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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 700 comments and questions on Senses issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Why can I feel things others can't? 6th Sense USA
Color/taste synesthesia Synesthesia USA
How do senses relate the knowledge? General Nigeria
Can I make my sixth sense stronger? 6th Sense Check USA
Someone touched my spine at night 6th Sense USA
How can I prevent damage to my hearing? Hearing South Africa
Senses weird things happening around him 6th Sense USA
We make the future with our thoughts 6th Sense Iran
Doesn't agree with material on 6th sense 6th Sense Check Canada
Have a feeling that something bad will happen 6th Sense Check Pakistan
Warned loved ones they would die 6th Sense USA
I want to improve my 6th sense 6th Sense Check India
I recently started hearing sounds Hearing Loudness USA
I think of synesthesia as a gift Synesthesia New Zealand
Seeing things in my dreams 6th Sense Check India

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6th Sense

Why can I feel things others can't?

April 29, 2013


I am 24 years old and for as long as I can remember I have been able to see and feel things others couldn't! why? does this make me weird? and why does it only happen every now and then and not every day?

stephanie - USA (23658)


Everyone seems to have the 6th sense or precognition, as well as other extreme senses, such as sensing magnetic fields, except that they are weak senses.

Some people have greater sensitive toward the 6th sense than others. The strange thing about such mental senses is that the harder you try to use them, the less they work. Usually people can see the future, auras, or such when they relax and don't try.

Being able to sense what others can't can be annoying, especially since you hesitate to tell other about it.

The best thing is to accept it and look at it as a curiosity.

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Color/taste synesthesia

February 20, 2013


Can a person with synesthia that is color /taste only taste one color or would they taste every color they saw? Does it work like that?

Annette - USA (23214)


Color/taste synesthesia is not very common among those experiencing the phenomenon. Also, it seems to be limited to a few colors and tastes.

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How do senses relate the knowledge?

February 17, 2013


the senses are the gateway to knowledge,discuss.

umar - Nigeria (23206)


You gain information about the world around you through your senses. Also, when people or even animals communicate, you interpret what your senses detect and turn the information into knowledge.

Without your senses, you would gain no knowledge.

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6th Sense Check

Can I make my sixth sense stronger?

December 25, 2012


i am interested in knowing more about the sixth sense. How are you able to make it stronger or more active? Is yoga required and if yes what kind of yoga excercises or meditiations?

nohely - USA (23080)


The sixth sense--or precognition--is being able to see future events. Everyone has this sense to a slight degree.

The big problem is that the harder a person tries to use this sense, the less it works. Just being aware of your senses and letting things flow seems to work the best. Yoga and mediation might be effective in helping to be more aware of this sense.

Think of times when you had a feeling that something would happen, and then that feeling came true. Try to duplicate how you felt at that time. This exercise can make you more aware of the sense.

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6th Sense

Someone touched my spine at night

October 28, 2012


I don't know what to make of what happened but am hoping you can help. I was awoken a few nights ago when it felt as though someone touched my spine from bottom to the top of my neck. I live alone and this frightened me. I need answers please.

- USA (23009)


Sometimes people can get physical reactions, such as hearing noises, smelling things, and feeling sensations while sleeping and dreaming. It probably was part of a nightmare.

It is highly unlikely it was something supernatural.

I used to wake up and see a certain picture on the wall glowing at night. I get rid of the picture and never had the problem again.

If you experience this sensation again, try to check things over or have some protection to give you assurance that you are safe.

Best wishes on not having that feeling again.

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How can I prevent damage to my hearing?

July 24, 2012


how can i prevent ear form being destroyed by sound wave and how is ear based on important thing in human that even if i can able to damage one ear can be a problem

mphaya - South Africa (22794)


The ear does a pretty good job of protecting itself from extra loud sound waves. The immediate pain usually results in a person covering his ears to stop much of the sound. Also, the ear channel is small enough to filter much of the energy.

