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Animals have different types of souls Does an Animal Have a Soul USA
Finished project on topic God Like Large Number Australia
Wants to make corrections on Islam foundation 5 Pillars of Islam Ireland
What happens after death? Near Death Experience USA
Christening and the soul Soul or Body Great Britain
Why don' t I remember my past lives? Near Death Experience india
Dog died suddenly Does an Animal Have a Soul USA
I'm afraid of death Life After Death Canada
Views on life after death Life After Death India
Scared of death at age 26 Life After Death UK
Is it a soul or a spirit? Does an Animal Have a Soul Philippines
It is clearly written in the Bible Does an Animal Have a Soul Philippines
Wants to know where her sisten went Life After Death USA
Had dreams of dead mother Near Death Experience USA
Who believes we are God? Do Humans Have a Soul USA

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Does an Animal Have a Soul

Animals have different types of souls

November 12, 2005


Different animals have different types of souls. Just like souls differ from human to human, animal souls differ from human souls and differ from other species according to the reason and purpose of their existance.
Does all life have soul? Yes. But very different kind and vary according to their species.

Ben - USA (8914)


Thanks for your feedback. That is an interesting way of looking at animal souls, as well as the souls of people. It is worth further investigation.

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God Like Large Number

Finished project on topic

October 16, 2005


I can't remember whether I emailed you back or not, my question is posted on your feedback site. I'm Andrew, that year 12 student doing the project on infinity, god, the church etc.

Just letting you know it all worked out great and i put together a succesful work, it was even published !!

Thanks for the help you provided,

If you are interested in reading it feel free to email me back and i can send it as an attachment to you.

Best of care mate,


Andrew - Australia (8571)


I'm glad everything worked out fine with your project. Yes, send me a copy to read. I'd like to see what you put together.

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5 Pillars of Islam

Wants to make corrections on Islam foundation

September 23, 2005


I should like to note that the information about muslims is not quite correct(see below).

"Muslims believe in the Five Pillars of Islam, which are the foundation of their faith and way of life."

More correct way is "Muslims believe in God(ALLAH) and that there is only one God(ALLAH), the absolute, unique, and the foundation of their faith is the Scripture called the QUR'AN and the life of the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Muslims believe in all Scriptures, Prophets, Messangers, Angels of God.

Zaurbek - Ireland (8257)


Thank you for your comments.

Our references on Islam and the Holy Quran state that the 5 Pillars of Islam are the foundation and framework of Mulsim life. Your statement is correct, but it follows under the first pillar, which is the Declaration of Faith, called the Shahada.

I am sure there are variations of both, but the main idea you have is correct.

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Near Death Experience

What happens after death?

September 21, 2005


Hello, my name is Shylla. I lost my father in December 1997. He was a very honest and sincere man, He got a stroke and passed away did not suffer at all. We are all very religious, but ever since every day I pray that His soul will be in peace. But I wonder what happens after death, is there such a thing as soul or its just a myth. Could you kindly share your expereince. I wonder what my Father is doing now, since I was very close to Him. I hope to receive a response from you. Thank you. Shylla

Shylla - USA (8209)


Most people in the world believe that we have a soul or spiritual essence. Some believe that the soul goes to Heaven, while others believe that it returns to Earth as another person or being. The belief depends on the religion.

You can see more about this in our lessons, including:

It is fortunate that your father did not suffer in his death. I am sure that he wants you and your family to be happy and that he is watching over you.

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Soul or Body

Christening and the soul

September 19, 2005


Hi there,
I have just done a search on google referance soul and body.A friend of mine,a Catholic said that a baby cannot be christianed until after 21 days.As thats when the body gets a soul.
In your example you state that "Catholics believe a body receives a soul at conception.Either way is this teaching another man made thing.Or is there a passage in the bible
So my question is "who is correct"? Thankyou for taking time to read my query.
Yours Sincerely

Robert - Great Britain (8182)


Christening is baptism. It is a rite of purifying the soul, as well as defining the religion of the person. Some religions say the child must be baptized soon after birth, while others wait until the person is an adult.

No one knows for sure when a person gets a soul. Catholics believe it is at conception, while many Protestants believe it is at birth. There is nothing in the Bible that tells when it happens.

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Near Death Experience

Why don' t I remember my past lives?

September 3, 2005


what is a death and why i dont remember about my past.
and what will after my death .

rakesh - india (7986)


Death is when your body stops functioning. Theories on why you do not remember about your past lives are:
(1) You cannot remember those activities in your conscious mind until after you die, or
(2) There is no such thing as a past life.

We aren't sure which is true, so it goes on what a person believes.

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Does an Animal Have a Soul

Dog died suddenly

August 26, 2005


I found your site while I've been grieving the loss of my mix breed dog (part boxer/ part pointer) Molly. She was only 7 years 2 months old when she died suddenly. She was never sick, she was very strong up until the day she passed on.

