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Feedback Q&A on Historical Speeches

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 113 comments and questions on Famous Speeches issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Obama 2004 Convention How to write an inaugural address for Obama? USA
Kennedy Inaugural Wants to know examples of imagery in speech USA
Kennedy Inaugural What personal quality does Kennedy request? Philippines
Churchill Never Give In What was going on when Churchill give this speech? USA
Clinton How does Clinton's speech compare to King's? Germany
Clinton Why didn't Clinton address digitaries Nigeria
Kennedy Inaugural Was JFK's speech informative or persuasive? USA
Kennedy Inaugural Is Kennedy's speech better read or heard? USA
Lincoln Gettysburg Address What is the point of this speech? USA
Kennedy Inaugural What kind of body language did Kennedy use? USA

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How to write an inaugural address for Obama?

Topic: Obama 2004 Convention


November 30, 2008

I am doing a project on Barack Obama. I am supposed to write an inaugural address for Barack Obama. How would I do it?

Nneoma - USA



You can look at the other inaugural addresses in our site to get an idea of how the new Presidents open their talks and give their hopes for the future.

Typically, the inaugural address mentions positive plans and hopes for the futures. It also tries to inspire people to follow and help out. A good example is the speech Obama made when he was elected:

You can use some ideas from that speech to see the issues he is concerned about: the economy, war, health insurance and education. Certainly, you don't want to write a speech as long as that one, but if you touch on a few items of importance.

For example, "In my upcoming administration, we will seek to have members of both political parties work together to solve our economic crisis. We believe we can make a unified effort that working people will not lose their homes or jobs. America has great potential to bounce back."

I hope these ideas help you do well in your essay.

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Wants to know examples of imagery in speech

Topic: Kennedy Inaugural


November 13, 2008

I would like to know where new ideas are presented and grouped. What are the examples of effective imagery, Repetition and/or emotional appeal used by the speaker. Thank you.

Leo - USA



It is the job of the student to analyze the content of the speech, otherwise nothing is learned. Certainly, you could find examples of repetition, imagery and emotional appeal in the speech.

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What personal quality does Kennedy request?

Topic: Kennedy Inaugural


November 3, 2008

What Quality of a person is reflected in the last paragraph of President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address?

Anastasia - Philippines



Kennedy is asking people to be altruistic and to help the country and the world by their good deeds.

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What was going on when Churchill give this speech?

Topic: Churchill Never Give In


September 22, 2008

What was going on in this time that Churchill said this speech?
How was the war inproving the country?
Who gave supplied wepons to them, or did they make them them selves?
"It is generally said that the British ar3e often better at the "Why did he say that? The last sentence of the 2nd paragraph how is they?

Shiloh - USA



The speech was given on October 29, 1941 which was during World War II. Great Britain was being bombed by the Germans. But Churchill tried to encourage the people to be brave and to fight back. This resolved brought the country together against their enemies.

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How does Clinton's speech compare to King's?

Topic: Clinton


September 16, 2008

What does Clinton want to achieve in his speech (19th january,1997) in comparison to martin luther king in his "i have a dream" speech?

- Germany



The purpose of Bill Clinton's second inaugural address is to recap what has been done and to state his vision for the U.S. in his next term in office. On the other hand Martin Luther King was stating a dream or vision of racial equality and harmony among people.

One person was in public office and said what he plans to do to produce equality, while the other was eliciting the government to take action for that cause.

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Why didn't Clinton address digitaries

Topic: Clinton


June 18, 2008

I have carefully gone through the clinton inaugural speech but made to understand that it first lack the long protocols we in Africa are used to by acknowledging the presence of some diginitries present during the occasion. In Nigeria for instace is not enough to address people without mentioning the influencials that grace the occasion.
My Question is was the speech delivered in the mass media or publicly.

Babangida - Nigeria



The presidential inaugural speech is made right after the new president is sworn in. It is delivered before an audience and is also televised. Dignitaries, including the previous president, are in presence at the speech.

It is unusual that President Clinton did not address other dignitaries or influentials in his speech. It is common practice in such a speech. If you look at President Ronald Reagan's speech, as well as other inaugural speeches, you will see that they addressed the important people in the audience.


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Was JFK's speech informative or persuasive?

Topic: Kennedy Inaugural


May 3, 2008

was jonh f kennedy's inaugural speech an informative speech or a persuasive speech.

michaelah - USA



The purpose of an inaugural speech is for the new President to make an introduction to the public and inform them about some of the plans for the future.

In later speeches, the President--in this case John F. Kennedy--would use persuasion to get the people to believe in his views or ideas.

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Is Kennedy's speech better read or heard?

Topic: Kennedy Inaugural


December 16, 2007

In your opinion does John F. Kennedy inaugural address come across beter on the written page or from the recorded footage of the actaul speech?

Monique - USA



Kennedy's speech was well-written, but the written version does not include the inflections and emphasis of the spoken speech. Kennedy was a very good orator, and he could inspire the audience when he spoke.

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What is the point of this speech?

Topic: Lincoln Gettysburg Address


September 19, 2007

i would just like to know what the main piont of this speach is?......please get back with me as soon as possible thanx.....




Lincoln was honoring the men that fought and died on the battlefield at Gettysburg.

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What kind of body language did Kennedy use?

Topic: Kennedy Inaugural


June 29, 2007

My question is what kind of body language did the president use to make his speech persuasive?

Vivian - USA



Certainly, he made gestures and facial expressions, but since he was standing behind a lectern while giving his speech, I don't think there was any special body language used. More importantly were his vocal expressions.

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