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Feedback Q&A on Public Speaking

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 374 comments and questions on Public Speaking issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Fear Lost competition and am now fearful Malaysia
General How do you end a presentation? Morocco
Excellence Qualities expected from a good public speech Nigeria
General My mind goes blank when speaking India
Fear I worry about what others may think of me India
Debating How can I debate effectively? Nigeria
General Need to write a speech for class Thailand
Fear How can I overcome my fear to speak to class? Pakistan
Writing Speeches Must deliver an inaugural speech to a club India
General I would like to take the Public Speaking online course Nigeria

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Lost competition and am now fearful

Topic: Fear


April 6, 2012

My confidence to speak in front of the public have only lasted for a few weeks.The fear comes back suddenly when I lose in a competition which is important to me, and my heart started pounding fast again. How to change my perception ,and raise my confident again, so that the fear will never come back to me, and i will be forever confident of myself when doing presentation?

- Malaysia



Your goal in speaking to a group is to present your ideas in a clear manner, so that the audience understands and enjoys your presentation. Once you start thinking of winning a competition, you create pressure on yourself, such that you forget about the audience. Instead, you are trying to impress the judges.

This can result in not giving a good speech. The audience can tell that they are not the focus of your talk.

Also, it is better to give a good speech that the audience will applaud and lose a competition than it is to give a presentation that bores the audience but pleases the judges.

Practice your speeches thoroughly, and seek to communicate understanding to the audience. That will give you confidence. If you win a competition with some speech, that is just an extra prize. The main prize is to please the audience.

Best wishes with giving good presentations. I'm sure you will succeed.

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How do you end a presentation?

Topic: General


March 24, 2012

first thanks for this great web site my question is, what is the great way or correct phrases you should say it whene you remove from the end of the presentation to asking the audience a questions ?

hajar - Morocco



A good way to end a speech or presentation is with a summary or conclusion and perhaps open to questions.

You could finish your talk by saying, "In conclusion, the following points are important..." Then review a few major items. Then you can follow up with: "Are there any questions?" Pause for a short while. If there are no questions, say, "Thank you," and leave the lectern.
I hope this helps in your presentations.

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Qualities expected from a good public speech

Topic: Excellence


January 17, 2012

please, what are the qualities expected from a good public speech?

emmanuel - Nigeria



The first important item in a public speech is that your subject matter is something that is of interest to this specific audience and that you have knowledge about the subject.

The main idea of a speech is to communicate the information in a way that is clear and can be understood by the audience. Adding some interesting or even entertaining stories or examples will make the speech more enjoyable to the audience.

You want to audience to leave first saying, "That was interesting information" and then saying, "He was a good speaker."

I hope this helps. Best wishes in your public speaking.

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My mind goes blank when speaking

Topic: General


December 8, 2011

i m not able to grab thoughts quickly. when i speak in front of people i ll get blank. i need your advice to rectify my weakness.

pankaj - India



If you are going to give a formal speech in front of a group, you need to thoroughly prepare and practice your talk. You must rehearse just as a musician or actor in a play rehearses. If you practice your speech a number of times--especially in front of people--your mind should not go blank.

Now in a conversation, some people are at a loss of what to say. The best thing is not to try to impress the others with what you know. Instead, ask them questions about their ideas and thoughts. In this way, your mind will work better and you should be able to give your comments. Here too, practicing the technique of asking questions is important.

I hope this helps you speak glibly to others.

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I worry about what others may think of me

Topic: Fear


November 29, 2011

Respected Sir / Madam,
i am in big trouble my problem is when i am speaking to others (New Persons) words are not come proprely getting shivering and thinking that what they will think about me. how can i increase my self confidence

please help me

i hope you do the same

AKSAR - India



Do not try to impress a new person. Instead, you need to take interest in the person and try get him or her to talk. People like to talk about themselves, and if you are interested, they will respect you more.

Start by asking something of common interest or something that is common to the occasion. You could say, "Are you new here?" or "Excuse me, but what is that book you are reading?" or "Isn't the weather nice today?"

Once you get the other person talking, it takes the pressure off of you and builds your confidence to continue the conversation.

Being polite and courteous also helps in making a good impression to a stranger.

The next time you see a new person to talk to, first make some observations and then ask a question about some common interest.

Best wishes in being confident in talking to new people.

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How can I debate effectively?

Topic: Debating


November 20, 2011

How can i debate effectively and convince people with points?

Mike - Nigeria



Before your debate, you need to first clearly define your position or opinion on the subject. It is best to list three major points that help to prove your view. Write out the factors in each in detail.

Since it is a debate, it is wise to consider what the opposing view is and list its three main points and what your opponent probably will say on it. In this way, you will be able to counter those points in the debate.

You start your debate by presenting your position and stating your three arguments. During the debate, you can go into detail, as well as countering your opponent's views.

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Need to write a speech for class

Topic: General


October 23, 2011

Speech within 6 munites about the environment
myself, my school,

Pakamat - Thailand



Try our Computerized Speech Writer to help you get started. Then you can elaborate so that it will be about 6 minute when you read it.

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How can I overcome my fear to speak to class?

Topic: Fear


September 12, 2011

how can i overcome my fear to speak in front of my class. how can i gain more confidence? and also show me some motivational videos.

farhat - Pakistan



Fear of speaking in front of a class or group is something that affects many people. For information in the subject, see: Speak to Your Class with Confidence and Overcome the Fear of Speaking to Groups.

I hope the material helps you.

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Must deliver an inaugural speech to a club

Topic: Writing Speeches


August 5, 2011

I have to deliver an inaugual speech for a new Astronomy and science club next week. I request you to send me a good sppech and also motivation speech for College B.Sc., and engineering students.
Pl. send me an email and ack.
Thanks and regards,

Sarabagopalan - India



First of all, you need to decide on a specific topic for your speech. If it is for an inaugural speech, you probably want to make it a welcoming speech, where you state the mission of the club, as well as your vision for the future. You can let your audience know about the benefits being in the club will bring to them.

Do not try to make your speech too complex. After your introduction, you want to have only three points to present. In your speech introduction, you can tell a little about your background and why you are involved in the club. Then your points are the mission, vision and benefits. Conclude with questions and answers from the group.

You can use Computer Aid for Writing a Short Speech to help you outline your speech.

Best wishes in your presentation.

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I would like to take the Public Speaking online course

Topic: General


August 1, 2011

I would like to take the Public Speaking online course. Please how can I take part?

Olugbenga - Nigeria



Although you can learn to write speeches through online lessons, you really need an audience to practice your public speaking. Our lessons can give you a start at writing and give pointers about speaking, but you should find a speaking course in your community to learn the skills.

Best wishes in developing your speaking.

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