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Can't get into my Amazon account Amazon Advantage Program USA
Selling children's audio books Amazon Advantage Program USA
Seeking distribution for new book General USA
Can't access Amazon Associates account Selling Books Through Amazon Advantage Program UK
Can a Kindle read all e-book formats? Kindle USA

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Amazon Advantage Program

Can't get into my Amazon account

July 2, 2014


I can't get into my account again. Your on line info is messed up?

Bob - USA (25078)


Although you can use Amazon Advantage to sell books you have in stock, it is better to do future publishing through their CreateSpace program.

However, you should be able to log into your account from Advantage. If you can't log in or forgot your password, there is an option to reset the password.

Other than that, you can try to contact Amazon to see what the problem is. Best wishes in getting this problem resolved.

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Amazon Advantage Program

Selling children's audio books

June 5, 2014


What is the best outlet to sell children's audio books? And also, to put my manuscripts on to Kindle.

Thank you.

Sandra - USA (25040)


If your audios are in CD format, you can sell them through Amazon Advantage under the music section. Also see Selling on Audible for information.

Check out Kindle Direct Publishing to get your manuscripts on Kindle and listed on

If you want your books published as hard copies, Amazon's CreateSpace is good. You will also be listed on

I hope that helps. Best wishes in selling your children's books.

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Seeking distribution for new book

May 29, 2014


Dear Mr. Kurtus,

I have been around and around trying to figure out what path to take in the self-publishing of my one book on the Modoc War. My situation is as follows:

A year ago, I self-printed several copies of my Modoc War book, Modoc
Vengeance. I donated all copies to museums and individuals in the Klamath Falls area where the war took place.

Having received good reader feedback, using the same printer as last
year (United Graphics - Mattoon, Illinois), I would now like to publish Modoc Vengeance nationwide on a profit-making basis.

Modoc Vengeance is not a candidate for POD (print on demand) because it is 340 semi-gloss/color pages and POD doesn't do semi-gloss.

Using my own printer, I would like to find someone who will do everything else, i.e. warehousing, customer fulfillment, marketing.
Of the several fulfillment services that I have investigated, it
has boiled down to Amazon Advantage and Pathway Book Services. The problem with the latter is that using them will create an added
warehousing cost that can be avoided if I use Amazon Advantage.

My main question is this. Say I have United Graphics print 2500 copies of my book. Can I send all 2500 copies to Amazon Advantage
for warehousing, or do I have do find my own warehouse and only
be able to send copies to Amazon as they may request, in small doses?

Thank you for whatever advice and suggestions you may give me.

Daniel - USA (25004)


I assume that you have an ISBN for your book. If not, go to Bowkers to purchase one, as well as to get a barcode. Bowkers also has some distribution services.

Although you can get your book listed on through Amazon Advantage, it is a pain and costly to send them a few books at a time.

You might look into using Amazon's CreateSpace service. They can do color, and will get your books on without having to send them copies. See Complex Custom Interior for some information.

Another good choice is to have your books printed and distributed through IngramSpark. They print colored books and the books are distributed worldwide through Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor.

I think these are better choices than getting a bunch of books in your garage.

Also, check into the SF area self-publishers group to find out what others are doing.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes on getting a best-seller.

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Selling Books Through Amazon Advantage Program

Can't access Amazon Associates account

January 29, 2014


How do you get Amazon Advantage to communicate properly? I received an order, could not access my account and asked how I should to this. I was then asked for all the details of the Amazon Advantage Account which I could not access! I then get a statement that the order is cancelled. I now have a new order - maybe I'm not a member - although I was - surely they could clarify this????
I am uneasy about the impersonal relationship with this big company. I sent some books as requested. I do not remember receiving any money form Amazon Advantage as a consequence. How can I get them to review my account and let me know where I stand?

- UK (24471)


I believe that the US version of Amazon Advantage is separate from the UK version. You should log in at to see your account information.

The US version is at:

Hopefully, one of them will have your account records. You can also check Help at the bottom of the login page.

In my experiences, they seemed pretty helpful. However, it can also be confusing.

Best wishes with your efforts. Let me know how things turn out.

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Can a Kindle read all e-book formats?

March 30, 2013


Can a Kindle read all e-book formats?

Jeff - USA (23571)


The MOBI file is made for the Kindle. The device can read PDF files, but they have limitations. is looking into allowing the Kindle to read EPUB files, that are used with the Nook and iPad e-readers.

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