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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 211 comments and questions on TQM issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Looking for customer satisfaction form for hotels Complaints Russia
Is TQM only for big company? General Viet Nam
I want to study TQM in Canada General Canada
Explain about rectifying complaints Complaints Kuwait
Seeking a Ph.D. in TQM General India
TQM in the future Principles India
How realistic are methods to deal with complaints? Complaints Viet Nam
How to handle an irate customer? Complaints VietNam
What is the impact of TQM in production systems? General India
Questions on 4 strategies in TQM General Pakistan
Why is quality service important in a restaurant? Restaurant Quality Panama
Project on menu engineering Restaurant Quality India
Difficult to get clients to pay for services Principles Zimbabwe
Doing a poka yoke audit for automobile company Poka-Yoke Tunisia
How can you deal with dishonest customers? Complaints Indonesia

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Looking for customer satisfaction form for hotels

June 20, 2010


I would like to ask you send me an example of Customer Satisfaction form for hotels. My name is Gala Talaeva, I am from Russia. I have a friend who works as an administrator in an hotel and she would like to improve her work by using some of instruments which help her to satisfy clients of her hotel.

Thank you in advance.

Gala - Russia (19936)


Look at the following websites for information and examples of customer satisfaction material for hotels.

How to design a customer satisfaction form:

Obtaining customer feedback:

Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Swans Hotel - Customer Survey:

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Is TQM only for big company?

June 8, 2010


hi. I'm from viet nam. I have a question about TQM. Is TQM only for big company. And why ?Hope I will have an answer soon. Because I have an exam about it in 7 hours. Thank a lot.

nguyen le - Viet Nam (19863)


TQM principles can even apply to an individual, where you continually improve, satisfy your customer, and get quality from your suppliers. On a larger scale, TQM uses statistics to effectively measure improvements. But even for a small company, those measurements are possible.

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I want to study TQM in Canada

June 5, 2010


I want to study TQM in Canada. Can you help me and give me address of any university studying this specialization

Thank you

tark - Canada (19843)


TQM is not being taught much anymore. Instead, a variation of it, called Six-Sigma, is being taught in more colleges.

For TQM, see:

For a list of Six-Sigma and TQM, see:

I hope this helps.

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Explain about rectifying complaints

May 24, 2010


Hello :D
Can you help me, please :( ?

Complaints are powerful things. In one page, explain what this means. In your answer describe:
" How complaints affect an organisation
" Why it is important to communicate with customers appropriately
" Why it is important to document complaints and negotiate and outcome so the customer is happy

Dalal - Kuwait (19783)


Often customers do not complain to the business. Instead they complain to friends and tell them not to buy at the business.

If a customer voices a complaint to the business and they do not satisfy the complaint, the customer will probably not come back or buy their products. Not only that, an unsatisfied customer will usually tell up to 10 friends about the bad experience with the company. This means much loss in customers.

If the business listens and satisfies the complaint, often the customer will return to buy more and will even tell friends about it.

It is important for a company to document complaints, so that they will rectify the situation and improve their processes so that they get no more complaints on that issue.

One of the biggest reasons for complaints concerns rude or uncaring sales people.

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Seeking a Ph.D. in TQM

May 19, 2010


Dear Sir,

I did my MSc in TQM, i want to do PhD in TQM, Is there any institutions for the same. Some foreign universities are offering, but are too costly, is there any low fees university.


Padmanabha - India (19747)


Much depends on what you want to do with your degree. With a Ph.D., you probably would be looking at teaching in a college or university. However, if you want to get in industry, having a Masters degree in TQM is a very good start. Note that if you are a valuable worker in a company, you will often help pay your tuition to get an advanced degree.

It is worth checking with companies to see what they have available in TQM, as well as to check in some professional organizations, specializing in quality issues. Whether or not you seek your Ph.D., it is good to find out what is happening in the "real world" that will allow you to advance your career.

Sorry, I don't have information on universities offering degrees in TQM.

