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by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 211 comments and questions on TQM issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Ideas for poka yoke projects. Poka-Yoke India
How can I improve the business in my grocery store? Satisfy Customer UK
Doing a presentation on total quality management Principles Papua New Guinea
How can customer complaints benefit a company? Complaints Nepal
How can a company recover its reputation? Complaints Botswana
Difference in service between fast food and restaurants Satisfy Customer Philippines
Using TQM in assembly of TV sets Principles Sri Lanka
Wants to start up a new business Principles Nigeria
Is TQM an integrated approach? General India
Workers put panels in wrong boxes Poka-Yoke Malaysia
Companies using TQM in India General India
Can TQM be applied in social work? Principles South Africa
Worried about opening an Indian restaurant Restaurant Quality USA
Want an MBA in TQM Principles India
Concepts of TQM Principles Egypt

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Ideas for poka yoke projects.

June 29, 2009


I am interested in getting some ideas on electrical switchboard on which i can do poka yoke projects.

Please reply

Jaykrishnan - India (17954)


You have to be clever to make something like an electrical switchboard and apply Poka-Yoke.

For example, if someone must turn switches in a certain order, you must make sure that nothing will work unless they do it correctly. Sometimes warning lights will tell the user.

Also, any type of electrical outlets must be made so that only the correct plug may be used.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

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Satisfy Customer

How can I improve the business in my grocery store?

June 7, 2009


I am running grocery shop in small town, There is big competitions and limited customers, I like to do something different from others shopkeepers to improve my customers volume, Can you please give me any kind of advertising materiel that i can use and achieve my target...
Thanks from

KHURRAM - UK (17868)


Certainly you need to run your business effectively and efficiently, especially in a small community with competition and limited customers.

The best way to improve your business is to give extra and personal service to your existing customers through going out of your way to satisfy them, even if it means that little extra work. Get to know your existing customers and what they like to purchase in your store. Become friends with them.

It is often good to ask your customers if there is anything they would like improved about your grocery store. If you have several people commenting about the desire for certain product, then try to have that product available for them.

Another thing to do is to become involved in some of the local community activities. You want everyone to know about your grocery store.

If your existing customers are happy about your service and your store, they will tell their friends to shop at your store too.

The very best advertising in a small community is word-of-mouth advertising. That is, one person telling another one a good store your grocery store is.

I hope that helps you improve your business. Let me know how things turn out.

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Doing a presentation on total quality management

April 30, 2009


Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am doing a presentation on total quality management and I do not know what to say since I haven't covered the topic yet in my class. Could you please send me some Basic Tips on what to say, especially the practical side of Total Quality Management?

Your positive response is highly appreciated.

Joel Gamba
Student (Divine Word University)

Joel - Papua New Guinea (17678)


You can get a good overview of Total Quality Management by going through our lessons.

Take a look at the online presentation, with slides and audio, that was given on TQM at:

That should give you a practical application of TQM.

Best wishes in your presentation.

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How can customer complaints benefit a company?

April 29, 2009


how can customer compalaints benefit an organisation?'since an organisation will always receive complaints,its doesn't pay attention about them?

ranju - Nepal (17672)


If the company works to satisfy the complaint of an irate customer, such that the person is satisfied, then they will actually gain in their reputation.

But also, hearing complaints about the product or service should allow the company to make corrections and improve what they deliver to their customers. It is the angry customer who does not complain that can cause the most horrible and not allow the company to improve.

An organization that does not pay attention to complaints feels that they have a monopoly in the market place. But as soon as another organization that does a better job starts to compete with them, they may very well go out of business.

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How can a company recover its reputation?

January 29, 2009


if the company is facing a serious bad word of mouth by the customers how can it recover soon so as to attain the customer it might loss back,and how can the company know that its name is beeing spoiled out there.

Obogisitswe - Botswana (17175)


If a customer purchases a inferior product or receives rude service, he will often tell others about his bad experience. That is why it is so important to give good service to customers and try to satisfy their expectations.

It can take a long time to rectify the situation, since even if the company starts to sell quality products and provide good service, many may not be aware of the improvement.

What is needed is a complete turn-around in company attitude and an effort to become the best in its field in order to regain its reputation. The Japanese at one time were known for making inferior products, but their reputation changed when they started manufacturing superior products. The bad view took years to change.

