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Senses Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 700 comments and questions on Senses issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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How many senses can a person have? 6th Sense Check USA
Wants to help people improve their lives 6th Sense Check India
Sensing feelings in a long distance relationship 6th Sense Singapore
I can perceive people better than others Aura USA
You completely missed the answser Hearing Direction Canada
I believe everyone has a sixth sense 6th Sense Check UK
Elderly father is losing various senses Deprived USA
I get nervous when I think I see someone I know 6th Sense Check Singapore
I see dreams at least four hours per night 6th Sense Check India
About the movie "The Sixth Sense" 6th Sense USA
I too have experienced a slow motion effect Slow Motion USA
What are the symptoms of the 6th sense? 6th Sense Check Pakistan
How does the quality of sound vary? Hearing Cameroon
Got frightened in haunted cemetery Spirits Australia
Do I have synesthesia? Synesthesia India

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6th Sense Check

How many senses can a person have?

December 10, 2010


i have had many sixth sense experiences including dream visions and having a feeling that some one has entered the room and i wanted to know how many sixth sense abilities can one person have
sincerely yours

Brandon - USA (20821)


Our definition of the 6th sense is also called precognition, where you can sense the future and perhaps the past. There are other senses beyond the standard 5. You might be sensing an electric field from another person or their aura, as an example of sensing when someone enters a room.

See: for a list of the various possible senses.

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6th Sense Check

Wants to help people improve their lives

December 9, 2010


I want to make my 6th sense very powerful,and to serve the socity,to help the childrens,handicaped persons,poor what can i do for that?

Radhika - India (20817)


The best way to improve your 6th sense is to be aware of times that you have been able to foresee the future. It also helps to be sensitive to all of your senses.

A major problem with using the 6th sense is that it is difficult to control it. It usually occurs when you are not trying to use it but are just relaxing your efforts.

It is good that you want to serve society and help children, handicapped and poor people. That is our goal in the School for Champions. It is championing a worthy cause.

Best wishes improving your 6th sense and in helping people to improve their lives.

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6th Sense

Sensing feelings in a long distance relationship

December 9, 2010



I am so glad I have come across this website.

Is it possible to be sensing another person's feeling?

I knew this guy online. We have never met, we had a long-distance relationship before but now we are not anymore. I can sense his emotions and I would like to know how to shut this out.

I have had so many experiences where I feel things out of the blue, for example a sense of anger, only to find out later that he was caught up in some situation where he got so angry. Or a strong sense of sadness and later I would find out he has had a bad day and felt that way. I would sometimes have uneasy, unexplained feelings and I would later, a few days or even weeks later, find out he has done something bad on that particular day, that I had experienced those feelings.

Is there some kind of a bond between he and I? Because this rarely happens between myself and anyone else I know.

We are not close anymore. But I think sometimes, I still am feeling him. Can I do something to shut all this out?

Nor - Singapore (20819)


When you interact with a person, whether by speaking with him or communicating online, you can get an idea or sense how the other person is feeling. The tone of voice or the words that are written or spoken can let you tell how the person is feeling or what emotions he is trying to express.

But also, there are some situations where you may be able to somehow sense another person's feelings without even directly communicating with him. However, if you have been in love with a person, that person is often on your mind, even after you move in different directions. In such a case, you may be feeling his emotions, or you may be subconsciously reflecting your own feelings about the person.

You may have a bond with this person, but there are so many other factors in relationships, such that even if there is a bond, if there are enough differences you may drift apart.

Long distance or virtual relationships often do not work out, because there is not the day-to-day interaction. If you are not close anymore, time will heal.

You can recall the good feelings you had and good conversations, but now you are moving in different directions in your lives. That happens many times to people.

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I can perceive people better than others

November 30, 2010


i have read your article on Sensing Another's arua. I always thought that i could percieve people better than others but never really looked into it. But then i decided to do a little bit of research and realize that it might be more uncommon than i thought.
I do believe to some degree that i can sense people aura and the two things that really stood out for me in the article is when it talks about being able to sense people's presence in the dark and also being able to sense sense plants for me its especially trees.
I'm still not certain that what i am experiencing is uncommon or just my imagination but i found ur article very interesting and not ridiculous like most site out there.
I just wanted to know if u had maybe more information that would help me out understand this phenomenon a bit more and at the same time maybe learn more about myself

Charley - USA (20769)


Being able to sense the presence of another person, animal or even tree can involve a number of senses that you don't realize you are using. With your eyes closed, you may be able to sense subtle sounds and odors that indicates someone or something is nearby.

