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Senses Feedback

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 700 comments and questions on Senses issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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I get a funny feeling about other people 6th Sense Check Scotland
Heard from deceased son, parents and aunt in dream 6th Sense Check USA
I can see dead people often 6th Sense Check USA
Having déjà vu dreams 6th Sense Check USA
Can tell when something will happen soon 6th Sense Check India
Some dreams come true several years later 6th Sense Check India
How to stop dance studio noise? Hearing Pitch USA
Have many Synesthesia traits Synesthesia Australia
Do I have the sixth sense? 6th Sense Check India
Blind rottweiler is afraid to go out Blind Dog Navigation Canada
How can I develop my 6th sense? 6th Sense Scientific Possibility India
How can you get the sixth sense? 6th Sense Check UK
Interested in developing my 6th sense 6th Sense Experiments Bangladesh
I saw my hand in a dream and when I awoke 6th Sense Check India
Tell me the facts for obtaining the 6th sense Fear India

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6th Sense Check

I get a funny feeling about other people

September 21, 2010


is a sixth sense anything to do with that funny feeling i get about people

anne marie - Scotland (20416)


Our definition of the sixth sense is that it is getting a feeling about something that will happen in the future.

When you get a funny feeling about other people, you may be sensing other signals that they are sending out. Some signals are things like body language, tone of voice and smells. Some people are able to smell fear in another person.

You may also be able to sense the aura or electrical signals from another person. Some claimed to be able to sense the spiritual nature of another person.

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6th Sense Check

Heard from deceased son, parents and aunt in dream

September 20, 2010


I recently lost my oldest son. 10/09 He knew that I was having a hard time without a car for about 8 months.

On December 21, 2009 I received a call from a car dealer that my car loan had been approved and when can I pick up my car. I did not submit a car loan, I was going to wait until I received my income tax. I told him I could be there on the 24th.

On the 22nd he woke me up saying, "Hi, MOM!" like he was very happy.

Then after I got back to sleep I had a dream about my mother, where she came out of a panel tent with an apron on and was so happy to see me. She said, "Geez! Veronica it is so good to see you", so I told her about my son Mato. She said, "Geez that's nice they do that." She went back into the tent and came out with a plate of food and said pray with this and give the food to Mato."

I don't know where I went with the food but when I came back I asked her where daddy was and she said that he was over there. That all the men were over there having a meeting and she said to go over there so I did. There was a big circle of men and my dad was standing in the middle talking and motioning all over. I stood and watched for a while.

Next thing I remembered was I was cutting meat with my Auntie Esther and I think that we were cutting meat to dry them. She was asking about my daughters and all the grandchildren. Then she asked about Takoja Charlie. So I told her that he was probably Okay but that I was worried about him because I had not heard from him for about three weeks. She said in Indian not to worry about him because he was Okay and that he will be calling to tell me that he was Okay.

The next day my daughter took my husband and I to the car dealer and I drove and just as I pulled into the car lot which was about 2.5 hours away my phone rang and it was my son. He said, "Hi mom, what are you doing?" I told him about my car and that we were there to pick it up. He said,"Mom, I was just calling to let you know that I am Okay."

I told him that I needed to go in and sign some papers and so he said that he would talk to his dad. The car that they had for me was a 2008 Chrysler Sebring. The application was all electronically filled out.

My boss said that Mato probably filled out the application on his computer where ever he was. (Because he was a computer whiz.)

So all in one night I heard from my son, my mom and dad and my favorite auntie who were all deceased.

Veronica - USA (20409)


I'm sorry to hear that you recently lost your son.

Thanks for sharing your recollection of your dreams. Sometimes dreams can concerned members of loved ones, and sometimes they can be indications of some future event. Also, there are people who believe that dreams are a way of loved ones to communicate with the person.

Whatever the case, I'm sure that it was nice to see and hear them, although somewhat sad.

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6th Sense Check

I can see dead people often

September 14, 2010


im only 12 years old and i really think that i have a sixth sense now i know that everyone has one but not everyone can use theirs..i can see dead people most of the time.

Heaven - USA (20377)


The 6th sense is really about seeing future events, although some people are able to see what has happened in the past.

One disturbing thing is when a person get the feeling of an accident or such that results in a person's death.

Some people also say they have the sense of seeing spirits. that might include dead people. However, it is not certain if this sense really exists, because so few people report it.

