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Feedback Q&A on Historical Speeches

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 113 comments and questions on Famous Speeches issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Martin Luther King Dream What was Dr. King trying to say? England
Jesse Jackson I am so disappointed in Jesse Jackson! USA
Kennedy Results of Kennedy's speech USA
Churchill How long to write a speech? USA
Martin Luther King Dream Mississippi USA
Jesse Jackson Man fired from his job USA
Churchill Inspired me USA
Churchill Poem U.K
GW Bush Bush closed foreign visitors Afghanistan
Martin Luther King Dream Why did he use those specific states? USA

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What was Dr. King trying to say?

Topic: Martin Luther King Dream


September 27, 2005

what would you say Dr. king was saying/trying to teach in the i have a dream speech?
how could you relate that to informal education?
How can it be suitable to young people nowadays(teenagers)around the world not just in the usa?
P.s. Thank you for your time.

Lawrence - England



Note that the "I have a dream" was only one part of his speech that day. He was saying how he dreamt that people of all races, religions and nationalities would be able to get along together. This is an important goal to learn and believe in. Unfortunately, some children are taught hatred for those who are different. Dr. King was trying to stop such views.

But many of the young people around the world do not accept the hatred of some adults, so they also dream of peace and cooperation.

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I am so disappointed in Jesse Jackson!

Topic: Jesse Jackson


June 15, 2005

I am so disappointed in Jesse Jackson! He states racism in the Michael Jackson trial. First of all Michael Jackson does not want to be white, even he chooses a blonde surrogate mother. Second Jackson was acquitted by an all white jury. I have lost all respect for Jesse Jackson; I hope he stops putting his nose in every event that happens. I am curious why he is not in Aruba. I hope his grandchildren (boys) spend the night at Michael Jackson's Never, Never, Neverland.

Marci - USA



Jesse Jackson is a very good speaker, but unfortunately he has picked up causes that seem more to give him personal publicity than are for doing good. He is a far cry from when he worked with Martin Luther King.

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Results of Kennedy's speech

Topic: Kennedy


May 30, 2005

Hello. I am writeing a reserch paper on Kennedy's adress and i need to find what some of the results (direct and Indirect) are. any sugestions?

Tim - USA



Kennedy did get people to work together to help the country. He also started the Peace Corps, so they could help others.

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How long to write a speech?

Topic: Churchill


May 27, 2005

I remember hearing an interview with Winston Churchill and they asked him how long it took to write a 2-3 hour speech and he said a day; a 30 minute speech, 2 days; a 15 minute speech, 2 weeks. Does that sound familiar? Where can I get the exact lengths of time?

Julie - USA



I've heard that others have also said something similar. Unfortunately, I don't ahve a resource to get the exact lengths of time.

You might find the information from the Churchill Centre at

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Topic: Martin Luther King Dream


May 3, 2005

Why did King refer to Mississippi in his closing?




Much of the civil rights movement had to do with problems in Mississippi.

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Man fired from his job

Topic: Jesse Jackson


April 7, 2005

A black male teacher friend needs help. He was fired from a teaching job at Victoria, TX for inappropriate friendship with high school children in an hard core alternative school. He fought with a lawsuit and was never convicted of the crime. But the school refuses back pay or to give him his job back. WORST OF ALL they have reported him to the Tx Certification Center in Austin and have him listed as a child offender. The man has had a stroke now and needs his income more than ever and a chance to get a job somewhere, but has exhausted all avenues to get someone to listen to him. His name is Jim Brown at
514 Bruce St. in Cuero,Tx. PLEASE, PLEASE if nothing else use your news image to get someone to listen and help this man. His phone 361-277-8920




The fact that Mr. Brown fought his firing with a lawsuit may have gotten some officials at the school angry with him. That is why they have acted poorly toward him.

The most important thing for him is to get his name cleared from being a child offender. Since he was not convicted, he should have grounds to clear his name. But that still may be very difficult.

I think it might be best for him to look into some other type of work than in teaching children. Perhaps he can teach in adult education. Of course, that depends on how bad his stroke has been.

He can try talking to some fellow teachers he knows from the school to see if they know how to get the school to clear his name. They still will not hire him back, but it would help out in getting another teaching job.

I will try to think of some other ways to help him. Best wishes in your efforts.

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Inspired me

Topic: Churchill


March 22, 2005

it was churchills speech that inspired me to write it , hence the never give up part




Thanks for the material. It was well done.

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Topic: Churchill


March 21, 2005

When times are hard and and the road seems long,when you cant go on but you know you must when your body is weak but your mind is strong, when people doubt you
and no one cares belive in yourself, be true to yourself, and never never never give up
sail on for the horizon is near...
Ray Moran .

Ray - U.K



Thanks for the poem. It is yours or from Churchill?

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Bush closed foreign visitors

Topic: GW Bush


March 12, 2005

Hello to the one who get this message .
My question is why George W Bush has been closing the ways of Immigration to USA Since 9/11? You know my family is in California but I can't visite them When I go the Embassy they say we Can't give you the visa and I still in Afghanistan and this is it

Mohammad Ghani - Afghanistan



Some of the rules concerning visiting the U.S. have been an over-reaction to the problem of potential terrorists. It is unfair to people like you with a family in California and you cannot visit them. You can continue to try to get a visa, but also perhaps your family can make requests from the Embassy so see if they can get some assistance for approval for your visit.

Hopefully the rules will be made more fair in the future for everyone.

Best wishes in being able to visit your family.

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Why did he use those specific states?

Topic: Martin Luther King Dream


February 21, 2005

Why did Martin Luther King use those specific states at the end?




Those are distinctive mountains from states that people can recognize. Also, calling from a mountain is better than from a valley.

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