The biggest problem is being exposed to continual loud noises that can damage your hearing after a while. Being exposed to loud music too much can cause damage. Many rock musicians have lost part of their hearing. Also,people working around noisy machinery can lose their hearing.

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6th Sense

Senses weird things happening around him

July 11, 2012


Since I was around six have been able to sense weird things around me. I had once had dream were i was with one of my best friends... this was before i even meet him i was at his house and playing with him. Meet him two years later. I have also had many dreams about people and places I've never seen and they all came true. When i was eight i walked down stairs of my house and i swore i saw my died dad he was wearing a white robe and he was talking to some people I've never seen before. It was strange because my dad died when i was three. So it couldn't be a dream then i blacked and found my self in my bed. Two years ago me and some of my friends were hanging around under a bridge then all of a sodden i acted weird and told we have to leave quickly because i felt something weird when got out from under the bridge we walked half down and saw a cop drive by one of my friends said we would been in trouble if stayed and they thanked me and ever since i been feeling weird when our school had a bomb warning i felt something weird right before they announced it. And I've been acting weird and been having more and more dreams come real. So i thought i should ask you about it.

Dalton - USA (22773)


Thanks for sharing your experiences with your 6th sense or precognition.

Some people seem to be more sensitive toward their 6th sense and have more experiences in foreseeing future events than most people. In fact, for some who are constantly sensing the future, it can become stressful.

If a person tries to predict the future, it usually does not work. That is why experiments on the topic fail. Usually, future feelings just happen when there is no effort at all.

A possible way to stifle these weird feelings is to actually try to have something that you have dreamt about actually come true. Typically, the effort will result in it not happening. At the very least, you can have more control over these feelings or visions.

I hope these ideas help out.

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6th Sense

We make the future with our thoughts

June 12, 2012


I just want to mention that we make the future with our thoughts

and also after that create the six sense. those who concentrate and don't get tired for while will the reach the goal.

vida - Iran (22716)


There is some truth in the concept that we make or influence the future with our thoughts. People often have their thoughts about their lives come true, whether they are positive or negative.

But is it because their thoughts make the future or that they sense the future with their thoughts?

It has been shown that if you see yourself in a good (or bad) situation, it often comes true. If you set a goal and see yourself enjoying the results, you will often work to achieve that goal.

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6th Sense Check

Doesn't agree with material on 6th sense

May 27, 2012


hello there i find your page on 6th sense to be incorrect because for a fact only a very small amount of people actually have what is called a 6th sense most people DO NOT have this ability i believe you need to do more research on the subject. your site is no informational and your lil test proves nothing the only thing that proves is wither someone is actually paying attention to what they are reading or not there is no way for a a person with no 6th sense to tell that you can not understand something you do not have what you have here is to be honest a pile of nothing

Sarah - Canada (22681)


The 6th sense is also called precognition, which means being able to see or feel things that will happen in the future. Although you may have not experienced this, it is surprising how many people have sensed things in the future. Look at our Reader Feedback for examples.

Animals also seem to have this sense. Animals in China have predicted earthquakes. There is also a book on "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home" that shows this.

I'm sorry that you don't agree with the material. But that is your choice.

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6th Sense Check

Have a feeling that something bad will happen

May 25, 2012


i have a problem now a days... i am just having a thing in my mind that something is going to happen bad with me... last year the same thing happened that there was something in my mind that something bad gonna happen with me... n after few days that thing really happened that i was feeling ... n it changed my whole life.... now a days i am again tensed that something is going to happen wrong with me... due to this i am unable to concentrate on other things... even i am not taking my diet properly.. please tell me what is this? help me ... i am hell tensed :(

Amna - Pakistan (22678)


Getting such feelings are strange and scary, especially since you experienced something similar before.

The 6th sense or foreseeing the future is strange. It usually happens when a persons does not concentrate on it.

