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Feedback Q&A on Sports

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 108 comments and questions on Sports issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Top 50 NBA Where's Tim Duncan? USA
Table Tennis Service Dealing with a side spin serve USA
Top 50 NBA I think you will have to add Kobe to the list USA
Top 50 NBA Why didn't Jamal Wilkes make the list? USA
Table Tennis Wants to make a ping-pong table USA
Top 50 NBA Take Pippen out and add Bob McAddoo USA
Top 50 NBA Choice for all-time time USA
Table Tennis Give some examples of how to play ping pong Guyana
All-time NBA What is your dream team? USA
Table Tennis Can the person hit the ball with his or her hand? USA

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Where's Tim Duncan?

Topic: Top 50 NBA


March 24, 2006

Where's Tim Duncan???? He only one of 5 players in NBA history to receive finals MVP 3 times

James - USA



The list was made by journalists several years ago. We plan to make a new list but will only include players who have retired. Once Duncan retires, he definitely will be among the top 50.

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Dealing with a side spin serve

Topic: Table Tennis Service


March 15, 2006

Dear Sir,
I sometimes face problem when recieving the strong side spin ball and I sometime confuse side spin and under plus side spin when recieving. Please tell me the best way to return such kind of serves.

valdimir - USA



Take note of how your opponent hits the ball when it has a side spin so that you will recognize the direction of spin. Usually, a strong spin will spin away from you if you hit it flat or even try a top spin return. The best return is to punch at the ball, trying to spin it in the opposite direction. In that way you will neutralize your opponent's spin.

You can also try a top spin on an angle that will both stop his spin and add some of your own, but that can be difficult to do.

Always watch the ball while it is in your opponent's hand before the serve. That will give you an edge on the return.

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I think you will have to add Kobe to the list

Topic: Top 50 NBA


March 3, 2006

I think you will have to add Kobe, Lebron, and Tim duncan, maybe Dirk Niwitzski to your all-time list. But You will have to expand the list beccause no one should be removed from the top 50. Also, it is correct that Bob McAdoo should be on the list. Other for strong consideration: Iverson, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, McGrady.




Those are good selections to add to the list. But I'm wondering if active players should be on the list? I'm thinking that you can judge better after a player retires.

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Why didn't Jamal Wilkes make the list?

Topic: Top 50 NBA


February 17, 2006

I can believe Jamal Wilks isn't on the list.

Why didn't he make it?




Wilkes certainly was a good player. They called him "Silk" because he was so smooth. But also, he wasn't flashy, so many sports writers who made the list did not take notice of him. We do nee a new list with the opinion of fans and not just the press.

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Wants to make a ping-pong table

Topic: Table Tennis


February 15, 2006

Faer Sir:

Due to short space in my house I was thinking to buy 2 equal size plywood pcs on my dining table. I will paint it and put white lines also.

How thick should be the plywood and what kind of paint and paint procedure should be followed for proper bounce.

Hameed - USA



You could use a two plywood boards of about 1/2 inch thick to make your own ping-pong table. Even 1/4 inch thick plywood is OK.

Normal dimensions are 5 x 9 feet or 274 cm in length, 152.5 cm in width, and 76 cm in height. You can have one smaller, if there is not enough room. Use green glossy paint for the surface and white paint or even tape for the edges.

It may be easier to buy a table top. They usually come in two pieces that can be put on your dining room table. Sears sells them for around $100. You might also get a used one. Check for your city to see if anyone has a two-piece for sale under sports equipment.

Best wishes in getting your table. It is a good game.

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Take Pippen out and add Bob McAddoo

Topic: Top 50 NBA


February 8, 2006

Absolutely take Pippen out and add Bob McAddoo as a one of the all time great centers. How did he get overlooked anyway? That was a huge mistake! It is just too bad he didn't play with a better team during his career!

Irvin - USA



Pippen was a darling of the media when he played with Jordan. I just wonder if McAddoo offended some of the reporters who selected this all-time list. It is also due for an update.

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Choice for all-time time

Topic: Top 50 NBA


February 8, 2006


Let's say I'm allowed nine players on my team. For an all time great NBA team here it is as I see it.

Bill Russell
a healthy Bill Walton
Bob McAddoo (can move to forward position at times)

Larry Bird
Kevin McHale

Magic Johnson (can easily move to forward position and can even play center)
Michael Jordan
John Stockton
Oscar Robertson (can easily move to forward)

Bring on your best team and we will seriously give you fits. We've got everything on this team. Rebounding, Defense, Ball Control, Scoring, Team Mentality, you name it, its there! Just remember a few things here about this team.

Russell: the consummate team player. He had great inside defense and rebounding. How many championships are under his belt?

Walton: the best passing center ever. He knew what it took to win. He was a true throw back to Russell but could score at will and was great at rebounding and very hard to deal with on defense. You can hate him as a color man today but when he was healthy you didn't dare overlook him on the floor.

McAddoo: Look at his stats! Basically he was unstoppable. Also, he was grossly overlooked and underappreciated.

Bird: blue collar gut it out type. Sometimes he even looked slow and clumsy. He would kill you with the ball in his hands.

McHale: the herky, jerky forward. He was good on defense. He could somehow, with his worm move put the ball in, in spite of you being in his face. He found a way around you. What a compliment to the centers.

Magic: could do it all! Remember when he played center for Jabbar when Jabbar was hurt - and the outcome? Magic could take over a game and often did.

Jordan - what can be said about Jordan? He was the total player - defense - offense - scoring - ball handling! He literally could "will" teams to victory and carry them on his back!

Stockton: look at his stats. He was the best passer in NBA history. How many steals did he have? When any center, forward or guard need the ball Stock would put it there - you could count on it! How many assists for Stock? Don't count him out on threes.

Robertson: Why is he on this team? Let's see, how many lifetime triple doubles does he have? He averaged a triple double for an entire season! Even today he would do well against any of the current players!

There is my team. Now try to beat us. We've got everything. Our bench will be just as difficult to deal with as will our starting five, whoever that might be on any given night. Whatever an opposing team may attempt to do against us will be figured it out before long and we have the weapons to counteract it and overcome it!

Irvin - USA



Thanks for the input. You have a good selection of players. I wonder how some of the great present-day players would match up with the old-timers?

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Give some examples of how to play ping pong

Topic: Table Tennis


January 14, 2006

Pleas give some examples of how you really play ping pong

Joseph - Guyana



We'l be adding some more material on ping pong, along with pictures soon.

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What is your dream team?

Topic: All-time NBA


December 9, 2005

k if you could put together a dream team of all the greats that are retired who would be on it. And a dream team of both old players and present

thank you i look forward to hearing your answer

p.s. this site is wrong larry bird is the greatest

robbie - USA



My favorites for a "dream team" of retired players would be: Dr. J, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan.

With the new players, it is really difficult to decide, since there are such good ones around. Many may surpass the "old timer" players.

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Can the person hit the ball with his or her hand?

Topic: Table Tennis


December 9, 2005

When the ball had been hit can the other person hit the ball with His or Her opposite hand that the racket is NOT in?

Alex - USA



Only the paddle can be used to hit the ball. If the ball hits the person anywhere, including his or her hand, it is a lost point.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Sports issues.

Have fun

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