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Feedback Q&A on Sports

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 108 comments and questions on Sports issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Top 50 NBA Disagrees on James Worthy USA
All-time NBA Do you think I will be in the NBA? USA
High Velocity Ball Pointers for youngsters hitting a ball USA
Table Tennis Can the paddle hit the table? USA
Table Tennis Service Can you put up table tennis videos? UAE
Table Tennis Scoring points by hitting the net USA
Top 50 NBA Dennis Johnson should be on the list USA
All-time NBA Listing of all NBA Hall of Fame players USA
All-time NBA How tall do you think I will be? USA
All-time NBA Wants list updated with new players USA

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Disagrees on James Worthy

Topic: Top 50 NBA


November 22, 2005

How in the frickin world could you even say James Worthy wasn't a great player & should not have made the NBA TOP 50.He had a solid statistical average & was the man in 1988 as NBA Finals MVP with 36pts,16rebs,&10assists.There should be atleast 5 UNC Tarheels on that ridiculous TOP 50 or maybe more.You could take Jordan,Worthy,Cunningham,Carter,& MaCadoo & whip any team on earth.They all had complete games.The dream team could have played the Chicago Bulls of the 1990's and they would have lost in a 7 game series.Jordan even made the statement he wished he could have had all UNC players on the Bulls cause they were unselfish & listened.And Kobe ain't a red pimple on MJ's buttocks & neither is Lebron!The Alltime Greatest team would be MJ,Magic,Bird,Worthy,& Kareem.6man Pistol Pete

jay - USA



James Worthy was a great player, but he really wasn't that much of a "go-to" guy as some of the others on this top-50 list. I always felt he often didn't played up to his potential.

The thing is, would you take Worthy or Bob McAddoo on that list? I don't know how they could have left McAddoo off and included Scotty Pippen instead.

UNC put out some great players, that is for sure.

That Top 50 list should be revised.

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Do you think I will be in the NBA?

Topic: All-time NBA


November 22, 2005

Do you think I will be over six feet tall?
My mom is 5foot 5inches and my dad is 5foot 10inches and I have a few relatives
that are over 6feet tall. By the way I am 12 years old and is 5foot 1inch.

Also do you think I will be in the NBA? I am 12 5ft. 1in. and is a great shooter
okay at dribbling and love the game.I am working on steals, blocks, dribbling,and three pionters.


Michael - USA



Usually boys grow to be somewhat taller than their fathers. Although height is a major factor in playing professional basketball, there have been a number of good players under 6 feet.

Spud Webb played in the NBA for 12 years and he was 5 ft. 7 in. But even better than that Mugsy Bogues played in the NBA and he was only 5 ft. 3 in.

So there is hope for short players. But they have to be quick and know the game. Often such a player is a point guard who dishes the ball off to the other players. Shooting must be done quickly to avoid having the shot blocked.

Just keep playing, do your best and enjoy the game.

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Pointers for youngsters hitting a ball

Topic: High Velocity Ball


November 15, 2005

If your son is having trouble doin that then that is a hard habit to get out of. first tape a game of your son doin it see if he does it at surtain times. then you stand oin the opposite batters box and toss it to him from where you standand let him swing from that spot. Tape that to do it as much as you can. It will help a lot

mike - USA



Thanks for the pointers on hitting the ball.

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Can the paddle hit the table?

Topic: Table Tennis


November 13, 2005

Does a player lose a point if while the point is in play his/her paddle hits the table whilst making contact with or right after contact is made with the ball?

Karthik - USA



I've never heard that the paddle cannot hit the table after hitting the ball. The main concern is that you don't use the table to get better leverage.

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Can you put up table tennis videos?

Topic: Table Tennis Service


November 1, 2005

it's quite tough practicing with only theories
can u put video's on your site or something???
that'll be much easier for people

chetan - UAE



Sorry, we don't have any videos available at this time. We hope to have some in the future.

You can check out: to see some sample videos of table tennis matches. They also sell video clips.

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Scoring points by hitting the net

Topic: Table Tennis


October 30, 2005

Hi! i have a ping pong question for you! i play ping pong almost everyday with my mom and we have a question about hitting the net. When i return the ball to her, i sometimes hit the ball low on purpose to cause it to hit the net and directly drop on her side. She says that this is illegal and that it should not count. I on the other hand think its a perfectly legal move and that it is a perfect return. I know that you cant hit the net on a serve, but are you able to hit it on a return and have the ball drop directly on the other side? Thank you very much!
Grant Essenmacher

Grant - USA



You shouldn't use such tricks to beat your mom! Let her win once in a while.

What you are doing is perfectly legal. The same rule applies to regular tennis. But it also sounds like your net may be a little loose to allow that to happen on a regular basis.

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Dennis Johnson should be on the list

Topic: Top 50 NBA


October 3, 2005

No way Worthy on list. Also, many of these players were not great defensive...Certainly, great defensive players deserve consideration...What about
Dennis Johnson of Sonic/Celtic lore? He was a great defensive player and won 3 championships as well as a great clutch shooter/player. Even Larry Bird said DJ was the best player on the Celtics!




I agree that there are several people on this list that should be replaced with other, better players. Worthy was good but never outstanding in the long run.

Often great defensive players like DJ get overlooked in these types of lists made up by sportswriters. I'd like to revise it with new players, espcially since that list is several years old.

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Listing of all NBA Hall of Fame players

Topic: All-time NBA


August 29, 2005

can I have the names of all of the legends/ hall of famers?

steve - USA



Check out to see a year-by-year listing of all NBA Hall of Fame players.

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How tall do you think I will be?

Topic: All-time NBA


August 26, 2005

I am 4 foot 8 and 10 years old how tall do you think I would be when I stop growing

steven - USA



You can tell about how tall you will be by looking at your parents and relatives. Usually, you will be slightly taller than your father, although there are exceptions if there are other tall people in your family.

Although height is an advantage in basketball, many players make up for lack of height with speed, skill and knowledge of the game.

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Wants list updated with new players

Topic: All-time NBA


August 25, 2005

I emailed you before about that if vince carter is better than lenny wilkins should't he be amoung the 50? I thought that you can update the list to today and put who YOU think should be in it who are playing today.Can you please email me as soon as you can and tell me if you can do that.

steven - USA



Adding who should now be in the top 50 would take an amount of research. One thing is that I don't believe existing players should be in the list. It is always better to have retired players to make things fair if a player only has a few good seasons.

Unfortunately, I won't have time to update that list for a while.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Sports issues.

Have fun

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