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by Ron Kurtus

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How do magnets work? Magnetism Australia
How is going to the beach scientific? Wave Motion USA
Confused about the definition of work General Pakistan
Bringing in a freezer from Manila to Australia AC World Voltages Australia
When a combination of elements is not magnetic Magnetic Factors India
What is hysteresis? Magnetic Materials India
What is Ohm's Law? Basics of Static Electricity India
Spreakers Electromagnetic Devices ??
Preventing water line from freezing Thermal Insulation USA
Which material lowers friction? Changing Sliding Friction on Hard Surfaces Pakistan
Behaviour of atoms during evaporation Kinetic Theory of Matter Namibia
Attraction or repulsion between the particles of a gas Kinetic Theory of Matter Nigeria
Using 50Hz devices on 60Hz AC World Voltages Viet Nam
How are electrons and protons affected by a current? Electromagnetism India
Can friction be applied to time? Friction Equation Canada

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How do magnets work?

September 9, 2015


How do we know how magnets work?

Callum - Australia (26364)


By sprinkling iron filings near a magnet, you can see the force fields from the magnet. However, no one is really sure how the magnetic force fields push or pull on another magnet.

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Wave Motion

How is going to the beach scientific?

August 30, 2015


Hello my teacher assigned me to do an essay on how going to the beach is scientific it's due tommorow is there any way u can describe every detail
Thank you love

Andrea - USA (26346)


Going to the beach allows you to observe the way the waves come and and break on the beach. It also shows how the water can move the sand around. Another scientific area concerns the various life-forms in the water and on the beach.

The big thing is that you can be curious and make observations, which is what science is about.

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Confused about the definition of work

August 26, 2015


I am confused about the mathematical form of work defination w=fd i think that it was wrong becase when we further elaburate it i.e w/d=f so from it we get that force is inversely proportional to displacement and e.g if we are applying force on a wall with our body then the wall will not cover any distance at that time but we are doing work on it and applying force on so why it was not covering any distance .

faraz - Pakistan (26339)


When you push on a wall, it seems like you are doing work. However, the scientific definition of work requires motion. Work is the force on an object that is resisting motion times the distance it is moved.

For example, when you push on a heavy box, it is being held back by the force of friction. You are not doing any scientific work until you are able to move that box.

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AC World Voltages

Bringing in a freezer from Manila to Australia

August 25, 2015


Bringing in a freezer from Manila to Australia. Manila uses 220v 60 Hz. Australia is 240v 50 Hz. Will this cause problems?

Robin - Australia (26333)


It probably won't matter. However, the motor may run at a slightly different speed. It is best the check with the manufacturer to verify this.

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Magnetic Factors

When a combination of elements is not magnetic

August 23, 2015


If two or more elements are chemically combined to form a molecule, it is quite possible that the compound is not very magnetic because the orientations of the atoms in the molecule work against each other.

- India (26331)


Stainless steel is an example of an alloy or chemical combination of steel and chromium. Although steel by itself is magnetic, stainless steel is not because the chromium atoms prevent the iron atoms from aligning to a magnetic field.

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Magnetic Materials

What is hysteresis?

August 23, 2015



- India (26332)


Hysteresis is when a ferromagnetic material is magnetized in one direction, it will not relax back to zero magnetization when the imposed magnetizing field is removed. It must be driven back to zero by a field in the opposite direction.

An example is when you magnetize a piece of iron and then remove the magnet, the iron will not relax back to zero magnetization.

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Basics of Static Electricity

What is Ohm's Law?

August 22, 2015


What is ohm's law?

Satyavir - India (26328)


Ohm's Law shows the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in a simple electrical circuit. The easiest form of the equation is: V = IR

See Ohm's Law for Simple Electrical Circuits.

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Electromagnetic Devices


August 20, 2015


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John - ?? (26283)


I am sorry but this is an educational website. We do not purchase items.

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Thermal Insulation

Preventing water line from freezing

August 16, 2015


I am trying to prevent my water line hook up from freezing.
I have a 3' x 3' x 4' deep manhole.
The manhole cover is 2 5/8 thick Douglas fir.
I intend to put a layer of 2 inch foam insulation
and then fill the hole with 3 L plastic bottles
that are caped. then another layer of 2 inch foam insulation. Then the wood cover.
Will this insulate the pipe that is at 4feet?
A another possibility would be to put a 55 gallon plastic barrel in the hole with foam or fiberglass insulation along its sides and top. Would this work?
Or do you have a suggestion?
Thank you for the help

will - USA (26278)


It seems like you certainly plan sufficient insulation for the water line in the manhole. However, it might worthwhile to check with your utility company to see what recommendations they may have. I'm sure there are others with a similar situation.

Best wishes in protecting your pipes.

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Changing Sliding Friction on Hard Surfaces

Which material lowers friction?

August 14, 2015


which of the following material lowers friction when pushed between metal plates option (a)water(b)fine marble powder(c) air(d)oil

muhammad - Pakistan (26274)


All of them would reduce the friction between metal plates. Oil is probably the best lubricant of the group.

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Kinetic Theory of Matter

Behaviour of atoms during evaporation

August 12, 2015


what is the behaviour of atoms during the evaporation phase change in terms of kinetic theory?

Wilka - Namibia (26268)


Evaporation is when the higher energy atoms escape the body of the liquid. Those atoms have enough kinetic energy to remain in the gas phase. The average energy of those atoms remaining in the liquid drops, because of the loss of high kinetic energy atoms.

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Kinetic Theory of Matter

Attraction or repulsion between the particles of a gas

August 11, 2015


According to kinetic theory of matter,the force of attraction or repulsion between the particles of a gas are

Timilehin olawumi - Nigeria (26267)


Although the collisions between particles are elastic, the attraction or repulsions between particles is very weak.

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AC World Voltages

Using 50Hz devices on 60Hz

August 7, 2015


Dear Madam/Sir:

I have a question regarding the matching of voltage and frequency.

If my equipment using 220V-50Hz connected to the electric circuit of 220V-60Hz, will it create the "electrical noise"?

Should I need to match both the voltage and the frequency?

Thank you.

Quoc - Viet Nam (26260)


If you 50Hz equipment has motors, they will slightly faster on 60Hz electricity. This is true with many clocks. However, most modern electronic equipment are usually not affected by the frequency difference.

I don't think you will be bothered by electrical noise.

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How are electrons and protons affected by a current?

August 6, 2015


How the position electrons and protons get affected when a electric current passes through a conductor.

Mohit - India (26259)


Typically, only electrons move through a conductor. However, the electric field created can move outside free electrons in one direction and free protons in the other direction.

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Friction Equation

Can friction be applied to time?

August 4, 2015


can friction be applied to time?

elizabeth - Canada (26255)


Friction can slow down motion. You could say that it slows down the time it takes for an object move some distance. So it indirectly is applied to time.

However, friction cannot be applied directly to time.

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