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I want to succeed in life Success Kenya
I can't make friends General
What did the Dailai Lama mean? General Cambodia
Looking for program General USA
Suggested resource Health
Seeking self-improvement General USA
Helped without expecting reward General USA

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I want to succeed in life

February 7, 2004


I am a young Kenyan really want to succeed in life. Please give me some tips. I will appreciate it.

- Kenya (2283)


The fact that you want to succeed and are looking for ways to do that is the first major step in the right direction.

Although many people feel that success is making a lot of money, in reality it is doing something you really enjoy, such that you are anxious to do so every day. Money will follow, if that is what you want.

But it often is difficult for people to find what they enjoy doing and to be able to do that to make a living. You need to examine your skills and your activities.

We feel following the Daily Ritual of a Champion is a good way to achieve your goals. See the lesson at: to give you a start at being successful.

Best wishes in your journey toward success.

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I can't make friends

January 17, 2004


sir i am writing this letter to tell u my strange problem i cant make friends
really i cant. i tried many ways. but failed.i treid many ways
i even find it difficult to talk especialy to girls .i tried many books now u r my last hope

varun - (1973)


The place to start is to become a champion to yourself. Find out what you are good at and be proud of your talents. This will make you more confident too.

Next, consider how you appear to others. Is your appearance neat and clean? Do you dress similar to the others? It is important to make a good first impression.

Friends have common interests. To make friends with others, you need to be interested in what they are interested in. That means you listen to what they talk about, as opposed to telling too much about your interests. This is especially true with girls.

Boys do not respect someone who tries too hard to be a friend. But they will accept another boy who wants to join in some activity. Also with girls, you do not want to try too hard. Rather, just be a little friendly and interested in what they like.

The starting point on all this is the greeting. When you see someone you know, greet the person. Use their name if you know it. "Hi, Varun." You don't have to say anything else, but after a while they will act friendlier to you and soon get to know you.

But remember that you must know what you are good at, be proud of that, and walk tall with confidence, like a chmapion. But not as a show-off.

I hope these ideas help you gain friends. Let me know how things turn out for you.

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What did the Dailai Lama mean?

January 14, 2004


I am not clear about statement of Dalai Lama said, "When you lose, don't lose the lesson." Can you explain me detail and give me an example?

Sras - Cambodia (1930)


One philosophy is that life is a series of lessons. If something bad happens to you, there is a lesson to be learned. It is like if you lose your keys because of a hole in your pocket, do not lose the lesson that the pocket should be sewn or you will lose something else.

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Looking for program

August 30, 2003


I am a Pastor in Vinita, Oklahoma that has good repor with the School System and I am looking for a good program for students, I am familiar with Ziz Ziglars program but want to know about yours.

Larry Wallace, Pastor
FBC, Viniata, Oklahoma

Dr. Larry - USA (381)


The School for Champions is set up to be a good resource to help students in various subject matters, especially Physical Science. It also promotes values, character, and positive attitudes. It is a free online resource and has no advertising. Right now, it is not a "program" like Zig Ziglar's.

Teachers and students from many schools use the material. See: for a listing of middle schools, with links to high schools and colleges.

Let members of your school system know about the School for Champions and what is has to offer. It can be a great resource for the students.

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Suggested resource

August 29, 2003



I came across your site and found it very informative. Thank you for putting up this site. It really helped me find the information I was looking for, and it even helped me find good resources on the web.

I would like to suggest a website for inclusion on your page at " (Web sites) " and other such related appropriate pages.

You could find the below information useful to link to the site:

1Up Health (
Health resource provides reliable and comprehensive information and news on diseases, symptoms, tests, surgery, injury, nutrition, medications, and poisons. Includes family and community health.

Thanks. I would definitely recommend your site to my friends. :)

Ryan B

Ryan - (373)


Sorry for the delay in answering you.

I'm glad the material was useful to you. Thanks for the suggested link, which we'll add as a resource.

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Seeking self-improvement

August 27, 2003


I'm trying to self improve, do you have anything to help me?

- USA (361)


There are many lessons on how to improve yourself in the School for Champions site. That is what it's all about.

Look through the site for areas of interest:

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Helped without expecting reward

July 31, 2003


Life is all about doing good. I knew I helped a lady some years back without a reward from her because it's nice doing good without a reward being payed back. You never can tell when you could be payed back--not from her but from God.

Peter - USA (57)


Thanks for sharing your experience. You can get satisfaction from helping other people, with no strings attached. Certainly you will be rewarded later, many times over.

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