But if a company or store acts rude and insulting to a customer, they may never come back, even if the company has changed its ways.

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Satisfy Customer

Difference in service between fast food and restaurants

December 11, 2008


Dear Sir,

I would like to ask,what are the similarities and differences on service quality between fast food and restaurant?
thank you.

Mariane - Philippines (16933)


It must be made clear to the customer what to expect in each type of restaurant.

Some fast food restaurants like McDonald's have a standard of service that is supposed to be in every one of their restaurants. Customers are usually satisfied with the service. But many fast food restaurants emphasize speed instead of service and often the servers are even rude.

In a regular restaurant, the customer usually pays more for the food and expects good service and a comfortable atmosphere. But there are some regular restaurants that are poorly run and give service that is not even equal to that in a fast food restaurant.

TQM is about stating the standards you will follow and then meeting the customer expectation of quality of service and food.

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Using TQM in assembly of TV sets

November 21, 2008


Dear Sir

Im Chathuranga, a Sri Lankan. I have a plan of setup a plant to essamble TVs in here.

Could you pls advice me that what are the steps which I could take in order to assure the TQM is in order.

Thanks & Best Regards

Chathuranga - Sri Lanka (16836)


Your goal is to make quality products (TVs) that fulfill the customer's specifications and expectations, while minimizing losses and waste in your assembly process.

You can do this by making sure you have clear requirements from your customer and by working to satisfy them with the best product possible.

You also want to improve the assembly process by asking your workers to point out areas of waste and inefficiency. Their input on the quality of the product will help them be proud of their work and help the overall efficiency.

Usually, it is the process and method that needs improvement, not pushing the workers to do more.

Likewise, you want suppliers and those providing services to your plant to feel they are your partners. Help and encourage them to provide you with quality goods and services. Your success will be their success too.

Measurement is important in TQM in order to monitor progress. How long does it take to assemble the TVs? How many defective sets do you have? How often does assembly equipment break down? How much money is lost due to waste, broken parts, and such? It is good to measure such things to know if you are improving.

The major measurement is the cost to assemble the TV. Reducing that cost by effective processes and procedures will increase the company profit.

I hope these ideas help in setting up TQM in your assembly plant.

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Wants to start up a new business

November 20, 2008


i find your teaching absolutely interesting,its suffice to say, after going your work i am force to apply for a second degree course because of the inspiration. first, i ve a palm kernel equipement where am looking at the productions of palm kernel oil(pko) pls will you send me your economic advise on how to go about the taking off of this vision. i will be glad suppose i hear from you. mainwhile i am a hotel manager of over 50 rooms situated in port harcourt city in river state of nigeria.


EGON - Nigeria (16834)


In planning to start a new business, you need to first examine the need for the product and the competition of others in the same field. Become a student of the business, so that you know what other companies are doing and how they are getting their customers.

Also to start a business, you need funding to buy equipment and get things going. If you can show others how you will make money from the business, you should be able to get financial assistance. Your enthusiasm about the promise of your business will help.

Your experience as a hotel manager can be valuable, since you will need to know how to manage your enterprise or business. When you write up a plan of how you will start your business, you can include your management experience as a valuable asset.

I hope these ideas help you in achieving your dream in the palm kernel business. Best wishes on your success.

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Is TQM an integrated approach?

October 17, 2008


"TQM is an integrated approach to become a world class company."
comment on this statement with example.

Hare Ram - India (16662)


Look at the top companies and see how they implemented TQM. Also read our lessons.

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Workers put panels in wrong boxes

September 8, 2008


Im working in a company where the products( solar panels ) travel on conveyers.The problem starts when it comes to packaging the panels into the right boxes manually by operators.The system works like this,it will show on computer monitor which panel goes into which box number.By referring to the screen the operator will unload the panels from the conveyer and load it into the particular box refered by the system.I have problem whereby the operator will unload the panels from the conveyer and mistakenly load into the wrong box although the monitor shows which box he should put the panels into. I need help on how to ensure the operators put the panels into the right boxes.

