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Suggested speaking resource Resources UK
Afraid to even talk to family General Uganda
How to register to become a certified public speaker? General USA
Doing a free online course in public speaking General Barbados
Importance of public speaking for teachers General Myanmar
I am still afraid to talk to people Fear Afghanistan
Wants information on public speaking General USA
Need help in starting speaking school General Zambia
Wants to start public speaking school in Zambia General Zambia
Want to learn more about speaking General USA
Has to swallow in middle of talk Fear USA
Was bullied when speaking in high school Fear Nigeria
Added links Resources UK
I want to improve my public speaking General India
Want to be in speaking course General India

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Suggested speaking resource

May 20, 2015


Hi there,

My name is Paige and I work with Celebrity Speaker Associates (CSA), a global provider of motivational speakers.

Having just stumbled across your resources page ( which includes a section for speakers bureaus I wondered whether you might also consider adding us to your page?

You can learn about what we offer at:

Many thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Paige - UK (26015)


Thanks for the suggestion. I added your resource to Speaking Resources, as well as updated other resources.

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Afraid to even talk to family

May 14, 2015


thanks for everything you have taught us about public speaking
Am amale Ugandan aged 32years of age and I have got that problem of public speaking, not only public but also talking to my own family or visitors as home, I feel much punick
I have a problem even I fear to attend churches or occasions because I feel they might choose me to speak something
I have always tried to make my self confident but all in all I have filled. It even led me to drink alcohol but the results were more worse
I thought it was because I used to musterbate but I managed to stop musterbation but still I can speak to public not even in a small staff meeting.
I really need to know what really can I do

is there any medication to help me because I have lost may opportunities because of being shy

I can't even lead my family for A night pray
please help me to know which Medication or tricks to overcomethis
I have stress

Kabuhate - Uganda (25998)


I am sure it is very upsetting to fear speaking to others, even within your own family. Overcoming this problem will take some practice.

A first place to start is with your friends and family. Do not try to tell them anything, but instead ask what they think about some area of interest. Start with, "Let me ask you a question: What do your think about...?" or "What are you planning on doing...?" or something like that. Your idea is to start the other person talking. There is no pressure on you, and you can then add some comments. Once a conversation starts, it is easier.

As far as leading your family in a prayer goes, write down what you plan to say and then read the prayer to your family. That removes the pressure of trying to think of what to say and should also reduce any fears you may have.

Note that after both of these accomplishments, silently congratulate yourself. That builds up your confidence and esteem.

Certainly, using alcohol can simply muddle your mind when trying to speak. Masturbating does not affect your ability to speak, although feeling guilty about it can cause a person to have problems. Don't feel guilty.

Having to speak in church can be scary for anybody. Write down a short, simple prayer to read if the situation comes up. Of course, practice reading the prayer a few times before you have to use it.

Likewise, at a small staff meeting, have some notes ready to refer to. The worst thing is to be caught unprepared.

And finally, a good confidence booster in speaking to others is to greet others. At work, when you walk past someone, nod and say "Hello." Likewise at church, acknowledge and say "Hello" to others. Causing the others to respond can give you the feeling of power and confidence. It also gives others the impression that you are friendly and not so shy.

I hope these idea help and that you become a confident speaker in all occasions. I am sure you can become a champion in speaking.

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How to register to become a certified public speaker?

March 10, 2015


How do I register to become a certified public speaker ?

Leroy - USA (25820)


Getting involved in the National Speakers Association in your community is the best route to become a certified public speaker. The group also provides good marketing information, as well as the chance to rub shoulders with other speakers.

Check the NSA website to find a chapter in your area.

Best wishes in your public speaking.

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Doing a free online course in public speaking

February 24, 2015


I am interesting in doing a free online course in public speaking.

juliet - Barbados (25789)


You really can't learn to speak well through an online course. Public speaking requires practice in front of a live audience.

A good way to learn public speaking is through Toastmasters. Check the Bridgeton Barbados Toastmaster website to get some information. There is no obligation for attending a meeting to see what it is all about.

I hope that helps you.

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Importance of public speaking for teachers

February 8, 2015


I would like to know the importance of public speaking for teachers. Please kindly answer my question. Thank you.

Hay Thi - Myanmar (25756)


Principles of public speaking apply to teachers.

When a teacher is presenting lesson material to the students, he or she is essentially giving a lecture or speech. It is a form of public speaking, where the students are the audience.

As in any good speech, it is important the the teacher speaks clearly, so that everyone can hear and understand what is being said. Many good public speakers interact with the audience to keep them engaged. It is important for teachers to do that too, instead of just talking on and on.

A public speaker is prepared and knows what he or she plans to say. Likewise, a teacher should have a lesson plan prepared.

Best wishes in successful teaching and public speaking.

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I am still afraid to talk to people

February 1, 2015


i do these all practices but not overcome my problem and still feel afraid when talk to people i don't know how to solve my problem i am a creative boy and i want to achieve my goals but this problem keep me away from my goals and it makes me so depressed.i am also so shy how to overcome this problem.i will be very thankful for your cooperation

NAJEEB ULLAH - Afghanistan (25735)


When speaking before a group with a prepared speech, practicing it many times in front of friends is a usual way to overcome fears.

However, there are many people who are shy and have fears about talking to others in a group or even to individuals. A big reason is that they don't know what to say or have problems expressing themselves.

In such a case, it is good to show interest in the other person and try to get him or her to talk. Other people like to talk about themselves, and this will take the pressure off of you. For example, in school you might ask the other person if he had trouble with the homework. Or at work, ask about what the person is working on. Or other times, you could ask for an opinion about a sporting event.

