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Can understand maths but not science General SA
Atmospheric insulation Heat Transfer on Earth Nigeria
Units for pressure Pressure India
Can you teach me maths and physics? General South Africa
Physical Science is never hard General South Africa
Questions on generating elecrticity Generating Electricity USA
Want to improve grade from F to A General South Africa
I need advice on how to pass physics General USA
How to improve in Physical Science General South Africa
Understanding physical science General South Africa
Graphing a pendulum Pendulum Equations Nigeria
Climates in various cities General Philippines
Questions on climate change General Philippines
Applying Lorentz force at the equator Magnetism Lorentz India
Creating static charges in humid Cambodia Static Electric Materials USA

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Can understand maths but not science

June 16, 2016


Good day
I would be happy to know what makes me to understand maths clearly and not to understand physical science concepts? well I do not understand anything since the beginning of the year of my grade 12 but now I would love to change and I'm asking for help so I can make it this year with distinctions in this subject.

kgomotso - SA (27084)


Mathematics is fairly abstract. so you must have more ability in dealing with numbers and abstract concepts.

On other other hand, Physical Science primarily concerns real objects and their properties. Observation of objects around you and how they behave under different circumstances is valuable in understanding the various science concepts.

Advanced Physical Science starts becoming more and more mathematical, where formulas and equations are used to describe and predict how object behave. If you are good in the maths, you should have an advantage on others in Physical Science.

I hope that helps. Best wishes in excelling in Physical Science. I am sure you will.

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Heat Transfer on Earth

Atmospheric insulation

June 5, 2016


discuss insulation loss in atmosphere

Tarfena - Nigeria (27057)


Insulation refers to a material that prevents the loss of heat. The atmosphere acts as an insulator to prevent heat loss from the Earth into space. The main way is that the atmosphere absorbs much of the infrared rays going out from the Earth.

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Units for pressure

June 1, 2016


by using dimension is force per unit area is equal to pressure???

Mahi - India (27041)


The international unit of pressure is the pascal (Pa). It is equal to a newton per square meter (N/m^2) or a kg/ms^2.

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Can you teach me maths and physics?

May 31, 2016


Can u teach me maths and physics?

Doris - South Africa (27038)


You can go through the various Physics and Maths lessons to gain a basic understanding of the subjects. That should help you to understand material from your classes.

Best wishes for success in your studies. I am sure you will do well.

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Physical Science is never hard

May 9, 2016


physical sciences is never hard, we can pass it only if we want to and by working hard

december - South Africa (26988)


Thanks for your comment. What you say is true and a positive way to think.

Best wishes for success. I know you will be successful.

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Generating Electricity

Questions on generating elecrticity

May 5, 2016


I have asked many questions in many sites like, MadSci Network, Socrates, Wikipedia Reference Desk to get the basics of Electricity but everyone said "you need an physics tutor cause you don't know the basics'. I tried downloading more than 20 books regarding electricity from internet archive to get an intuitive world of electricity but still I'm stuck. To be honest everyone says "voltage is transfered through the wire not electrons in AC" but what's really voltage? How do we reverse the direction of current in AC or DC generator? Many more questions like how commutator reverses the direction of current. There's many other questions but I don't know how to build a foundation for electricity. Could you help me.

Justin - USA (26980)


You can see a how voltage and current compare to the water in a hose in Direct Current (DC) Electricity. Voltage is like water pressure. It is the potential energy causing the electrons to move.

Movement of wire through a magnetic field creates a electric current in the wire, according to the direction of motion. In a generator, a commutator is a clever device that that cause the current to reverse in the wire.

I plan to have many more basics of electricity articles in the near future. Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Want to improve grade from F to A

April 24, 2016


hi, I would like to improve my physical sciences grade from F to A but I struggle in understanding it so What must I do?

Siphumle - South Africa (26962)


It is good that you want to improve yourself. That is a big starting point.

Look at our lessons on Getting Good Grades for ideas in improving your study skills and test-taking ability.

You can also go through our Physical Science lessons is the areas you are studying. The lessons will give you the basics and help your understanding.

