered exactly this far apart
- A Completely Crazy Girl

- USA (18207)


Being 100 years apart is really amazing. The 7 months and 8 days doesn't seem to be that important. I don't know if there is any significance to them.

Thanks for the calculations.

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Failures of Lincoln

Want to learn more about Lincoln to become a success

May 27, 2009


this failures of Abraham Lincoln is it all about him is written down here because i want to learn more about him it helps me to get more convicted that people who have aims must reach their destination unlike Lincoln i learn a lot from him he reached his aims because he continued shooting at the stars and never gets back i wish to be like him teach me more

desire - USA (17812)


You can learn more about Lincoln's life from his biography at:

Also see some of his quotes and word of wisdom at:

I hope that helps you in your dream to be a success.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Birth dates of Lincoln and Kennedy

May 17, 2009


Lincoln was born in 1809

Kennedy was born in 1908

Transpose the numbers you get the year when each was born.

100 years a part.

- USA (17758)


Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 and John F. Kennedy was born in 1917. It was Lyndon Johnson who was born in 1908.

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Start the Fire Facts

Added information on Peter Pan and Davy Crockett

April 22, 2009


I just had my 7th grade humanities class research topics from this song. We found that "Peter Pan" could mean Operation Peter Pan (where Catholic Americans brought Cuban children to the US to keep them "safe" and encourage their parents to come to America.)

Davey Crockett was also the name of a bomb that was made during that era.

We were all surprised to find this info, so I thought I would share it with you!


- USA (17649)


Thanks for sharing that information.

There are a number of objects or activities that were named after historical events or people. For some reason, the military often give names to their operations that are somewhat silly names. But it is interesting trivia.

In the story and movie, Peter Pan was a boy who could fly. I guess Operation Peter Pan was named that way because they flew the children to the U.S. Other things about Peter Pan is that there is Peter Pan Peanut Butter and several racehorses have been named Peter Pan.

There was a Davy Crockett bomb and a Davy Crockett rifle used by the Army the 1960s. I guess the scientists like the TV show, so that is why they gave the bomb its name.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Monroe, Mayland and Marilyn Monroe

February 28, 2009


Have u heard about the similarity involving Monroe, Maryland and Marylin Monroe?

Raelee - USA (17341)


A month before he was killed, Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland. The myth is that a month before he was killed, Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe.

The only problem was that she died more than a year before Kennedy was killed.

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Communist US Coins

Frightening how desperately some hang onto old ideas

February 28, 2009


Initially, I didn't think much of the article. When I read the comments submitted by readers, the value of the piece became clearly evident. It's really quite frightening to see how desperately people hang onto ideas like FDR and JFK being communists.

I'm a Canadian and I would be laughing right now except for the fact that the people who submitted those comments are just a short drive away from here. Of course, being Canadian, these people must surely believe that I too, am a communist.

Thanks for making an effort to spread the light of reason and advocating such an unpopular concept as critical thinking.

An ex-naval officer

- Canada (17345)


Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the so-called Communist conspiracy has become ancient history. Still, it is surprising the number of people that are still concerned about communism. But many of them are in their later years and not much of a threat.

After Kennedy was assassinated, some far-right political people "proved" he had been a communist with the coin example. Now, it is simply an historical documentation of the attitudes of that time.

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Lincoln and Kennedy

Interesting additions to the similarities

February 21, 2009


Abraham Lincoln had a secretary with the first name of John, while John Kennedy had a secretary with the last name of Lincoln. Lincoln and Kennedy each has seven letters. Both men were succeeded by vice-presidents named Johnson who were Southern Democrats and former senators. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908, exactly one hundred years later. Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson each has 13 letters. John Wilkes Booth and lee Harvey Oswald each has 15 letters. In addition, the first public proposal that Lincoln be Republican candidate for president of the United States (in a letter to The Cincinnati Gazette, November 6, 1858) also endorsed a John Kennedy for vice-president (John P. Kennedy, formerly Secretary of the Navy). (Martin Gardner, The Incredible Dr. Matrix, pp.42-45).

Sergio - USA (17308)


Thank you for the interesting additions to the similarities of Lincoln and Kennedy.

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