On her last day there were no signs anything was wrong. She greeted me at the door when I got home from work, I took her for a walk, she played with the kids, came over to me and sat by my chair as I finished up some work. At 10:30pm on 8/22/05 she followed my oldest son to his room where she sleeps, she laid down, let out three or four short coughs (she never coughed so I ran into the room to see what was wrong). Before I could do anything she was dead in less than a minute. As she was dying she looked on at my son until life left her body. It was very sad. This dog was the most intelligent dog I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. When you looked at her in the eyes you can see there was something going on in that brain of hers. She undestood over 100 english words and I didn't train her, she just picked this up along the way. I could say "Molly get you rope" and she would get the rope and we would play tug of war. I'd say "Molly get your ball" and she would get her tennis ball and we would play catch. The caziest thing was watching her play soccer with my three sons. Molly would play goalie and actually block shots!.

She would also get her waterbowl and drop it by our feet when she was thirsty, if no one responded she'd make 1 short bark. Her favorite snacks were ice and popcorn. I could not have a cold drink with ice without her getting the ice when I'm done. And boy could that 65lb dog play frisbee!

If she did something that she knew was wrong she would put her head down and look away... just like a little kid.

Anyway I found your site when I googled the question "Do animals have souls"
Well from what I've seen with Molly, animals feel emotions like we do.
She's happy when I get home, She wimpers if she's sad. She even got jealous. If my wife, kids, or I are home sick, she comes by to see how we are doing.

I feel like I lost a good friend and a member of my family. There's the sad heartsick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just hope she saw me by her side as she passed. Boy did I cry. It appears boxers are prone to cardiomyopathy,
an electrical problem with the heart. Her heart went into fib and she died.

Jerry - USA (7903)


It is always so heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, especially when it comes on suddenly and unexpectantly. I sympathize with you and know you will truly miss your Molly. But at least you know she did not suffer.

Like the loss of any loved one, you can look back at the good memories and times you had together. Perhaps Molly is looking down at you from "dog heaven".

Best wishes in getting over your sadness and loss.

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Life After Death

I'm afraid of death

August 23, 2005


I am 10 years old and scared of death. I don't know if i want to die even though i know everyone does. I cry sometimes when in think about death. I don't belive in god eather so i don't know what to belive. What happens when you die? Do you know you die? What happens after you die? But if you die, does it hurt? Do you change in to a animal or a person? Are you happy when you die? Or are you in a place that is dark and you stay there for the rest of your life?

Chloe - Canada (7858)


A good way to think of your life is that you are a spirit having a human experience. In this way, you want to live a life of enjoyment and experience as much as you can in the number of years you have on Earth. Then when this body dies, you will go on to another existence.

Just about everyone feels that we all have a spiritual essence. That does not require believing on a Supreme Being or God. Those who do not feel that there is a spiritual part of us, think that people are just highly complex machines. But there certainly seems more than that.

For those who believe we do not have a spirit in us then say that when you die, you are gone forever. Everything is erased.

For those who feel we have a spiritual nature in use believe that we then go on to other experiences. Some believe we get a chance to experience life as an animal or another person. Others believe we go to Heaven.

The big thing is not to worry about the end but to take advantage of this opportunity to experience life. Look at how happy a puppy or kitten is in experiencing their existence. Try to be the same way. Take care of yourself and life an exciting life. Then you will some good memories in the end.

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Life After Death

Views on life after death

August 16, 2005


I think only those people remember their past lives who was died in an accident or died in an early age or those who was died when they was far away from their family because they love their family and during death only family comes in the mind first. and his or hers family is not there with them so that these persons remains there in the mind (may be).
Those who died in the age of 80's or 90's the person are quite satisfied and thier family is settled (childrens marriege , job everything)so they thought mu duty is finished and their mind prepares knows now any time i die.

ritu - India (7796)


Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. It is difficult to tell, but your views may be true.

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Life After Death

Scared of death at age 26

July 23, 2005


The world population is higher then what it was 5000 years ago and is continually growing so unless souls are been created somewhere the numbers dont add up for reincarnation.

Personally I am scared of death even at the age of 26 I am not particurly healthy and something tells me I wont make it to 40.

Even considering what I said above my favourable outcome to death is reincarnation so can live again, failing that something like heaven I would accept, my deepest fear is my existance simply ending, in fact it seems impossible to not exist, we all know when in a deep sleep that the time is non existant and the next thing is waking up. Or do we? When in this deep sleep I remember some weird dreams, some seem to tell of the future but one I remember from years ago is either from a past life or earlier in this life, but I think it was me as a different child, I wonder if I died as a child in that life.

So to conclude my argument against reincarnation is the numbers dont add up but my argument for it is my weird dreams when in deep sleep, and I cant see how someone can simply not exist. It may even be possible when the brain is dead it just means no nerves etc. can function but the soul is what does the dreaming so you dream for the rest of your life.

Who knows?

I trust the people who had NDE the most.

Chris - UK (7616)


Most people in the world believe that we have a spiritual essence or soul. Many believe the soul is timeless, whether it goes to Heaven or is reincarnated. Unfortunately, there is no real proof of this. People who have had NDE may have proof.

