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Speech Writing Resources

by Ron Kurtus (revised 9 January 2016)

The following is a compilation of resources on speech writing.


The Fundamentals of Speechwriting - From Graduate School of Political Management - Georgetown University

Effective Speech Writing - From

Speechwriter - Overview of profession from Wikipedia

Speech Samples - From, a professional speech writing business

How to write a speech - Overview from

How To Write A Great Speech: 5 Secrets for Success - Good pointers from Forbes Magazine

Speech Topics - Listing of many suggested topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

Argumentative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics


10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech: The Definitive Guide to Professional Speechwriting by Fletcher Dean; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2011)

Speechwriting: The Expert Guide by Simon Lancaster; Hale Expert Guides (2011)

Writing Great Speeches: Professional Techniques You Can Use by Alan M. Perlman; Pearson Publishing (1997)

Top-rated books on Speech Writing


Use these resources to improve your speech writing.

(Let me know if you have other good resources).

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Speech Writing topics


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