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by Ron Kurtus

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How does understanding of religion affect your belief? About USA
Worried that he will die before he is 21 Life After Death USA
Arguments are predictable Does an Animal Have a Soul USA
Gays, heaven and gay marriage Gays and Heaven USA
Bible says sinners cannot go to Heaven Gays and Heaven USA
Intuitions about close relatives Do Humans Have a Soul India
Wants clarification on the existence of the soul Do Humans Have a Soul USA
Atheists can believe in an afterlife Life After Death USA
Why do some do violent acts against the Qu'ran? Big Bang Theory Iraq
I believe we return to dust Do Humans Have a Soul USA
Believes soul starts at conception Do Humans Have a Soul Canada
Views of the prayer and God Prayer of Jabez USA
Questions on religion and the soul Do Humans Have a Soul South Africa
Who is to judge you but God? Gays and Heaven USA
Worried whether mother went to heaven after death Life After Death Pakistan

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How does understanding of religion affect your belief?

September 14, 2010


How does your understanding of religion affect what you believe as a Christian?

- USA (20376)


A Christian should know the Bible and the beliefs of his or her church.

It is also good to know the beliefs of other Christian religions besides your own, so that you can make a wise choice as to which is more suitable to you.

Although all Christian religions believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible, many have different views on what is really important.

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Life After Death

Worried that he will die before he is 21

August 30, 2010


i have a question what i was thought that we die and never come back until god returns im just worried that im gonna die before i turn 21 i hope not i just need some comfort email me back please and confort me thank you

jordan - USA (20313)


If you take care of yourself and don't do anything foolish, you should live well beyond 21 years. But also, you want to take advantage of this opportunity of life so that you live an enjoyable and worth while existence.

Enough people believe that there is some sort of existence after physical death that there may be something to it. Most religions believe that there is a life after death.

Live a good life and a useful life, and things will work out for the best.

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Does an Animal Have a Soul

Arguments are predictable

August 13, 2010


So many arguments from humans are very predictable !
"Anthrocentrism / Anthromorphism " .............doesn't it seem ( more then a bit ) presumptious that we ,as humsns ; are the "Ultimate Judges " of sentient life ? In an advanced ,
contemporary , spiritual reference I would say ( in a somewhat
flakey "Zen " sense ...) Bullshit !!! Pretty profound ...huh ?

Humans...primates ....vertabrates ........we're self-
destructive , and poorly programmed ...what more can
I say ? Our "current " species will be very lucky to survive
the next 30 - 50 years !!!!( if that ...........)

Dai Dao Tam' Ky Pho' Do ....

laird / starcluster / le'

laird - USA (20237)


Thank you for your opinion--or should I say your rant.

Whether animals and humans have souls is speculative and often part of a person's religious belief system.

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Gays and Heaven

Gays, heaven and gay marriage

July 26, 2010


ok so i was wondering about gays and there sin's and even i hear its wrong im not so sure .
we are all diffrent but just like black and white boy or girl skinny or fat ...
i always wondered this ... if a white woman or "goes out or marry" a black man is that sin ... becuase just becuase they are diffrent...
And another thing ... if a black fat women "goes out or marrys" a skinny white man is that a sin Nooo....
so why should "going out w, or marry" the same sex be a sin ... NOW I Truly love God... and im a christan but let me do a lay out...



Darrell - USA (20124)


There are various views on whether gays will go to heaven. In most Christian religions, believers are forgiven their sins and will go to heaven. If being gay is a sin, and the person accepts Jesus as his Savior, then he should go to heaven

There are other religions that believe that certain type of behavior will keep the person out of heaven.

As far as gay marriage goes, the main concern is about paying taxes as a married couple, health insurance, and being considered legally a spouse. It has nothing to do with religion, unless the couple wants to get married in a specific church.

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Gays and Heaven

Bible says sinners cannot go to Heaven

July 24, 2010


According to Leviticus 18:22, and Leviticus 20:13, homosexuality is a sin. There is not any ambiguity as to whether or not homosexuality is sin in the Bible. And the biblical penalty for sin is clear. Death is the only penalty for sin. Not a physical death, but a spiritual death, permanent separation from God. Thus those who practice a sinful lifestyle cannot go to heaven.

- USA (20119)


There are many references in the Bible to the various sins, including homosexuality, stealing and murder. However, in the Christian religions, Jesus was sent to save people from their sins, provided they repent. This even means on the last day. Jesus told the murderer on the cross next to him, "Today, I will see you in Heaven."

Of course, if you are not a Christian, you may not accept the role of Jesus.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Intuitions about close relatives

July 3, 2010


from last ten years intutions of death about cloes realatives with their names comes in my mind like voice comes in my mind and after some times it becomes true .what is that ?

- India (20009)


If you have had feelings that something will happen to living close relatives that later comes true, it may be your sixth sense or precognition working. Everyone has times when they have feelings about a future event that later comes true. For more on the subject and letters from many who have experienced that, see:

If your thoughts are about close relatives who have died and you remember or dream about speaking with them, it is a different situation. Also, it can be a very real experience. In such a case, we don't know if it is their spirit communicating with us, or if it is just our imagination recalling the past.

