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I am willing to learn General Chad
Suggested speaking resource General USA
Wants introduction for speech competition Introduced India
Wants online speech training General United Arab Emirates
How do I find places to give a speech? General Nigeria
I get sick when having to speak to groups General Uganda
I get embarrassed from trying to give speech General Uganda
Second graders supposed to give speeches General Egypt
I'm interested in public speaking General Nigeria
What type of food can help stop fear? Fear Tanzania
Wants to use material for trainees Boyd Question Answer Canada
How to improve my pronunciation General Malaysia
Competting in a speech contest General USA
How can I be a good public speaker? General Nigeria
Public speaking?? General Indonesia

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I am willing to learn

October 25, 2013


Willing to learn

Abakar - Chad (24132)


It is good that you are willing to learn. That is the first step in becoming a champion in your studies.

Feel free to go through the subjects of interest in this website. They will give you the basics for further studies.

Best wishes for success in your activities.

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Suggested speaking resource

September 27, 2013



My name is Kate Hubbard and I head up the content department of My team has created a great new resource titled: Public Speaking 101: The Top Online Resources. To view please follow our link:

Our resource lists 101 of the best public speaking related resources on the web for your readers to check out. We want to share our resource with you because your readers may benefit from it, and we believe it would make great content for your site.

Feel free to share the list with your readers. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Kate - USA (24056)


Thanks for the suggested resource. I added a link to Public Speaking 101 Resources and your Masters in Communications pages to the Speaking Resources page.

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Wants introduction for speech competition

August 27, 2013


hii , i am aaisha kapoor of 9th class studying in S.T. THOMAS COLLEGE.
On saturday (30th august 2013) our school is organising a litrecy competetion and i have taken part in it and i wants a nice introduction for it, i have searched in many books but i have not got.So i need a help.

The speech is about a "Portia" who was in disguise in the play The "Merchant Of Venice" written by famous writter "WILLIAM SHAKESPERE" Portia was in the law court requesting for mercy.

If you have any idea for it please send a nice introduction as soon as possible.

Aaisha - India (23971)


Here is a possible introduction for you:

Hello. My name is Aaisha Kapoor. Let me ask you a question: "How many of you have read Shakespeare's play 'The Merchant of Venice'?" (some people may raise their hands.) I read the play and found the story about the character Portia was fascinating. He was in disguise and requesting mercy in law court. So, that is what I want to share with you right now.

I think this introduction would get your audience's interest and curiosity.

I hope that helps. Best wishes for success in your speech.

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Wants online speech training

August 25, 2013


online public speech training

- United Arab Emirates (23966)


You really need to practice speaking in front of other people to learn to give speeches. It is very difficult to learn online.

I suggest you try Toastmasters to help you learn.

Check Toastmaster Clubs in UAE and find one in your city.

Best wishes in learning public speaking.

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How do I find places to give a speech?

June 30, 2013


My name is Joseph Assima, I what to ask you this question. If one has the skills in pulic speaking but his community is not intrested in pulic speaking what action should be taken?

Joseph - Nigeria (23820)


Besides skills in public speaking, you need to find topics that are of interest to others. Then you need to do a form of marketing research to find places to speak.

Organizations or clubs are always looking for speakers on subjects like financial planning, success tips, and getting a good job.

Look in your community to find clubs, groups, and organizations and then ask them if they ever have speakers. In this way you can find places to speak.

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I get sick when having to speak to groups

May 14, 2013


hi am called Juliana a student i relaiesd that my public speaking potential are bad no matter what kind of courage i get from peers when i cames to that matter i even get sick what can i do? cos i need that subject in my career

Juliana - Uganda (23686)


It is true that being able to speak in public can be valuable in your career. Thus, it is important to practice speaking to become comfortable with doing it.

The goal in speaking is to communicate information to the other people. Often speakers get nervous when they don't have a clear idea about what to say or are trying to impress others.

You don't worry about impressing your friends or worry about making a mistake, do you? The same attitude can be taken when speaking to a group. Think in terms of making sure they understand what you want to say. This will reduce your anxiety.

Also, check local schools if there are courses or organizations on public speaking. They are good places to practice your speaking.

You are on the right track, and I am sure you can overcome your fears.

Best wishes in your public speaking.

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I get embarrassed from trying to give speech

April 17, 2013


i am 50 years and can't make speech in public. I have tried several times but ends up being embarrassed. What could be my problem or what am i supposed to do?

Ayub - Uganda (23626)


It is very important to be well-prepared to give your speech. That means you should have your speech written down and practice giving it many times before giving it to a group.

Your speech should not be long. Reading it should take five minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Just as an actor in a play or a musician rehearses many times before performing, so too must someone giving a speech. It is good to practice giving your speech before friends and family, so that you are sure of your performance. Also, there is nothing wrong with using notes to make sure you don't forget what you were going to say.

