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Praise and Thanks

People using the School for Champions material often send letters of praise or appreciation for the lessons and course material. It is a great reward to know that the lessons are doing good and influencing people's lives in a positive way.

We've received 918 "Thank You" letters.

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Very informative website Sound Pakistan
Thank you for your site and information Sound Waves USA
Nice material on beats Sound USA
Your articles are fantastic Character Fiji Islands
Became the best student in 7th grade Physics Tajikistan
Thank you very much from freshmen in the world Physics South Sudan
Engaging website Web Design USA
Thank you for your time Heat Transfer USA
My son won a prize, thanks to your help Science USA
Material was helpful Restaurant Quality USA
Your website is so wonderful ColdFusion USA
Fantastic! Science UK
Long thank you for saving my dog Aspirin for Dogs USA
Teacher appreciates the website Champion USA
Thanks for a very helpful site Physics Jamaica

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Very informative website


March 14, 2013

very informative and nice website about sounds

Tayyab - Pakistan (23541)

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Thank you for your site and information

Sound Waves

March 7, 2013

Thank you for your site and information on sound waves. Working on a science fair project, seventh grade level, much information out there is just too advanced for most to understand.

Catharine - USA (23528)

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Nice material on beats


February 28, 2013

Nice material on beats, which I found while looking for examples to use in a ham radio class.

George - USA (23508)

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Your articles are fantastic


February 22, 2013

Your articles are fantastic. These what this world needs , people of good character

Rusiate - Fiji Islands (23220)

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Became the best student in 7th grade


January 18, 2013

The esteemed Ron Kurtus, I, Mino, the pupil of Dushanbe International School, from Tajikistan, would love to express my gratefulness to you. From now on you my hero.

Indeed, you really helped me with my physics, chemistry and studying. When I went to this school, it was this year, I hardly managed to understand everything in English and THANKS TO YOU, now I am the best pupil from 7 graders. It took only 2 quarters for me to catch up with others.

I OWE EVERYTHING TO YOU. With your help I became a champion. Honestly, you must be proud of yourself and the work you've done, as even this country like Tajikistan, that a very little amount of people know, uses your kind site to gain knowledge.

Be always healthy, happy and a kind-hearted as you are now.
With best wishes
Your far-living student.

Mino - Tajikistan (23134)

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Thank you very much from freshmen in the world


January 3, 2013

Thank you very much school for champions for summarising general physics for us, we freshmen at various universities in world

Diing - South Sudan (23099)

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Engaging website

Web Design

December 29, 2012

Hello! interesting and engaging site! I really like it! Very, very good!

John - USA (23085)

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Thank you for your time

Heat Transfer

November 2, 2012

Thank you for your time

thomas - USA (23017)

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My son won a prize, thanks to your help


April 11, 2002

You have given us advice a while back regarding a science fair project about music and acoustics. The project turned out really well, My son even won a prize.

Thanks again for your help.

Sharon - USA (22992)

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Material was helpful

Restaurant Quality

October 17, 2012

The ideas on restaurant quality were helpful.

maali - USA (22986)

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Your website is so wonderful


January 28, 2002

I am your plain everyday web surfer.

Just a few words to say, I think your website is so wonderful.

I ran across your site when I did a query for "COLDFUSION" tutorial. Your web content is so positive and informative that I followed a cookie to the Presidential speeches.

Having watched many of these speeches on TV, I was moved to tears when I re-read a few of them at your website.

I have bookmarked your page because it is a "bright and shining" example of positive web content.

Thank you for setting an example that everyone else should follow. I wish your company (and you) much success in the years to come.

Sherry - USA (22970)

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January 16, 2002

WOW, i have to really praise you site it helped me out more than i ever imagined a web site could do!!!!! i am 13 and completely understood everything i was able to do my science project a breeze and actually enjoyed doing my homework for a change! And the mini-quiz at the end, Genius it really did make me think i was like a science champion! and that science isn't actually that hard it all sort of like makes sense in the end.

KATHLEEN - UK (22969)

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Long thank you for saving my dog

Aspirin for Dogs

September 25, 2012

Dear Ron and the School for Champions,

It is 3 44 A.M. and I want to thank you sincerely for having a simple, yet complete answer to whether or not it is safe to give a dog aspirin for pain. My 8 year old Souffie, a very sweet, intelligent, loving, buff colored non-coiffed like regular standard poodles and only trimmed with scissors as best I can, could not get down from the couch a little while ago. Her back legs were not working.

She had been playing and having so much fun frolicking with my other two boys, all black and just five years old and still acting like puppies, that I neglected to have her settle down after a little fun rather than chasing and leaping like she was a puppy for nearly an hour. She even played tug of war over the stuffed animal they were chasing; dog games she had never done before. I have never seen them, and especially Souffie, play with such enthusiasm and for so long before.
We live in a cabin on 20 acres in the north woods of Minnesota and I am disabled from arthritis and chronic pain so I had no plans whatsoever other than being there with my "family" on this perfect sunny perfect fall day.

I did know better, though. Two years ago Souffle's back legs were temporarily rendered useless and after hearing the vets prognosis that the next stage of this disease may be complete paralysis other than consciousness. I cried every day for months every time I thought it might be her last day. Every night I would thank God for her good health that day and ask that if it is appropriate, for her to be in good health for another day.

