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Speaking Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 7 January 2015)

This page consists of resources on public speaking topics, including fear of speaking, making business presentations, good communication, using humor in speeches and professional speaking.

(If you have any opinions on this material or have suggested additions, let me know about them.)

List of resources

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The following Web sites provide general information to people interested in public speaking, as well as giving business presentations.

Public speaking



Public Speaking 101: Online Resources - Many resources on public speaking





Learn French or Russian plus Spanish, German and other languages from


The Speech Site - Japanese site on public speaking (in both English and Japanese)



Presentation Helper - Good site from the United Kingdom that gives information on making presentation and giving speeches, as well as a question-and-answer forum.

Presentations Magazine - Information on giving presentations and using hardware and software to enhance delivery

Courses on speaking

These organizations and companies offer courses in public speaking and presentations. Some sites also include useful tips on speaking.

Toastmasters International - Organization to learn good speaking skills. Chapters throughout the world.

The Public Speaking - Social Anxiety Center of NY - Offers courses on speaking and overcoming fear in New York City.

Berkley Productions - Offers training and tips on using your voice effectively.

Masters in Communication - Online masters programs in speaking

Books on speaking topics

The following books may help you increase your speaking skills. You can purchase them through or from your local bookstore.

Top-rated books on Public Speaking

Fear of speaking

How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking and Other Coronary Threats
by Max D. Isaacson, Farnsworth Pub Co. (1984) $12.00
Gives step-by-step instructions for healthier self-esteem through better oral communication, with quotes, stories and helpful suggestions.

101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers: Controlling Fear, Commanding Attention
by Carol Rae Krannich, Impact Publications (1998) $12.99
Shows how to develop speaking skills and ability to communicate ideas.


7 Steps to Fearless Speaking
by Lilyan Wilder, John Wiley & Sons (1999) $11.96
Seven-step program for improving oral communication skills, with sound advice on how to overcome the inhibition of public speaking.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Public Speaking
by Laurie Rozakis, MacMillan Distribution (1999) $13.56
Hints and tips how to overcome their speaking fears; avoid communication problems and make a successful presentation.

Using humor in speaking

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Boardroom: Using Humor in Business Speaking
by Michael Iapoce, Amazon Digital Services (2010) $9.95 (Kindle version) Offers advice on the use of humor in business situations such as presentations, meetings, or seminars. Includes examples of stories and jokes.

Using your voice

Speak To Influence: How to unlock the hidden power of your voice by Susan Berkley, Campbell Hall Press (1999) $14.95
Explains how to speak without stress, project a professional image and have a warm, friendly voice that puts people at ease.

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Audio tapes on speaking

The following are selected audio cassettes that may help increase your speaking skills. You can purchase them through or from your local book or audio store.

Fear of speaking tapes

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness
by Helen Sutton, Career Track Publications & Fred Pryor Seminars (1997) $12.76
Audio cassette tells how to conquer anxieties and uncover self-defeating thoughts by replacing them with positive expectations.

Smart Speaking: 60 Second Strategies for Speaking Problems & Fears
by Laurie Schloff and Marcia Yudkin, Penguin Audiobooks (1993) $11.00
Audio cassette with tips on getting rid of the fear of speaking.

Communication tapes

Talk Your Way to Success: Wilder Method for Effective Business Communication
by Lilyan Wilder, Simon & Schuster Audio (1996) $9.60
Audio cassette on methods to improve public and business speaking skills.

Speaking Effective English: Your Guide to Acquiring New Confidence in Personal and Professional Communication
by Zoller, Watkins, Lampman and Asner, Simon & Schuster Audio (1999) $15.30
Audio cassette of advice from three voice coaches on improving speaking skills and overcoming problems.

Effective use of voice tapes

The Executive Voice Trainer
by Jeffery Jacobi, Dove Entertainment Inc. (1996) $25.46
4 audio cassettes on using your voice more effectively.

The Sound of Your Voice: The Essential Program for Communicating Confidently and Clearly
by Carol Fleming, Simon & Schuster Audio (1992) $23.20
4 audio cassettes on how to achieve a pleasant speaking voice.

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Professional organizations

National Speakers Association - Association for professional speakers.

Meeting Professional International - Association of meeting planners.

Speakers bureaus

Speak Inc. - A professional speakers bureau providing keynote speakers, motivational speakers, professional and corporate speakers

Books on professional speaking

The following books are for those interested in professional speaking. You can purchase them through or from your local bookstore.

Speak and Grow Rich
by Lilly Walters, Prentice Hall Press (1997) $16.95
Guide explains the techniques and shortcuts used by today's top speaker. Valuable book for those interested in being professional speakers.

How to Make a Fortune from Public Speaking
by Dr. Robert Antony, Berkley Pub Group (1988) $3.99
Offers the secrets to breaking into this lucrative field of professional speaking.

Money Talks: How to Make a Million As a Speaker
by Alan Weiss, McGraw-Hill (1997) $11.96
Details the steps on how to go from free speaking to big-fee speaking.

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Tips from professional speakers

Some professional speakers provide tips, links or other interesting information.

Richard Arundel - Site of British speaker on high-tech subjects provides links to his favorite speaking sites.

Marjorie Brody - Provides archive of her newsletters, with speaking and presentation tips.

Patricia Fripp - Includes many of her business articles on speaking and presentation skills.

Jim Barber - Barber Shop site gives tips for better speeches.

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Software for speakers

The following software applications can help you develop a speech or presentation.

MindGenius - Business mind-mapping software

Inspiration - A graphical outliner or mind-mapping application aimed at younger students

Mindmapper - Another good mind-mapping tool.

Anecdotes - Site with listing of anecdotes to use in speeches.


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Questions and comments

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