One of the ideas of sensing an aura of a person relates to the idea that we all have an electric field around us. Some animals depend on sensing electric fields. Some people may be able to do that too.

There is the question about seeing a glow from this electrical fields and around a person or other living thing. Some claim they are able to see such an aura.

We'll be trying to get more information on this subject, as well as the results of some scientific studies. Meanwhile, become more sensitive about all your senses. It will help you find out more about yourself.

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Hearing Direction

You completely missed the answser

November 28, 2010


you completely missed the answser to the question 'how do we distinquish a sound from in front from a sound behind.

You can find the answer to this by watching a cat.

John - Canada (20753)


I'm not sure where the question you mentioned came from. On our lesson on Hearing Direction, the first quiz question is: "How do cats hear behind them?" The answer is: "They cock their ears backwards."

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6th Sense Check

I believe everyone has a sixth sense

November 17, 2010


I believe everyone has a sixth sense and some people use it more than others, the natural gut feeling about things, probably more developed in the wild when we were foraging and hunting. Nowadays it tends to get caught up in the every day hubble-bubble of life. For me, the only time I remember dreams are usually when something is going to happen. The most recent dream I had was a big grey plane of triangular shape coming out of the sky and loosing control just before dawn in a residential area and the impact was so devastating that the whole of the row of the houses it hit, and fire rages through almost instantly, this was a frightening dream as I was in a building looking at this and my children were Indian, not English and we were busy trying to sellotape the doors and windows up. The same grey shape appeared at an evening we had out recently and this time it was an acoustic shape for the ceiling of the Theatre, but much smaller and my mind went straight back into the dream as the grey object was literally right infront of us. Now I have told you hopefully it won't come true, really hope not.

Hope you do not mind me selfishly sharing this with you.

Kind regards

Vanessa - UK (20708)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Besides people having the sixth sense, it also seems that animals have it. There have been many recorded cases where animals sensed that something would be happening, such as a natural disaster.

Sometimes dreams can be so realistic that they are scary. If they relate to some tragedy, you certainly hope that it will not come true.

Best wishes on enjoying the world around you.

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Elderly father is losing various senses

November 15, 2010


I am hoping you might be able to answer this. What happens with the elderly as they loose their sight, hearing, sense of taste and smell.
My father has become blind in one eye, and the other is almost blind, this hearing is going despite the use of a hearing aid, the volume has to be extremely loud for him to hear. And it seems that he can only taste, sweet, sour, bitter, not really flavors anymore. And when asked to smell something he says that's nice or he can't smell it. The only sense he has left is the sense of touch. I am concerned for him as he is 92 and doesn't see to be living as much as existing.

Tami - USA (20694)


Your father is fortunate to have lived so long. However, as people get older, their various senses diminish or sometimes completely stop working. It does take away much of the pleasure in life. But still, the greatest pleasure is to have loved ones visit or be around. That still makes life worthwhile.

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6th Sense Check

I get nervous when I think I see someone I know

November 13, 2010


if i tink i saw someone that i know, and i get really shy, nervous, embarrassed, as though my sixth sense is controlling me, does it mean i really saw the person or i think of the person too much?

sleeping - Singapore (20680)


If the other person is someone that you would like to impress, you may feel shy or nervous in anticipation of meeting with the person. Sometimes when you think about a person a lot, you may imagine seeing him when you see someone who looks similar.

The best thing to do is to plan what you would say a when you do see the person, so that you would not feel so anxious or shy. It does not have to be anything special, just a simple greeting.

The sixth sense does not control people. Instead it is simply send seen something that will happen in the near future.

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6th Sense Check

I see dreams at least four hours per night

November 12, 2010


i see dreams every night atleast 4 hours per night. I want know is this is sixth sense or any other problem.

Satender - India (20669)


Everyone he has a number of dreams each night. However, depending on a person's sleep patterns, many people do not remember their dreams. To a degree, you are fortunate to be able to remember the dreams you have, because they can't give you insight.

Some dreams relate to solving problems you may have and some are remembrances. A small number of dreams relate to foreseeing some future event or use the your sixth sense.

