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How do I reduce tensions in my life? Satisfying Life Pakistan
Everything is really going bad in my life Attitude South Africa
How do you overcome procrastination? General USA
Activities I really enjoy Formula Cambodia
Material help me relax Attitude Philippines
I want to have a real goal in my life Game of Life Cambodia
Don't walk behind me General USA
Parents gave me a poor education Attitude USA
I am glad that I read these tips Game of Life India
Is destiny affected by your character? Attitude INDIA
Do well but then cause problems General Netherlands
Take exception to some rules of life Game of Life USA
Can we use your article? Attitude USA
Messages really touched me Emotional USA
Helping negative people Satisfying Life UK

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Satisfying Life

How do I reduce tensions in my life?

September 27, 2007


first of all, this website is a very fantabulous one. thank you very much for making such a beautiful website.

there are many tensions in my life. how to reduce them?

hammad - Pakistan (14443)


One major source of tension is the rush to do things according to some deadline. Someone at work hurries you to finish a job, you are rushing to get things done, as well as trying to do too many things at once can create tension and stress. If you are rushed too much, simply try to slow down. Pushing too hard results in not doing things well, plus tension.

Social relationships can also bring on much tension, if there are disagreements, undue pressure, or negative comments toward you. If you can, seek to associate with agreeable people. Also, try to listen to what others have to say. Often they will then calm down.

When you feel tense, get away from the source of tension and then try an exercise of breathing slowly and deeply, exhaling through your mouth. Do that for 8 breaths. You will notice you feel more relaxed and be able to cope better with things.

I hope these ideas help.

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Everything is really going bad in my life

September 8, 2007


everything is really going bad in my life, home, work, personal me, personal others. i cannot get over this. i have no one to relate to, no one to advise me, no leader, no friends. and i can clearly not make correct choices, judgment on matters. please help.

estee - South Africa (14369)


Although it is difficult to do when you have many problems, it is good to find a quiet place and then make a list of all the good things you have. Don't look at the bad part of things, but try to appreciate your blessings, especially compared to what some other people have.

Do you have reasonable health? Do you have family? Do you have enough to eat? Look at the little things and appreciate them. This is your starting point to improve your life.

It is difficult to change when you are down, but you must make a goal to get things better in your life. Make another list of your dreams and what you would like to experience in your life. Keep that list and look at it often to move you in that direction.

Realize that no one really wants to hear your problems. But people may be willing to give advice and suggestions. Try to be upbeat and friendly with people, even those who may not act nice to you. Their attitude may change.

Finally, consider your interests. Seek people that have the same interests. These can be your new friends and ones that may relate to you.

I hope these ideas help. I know it is difficult when things seem bad, but they will only make you stronger as you overcome them and turn things around.

Best wishes on getting things good again.

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How do you overcome procrastination?

July 22, 2007


3 questions:

1. how do you improve at something you are already good at?

2. how do you improve at something you're not so good at

3. how do you overcome procrastination which keeps you from improving?

- USA (14107)


You can tell you are good at something by being able to readily complete tasks in the activity or according to some judgment criteria. You improve by setting up greater personal challenges or moving into competition at a higher level. If you don't have to struggle, the task isn't fun and you don't grow.

In some things you may not be good at them because of lack of training and experience. As you pursue your goals in that area, you will slowly improve. Of course, you need some motivation to try to get better.

But there are some activities where talent is the driving factor. If you are tone deaf and can't sing very well, you might improve a little with practice and training, but you probably will never be very good at it.

Procrastination is making a decision. Usually, it is deciding to do something easy, as opposed to doing something difficult, like trying to improve.

Write down what you want to achieve and how you want to improve in an area. Write down the outcome you can envision. Then look at the activities you do are part of your procrastination, like watching cartoons on TV or talking to friends on the telephone. Put those items to the side and don't let them interfere with achieving the things you have written down.

It's not easy, but that is one way to overcome procrastination.

Best wishes on becoming in champion in your endeavors.

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Activities I really enjoy

May 29, 2007


Here are my activities i really enjoy
I like playing game so much ( the kind of adventure ).
I like seeing a movie ( the kind of investigation )
I like giving advice to others because i have read alot of books since i was child. Each books all relate to self-improvement and management;anyway, in the meaning of each books always prove me advice and the theory of the famous person in the world such as Napoleon and so on...., which show me how to be an effective manager or a good person. And what i like the most are the advice and the the theory of the famous person. Other activity is discussing or working as a group. i like working as a group or discussing with my friends, especially when my teacher give us a topic or do research about something. i reallly like this activity. Moreover, i'm good at speaking. i speak alot when i stay at home or with my family, but when i'm with others beside my family or my close friends i seldom speak, espicially when i'm at school, i seldom speak to others, so my classmate or my teacher consider me as a gentle student in the class; anyway, when i have a presentation or stand in front of others, i'm always afraid to speak to them, but i can do it well or get the high score anyway. Regarding to my goal, i want to be a manager, but i don't konw what kind of manager i should be because of many kinds of mananger such as hotel and resturant manger, office manager, marking manager etc...;moreover, i want to join conference, workshop or meeting, or i can work at abroad. In brief, i myself want to have reputation, a good position in society espicially i want to be a good manager that make an contritubtion or share what i have to others espicially in my career in order to get better. So could you tell me what kind of manager i should be or subject that i have to choose to study.

