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by Ron Kurtus

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Oscar was a point guard All-time NBA
All-time list All-time NBA
Top five All-time NBA USA

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All-time NBA

Oscar was a point guard

February 13, 2003


Oscar Roberts was a point guard not a two, were he average a triple-double every night for seasons.

- (954)


You may be right. Robertson brought the ball down court himself and either dished it off or shot. Jerry West played both. Magic was more like Oscar in that he did it all.

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All-time NBA

All-time list

December 2, 2002


The starting line up on my all star nba team would be

Point Guards
Magic Johnson
Bob Cousy

Shooting Guards
Michael Jordan
Oscar Robertson

Small Forwards
Dr. Jay
Larry Bird

Power Forwards
Elgin Baylor
Kevin McHale

Wilt Chamberlain
Hakeem Olijuwan

The playees names on the top would be the people that would start

Ebonicookie - (2377)


Thanks for your feedback.

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All-time NBA

Top five

October 15, 2002


I ran across your website and had to add my ultimate team who would never lose to any other five players.

The five greatest basketball players of all-time: All are pure champions in every sense of the word with hearts and minds of steel.

1) Magic Johnson (point guard) - some could say Stockton has more assists. True, but Magic played 1/2 the amount of years- he's also 6'9". End of story - he is on the list no question.

2) Michael Jordan (shooting guard) - no question

3) Larry Bird (forward) - no question

4) Bill Russell (forward) - I understand he's a center, however, Shaq needs to now be included on this list as the center as he has earned it and will still have several more championships before he's finished. Russell was such a versitale player and play maker that he could easily have played the forward position and been put on the list of one of the two greatest forwards of all time. Remember, these five players are who I would pick over any others in their prime and you need experience and maturity to gel all these personalities together and Russell would have been the gel.

5) Shaquille O'Neal (center) - I used to have Wilt, who I believe was a much better athlete and all around ball player than Kareem. However, O'Neal's sheer size and dominance and the fact he is now a champion puts him in the elite 5 greatest of all-time.

J - USA (2376)


Time will tell on Shaq. Don't forget that Wilt had to go up against the likes of Russell, Walt Belamy and some other top defensive centers. There aren't any real centers in the game today. Also, I prefer not to name active players, because you never know how their career will evolve.

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