It might be good to tell your teacher that you would like to get better grades in class and ask for some suggestions. I am sure the teacher would be willing to help, if you show you want to excel.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in becoming a top student in your class.

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I need advice on how to pass physics

April 21, 2016


dear sir/madam

my name is innocentia I need advice on how to pass my physics. I failed my matric 2011 now rewriting my supplemntary 2016 june I tried to study seems like I don't understand a single thing same to maths really need help my exams are near.

Yours sincerel

NHLAPO - USA (26956)


You can go through the various Physics lessons in the various areas you are studying. They will give the basics that should help you understand the subject better.

Likewise, look at the lessons in
Arithmetic and Algebra for help in understanding those subjects.

Best wishes for success in learning the subjects and in your exams.

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How to improve in Physical Science

April 2, 2016


how to improve physical science

karabo - South Africa (26897)


The best thing to do is to go through the various Physical Science, Physics, and Chemistry lessons that apply to the material you are presently studying. The lesson will give you a good background on the study material.

Best wishes in doing well in your studies.

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Understanding physical science

March 14, 2016


Dear Sir
I have a problem understanding physical science and would like your assistance

Pontsho - South Africa (26863)


Physical Science is a study of non-living things and includes subjects like Chemistry and Physics.

In the different areas, you must need to know the definitions of the words. Then you can learn the characteristics or properties of the items.

As you get assignments, you can go through the various Physical Science lessons to get a background on the subjects.

Best wishes for success in your studies.

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Pendulum Equations

Graphing a pendulum

March 7, 2016


why does the graph fail to pass through the origin in an experiment of simple pendulum

favour - Nigeria (26847)


What are you trying to graph?

What is the origin you are talking about? Is it where you start the pendulum motion?

I need a better description to understand your problem.

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Climates in various cities

March 5, 2016


write a description of the climate of the following cities and explain which factors determine the climate of the cities.

1. Beijing, China
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Rome, Italy
4. Tokyo Japan

Jesus Ramon Neopolo M. - Philippines (26846)


You might find your information in the World Climates website

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Questions on climate change

March 4, 2016


1. What factors do scientists believe may cause climate change?
2. How might the slow drifting of the continents have caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
3. What do you think happens to plants and animals when Earth’s climate changes dramatically?
4. Suppose a particular type of animal can adapt to climate change but the animal’s food source cannot. What happens to the animal? Why?

Jesus Ramon Neopolo M. - Philippines (26844)


Although climate is somewhat cyclical over long periods of time, recent climate changes are probably the result of humans creating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as the loss of rain forests.

Most theories about the extinction of dinosaurs say that the Earth was hit by a large meteorite that drastically changed the climate.

Some plants and animals can adapt to changes in their environment, but many will perish if their food and water supply is affected by climate change.

Some animals are able to seek new food sources when one disappears. Humans are a good examples.

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Magnetism Lorentz

Applying Lorentz force at the equator

March 2, 2016


is there is a possibility for applying the lorentz force in the earth magnetic field at the equator?

- India (26831)


The Lorentz force has been use with wires having from a space vehicle in order to create a current from the Earth's magnetic field.

However, the movement of a wire at the equator would not be enough to create a current.

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Static Electric Materials

Creating static charges in humid Cambodia

March 2, 2016


A colleague of mine in Cambodia is trying to demonstrate static electricity to her students. Cambodia is very hot and very humid. She tried an experiment rubbing a balloon on hair and no static electricity was created. The balloons did not stick to their hair.
Any ideas for how to demonstrate static electricity in a humid place like Cambodia? Thanks!

P. - USA (26835)


It is difficult to create static electricity in very humid weather. However, lightning storms do occur there, and that is extreme static electricity.

If her hair is dry and not oily, using a rubber comb might be more effective to create static electricity.

Rubbing a balloon on wool might create enough static electricity to stick the balloon to the wall, even in humid weather.

Instead of simply demonstrating static electricity, she might let the students experiment rubbing different materials together to see if they can create a charge.

I hope that helps. Let me know if she finds a solution.

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