I hope you can give me a good idea

Thank indeep.

chea - Cambodia (13844)


It is good that you are able to write down many of the things you enjoy doing, your skills, and what you would like to do.

Reading books is a strong skill and a way to greatly increase your knowledge. Reading about how others lived their lives can be inspiring.

In order to advance in a job to become a manager, it is good to have presentation skills. Even if you feel nervous giving talks and presentations, learning to do that effectively is important. It is good to take a course in presentation and speaking to help you.

Taking courses in business and business administration will help you become a manager. But you usually will need to work your way up in a specific company or business in order to become a manager. You really should enjoy the business activity for you to be an effective manager in it.

Although becoming a manager is a long-range goal, you really need to decide on a skill and area of work. It has to be an area that you enjoy and even love. What is your very favorite class? What jobs relates to working in that area?

For example, a person who wanted to be a hotel manager should really be interested in the hospitality business along with all the behind-the-scenes activities in running a hotel.

A good idea is to think of manager jobs you might be interested in and getting a chance to talk to managers in those fields. Often they would be glad to explain what they do and how they got their jobs and such. It is almost like reading a success book, except you are talking to real people. But note that it is sometimes scary to approach such people. So start near home.

Keep your list.
Update it.
Divide it into three sections: what you like to do, what you are good at, and jobs you might want to get.

I hope these ideas help.

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Material help me relax

May 25, 2007


i took a relaxation time when i read your link.thank you so much, hope you will always provide me a copy of your every information so i can apply it and learn more.thank you ...

Shane Josette - Philippines (13835)


I am glad that the material has been helpful to you. Feel free to look through our other lessons that may be useful to you.

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Game of Life

I want to have a real goal in my life

May 19, 2007


in fact,i want to have real goal in my life, but i don't know what i shoud or what subject i should study, so it makes my life as wind. Could u tell me what i should do or subject i have to do as a skill in my future.

chamnan - Cambodia (13815)


Start off by making the list of the things that you can do well. These are the areas where you have talent and skill. Are you good at solving problems? Are you good with numbers? Do you have a strong memory? Are you good at dealing with other people? Do you have a friendly personality? In what subjects in school have you gotten the best grades?

Now make another list of activities that you really enjoy. Often the activities will be similar to the things that you are really good at. Do you like solving puzzles? Do you enjoy sports? Do you like to write stories? Do you like doing things with your friends? There are many possibilities.

Also, try to list some people that you admire and who have jobs that you would like to have some day.

From these lists, you can get an idea of the direction you should take in life. You can keep your eyes open for jobs that would fit the areas of your interests. Often there are people doing wonderful things that you may not even be aware of.

You may have interests that do not seem to fit in with any job right now. But it is a direction to move toward, and soon you will find jobs where you could use the skills and interests that you have.

It is not easy to find a goal in life, so you must move in the direction this of your interests and skills, and soon you'll find what you really want to do. I hope these ideas helped you, and best wishes on becoming a champion in life.

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Don't walk behind me

February 7, 2007


"Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."

fast - USA (13084)


Thank you for the interesting saying.

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Parents gave me a poor education

January 16, 2007


Dear Sir,
Thank you for your information on your website. Please i want to know one thing. you have said that we should not blame others for our faults or problems. but if my parents did not give me the right education i ought to have and today i have realize myself when it is too late; shouldn't i blame them for that? though i know that i have no choice that to learn from the mistakes they made and correct my life?
thank for your relp in advance.

compassion - USA (12850)


Perhaps the information in that article should be clarified. What I meant is that if you make a mistake, you should take full responsibility and not blame somebody else for your mistake.

Unfortunately, many parents do not do as good a job as a show that in bringing up their children. Some parents do not provide a good education, and some criticize their children so much that they have emotional problems when they are older. If you realize their failings, you can make sure that you will not do the same to your children.

Not receiving the proper education as a child can put you at a disadvantage for a while until you catch up with other people. On the other hand, it can make you stronger because you do not take such things as education for granted.

Keep striving for success, and I'm sure you will become a champion.

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Game of Life

I am glad that I read these tips

January 8, 2007


I am glad that i read this tips which will help me in my
future prospects. I know, its just a starting point of my career.
If u have more information, pls forward to my email id..

Thank you for your support.

Yours truly,

Ryan - India (12772)


I hope you can apply the tips. They are pretty straightforward, but they cause you to think. Best wishes on your future prospects.

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Is destiny affected by your character?

November 26, 2006


how can one's destiny affect by his character?how can one's character be improved?