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6th Sense

About the movie "The Sixth Sense"

November 9, 2010


I simply am awed by the movie The Sixth Sense. I don't know how many times I have watched
it and do not have a person to discuss my questions with.
I have read this site before when I have Googled, but have never gotten this far before.
My question is: What does the red crystal door knob mean (after Bruce Willis has made
contact with Anna.)

AND, what is the significance of her wedding ring falling off?
AND, Is Bruce Willis visible to all people?
AND, What is the significance of the red crystal door knob to the basement?

As I have said, I've watched and watched the movie, trying to figure out things. I seem to
never make headway, and each additional time I watch, I am still left with questions, some-
times answered, sometimes not.

Susan - USA (20660)


The movie "The Sixth Sense" is about a boy who is able to communicate with the spirits of the dead. In our section on the Senses, we have have a lesson on the possibility of being able to sense spirits at:

However, what we call the 6th sense is being able to sense future events. It is also called precognition.

A good summary of the plot of the movie is at:

The article may be able to answer some of your questions about the movie.

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Slow Motion

I too have experienced a slow motion effect

October 29, 2010


I too have experienced a slow motion effect. I was playing in a basketball game in eighth grade (a few years ago) and I went to try and make the girl wih the ball on the other team change her direction. She did not want to go the other way and rammed into me (I was very small, she was very big). I flew backwards about a foot in the air and it seemed like I was in the air for several seconds instead of just one second. I ended up breaking my wrist and the time was moving extremely slow from the time I flew back to the time I landed, then to the time someone came over to help me. I still remember that time and how it seemed like it was in slow motion

Ashlee - USA (20599)


Thanks for sharing your experience. It sure is a strange phenomenon, and everyone who has experienced it, certainly remembers it vividly.

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6th Sense Check

What are the symptoms of the 6th sense?

October 28, 2010


I want to know what r the symptoms of 6th sense in any person. answer my question plz i shall be very thankful to you 4 this kind effect.

Qasim - Pakistan (20591)


Sometimes a person will get a feeling -- or even have a dream -- that something will happen in the near future. And then, the event actually occurs as predicted. That is what is called the 6th sense or precognition. Most people have such occurrences a number of times in their lives. Some people seem to be able to predict the future quite often.

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How does the quality of sound vary?

October 27, 2010


how does the quality of the sound produced varies with the note that is been heard? what is resonance? i need other example of resonance apart from a seasaw

Ngong - Cameroon (20587)


If you hear a pure note, such as from a tuning fork, the quality of the sound heard will depend on the individual's hearing. Some people can hear notes better than others, where they may be distorted.

Resonance is the amplification of an individual note or pitch, usually done by cycling the sound back and forth. A good example of creating residents is by blowing across the open end of a bottle that is half filled with liquid. See:

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Got frightened in haunted cemetery

October 10, 2010


Hi this is a very unusual question. This is I think is a of a paranormal one. Friends and myself decided to check out an apparently haunted cemetery. As we were approaching the cemetery, my left shoulder started to ache, then a painful compression in my ear became stronger and stronger as we got closer to the cemetery, like as if I was in a plane that was descending. Anyhow my friend drove right into the cemetery and my ears felt so blocked and painful and the pressure so frightening that I went into shock and started crying No one else was going through this. My friend who is a psychic medium, explained that there was a spirit of a female communicating with me and that I was feeling her pain etc..

Anyway my psychic friend explained that the compression in my ears were spirits trying to communicate with me all at once and the sound waves that my ears were picking up could not handle it.

Could this be what happened, spirits communicating with me and my ears compressed due to an overload?

Can you please please answer this question for me.

Thank you

Anna - Australia (20518)


There are a couple of possibilities on your reaction to entering the cemetery.

One possibility is that you became very nervous, anxious or fearful because of your concern of entering such a spooky place. This could cause your heart to be faster and have your muscles tense up with such that you experienced these terrible symptoms.

Another possibility is what your psychic friend expressed. It is possible that some sort of spirits were trying to communicate with you. Some people believe this, but a lot more people don't accept the possibility of spirits.

See: "Sensing Spirits" at: for more information. Also look at the reader feedback.

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Do I have synesthesia?

September 29, 2010


i can see mixed colours while hearing music......
I can't associate a particular colour with a particular note,but i can see them.......
Do i have synesthesia????????

Aman - India (20465)


If you can see colours when hearing music, even though you can't associate a particular colour with a note, it still seems that you have synesthesia.

Consider yourself a lucky person.

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