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6th Sense Check

Having déjà vu dreams

August 22, 2010


hey i think i have a 6th sence im kinda scared because in school i just started at a new one beacause i live with my aunt well anyways its that in the art room on my last period i went in and rember from my dream where i was gonna sit my freinds gonna sit and through out i remberd most of the awnsers for the quiz i dont know how to keep this gooing but i dont know how i usully get these dreams about 2-3 times a week thanks..

- USA (20270)


What you are having is a déjà vu dream. Déjà vu means "I've been here before."

Many people have such dreams, and they can be scary, since you almost know what is happening next. That is part of the sixth sense of being able to occasionally foresee the future.

Often if just goes away by itself and you won't have such a dream for several years. So enjoy it while you can.

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6th Sense Check

Can tell when something will happen soon

August 2, 2010


when i am sitting simply with my parents, If anything happened, eg anyone speak on any subject i felt that it was happened later. And sometimes i was simply thinking that it will happen that way,then suddenly or sometimes after it will occur.

it will be any sign of 6th sense

vivekh - India (20179)


Most of the time when you get the feeling that something in the future will happen and it does happen, it is your 6th sense in action. This can be true for things that will happen very soon or even a longer time in the future.

It is interesting when it happens. However, if you try to make it happen, the sense usually does not work.

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6th Sense Check

Some dreams come true several years later

July 31, 2010


most often, what I dreamt it comming true some time quiker or after later 2 to 3yrs. What does it reflects? Is my six sense fully aware? what shall I do to improve my six sense?

Asgher - India (20165)


Dreams can sometimes foretell the future. It is a form of your 6th sense. However, there is no time limitation. Sometimes you have forgotten your dream and then when something happens, you recall it. This is a form of what is called deja vu.

Being alert to things that happen and what you have dreamt can improve your 6th sense.

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Hearing Pitch

How to stop dance studio noise?

July 24, 2010


Do you know the frequencies that Clogging, like the Riverdance dancing, makes? We have a dance studio moving in next to our office complex and we are trying to find sound abatement materials that will minimize the sound transmission of these types of dances. We are considering Dynamat's Dynil product but want to see if we can find out the frequency that this clogging type of dancing makes before we move forward. Thank you for you help.

Dream Theater Colorado

Mark - USA (20120)


Any type of clunking sounds from that type of dancing has a complex range of frequencies. Most noise reduction insulation does a good job of high frequency sounds, but the low frequencies are more difficult to stop.

I would hope that the office complex management is aware of the possibility of the noise from the dance studio disrupting your work. They don't want you to be forced out because of the excessive noise.

If the dance studio had some soundproofing to prevent noise from bothering others, it would help. However, often they have mirrors on their walls which do nothing to stop the noise.

I can't suggest any materials, but you should start with the office complex management to get some assurances. Best wishes in reducing the noise.

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Have many Synesthesia traits

July 8, 2010


Im a multiple synesthete with all sorts of combinations (examples that I'll list here).
Just would like to inform, synesthesia doesnt have to have anything to do with colors and other combination. It can be taste and smell, music and taste, music and touch, mirror-touch.

It is not very rare that people have 2 or 3 combinations of Synesthesia and it is actually common for people to have just color-grapheme and color-lexeme.

Synesthesia may not be associated with psychic but it's fairly subjective to instinct.
Some interchangeable combinations of color/image (a load of patterns) synesthesia I have include:
timbre (music)
letter & numbers & words (all sorts of languages)
touch (certain types of feel)

I can also interpret people by their names.

Some people have degrees of Synesthesia (they only experience synesthesia with certain stimulus) but I dont understand because I experience it with almost anything. I can understand however, I only experience colors-touch when certain touch combinations are present.

Also, regarding about hearing sounds with tasting, it is possible, for example when I taste, I get the colors, the colors are converted to sounds.

If it helps, I am poor with coordination and orientation too.

I'd be happy to include more answers about Synesthesia.

Vanessa - Australia (20025)


Thank you for sharing your experience and information on Synesthesia. It certainly is an interesting phenomenon.

I will post your information and contact you if others want more information about you or Synesthesia

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6th Sense Check

Do I have the sixth sense?

June 27, 2010


Do i have sixth sense it?
Once i saw a image that is same to that i have dreamt before,but never seen.