Some people leave that you are assigned a destiny, while others feel that you determine your destiny. Having positive character traits such as honesty, reliability, courage, and responsibility will better your chances of success and encourage people to want to deal with you.

No one has a perfect character, but if you are aware of your feelings, you can work to improve them. The fact that you are seeking to improve your character will be looked on as favorable to other people.

Best wishes on a positive destiny.

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Do well but then cause problems

November 3, 2006


What you now all have are written down exactly the same what is with me happenend@!!
I do not understand why I am not myself, I am frightened that I am not accepted then by others. I have to however, always had the drang to be the bests in everything, humour, talk, to be open, saying the nicest words and being founded nice but after every time that I solve a problem there comes an another problem appears which leaves me still deeper sinking, I have frequently tried and is now and sometimes real entirely duf and and then i think that this the end of my life it must be, I dont want no longer to live this way . there is some or other thing but i dont understand why i can't develop myself??? everything what I do or develop seems today like the best and tomorrow gone, everything are then gone I entirely those positive I have then lost??

I just want an answer PLEASE, this is the most terrible thing in my life, this isn't me i just don't get it? What could i it be Where should i begin???

Thank u very much for helpen,

raffael - Netherlands (12307)


What you need to do is to stop and take a step back. Look at yourself and take stock in where you are going and what you are doing. Are you going in the right direction, or have you lost control or perspective on what is really worthwhile?

Sometimes people try to excel but they overdo it and then become disappointed. Also, they try to please others and make a big impression. You know that you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.

Another problem is when a person has an image of being at a certain level. That is his comfort zone. If he achieves something beyond what his self-image is, he becomes uncomfortable and causes some problem to spoil things. That brings him back to this self-image level. The solution to that is to slowly increase the self-image by acknowledging small successes. Soon the comfort zone increases.

Finally, realize that many things just aren't so important. You need to appreciate the gifts you have and enjoy them. Many problems are not worth worrying about. You can overcome them in time.

I hope these ideas help.

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Game of Life

Take exception to some rules of life

October 23, 2006


I am 58 years old. I take exception to lessons 6 and 7. In my experience, many times there is better than here. I've had many moves with the military that have taught me this. Also, regarding #7, most of the time people in my life have not been a reflection of me. It's not always about me. Sometimes people are just assholes all by themselves. Take for instance, BTK, a mass murderer who lived in Wichita, KS. I thought about him while he was prowling around probably everyday because he was killing people in my town. You couldn't not think about him, he was in the media everyday. In that sense, he was a part of my life, but he certainly is not a reflection of me.

- USA (12222)


Thanks for your feedback and opinions.

I think with lesson 6, the idea is that you should make the best of the situation, even if you are in a bad place. In the military, you may be stationed in a place that is not very desirable. Although you would prefer to be someplace else, dwelling on how miserable you are will not get you very far. It's better to make the best of the situation until you can go to a new location.

In lesson 7, the idea is that if you find faults in other people, quite often you have the same faults yourself. But I don't think they cover the situation where there are some people who are just plain bad or evil. Considering a mass murderer as someone who is evil does not mean that you're finding fault in the person. Instead, it's just a fact that the person is evil.

Of course, these lessons are perfect or don't cover every situation, but they seem to do a pretty good job at it. And they do get a person to think about things.

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Can we use your article?

June 25, 2006


I greatly enjoyed your article titled "Importance of Good Attitudes in Life" by Ron Kurtus on and am writing to enquire if I would be able to use it on Could you please let me know?
Thank you,

Chantelle - USA (11392)


Yes, you can use the article in your site, provided you give credit and reference to our site.

Best wishing in your Coloring Therapy site and efforts.

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Messages really touched me

March 13, 2006


hi my name is natasha and i wanted to let you all know ur messages realy touched me i defintly got feedback from them and realize i dont have to be in constant pressure or feel bad about my self. i am talented and should think positive of my self. i just wanted to know in life as we grow up how do we deal wit bigger issues such as love and boyfriends being beautiful school, work? thank you for your advice.

- USA (10434)


Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad the messages helped you. Yes, you ARE talented and have a lot going for you. Feeling bad or feeling good about yourself is a choice. Having positive thoughts about yourself always feels better.

Note that if you feel good about yourself, know what you are good at, and look like you enjoy life, issues like boyfriends are a lot easier. Of course, no relationship is perfect, but girls that are sure of themselves are able to handle things better than those who have self-doubts. They seem to have a glow about them that others notice. I am sure you have that potential.

Best wishes in achieving your dreams.

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Satisfying Life

Helping negative people

March 1, 2006


what is the best way to react with people that are so negative no matter how hard or how much you try to help them?

- UK (10274)


Unfortunately, some people have a negative outlook on life. It may simply be a bad habit or it may be the way they have learned to cope. The thing is that you can't really help them unless they ask for help. For all you know, they may be happy in their negative attitudes.

You can set a good example by being upbeat and positive, without trying to change them. They might try to imitate you. But you also need to be aware of negative people so that you don't let them drag you down with their attitudes and outlook.

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