Once you are able to get the other person talking, your fears are reduces and you are much better able converse.

Likewise, a good opening for giving a speech is to ask the audience a good question, such as: "How many of you are interested in...?" Let them raise their hands. It also relaxes you.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in overcoming fears and in becoming a success. I know you have it in you.

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Wants information on public speaking

January 11, 2015


I want to get more information on public spending and how I can a student. I live in Stone Mountain Ga.

Kenneth - USA (25696)


See Public Speaking to get basic lessons.

It is worthwhile attending Toastmasters meetings to learn and practice. See Clubs near Stone Mountain, GA for more information.

Best wishes in your public speaking.

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Need help in starting speaking school

November 22, 2014


Kindly note that I have just checked the site for Zambia Toastmasters Club. I am sorry it cant meet our needs.Your School of Champions, route could be the best for us. Please see how you assist.

Emmanuel - Zambia (25582)


The School for Champions website gives some basic information on improving in public speaking. However, in order to improve people need to practice their speaking in front of live audiences.

f you want to start up a public speaking school, I do recommend looking into Toastmasters. If you look through the Zambia Toastmaster website, you will find free resources on public speaking, including online versions of the Toastmaster Magazine. Also, Toastmasters International has material that show how to start a club or school

It is worthwhile to research before organizing your public speaking school. Best wishes with your efforts.

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Wants to start public speaking school in Zambia

November 7, 2014



EMMANUEL - Zambia (25509)


A good route to take is to check with the Zambia Toastmasters Club. They have programs to start up Toastmasters clubs and public speaking schools.

Contact them to find a club in your location. Then attend some meetings to see how things are run. It should be informative to you.

Best wishes on establishing your public speaking school.

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Want to learn more about speaking

October 15, 2014


I want to learn more about public speaking

Elvira - USA (25451)


You can look over our lessons. Also, a good place to start is through Toastmasters and by attending some local Toastmasters Club meetings. They provide a chance to learn speaking and to practice it.

Find a club in your area.

Best wishes in your public speaking.

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Has to swallow in middle of talk

August 19, 2014


I have been doing readings in my church once a week for almost 2 years. I have overcome the initial fear of standing at the altar in front of the congregation, I prepare my readings all week and I know it almost by heart, the only problem I have is my saliva, I get the need to swallow in the middle of a sentence than would interrupt the intonation I want to project. If I force myself to continue without swallowing my voice sounds like I am about to cry.
I do not feel nervous or anxious anymore but this problem is causing me a problem.
My question: What to do to control the saliva.
thanks so much,

Sefora - USA (25291)


I used to have the same problem when I was in school and had to get up in front of the class. I know that it can be disruptive. With more confidence, I overcame the problem.

Do you practice the reading in front of someone, such as a family member or friend? You probably wouldn't have the problem then, and it might help during your "official" reading.

Another thing you might try is to have a glass of water available by the altar. Pause to take a sip at certain points in your reading. This may even add a dramatic effect to the talk.

You might ask your minister if he or she ever has the problem with having to swallow, in order to get some advice on the matter.

Best wishes on giving some great readings to your congregation.

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Was bullied when speaking in high school

May 6, 2014


i need a school or conference where the fear of speaking in public can be tackeled. my fear has to do with pycology, i was bulled while speaking in public in high school, since then, i believe that will happene again if i speak. i need expert that can work on me. pls where do i get that.

kemi - Nigeria (24929)


Some high school students think it is funny to bully or heckle a fellow student during a speech. But note that such things very seldom happen to adults, especially in business situations.

But still, you need to be prepared such that you are confident in your speech. This means you should practice before others before giving the speech to the public. You might even have some friend make comments to practice ignoring them when speaking.

A good place to practice speaking and learn good speaking skills is through the Toastmasters Club. Here is a listing of TM Clubs in Nigeria. Hopefully, you will find one in your area. There is no obligation to visit a meeting.

Best wishes on overcoming your fears and doing a good job in your public speaking. I know that you have it in you to succeed.

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Added links

April 15, 2014



I am writing from the leading Mind Mapping Software Developer, MindGenius.

I was going through your site School for Champions and I noticed you recommend mind mapping tools to your audience on the following page,

I am just enquiring as to whether you would be interested in adding MindGenius to your list of resources?

MindGenius is used extensively for preparing for speeches and presentations and comes with its own presentation view to help both create a speech and help present.

Would you also wish to receive a free licence of our most recent Version 5 of our mind mapping software. Let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to send you more details along with a free licence.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,


Simon - UK (24868)


I added a link to MindGenius in the Speaking Resources, Writing Resources, and Graphical Outlining pages.

It would be great if you sent me a free licence of the software.

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I want to improve my public speaking

April 3, 2014


improve public speaking

satarupa - India (24837)


Go through our lessons at Succeed in Public Speaking to get tips on improving your speaking skills.

Preparation and practice are very important. If you can join a speaking group or take a class on public speaking, it will help, because you get practice speaking in front of a group.

Best wishes for success in public speaking.

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Want to be in speaking course

November 24, 2013


I am Nikita.i am living in India I am 23year old girl may I appear for public speaking course at your school.i am a good speaker I want to get guidance for it.

nikita - India (24220)


It is good that you want to improve your public speaking skills. Feel free to read our lessons. However, the best way to learn is to practice in front of a live audience, so you can get feedback,

I suggest that you look into Toastmasters. Look at the listing of clubs in India to find one nearby. There is no obligation to attend some meetings to see what it is like.

Best wishes on improving your speaking skills.

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