Rohan - India (19973)


Everyone experiences the sixth sense at different times in their lives. Often dreams of a future event will come true. Sometimes a person will get a "feeling" that something will happen, and it comes true at a later time.

A person needs to be aware and recognizing those feelings and dreams.

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Blind Dog Navigation

Blind rottweiler is afraid to go out

June 26, 2010


I have a blind rottweiler. She is ten months old. She had trouble walking outside at first but eventually began to walk on the leash ok. Now she refuses to go outside most of the time unless she really needs to use the bathroom. After she is done using the bathroom she usually pulls on the leash towards home. If I try to get her to come she keeps on pulling or lays down. She tries very hard most of the time not to walk. I know that she acts this way because of the blindness and her confidence level is low. Is there anyway I can help her to become more courageous to walk outside?

Erin - Canada (19971)


It is especially difficult when a dog is blind at such a young age. Often young dogs will be frightened about strange environments. And when the dog is blind, everything seems strange.

When my dog was a pup, she would easily get frightened if she heard another dog barking, even if it was in a house or car. And she could see but was just timid.

My suggestion is that you take her out to the same places near the door and let her sniff and get familiar with the smells there. Perhaps bring out one of her toys and put it on the ground. Then after she does her potty, just stay in the general area. Don't try to drag her anywhere. Hopefully, she will start to feel safe in that area, and then you can move a little further from home.

Another thing is to allow her to socialize and meet other people and dogs (friendly ones) outside. Let her sniff them.

It will take some patience, but hopefully she will build up her courage.

Also check to see if there is any group in your area for owners of blind dogs. Some websites to check are:

Best wishes to you and your dog.

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6th Sense Scientific Possibility

How can I develop my 6th sense?

June 16, 2010


How can i dovelop my 6th scence?

Jinto - India (19913)


You probably can recall times when you felt something was going to happen and it came true. If you can duplicate that feeling, you can improve your 6th sense. Also, being sensitive to all of your senses will help.

See our Reader Feedback and other lessons for more information.

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6th Sense Check

How can you get the sixth sense?

June 7, 2010


how can you get the sixth sense?

emma - UK (19852)


Everyone has the sixth sense, where they can foresee future events, but many people do not recognize their abilities.

Think of the times when you have a feeling that something was going to happen and then it came true. That was your success in action. Be alert to times when you get that feeling or have some intuition that something is about to happen.

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6th Sense Experiments

Interested in developing my 6th sense

June 3, 2010


I am very much interested to develop 6th sense for my own life improvement, want to understand after see a man what he/she want or thinking. Also I want to develop the telepathy power, tks.

Asfakur - Bangladesh (19832)


Everyone has the 6th sense or ability to foresee future events to a degree. One big thing is to recognize when you have a dream or have a feeling that turns out to be true. Many people don't pay attention to such things.

To improve your 6th sense ability, you can recall the feelings you had when you felt something would happen that then came true. Try to repeat those feelings again. Also, you should be sensitive to all of your senses, because they often work in unison.

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6th Sense Check

I saw my hand in a dream and when I awoke

May 27, 2010


i dont no this sixth sence is available or not if there is available
i dont think i have or i dont know exactly i think as a coincidence

now iam living far away from home once i was sleeping in afternoon in my room i just kept my hand in front of my head or above the pillow i dont know i dreamed or wht was it i dnt no i just opend my eyes saw my hand above the pillow then i closed then suddenly i oppened my eyes i saw exactly what was in my dream honestly i scarred and when i was in home it happened many times i cant say......

shabbir - India (19804)


The sixth sense is primarily being able to foresee future events. What happened to you is something different.

Sometimes when you dream, you may actually see things in the room within your dream exactly as they are with your eyes open. That has happened to me several times, too. One explanation can be at perhaps you opened your eyes while you were sleeping, and the item registered in your brain. Sometimes people will talk in their sleep and others will even get up and walk around in their sleep. Seeing something in your sleep in may be very similar.

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Tell me the facts for obtaining the 6th sense

May 24, 2010


Tell me the facts for obtaining 6th SENSE

Hitesh - India (19782)


Everyone has the 6th sense, although some people have the sense is stronger than the others. You do not need to obtain it. Instead, you must be aware and sensitive to times when your sixth sense is working.

See our lessons at:

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