When a person feels that something good is going to happen--like winning a prize--and the person just lets is happen without thinking about it, it often comes true. However, if the person starts thinking about winning the prize, for some reason it usually does not come true.

Likewise, if you have a feeling that something bad will happen to you, it might be worthwhile actually purposely thinking about it. This doesn't mean worrying in the back of your mind. Instead, think about what will happen and how you will react to it. Try to force the issue of picking a time when this thing will happen.

Most of the time these purposeful thoughts will cause the event to pass by.

I hope this helps and that you will only have good things happen to you.

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6th Sense

Warned loved ones they would die

March 15, 2012


I actually have weird stuff going on in my life since I was a kid but I have always been misunderstood. Typically , I often predict future of people that is very close to me. I've had the misfortune of telling to two of my love ones that someone of their family were gonna died cuz I saw it in a dream. I've also seen a grandmother in my dream and she was one of my friend's recently passed away grandmom. But the worst is that Ive got to deal with things that harass me at night. I believe their are dead people but I havent seen any of that just sensed. I have actually been touched physically by something that is not there. By now I have just got used to it...

- USA (22513)


It is best not to tell others when you feel something will happen to them in the near future. Since the 6th sense or foreseeing future events is not 100% accurate, you might unduly upset someone for a false alarm.

There is also the question whether giving a warning--such that the person changes her plans--will actually change the outcome.

When you start thinking too often about situations like dead people or people dying, it can become an obsession that really can distort abilities to foresee the future. I good trick to stop such thoughts is to actually try to have such thoughts. When you try to force the issue on sensing the unknown, it actually diminishes your reactions in that area.

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6th Sense Check

I want to improve my 6th sense

February 27, 2012


i want to improve my 6th sense

sam - India (22452)


Keep track of times when you seem to be able to predict the future correctly or have extrasensory perceptions. Try to recall the exact feelings you have just before these events.

If you try to use your 6th sense, you usually tense up and it doesn't work. However, if you just let yourself go and get the feeling that you recalled, your chances of improving your sense are greater.

Also, be aware of all of your senses, since they work in harmony.

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Hearing Loudness

I recently started hearing sounds

December 22, 2011


I recently started hearing sounds somewhere in the distance. One is a light beating sound ,soft and pleasant. Others sound like an announcer at a ballgame but the word are not clear enough to understand but they are noisy............and interesting I guess.

Philip - USA (22285)


One possibility for the light beating sound is that sometimes you can hear noise caused by your pulse. Usually activity causes it to go away.

Tinnitis is a ringing sound that many people get, usually after age 50. It could be mistaken for some sort of radio noise.

As an interesting note, there has been a case where a person heard a radio station in his head that was caused by metal fillings in his teeth that were picking up the radio signals.

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I think of synesthesia as a gift

December 16, 2011


I come from a musical family, I am left handed, very slightly dyslexic, and, I have synesthesia.. I see colours with certain musical instruments, they all have their own colours, and, I also see coloured patterns that move when I hear music which when put all together, make me feel the music very deeply.. I see music when I hear it, it is like hearing it in 3D, and I love it.. I think of it as a gift..

- New Zealand (22280)


Thank you for sharing about your experiences and talents. Yes, many who have synesthesia feel it is a gift.

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6th Sense Check

Seeing things in my dreams

November 28, 2011


i have predicted seviral things that turned right in my childhood bt now after 15,16 yrs i see some hints in dreams which i tell to the people i m related to in dreams and it doesnt turn exsactly right but it happens and today i just asked a quetion to myself before leeping and got my answer in dream thought i didn't believe it bt after 2 hrs i came to know my dream was correct

meetu - India (22214)


Sometimes dreams are predictions of the future. However, there are also many dreams that are related to sorting out things that recently happened to you.

For this reason, it is difficult to use dreams to predict the future. But often, you will suddenly realize that something that just happened was seen in a past dream. Many times it is so clear that it could not be just considered a coincidence.

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