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TQM in the future

April 15, 2010


tqm in today past future

sarojkumar - India (19546)


A major problems concerning TQM is that some companies change the principles to suit their own need or to try to be different. A good example is the Six-Sigma program, which is very similar to TQM, but has a different name.

Satisfying the customer and improving the quality of goods and services will always be needed in business. Companies that do not improve will fall by the wayside.

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How realistic are methods to deal with complaints?

April 10, 2010


TIPS Dealing with customers and their complains
1. allow angry customers to express their feelings without interrupting them.
2. try not to take their complains and xriticisms personally.
3. never argue with a customer.
4. look or sound concerned. show that you are listening.
5. sympathize without accepting liability.
7. never show your irritation or lose your temper.
1. how realistic do you think they are?
2. how possible is it follow them at all times?

Hanh - Viet Nam (19526)


The TIPS are instructions from the company on how to effectively handle customer complaints. The customer service representative must learn to use psychology in dealing with customers who are angry or who have complaints. It is a very important service for the company and requires skill in dealing with people.

The customer service representative is there to help the customer resolve issues. But sometimes the simply needs to "blow off steam" or express his anger. Just as a psychologist will listen to a patient's problems and sympathize with the person, you must do the same thing. It is not personal. They may be angry at the company, so if the person seems angry at you, you can try to defuse the anger.

However, sometimes it is difficult to hold your temper if the complainer starts to make personal insults. Also, it can be tiring to listen to complaints all day long. But realize that you are doing the company and the customer a service in helping resolve the issue.

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How to handle an irate customer?

April 9, 2010


How realistic do you think about dealing with customers and their complains? How possible is it to follow them at all times?

I have a case that the women went on a flight to Moscow for a business trip. The plane was four hours delayed, her luggage was lost, and there was no food available on the flight. She feel the company should refund her the price of the ticket and apologize for their poor service. She is in no mood to compromise.

If you are a call handler: you want to be friendly and helpful. you can give the customer a free upgrade to business class on their next flight but you cannot offer any refund. Your company does not want to apologize because the lost baggage was the airport's fault, not your company's.

How will you persuade as possible as?

Thank you so much.

Hanh - VietNam (19522)


The most important thing is that the customer is allowed to complain and that the call handler is sympathetic and indicates a willingness to rectify the situation. Often, the customer will feel better and calm down if she feels the call handler is on her side.

As far as the woman who had a bad flight to Moscow goes, you can apologize for the company that the flight was delayed and explain it was due to conditions out of the company's control (like weather, etc.) If she insists on getting a refund, tell her you will ask your manager if that is possible (i.e. you are on her side). After a short time on hold, tell her it is against company policy, but you were able to arrange for her to get a free upgrade.

If she still is unreasonable, there is nothing you can do about it. Most people understand that planes are often delayed for various reasons.

As far as the lost luggage goes, you can sympathize and explain that it was a problem at the airport. then give her a number at the airport to call.

It is a difficult job handling customer complaints. In most cases, if they see you are trying to help, the person will calm down. However, there are a few people who are either unreasonable or are simply trying to get something for nothing. If your company loses such a customer, it probably is for the best.

I hope these ideas helped and best wishes in your job.

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What is the impact of TQM in production systems?

March 25, 2010


what is the impact of TQM in our production system and operation?

Abhay - India (19432)


Implementing TQM will help to reduce losses due to waste and help with customer and supplier relations. However, it is good to also apply ISO 9000 standards, so that your operations are run properly and that everything required is well-documented.

For information on ISO 9000, see:

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Questions on 4 strategies in TQM

March 19, 2010


Respected Sir(s),

My question is please send me about the following 4 strategies in TQM respectively.

1. Repair
2. Refinement
3. Renovation
4. Reinvention


Issrar - Pakistan (19395)


Each one of those items are ways to improve a product or the way it is made. It is part of the continuous process improvement aspect of TQM. However, each of them is a wide ranging subject and cannot be explained in a few sentences.

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Restaurant Quality

Why is quality service important in a restaurant?

