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by Ron Kurtus

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Problems with eye-contact when speaking Fear USA
I want to be good public speaker General Cambodia
My mind gets empty when speaking to a group Goals India
Publish speaking in Arabic General Oman
Wants to overcome fear of speaking in English Fear India
Seeking public speaking trainer in Mali, Africa General Mali
Request link exchange Toastmasters USA
What other problems do speakers have? Fear Pakistan
Interested in public speaking as a career General South Africa
Suggestions on improving the mini-quiz Fear Kenya
Wants interesting theme for seminar Boyd Short Guide USA
What are the aims of public speaking? General Nigeria
Wants to be a lawyer but fears speaking Fear UK
Wants to start a speaking school General Nigeria
Worried about unfamiliar people in the audience Fear India

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Problems with eye-contact when speaking

January 26, 2010


What if I have problems with eye-contact when speaking in front of a class?(My eyes usually get dry and teary) How can I handle it in a better way?

Yari - USA (19112)


Start your speech by looking at a friend in the class or the teacher if he or she is in the back of the class. You don't have to worry about eye-contact until you get going with the speech. Even then, you can easily look at the class in one direction and then another. If gives the appearance of speaking to them, without really focusing on one individual or looking out into space.

If your eyes get dry or teary, it is probably due to nervousness. There is nothing wrong with blinking to clear up your eyes.

If you still have trouble with dry eyes, you might try eye drops before the speech.

I hope that helps, and best wishes in speaking to your class.

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I want to be good public speaker

December 26, 2009


Dear Sir/Madam
My name chhaly i have a question i want to be good public speaker
i want you teach me how can i be a speaker?
i want to learn from lesson 1
thanks you so much
Best regard

chhaly - Cambodia (18925)


You can use our lessons to help you improve, but you really can't learn to be a good speaker without practicing in front of a group.

If you live near Phnom Penh, you can visit one of their Toastmasters Clubs, where you can learn and practice public speaking. It is a very good way to learn.

Email and for information about the two clubs in Phnom Penh.

Otherwise, you can look for classes in your area or write a 5-minute speech to give to groups in your area.

Best wishes on becoming a good speaker.

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My mind gets empty when speaking to a group

December 10, 2009


Hello Sir,
This is sohail from India, want to improve my speaking skils. how i go to speak in front of the public. when i see the crowd, my mind gets empty, i llost my enthusium, i feel shy, and body language has became poor. what can i do pls help me in this regd...

Sultan - India (18819)


You should never speak in front of a group without thoroughly preparing your speech. All public speakers write out their speech and practice it several times before going in front of a group. Otherwise, it is easy to have a lapse of memory or speak in a confused manner. Even giving your speech to friends before hand will give you confidence when required to speak in front of strangers.

A good place to practice and improve your speaking skills is in the Toastmasters Club. There are clubs in many cities in India, and there is no obligation to visit and attend a meeting. See:

Best wishes on improving your speaking skills.

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Publish speaking in Arabic

December 6, 2009


what is important of puplic speaking?

do yuo think should teache puplic speaking in Arabic college wiche teache English languge and why?

Maryam - Oman (18795)


To be able to speak to a group is important in teaching, in business, in politics and in many other areas. It is way to communicate your ideas to many people, instead of just a one-on-one conversation.

You need to speak in a language that your audience can readily understand, whether it is Arabic, English or French. Also, each culture has their own guidelines, so you must be aware of the culture of the audience.

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Wants to overcome fear of speaking in English

December 2, 2009


This is as good as simple one for overcoming the fear of speaking in english. I've as much as skills on writing rather than speaking. Can i get any further ideas/material/ways to overcome this and wanna be a good public speaker. I would really appreciate if you do this help. I expect this help form you.

Kind & BestRegards,

Bala Subrahmanyam Sajja

bala - India (18768)


A first step in being a good speaker is to write a good speech. After you write something, read it aloud so that you can tell if the words are the best for speaking or better for reading. Also, you can time the speech. You want to start with a 5-minute speech and then a 15-minute speech. Those are the best lengths when you get started.

Since English is not your first language, try to speak clearly in your speech, enunciating your words. Think in terms of making sure the audience understands you.

A good place to practice your speaking skills is in Toastmasters. India has Toastmasters Clubs in many cities in India. See: for a list. There is no obligation when visiting a club.

Best wishes in becoming a good public speaker.

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Seeking public speaking trainer in Mali, Africa

November 20, 2009


I look for a trainer in public speaking, who speak french , for a seminar to Mali(West africa),which will last 2 months.
thank you
your faithfully

samake - Mali (18711)


I am sorry, but we do not know of any trainers for seminars in Mali. If we hear of anyone suitable, we will let you know.

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Request link exchange

November 16, 2009



I run a Speech and Communication informational website, and I am wondering if you would like to trade links with me?

I would give your site a listing on my page at: speechclub/resource

If you would be willing to exchange links, please use the following:


If you would like do the exchange, please add my link and then email me the url of the page you've added it to. Then, I will promptly add yours on my page & send you a confirmation email in return.

Thank you,

Joe - USA (18673)


Looks like you have a great website on speaking. I put links to your site at:

You can add the following link to our site:


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What other problems do speakers have?