By now I figured she had been living on borrowed time for over two years. In a flash today when I saw her struggling to move I thought this may be it. I also thanked God for her good health up until now, and to help me get through any challenges I may have ahead of me because of her health. Needless to say, I felt all alone and quite helpless. I started to get over the shock of what I saw happening, I thought to "google" for some help to see what pain relief there was that I could give her right away. I prayed I had what I needed here at home, and there along with all those other choices was your answer It was easy to see that yours was quick and concise and it left me without a doubt what to do and I could take care of Souffle immediately. Good thing she loves cheese and I had left some out that was soft and room temperature to for her to get the aspirin down (1/2 of one, of course!)

I couldn't have called the vet or anyone else because I lost my cell phone out in the woods and once the batteries die there is no way to find it unless I happen upon it before it snows for the winter. It's been missing almost three weeks but I don't use a phone much and didn't miss it until tonight when I thought I should call the vet. That would have cost me and I have no money until the first. Veterinarians only take cash on the barrel-head to take care of pets these days. Your information was free for me to use immediately.

This long-winded, rambling letter is intended to truly let you (and others who read it) how your post helped this 62 year old woman in the middle of the night to take care of my dear "Souffie."

If you think my panic sounded unreasonable there is a good reason. I had a two year old black standard poodle who was one of those dogs that is probably once in a lifetime very special (I guess unique is a better word than "special") to a dog lover. Ladybug died very suddenly one night when one of my foster teen daughters accidently said the one word that gave Ladybug permission to chase after a rabbit she had just seen from our van as we pulled in the driveway, "okay" and Ladybug did what all great hunters do, she leaped from the van and dashed down the driveway after the rabbit who was now crossing the road. A car came around the bend at that exact .moment and hit Ladybug straight on. The poor woman driving didn't even see her coming. Then I heard my other foster girl say, "oh, oh!" I didn't even know Ladybug was out of the van because she never left without my permission. I turned to see what the girl was worried about and Ladybug was already down and the woman was getting out of her car. Both girls were had many intellectual and emotional challenges of their own. I was surprised when they both really showed concern for me and sadness at the loss of Ladybug. It made me feel I had done some good in their lives because when I met them they did not have the capacity to show concern for others or any hint of compassion. That night they took care of me in such sweet ways trying their best to do what they could to soften the blow of losing my Ladybug. Thank God neither one had any idea that the dog died because of being given permission to go after the rabbit.

Even with the girls help, this experience nearly killed me. A week later I almost "forgot" to get out of the van when I had driven into the garage and already used the garage door closer. I lost twenty pounds, the first time in my life I could not eat because I was upset. Three months later, after swearing I could never live through such an emotional loss again, I finally decided that getting two and always having at least two dogs might help me get over the death of Ladybug and the fear of having another dog.

It just so happened that the evening I called the breeder I got Ladybug from had reversed her decision to not breed her female (Ladybug's Mother) again and to let her have one more, only her second, litter. Her decision was based on the fact one of Ladybug's sisters had done almost to the letter the same thing and she was the breeders niece. Souffle and her sister were my choices from the next litter. Souffle was the "ugly duckling" among the ten puppies to choose from but she was beautiful to me.

Her sister died two years ago after a too close call with a very large angry porcupine. She not only had dozens of quills impaled in her side, but she had contracted a disease from the animal too and they discovered advanced hip problems when I brought her to the vet that day. One of the vets assistants fell in love with her that day and because of her medical needs and special care as long as she would live, she asked the veterinarian if she would ask me if I might consider this. I was very relieved and the vet had nothing but wonderful things to say about the woman and the care she would provide Broule in her last days. I asked that I not know about the outcome and the timing. The vet had actually suggested I might not want to know because of Ladybug.

Thank God I already had two boys that were the last of a large litter that no one wanted but Souffle and her sister had loved them since they arrived and so did I. It took me nearly five years to figure out I had two boys with challenges not too much unlike the foster girls I just described. You just can't imagine how relieved I am that Souffie (Souffle actually, she is the color of a souffle, is now sleeping because I could see the fear and panic from the pain and paralysis was gone from her eyes just as she put her head down on her pillow. She has been sleeping soundly ever since.

So, Ron, you are a true champion and teacher of potential champions! If you make it all the way through one of "Heather's" rambling long letters that my friends are all so familiar with, my hope is that you get a nice warm fuzzy feeling that simple things you have shared can sometimes go a long way to help strangers you might never know were ever impacted by your site. My friends also know I really don't expect other people to respond in kind just because I enjoy writing letters. Simply take any or all what I have sent to you as thanks.

One of these days when I get my blog put together that offers fun and inspiring editorials/stories on life, I will send you the address. They really would compliment what you do as a "champion builder/creator." No charge, I haven't posted anything in nearly seven years and used to have people from all over the world responding to my editorials. Now that I have dared to say it on the Internet, I had better get a move on and stop writing the longest thank you email ever written!

With love and compassion from,
Majahnae/Heather, Souffle, Monet, and Inspector Cluseau in the beautiful north woods, lakes, and streams of Minnesota.

Heather - USA (22953)

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Teacher appreciates the website


September 21, 2012

As a teacher, I really appreciate your website.

Valerie - USA (22930)

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Thanks for a very helpful site


August 22, 2012

Thanks for a very helpful site. I wish you all the best.

- Jamaica (22855)

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Appreciation is a great reward


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