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Feedback Q&A on Public Speaking

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 374 comments and questions on Public Speaking issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Boyd Question Answer Wants to use material for trainees Canada
General How to improve my pronunciation Malaysia
General Competting in a speech contest USA
General How can I be a good public speaker? Nigeria
General Public speaking?? Indonesia
Know Your Audience Speaking to primary and secondary students Kenya
General I need help with public speaking! USA
Knowledge Is more than communication needed for success? India
General Want to be a champion public speaker South Africa
General Please send me publish speaking notes Pakistan

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Wants to use material for trainees

Topic: Boyd Question Answer


January 28, 2013

i am an English instructor to Angolan oil and gas trainees who are coming to Canada to study both the industry as well as English. would i be able to include this page, and the information contained therein, in my classroom? that would require making a Word document (for my use only) which would be projected in the classroom setting only. i would like to use the document in the classroom both in Angola and here in Canada.


Dwight - Canada



You have permission to include the material for your students provided you include a reference and link to the web address.

Note that other material in the School for Champions website might be useful to your students.

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How to improve my pronunciation

Topic: General


January 26, 2013

How To Improve My pronunciation

Lim - Malaysia



Speaking carefully and breaking words into their syllables helps to improve pronunciation. For example: "How to im-prove my pro-nun-ci-a-tion" breaks the words into their syllables. Note that "tion" is pronounced "shun" in English.

Another good practice is to listen to recordings of people who have good pronunciation and repeat what is said. This teaches you to pronounce words correctly. Also record your voice when speaking to become aware of mistakes you may make.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in improving your pronunciation.

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Competting in a speech contest

Topic: General


January 24, 2013

My name is Kristen. Coming up soon for FBLA I am going to competition and competing in public speaking. I have given speeches before, but would like some professional opinions.

Kristen - USA



For a competition, the first part is writing out a good speech.

Pick a topic that will appeal to both the judges and the audience. It should also be a topic of great interest to you. Try to keep the speech simple and to the point. Add some stories or personal experiences that relate to the topic. Humorous stories often are appealing.

Practice giving your speech a number of times to family and friends, so that you have a smooth delivery. Also, you can see weak areas or sentences that are awkward and need improvement.

Perhaps check with your local Toastmasters Club to possibly get advice.

I hope these ideas help. Best wishes in your competition.

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How can I be a good public speaker?

Topic: General


January 12, 2013

How can i be an orator and good public speaker. Must i memorise everything that i have say .i.e.speaking without reading from a written text?.

TENA - Nigeria



You want to speak on subjects that really interest you, such that you have many facts on hand. This helps you write a speech that is easy to remember.

It is good to start with short 5-minute speeches before you try longer speeches. You need to practice your speeches in front of friends before giving the speech to strangers.

A good place to practice and improve your speaking skills is through Toastmasters. See Nigerian Toastmasters clubs for a list of clubs in your area.

With practice and experience, you can become a good orator. Best wishes in your speaking success.

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Public speaking??

Topic: General


December 3, 2012

Public speaking??

rahmi - Indonesia



Read through the Speaking lessons to find out about public speaking.

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Speaking to primary and secondary students

Topic: Know Your Audience


November 10, 2012






It is always good to know your audience, their skill-level, and their interests.

When speaking to the older children, you can use larger words and more complex language than with the younger children. You want to make sure they understand what you say. But with the older children, you do not want to speak down to them.

It makes your speech more acceptable to the kids if you can refer to things they are interested or familiar with. Secondary students have a winder range of interests and are often into various fads.

In either case, it is good to have fun with the kids, while still providing them with good information.

I'm sorry, but I don't have sample speeches for those audiences, but I am sure you will do a good job in speaking to the kids.

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I need help with public speaking!

Topic: General


October 23, 2012

Help Me Asap ! I need help with public speaking NOW!

kemoni - USA



You can go thought our lessons to get some useful tips. But I would suggest looking into Toastmasters for some speaking guidance and practice.

I think you live in the Philadelphia area, so check Toastmasters for a club nearby. You can also find clubs in other areas.

There is no obligation to attend a meeting.

I think that is the best way to get started.

Best wishes in your public speaking.

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Is more than communication needed for success?

Topic: Knowledge


August 8, 2012

Communication skill is not only enough to achieve a success? i need some more points and example

- India



The first thing in achieving success is to find out what you like to do and what you are good at. In what areas do you have knowledge and skill?

This is the starting point. Then, you can communicate about your dreams and skills to other people, which will help you succeed. But note that communication goes two ways, and you must also listen to what others have to say.

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Want to be a champion public speaker

Topic: General


June 2, 2012

I would like to be fully equipped to a champion public speaker

jabulani - South Africa



You are already on your way, since that is your goal.

Read the lessons in Succeed in Public Speaking for information.

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Please send me publish speaking notes

Topic: General


April 9, 2012

please send me about public speaking notes i am arrang the seminar on public speaking if u have any interesting data then send me thanks,

sajid - Pakistan



You can go through our lessons on Public Speaking to get more information. Also look into Toastmasters International. There are three Clubs in Pakistan that can provide you with more information.

Best wishes on your seminar.

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