March 7, 2010


Please! I would like to know more about the quality question is why the service in a restaurant is more important than food?? I want get more information about that. thank you for understanding.

Timoteo - Panama (19340)


Although good food is very important to customers in a restaurant, if the service is poor or rude, they will probably not come back or recommend the restaurant to others.

However, if the food is mediocre but the service is efficient and pleasant, the customer can feel the meal was relaxing and enjoyable, even if the food was not that good.

Obviously, you want to have both good food and good service. Some restaurant owners forget that the customer wants an enjoyable experience while eating their meal.

Consider other restaurants in your area and rate them on both the quality of the food and quality of the service. Being a customer is a good way to see what is important in going to a restaurant.

I hope that helps you in your business.

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Restaurant Quality

Project on menu engineering

March 4, 2010


I am making my project on menu engineering can you help me what are quetion to be ask by restaurant manager for collecting information regarding this topic

bhakar - India (19327)


Some restaurants select a menu related to what they think customers would like to eat. Others--especially expensive restaurants--will have a menu according the the master chef's special talents.

One question is how the order of items on a menu is selected? Often they are grouped according to types of food, like noodle dishes, curry dishes, etc. But within those groups, how are the items listed? According to price or what the people like the most?

Some menus put stars next to their top selling items. Ask if there is any way to let the customer know what is best.

I hope these ideas help in your project.

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Difficult to get clients to pay for services

February 15, 2010


How can i get bussiness in an environment like Zimbabwe.I am in an accounting bussiness and finding it difficult to make clients pay for my services?

never - Zimbabwe (19220)


Clients who do not pay their bills for services rendered is a problem in many businesses. It is easy for an accounting client to receive your services and then neglect to pay you, because it is after the fact. Some may even claim they were not satisfied with your service as a way to justify not paying for it.

It is always good to have the customer sign a contract that defines what you will do and how much you are charging. Agreeing to those terms gives you legal recourse to go after them if they don't pay. Also, just signing a contract often results in a person feeling they need to pay.

Some businesses require a down payment before the work is started, with the remainder due on delivery. In that way, you know you will get at least part payment.

Also, you can guarantee satisfaction, which encourages customers to pay.

Obviously, you do not want to deal again with those who do not pay.

I hope these ideas help you. Best wishes for success in your business.

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Doing a poka yoke audit for automobile company

February 3, 2010


Dear sir,

Am Ramya working in an Automobile company.Am supposed to perform an indepth audit on poke yoke and am in the process of making checklist and procedure for audit.Am happy if you could support me in this for preparation of poke yoke audit checklist.

Ramya - Tunisia (19153)


Within every process you are looking at, you need to verify that poka yoke is used in that process or at that work station. You also need to verify that the form of poka yoke has been effective. This means to example the statistics of failures or mistakes on that work process.

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How can you deal with dishonest customers?

January 26, 2010


How can we dealing with customer that complaint about the goods they bought e.g :

* exceed the return period policy ( 7 days )
* on sale items
* dishonest customers

johanes - Indonesia (19109)


One adage in business is that the customer is always right -- one time. That means if the customer does something wrong again, you can refuse to cooperate.

Rules you have on returning items within a certain time or in returning sales items must be clearly posted, so that customers are aware of them.

However, you must use judgment in any customer service situation. You want to have customers feel good about shopping in your store, but you also don't want them to take advantage of you.

For example, you could explain the return policy, but if it is only a few days over and you think the customer is a regular customer, you can make a special exception to keep that customer coming back. Likewise on returning sales items. But care must be taken or everything will think they can break the rules.

A customer may be dishonest about a product they want to return and say it doesn't work or may have broken an object or ripped some clothing and claim it was that way when they bought it. The only thing you can do is to be polite and accept the explanation.

If it is a small store and you get to know the customers, you can tell which ones are the trouble-makers and avoid cooperating with them. Larger stores take into consideration losses to dishonesty in the revenue.

I hope these ideas help you in your business.

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