As far as the number of souls goes, one theory such as preached in the Catholic Church is that a soul is created upon conception.

Another view is that every living being has a soul. With reincarnation, you achieve different levels according to how you live.

A third concept is that there is one universal soul. That may not be satisfying, since most people would like to bring their personalities along with them.

A concept I like is that we are spirits having a human experience. That would allow for a large number of spirits not yet "assigned" to human bodies. It also implies a good philosophy of making the most of your life experience.

Certainly, we are not simple highly complex machines that were formed by chance. There must be some higher power that create matter and set up the rules for things to happen.

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Does an Animal Have a Soul

Is it a soul or a spirit?

July 15, 2005


I just want to make a 'clarification' on my comment. The verse that I had given, Ecc 3:19-21 is talking about the 'spirit' and not the 'soul', as what the question is all about.
I understand that 'spirit' is different from the 'soul', but I think what we are trying to find out here is that "Is there something 'not physical' inside the body of the animals?" Something that cannot be seen, something spiritual. So I guess this is somehow tantamount to the issue. :-)

Josie - Philippines (7545)


Some people believe that spirit and soul are different words for the same thing. Others believe that they are completely different and that humans have both. One viewpoint is that your soul is really your personality.

The Bible is not really clear on whether spirit and soul are the same or different. When talking about an animal having a soul, I really mean a spiritual essence. It could be a soul similar to humans or perhaps some other form of spirit.

Another point on this is whether the soul or spirit is not physical inside the body or if the spiritual essence is everywhere, but it is connected to a specific body.

I certainly don't think animals are just complex machines, but I also don't think we humans know the answer. We can only speculate and look to sources like the Bible for guidance.

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Does an Animal Have a Soul

It is clearly written in the Bible

July 14, 2005


Hi guys, I just want to make a comment about the question "Do animals have souls?"
Yes they do. It is clearly written in the Bible. In the book of Ecclesiates, if you will start reading from 3:19 thru 21 you can find out that man and animals both end up to one thing, death. In verse 21, it CLEARLY says,"Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the SPIRIT OF THE BEAST that goeth downward to the earth?". I regret that even the 'authorities' of the Bible miss this verse regarding this issue :-(.

ok, i hope this clears everything. :-)

Josie - Philippines (7538)


Thanks for your feedback. You can also see the opinions of others of various religions from our Reader Feedback on that page.

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Life After Death

Wants to know where her sisten went

July 14, 2005


Since my sister passed away 3 years ago I never thought about where we went when we died. I wonder whether she is happy, sad, watching us, wanting to talk to us. I pray to talk to her now and want to know where she really is. She always said she was going to hell for being such a disciplinarian to her step children and not paying enough attention to her biological children. I guess I just want to know where she is and if she is ok. I hope she made it to heaven where she belongs.

Annette - USA (7542)


Each religion seems to have its own rules for going to Heaven. Some do not even believe in Hell and say the suffering is on Earth. They say God would not be so cruel to condemn people to Hell. Finally, some religions believe that people come back to Earth to go through another life experience.

It is unlikely your sister would be condemned for how she brought up her chidlren and step-children. It is good that she was sorry about it and realized her mistake. I am sure she will be forgiven.

I am sure she is in good hands. Sometimes people feel they get messages from loved ones in their dreams.

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Near Death Experience

Had dreams of dead mother

July 6, 2005


After my mother died I have had several dreams which felt more like an obe. In the the dream I was so happy to talk to her. I asked her if she seen several people that we both knew died. She seem to tickeled because I was so excited. I also asked her about her mother she told me she was on a different level or realm than my grandmother. The dream was longer and there are alot of details I left out. The main thing that stood out is that my aunt (my mothers sister) called me a couple days after my dream and told me that she had a dream that my grandmother took her to the part of heaven my mother was in. I had not told her the dream. to me it confirmed the dream (or vision or edb) I had was real. My aunt also expressed the same feeling of not knowing whether it was a dream or vision or an obe. My mother also told me before she died that I would have experiences the same as she did (obe). I laughed when she told me that god gave her this revalation because I did not want to go through some of the things my mother went through because of the revalations god gave her (some things were not all good news). I had NO idea my mother would die it was sudden, she was in good health. I was wondering if this particular experience was somthing to put me at ease or an obe?

chris - USA (7472)


An out-of-body experience is usually when you seem to float above your body and can see yourself doing things as if you were another person.

Dreams are strange in that some are just clearing your mind of problems, some are creative stories, and some are 6th sense experiences of events in the future or the past.

Now there is another thing that could be happening, and that is a spiritual communication of some sort. Some people believe if could be from God, while others believe it is communicating with the dead.

The fact that both you and your aunt have been having dreams about your mother indicate that something is going on. Perhaps there is some message in all that.

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Do Humans Have a Soul

Who believes we are God?

June 27, 2005


What Religions believe that "we are God"?

Clayton - USA (7376)


I know that Unity Christian religion believes that there is only one Spirit that everyone shares. I think some other New Age religions believe that too. But they aren't really saying that "we are God." The views are somewhat confusing.

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