November 4, 2009


this topic is too good bt solutions are more i wanna to know problems faced in p[ublic speaking

beenish - Pakistan (18622)


The number one problem people have is fear of speaking. But that often comes from lack of preparation and being disorganized.

Sometimes there are people in the audience who are rude and disruptive. That seldom happens in a professional setting, but it can happen when speaking to the general public. You need to prepare for such disruptions, so that you do not get flustered.

Another problem comes from faulty equipment. You could use a microphone that does not work well or a projector that goes out. Likewise, you need contingency plans for those occurrences.

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Interested in public speaking as a career

September 17, 2009


Im in the eastern cape in Umtata i'm very interested in public speaking as a career, im prepared to go through any coarse to perfect the skill please can you give me an elaborate information about your institution

Thuthu - South Africa (18326)


Our lessons are free to help you supplement your education. Start by going through our lessons of public speaking.

Then a good way to get started in public speaking is to become involved in the Toastmasters Club. There are a number of clubs in South Africa. Check to see if there are any nearer your city. There is no obligation to attend a meeting to see if it is suitable to you.

What you can also do is to write a 5 to 15 minute speech on a subject that is interesting to an audience. Then seek groups in your community where you can give the speech at a meeting for free. As you build your reputation, you can then start charging for your speech.

Best wishes on your speaking career.

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Suggestions on improving the mini-quiz

September 15, 2009


I think the mini quiz should dwell more on the you-perspective rather than ones understanding of this passage. Everybody understands hisher own weakness in public speaking. so it could be better if you set questions targeting ones opinions of his her own weakness then you could then point out the problem and then direct the person to one of the points that have been written on the passage. thanks

philip - Kenya (18315)


Thanks for your suggestions on improving the mini-quiz and questions. We will look into employing your ideas in our quiz.

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Boyd Short Guide

Wants interesting theme for seminar

September 14, 2009


we will conduct a seminar-workshop regarding on how to be an effective speaker. can you suggest some possible objectives and one interesting theme?

thank you..
i highly anticipate you response to this request.

kimera joy - USA (18314)


There are many aspects to becoming an effective speaker, including presentation skill at overcoming the fear of speaking to groups. You might check the Toastmasters website at for some ideas of objectives and themes for your workshop.

Best wishes on a successful seminar.

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What are the aims of public speaking?

September 3, 2009


What are the aims of public speaking in a nutshell.

harry - Nigeria (18252)


Each person has his own purpose for public speaking. It may be to provide knowledge, information or opinions to an audience. It could be to make a career of giving speeches to people. It could also be to advance in your career or get elected to a political office. There are many reasons that a person may have.

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Wants to be a lawyer but fears speaking

August 26, 2009


I am studying law at the moment and i have to be able to think independently and give confident presentations to an audience. Needless to say that i have a huge fear of speaking publicly, I've had this fear for a couple of years and it's really had an impact on my success thus far.
I done a 4 year stint in the marines and i think it developed sometime over that period.

Any feedback at all would be appreciated

regards L.

lee - UK (18216)


It would be worthwhile for you to participate in Toastmasters, where you can practice giving short talks to a group that will also give you some constructive feedback. It is a great way to gain confidence in speaking, as well as professional polish.

Find a club in your community from: You can check out a meeting to see if it suits you.

Although the Marines can build confidence in some cases, the harsh criticism often given can also destroy a person's confidence.

Best wishes in overcoming your fear and becoming a top lawyer.

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Wants to start a speaking school

August 25, 2009


I wish to be an effective public speaker. Hence,I looked for a school where I could learn how to be an effective public speaker, but I couldn't get one in Kaduna, Nigeria where I live. I have, therefore, decided to set up a school of public speaking myself here.Can you help me on how to go about it, please?
Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

Remi - Nigeria (18202)


The first thing to do is to write a speech that you can give to various audiences. It is good to start with a 5 minute speech and then build to one that is 15 minutes long. Practice giving the speech to friends and then look for groups that may want a speaker. I am sure there are a number of groups in Kanduna.

This is a good way to gain experience.

A good way to start a school on public speaking is to associate with Toastmasters International. They have lesson books and guidelines for starting a groups where people can practice speaking and learn the right way to do it.

There are two Toastmaster Clubs in Nigeria, but both are in Lagos. It would be a good idea to contact them to find out how you can start up a Toastmasters Club in Kandura. They have a very good program from public speaking.

Eagle Club - Website:

Surulere Toastmasters Club - email:

Best wishes on becoming an effective speaker and on starting your speaking organization. Let me know how things turn out.

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Worried about unfamiliar people in the audience

July 20, 2009


Hello i'm a student from india. i'have given few small presentation in my class i experience that i have no problem in one-one commuciation or while speaking in front of familiar group of ppl but have prob when i see new faces during dissucion session or while giving presentation to new ppl. how shud i overcome this fear.what is the cause of such peoblem. plzz help me.

smruti - India (18041)


The fear is usually from trying to impress people you do not know. Your real goal is to communicate your information and not to impress anyone but the teacher.

Realize that the unfamiliar people in the audience are anxious to hear what you have to say. But you need to clearly communicate with them so that they understand you.

I good way to start a presentation is to initially aim it at a friend in the audience or the teacher. Once you get going, you will relax and then you can look at the other people in the audience.

Before you start talking, count to ten to yourself to allow the audience and yourself to settle down.

I hope these ideas help you make successful presentations.

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