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Success Stories

by Ron Kurtus

People using the School for Champions material are encouraged to help others for the good it does, as well as to feel like a champion. It is a great reward to know that your help is influencing others' lives in a positive way.

If the School for Champions has helped you, or you have an achievement that you are proud about, send an email and we'll post your success story.

A total of 30 Success Stories have been credited to the School for Champions website.

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I aced my science fair USA
I got an A Japan
The site helped me get an A+ USA
Helped me regain my confidence USA
My son is on his way to be a champion USA
Helped pregnant girlfriend USA
Got questions correct
Got 83% in Math! USA
My son won a prize, thanks to your help USA
Was a success speaking at wedding USA

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I aced my science fair

April 12, 2004


I really like ur help on Static Electricity. I aced my science fair with ur help. it was kind of a last minute project and u really helped me a great deal. Thank You

Valerie - USA (2984)


Congratulations! I'm glad you aced the science fair. You are a true champion.

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I got an A

March 21, 2004


I GOT AN A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ookami - Japan (2781)


Congratulations. Now you can celebrate.

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The site helped me get an A+

February 11, 2004


I think that your website is so cool. I didnt even now about Lincolin and Kennedy being so alike until my friend told me about your website. And thanx so much. You helped me get an A+ on my project!

Devan - USA (2337)


Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you got an A+. That made you a real champion.

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Helped me regain my confidence

January 29, 2004


When my son was born 9 months ago i experienced a "confidence crisis". Everything worried me, panic attacks, extreme confusion as to "what to do next", unable to prioritise, etc etc. At one point i had difficulty with choices regarding simple tasks e.g. should i brush my teeth or get dressed first--i was that bad! i now realise that my self-esteem was at an all time low and i had been beating myself up for many years for being no good at anything. i am now looking for a part time job hoping that by acheiving this, and people are thanking me for working, that my confidence will then regrow. i also shout "shut up" at myself, if i start thinking negatively! It is good to see that it is not just me who has turned into a quivering wreck after i used to be a confident happy person! Your website has been a great help. Thank you.

- USA (2179)


I am glad to hear that you overcame your "confidence crisis" and get things back in order. I am also glad that the School for Champions material helped.

Best wishes for you and your baby.

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My son is on his way to be a champion

December 10, 2003


My son learned alot and is on his way to becoming a champion. Thank you, he said. He is very happy because he passed physical science.

Dominic - USA (1538)


Terrific! I'm glad to hear that. Time to celebrate!

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Helped pregnant girlfriend

November 5, 2003


One of my friends became pregnant by mistake. even though she thought she can't have kids of her own. When her boyfriend heard that she is pregnant, he commited suicide. So I tried to help her. She wanted to commit suicide too, since her parents didn't want to see her anymore with the baby.

I convinced her to try adoption, and at long-last she did, since she had no one to turn to. My aunt adopted the baby and agreed to give the baby back when this young friend of mine needed her.

Right now she is on track and doing well in school with a GPA of 3.2. I think she is going to graduate this year and go to college to study Medicine.

Nancy - USA (1098)


That is a great story. You and your aunt did a good deed by helping out the girl and her baby. It is tough when things go wrong and a person has no one to turn to. But you two came through and showed your fine character by helping her. You are both true champions.

Also, I'm glad to hear that your friend is on track and doing well in her life.

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Got questions correct

October 24, 2003


I got all 3 questions correct(; (:
they were pretty easy if you understood the matereal(; (:

Shaunna - (965)


Good work. Be curious and keep learning.

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Got 83% in Math!

March 8, 2003


I was having trouble in math class but then used Tricks for Good Grades and it is really starting to work. Yesterday I took my math test and got an 83%. Thank you so much!!

Tessa - USA (1724)


Good work! You are becoming a true champion.

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My son won a prize, thanks to your help

April 11, 2002


You have given us advice a while back regarding a science fair project about music and acoustics. The project turned out really well, My son even won a prize.

Thanks again for your help.

Sharon - USA (22992)


Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that your son did well in the science fair.

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Was a success speaking at wedding

September 2, 2001


During speaking in front of an audience I get shortness of breath and I almost cannot talk. I had a church reading for my nephew's wedding and I didn't want to make a fool of myself.

After following your lessons and advice, I was a very big success. I came fully prepared and familiar with my reading. I read slowly and looked up occasionally as you suggested. I received many compliments and my cousin even said I looked liked a professional.

Mary - USA (1734)


Bravo! I'm sure you felt like a champion with your achievement.

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