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Computerized Speech Writer

by Ron Kurtus (revised 29 November 2002)

Sometimes people have problems putting together their thoughts for a speech or presentation. One solution is to get stimulate the thought process through some external sources. To do this, I have programmed a computerized speech writer that you can use to outline a simple speech.

Questions you may have include:

This lesson will answer those questions. Your assignment is to use the program to write a simple speech.

Stimulate Thoughts

This computer application won't think for you, but it can help to stimulate your thought process and assist you in putting together a simple speech or essay. By guiding you through your speech with a series of questions and then putting your answers together in the form of a speech, you will be able to visualize what you want to say.

You can also use a similar method by writing down your own questions or by having a friend ask you some questions about your topic.

Topic is Important

The most important thing is that you have an idea of what you want to talk or write about. This topic is usually a problem or concern that you wish to discuss.

Instead of just reporting a situation or complaining about a problem, we are looking at providing some possible solutions. That is what the audience, your customer, or your supervisor at work wants to hear about.

Create Speech

The method to create your speech is to simply follow the instructions and fill in the blanks. Use your Tab key to move to the next area to input text. (If the Tab key does not work for you, use your mouse. The Enter key will not work.) When you are through answering the questions select the "Create Speech" button to see the results of your input.

(Note: Your browser must be able to use JavaScript for this to function properly.)

Topic or area of concern

Type your area of concern as a short noun phrase. Don't forget a preposition, such as "the" or "a" if necessary. For example, type the words: the air pollution scandal (no period at end).

The topic or area of concern for this speech is:

First solution

Now, propose the first of your three possible solutions to the problem. Use a short phrase that starts with a verb. Do not put a period at the end. For example, type in stop automobiles that emit fumes (no period at the end).

My first solution to this problem is to:

Press Tab key to go to next text box.

Benefit of first solution

Tell a benefit from that solution by finishing the sentence, "This will..." For example, type in: reduce much of the smog (no period at the end).

This will:

Press Tab key to go to next text box.

Second solution

Now, propose a second solution. Use a short phrase, starting with a verb. For example, type in: start stricter regulations (no period at the end).

My second solution is to:

Press Tab key to go to next text box.

Benefit of second solution

Give a benefit for that solution, finishing the sentence, "This will...". For example, type in: cause people to think (no period at end).

This will:

Press Tab key to go to next text box.

Third solution

Now, propose a third solution, starting with a verb. For example, type in: make people ride bicycles (no period at end).

My third solution is to:

Press Tab key to go to next text box.

Benefit of third solution

Finally, give a benefit for that solution by finishing the sentence, "This will..." For example: get people angry (no period at end).

This will:

Create speech

Click the Create Speech button to see your speech. You can then mark the text and paste it into your word processor to edit or add more material.


You can use this Computerized Speech Writer to assist you in organizing your speech or written material. Also, its use should give you some ideas of how to write your speech on your own.

Spoken words are more powerful than swords

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