Things that cannot be implemented currently are as below:
The labeller cannot print the box number on the panels.
We cannot put any color stickers on the panels to differentiate the panels.

kumaresan - Malaysia (16465)


Assuming the solar panels are different sizes or shapes, the Poka-Yoke system eliminates such a problem by having boxes that only allow the correct item to fit in the box. This could be done using a cardboard or Styrofoam template in each box.

But if the solar panels are the same size and shape, you need to improve the cues for the workers. You could put color stickers on the boxes and have the number on the monitor also be in that color. That might reduce the number of errors.

TQM encourages getting feedback from the workers on how to improve the process. You might also elicit suggestions from your workers on how to improve the system and reduce the errors. The workers will also be more careful if they feel their opinions are valuable to management.

I hope these ideas help in reducing the errors.

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Companies using TQM in India

August 26, 2008


examples of companies succeded in business by using tqm in india and how?

pranjal - India (16409)


Since you live in India, it should be easy for you to check with the Quality Control departments in some major companies in India.

You can also check the India Quality Council for information on various companies.

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Can TQM be applied in social work?

August 9, 2008


Hi.This is Mr.Mamabolo MN from South Africa. Your website is very helpful and I have few questions for you: i would like to know whether total quality management can be adopted and used in managing social work organizations.

Marumo - South Africa (16333)


Total Quality Management principles have been used in government, military and hospitals, as well as social work organizations.

The concept is to make sure the users of your services get what is needed, but also that the customers--the government that pays the bills--feels the services are useful to them. You cannot please one group without making the other also has its needs met.

TQM in social work also requires that the processes are done efficiently so that there is no waste or errors. Social workers should be able to make suggestions about better ways to do the job and to cut out wasteful steps or activities.

Finally, you need to satisfy the needs of your suppliers, so that they will do a better job. This includes outside vendors, as well as your workers. Help them do a good job through a good environment and training.

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Restaurant Quality

Worried about opening an Indian restaurant

May 13, 2008


i am about to open a new indian restaurant in good populated area, they have a lot of pizza shops that are doing well so i thought curry for a change would do great . the place is not very far from the sea, but around the esplanade are several seafood shops , and i thought it may be also catering for the tourists.
the road where i am going to be located is the main road in this suburb, as this is a suburban precinct.
id like to know what precautions im missing out on and what should i focus in this particular time and place.please adviceme. thanks , iam hazira.

hazra - USA (15947)


It sounds like a good area to have a restaurant. Serving Indian food might be a good change of pace. It is good to examine the type of people that go to the various restaurants there. Are many tourists or local people? If there are a lot of pizza shops, does that mean many Italians live in the neighborhood?

Is most business in the evenings or do working people go there for lunch?

Also, it would be good to have an idea of how many people of Indian descent live in the area. These could be your core customers. Also, people like to go to restaurants that are busy, because it implies the food is good.

Offering an Indian buffet is a good way to let people try out different items and introduce them to your food. Usually that is done at lunch or as part of a grand opening.

Observing the type of people that go to the various area restaurants and the times they go to eat is a good way to get an idea of the traffic you may get.

I hope this helps. Best wishes on your new restaurant.

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Want an MBA in TQM

May 6, 2008


I want to do distance/correspondance mba in total quality management which one is better for me,is there any . Pls guid me.

Rajaram - India (15880)


Our material is meant to supplement studies you have in courses taken with a regular or online university. You can check the various colleges that offer online courses to see which ones offer material in TQM. Of course, you also want a school that is affordable.

Best wishes in getting your MBA and in your studies of TQM.

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Concepts of TQM

March 21, 2008


i want to say that your site is so helpful
i have 4 questions
1- how the golden rule does or does not influence each of the 6 concepts of TQM?
2- of the 6 basic TQM concepts, which were the most efective in World War II?
3- which of the gurus would be the father of quality control? which had the greatest impact on management? which is noted for robust design?
4- select a produt or service and describe how the dimensions of quality inflence its acceptance?

thank u in advance :)

Tina - Egypt (15578)


There are different opinions on the number of concepts there are in TQM. We emphasize three basic concepts. TQM did not come into existence until after World War II when Deming and Juran went to Japan to help them improve their quality methods of production. most consider Deming to be the father of quality control, although Juran was important too.

The automobile industry is a good example of the power of applying TQM. Many companies have made their cars more reliable, with higher quality, and have also reduced production costs through continuous improvement.

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