The best thing is to enjoy the experience to bring back dear memories.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Wants clarification on the existence of the soul

June 14, 2010


I am really interested, however still confused on this topic. There has to be proof, opinions or views that can give a better understanding. The info and view was great, but still ended how it started. I wonder if the writer feels the same way. Thanks.

brandon - USA (19904)


Religion is based on belief and faith. Some people believe that certain things are true, such as the idea that humans have a soul. Their belief is not based on any sort of proof but often on what their parents or the church taught them.

However, there are others that have a different view on the matter. Neither viewpoint seems to be able to be proven.

My personal belief is that humans have a soul or spiritual essence. Since I can't prove it, I accept that others may have different opinions.

The lack of hard evidence or being able to prove such things is what is frustrating about religion. I guess you just have to go with your heart.

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Life After Death

Atheists can believe in an afterlife

May 31, 2010


I just wanted to comment on the part where you stated an atheists belief towards the afterlife. Atheism by definition means you simply do not believe in god(s). I am an atheist, and I am undecided on the subject of an afterlife..but I am investigating it further. I do feel a bit disheartened that people often associate atheists with the idea that we do not believe in anything supernatural whatsoever. There are many "spiritual" or undecided atheists out there, and I just wanted to let you know your site's definition seemed to make a pretty big generalization.

Thank you for your time.

Alyssa - USA (19819)


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Just as the various official religions have different belief systems, the same is true about those following atheism. Also, there are people who reject the idea of a God but yet believe in some "greater power" that has organized the universe.

Reincarnation is a possibility of an afterlife that a spiritual atheist might accept.

I plan to update the article, as well as to include other material on atheism.

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Big Bang Theory

Why do some do violent acts against the Qu'ran?

May 18, 2010


to whom that thinks on the base of truth and science nor on wrong conflict thought, my dearest brainy independent reader man which of these religion more actually has nearest connection with most improved scientific theory, read the words of these three Islamic veritable verse of holy Qu'ran states,

1"Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit of creation, before We clove them asunder?" (Ch:21, Ver:30)

Later 2-, the Qu'ran describes an expanding universe: "The heaven, We have built it with power. And verily, We are expanding it." (Ch:51, Ver:47).

These accounts lead followers of Islam to accept the Big Bang explanation of the beginning of the Universe.

A verse in the Qu'ran implies that after the Universe was created, it may continue in an oscillating manner. The Qu'ran states, 3_"On the day when We will roll up the heavens like the rolling up of the scroll for writings, as We originated the first creation, (so) We shall reproduce it; a promise (binding on Us); surely these beautiful holly verses exactly meet with this truth theory ,if we think brainy how the ignorant shepherd prophet of islam (muhamad) known these scientific truth before 1430 years ago at a time that technology and science had not progressed to much if the god (alah) as we believe of his having ,creative of universe did not tell him so islam is the religion of truth ,science and peace but unfortunately few un undrestanding islaic followers use islamic view for life phobia and battles against innocent people but unlucky more press and other tv s and radiosin u.s.a and other non islamic countries states on islam badly and tells us that islam is terrorist but actually actual islam hat human murder and terrorism we want to life with all creatures of the god peacely ,,,so sorry i did not to elongate my e mail to much but please can you answer me these three questions if you can answer me please again que1--where did we come?..2-where will we go?why did we create ?thanks to much ........dr shaxawan hamad wasman -kurdistan-iraq -arbil -dentist-muslim...28 male ..

shaxawan - Iraq (19741)


Thank you for your views on the Big Bang Theory and on the plight of Islam.

Those who kill innocent people--including other Muslims--are going against the teachings in the Qu'ran and are doing a disservice to Islam by turning public opinion against the religion. They say they are on a jihad, but in reality many do their violent deeds to gain political power.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

I believe we return to dust

May 9, 2010


We as humans are a higher form of life but are born same as dogs, cats and horses. The word 'soul' is used in reference to religion. I was raised southern baptist, but until someone proves a soul exists I will have to believe we just return to dust.

Bill - USA (19694)


Thank you for your opinion or belief.

The word "soul" usually refers to a non-body part of a human or animal that continues on after the body dies. Sometimes spirit and soul are used interchangeably.

Most people believe there is "something" beyond this existence. However, that probably will never be proven. Everyone has a choice about what he or she believes in concerning the issue.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Believes soul starts at conception

March 29, 2010


I believe that at the moment the sperm managed to enter the egg, a human life begins to exist, at least at the religious point of view. True enough various stages of human growth have not even yet started, but at that very instant of physical joining, the symbolism has started, the spiritual aspect has began....thus the soul is at that critical moment manifest in its being.

Humans is a proud specie that always try to explain things using the high ends of modern technology. A thermonuclear explosion is an awesome force that could vaporized a large area thousand of times its physical size. But its strenght comes from a microsecond instant when the device was triggered. The same thing with the human soul. Even the most powerful of men on earth dead or living come from the lowly fact that they started at the instant of joining of those ovum and sperm cell.