Realize that your audience wants to hear what you have to say. If you make mistakes or have problems, do not be embarrassed. You are not trying to show how good you are, but to communicate information to the group.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes for success in your next speech.

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Second graders supposed to give speeches

March 17, 2013



I am a new English teacher and I am asked to teach students of Grade 2 to study by heart a small speech and deliver it for International Day. I have not tried this before and I don't know how to make them deliver a speech. Please I need help.


Nora - Egypt (23547)


Although the students could memorize a short speech, it is better for them to write and tell a short speech in their own words.

A good way to present such a speech, starts with an introduction and topic of the speech, like: "Hello, I am Nora, and I want to tell about different people in the world."

They can then relate it to some personal experiences. The points is the maximum. For example, "Some people from France visit Egypt. They speak a different language that we do. I've never met someone from France."

After they give a few points, they conclude with repeating the topic: "And those are some of the different people visiting Egypt."

Those in Grade 2 should be able to give such a speech related to things they know. It can be fun. Some are talkative and some children are quiet and shy in a speech.

Make sure that are each speech, everyone applauds.

I hope this helps and best wishes in this assignment.

Also see our section on Speech Writing.

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I'm interested in public speaking

March 11, 2013


Good day, I'm interested in public speaking and I should like to know what are the criteria I must possess. Do you have a training school?! I shall look forward to hearing from you soonest

Adegboyega - Nigeria (23536)


You need to be able to write a speech and then learn to give it properly to an audience.

See our section on Speech Writing for ideas.

A good place to learn public speaking and to practice your skills is through the Toastmasters Club. See Toastmasters Clubs in Nigeria and visit one nearby. There is no obligation.

Best wishes in becomig a great public speaker.

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What type of food can help stop fear?

March 2, 2013


Thanx for good lesson,so what type of food can help fear speaking , and there are many people try to speak but in public is difficult for her to talk, the heart breath fast.

Anne - Tanzania (23514)


Being well prepared and practicing the speech before friends are the best ways to reduce the fear of speaking.

However, public speakers have found that if they eat a heavy meal before giving a speech, their mind can become sluggish and they might even forget things in the speech. This can cause anxiety for the speaker.

Some speakers have tried drinking alcohol before speaking to relax them. Unfortunately, they may be so relaxed that they do a poor job.

The best thing is to be well-prepared and to start your speech aiming it at a friendly face in the audience. In a short time, it will be easier to present the material and the heart will be back to normal.

Best wishes in your speaking.

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Boyd Question Answer

Wants to use material for trainees

January 28, 2013


i am an English instructor to Angolan oil and gas trainees who are coming to Canada to study both the industry as well as English. would i be able to include this page, and the information contained therein, in my classroom? that would require making a Word document (for my use only) which would be projected in the classroom setting only. i would like to use the document in the classroom both in Angola and here in Canada.


Dwight - Canada (23158)


You have permission to include the material for your students provided you include a reference and link to the web address.

Note that other material in the School for Champions website might be useful to your students.

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How to improve my pronunciation

January 26, 2013


How To Improve My pronunciation

Lim - Malaysia (23151)


Speaking carefully and breaking words into their syllables helps to improve pronunciation. For example: "How to im-prove my pro-nun-ci-a-tion" breaks the words into their syllables. Note that "tion" is pronounced "shun" in English.

Another good practice is to listen to recordings of people who have good pronunciation and repeat what is said. This teaches you to pronounce words correctly. Also record your voice when speaking to become aware of mistakes you may make.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in improving your pronunciation.

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Competting in a speech contest

January 24, 2013


My name is Kristen. Coming up soon for FBLA I am going to competition and competing in public speaking. I have given speeches before, but would like some professional opinions.

Kristen - USA (23149)


For a competition, the first part is writing out a good speech.

Pick a topic that will appeal to both the judges and the audience. It should also be a topic of great interest to you. Try to keep the speech simple and to the point. Add some stories or personal experiences that relate to the topic. Humorous stories often are appealing.

Practice giving your speech a number of times to family and friends, so that you have a smooth delivery. Also, you can see weak areas or sentences that are awkward and need improvement.

Perhaps check with your local Toastmasters Club to possibly get advice.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in your competition.

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How can I be a good public speaker?

January 12, 2013


How can i be an orator and good public speaker. Must i memorise everything that i have say .i.e.speaking without reading from a written text?.

TENA - Nigeria (23123)


You want to speak on subjects that really interest you, such that you have many facts on hand. This helps you write a speech that is easy to remember.

It is good to start with short 5-minute speeches before you try longer speeches. You need to practice your speeches in front of friends before giving the speech to strangers.

A good place to practice and improve your speaking skills is through Toastmasters. See Nigerian Toastmasters clubs for a list of clubs in your area.

With practice and experience, you can become a good orator. Best wishes in your speaking success.

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Public speaking??

December 3, 2012


Public speaking??

rahmi - Indonesia (23054)


Read through the Speaking lessons to find out about public speaking.

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