- Canada (19455)


Thank you for your view that human life begins at the joining of the ovum and sperm, as well as the life having a soul. It seems a logical conclusion, even though there are people and religions that believe it starts at birth.

A good follow-up to this subject is the article: "Does Your Body Get a Soul or the Soul a Body?" at:

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Prayer of Jabez

Views of the prayer and God

March 1, 2010


Jabez is not Jesus or Paul. He is respected in his community and can rise with the Lord's help. We as christian don't have to be broke, busted and discussed. We can have less, more ,and are rich in Christ
It is a different circumstance all together and this should not ever be compared to Jesus to jumps us into church identification of something less of what is possible with God when your heart is right.
When less is read wrong and it really means to humble herself . Then you become more when you do ,and become less in the right context. How can I do for others if I am not blessed- Or if God and others do not bless me.
It is not just for church as I have heard some Pastors say . Would God only give to the church and nothing to his children? If a father can give his or her children wonderful gifts how much more can the Heavenly Father give his own children. Some might argue that the gifts that the Father gives is only spiritual. God covers all areas In my life and God is not worried about paying for light bills. lol

Robert - USA (19315)


Thank you for your comments.

The Prayer of Jabez is from the Old Testament Bible, just as some of the more popular prayers or poems from Psalms. They are not intended to be compared with the work of Jesus. Instead, they complement the work He did.

It is said that those who help others will be helped in return.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Questions on religion and the soul

January 20, 2010


when a human dies there is an instant weight loss is this the spirit departing? as e=mc2 anything with mass has energy, just multiply the mass by the speed of light squared and you have the energy. what still mystifies me is if we have a spirit created by God, shouldn't we have memories of dwelling in God's house? or are we just meant to believe without any proof? this is surely an ungodly irrationality if god wants us back in his house?? what is the proof that god exists at all? i think it could be a psychological peculiarity in our massive dna sequence that we all believe in a god creator when the reality is we are only an extremely rare chemical reaction in the near infinite universe? why does the creator not reveal himself to us? i mean he created us smart enough to question him and hundreds of religions have existed on this planet, he is either very patient or an eternal optimist that we will eventually find the one truth, if this is so and we have been wrong then i wish we had never existed at all...or is this apocalyptical thinking? we shall see either way!!!

robert - South Africa (19085)


It has never been shown that there is an instant weight loss when a person dies. However, there is a weight loss afterwords, probably due to loss of fluids. Besides, it is unlikely that a spirit or soul has weight, otherwise it would tend to fall to the ground.

Many people have wondered why we do not have memories of things before our birth. Although, there are some people who have been hypnotized and seem to recall events from a past life. But none seemed to recall being in God's house. Perhaps it is in the subconscious mind and due to being human, it does not come to our own awareness.

Another puzzle is why God has not himself to us. Some people say that it proves that God does not exist. Others say that God put us on earth to let us fend for ourselves.

Looking at life, even the smallest bacteria, one would say that it is pretty amazing. We cannot be simply glorified machines. There must be something else that created or started life. We may never know until after we die. We can only speculate.

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Gays and Heaven

Who is to judge you but God?

January 13, 2010


I am no extremely religious person, and i also believe i am bisexual(female). I see it all humans are born sinners, it is the first thing you are made of even before being delivered and even the thought of stealing is "considered a sin" so who is to judge as you said but God. I feel unhappy because i cannot be who i truly want to be, if the good Lord wanted me to be happy why would i even have homosexual thoughts in the first place as anyone has "sinful, human" thoughts...I believe people are sinners in general if not acts, thoughts and at the end the Lord it is all up to.

- USA (19049)


Every human sins or does bad things. No one is perfect. Depending on your religious belief, you can still go to heaven, even though you sin. Some religions believe that if you are sorry for things you have done and lead a good life, you will go to heaven. Other religions believe that if you accept Jesus as your savior, you will go to heaven.

Although the Bible implies that homosexual acts are sins, it also says that sex outside of marriage is a sin, and even coveting what someone else has is a sin. It does not say that one sin is worse than the other.

The stigma of being a homosexual or bisexual is primarily due to close minded people who feel that their religion is the only religion and that everyone else will be going to hell.

God made you in His image. If you have homosexual thoughts or actions, so be it. Try to live a good life and a happy life, and don't worry what negative people may think. God is the final judge.

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Life After Death

Worried whether mother went to heaven after death

January 12, 2010


my mother died in pakistan while i was in uk when i am giving sadqa on behalf of her, will she know it is me who sent sadqa.the other question where her soul is with her grave or in heaven.i will be very thankful if some body convince me as i am very worried. thanks alot.

altaf - Pakistan (19032)


I am sorry to hear that your mother passed away. Giving sadqa or charity on behalf of your mother is a good gesture, both for you and her departed soul or spirit.

Although we cannot know for sure whether a person goes to heaven, I assume your mother was a good person and followed the requirements for heaven as stated in the Qur'an, her soul will be there. No religions believe the souls stays in the grave.

Keep her in your mind and lead a good life, so that she will be happy for you.

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