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Feedback Q&A on Sports

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 108 comments and questions on Sports issues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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All-time NBA Do you think I can make the NBA? USA
Top 50 NBA Shouldn't Vince Cater be on the list? USA
Table Tennis Rules on touching concrete table USA
High Velocity Ball Ping pong ball hitting the eye USA
General How do basketball players jump so high? USA
Table Tennis Service Hiding the spin INDIA
Basketball Wand to be a basketball player USA
Top 50 NBA Will any Pistons make the list? USA
Table Tennis Can you use two paddles? USA
Handball Kill Shots Plays one wall handball in New York USA

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Do you think I can make the NBA?

Topic: All-time NBA


August 25, 2005

I play on my school's junior varsity team i am good at fade aways ,inside shooting,3 point shooting,and foul shots. on defense i am good at stealing,blocking,and fair at rebounding.I am 10 years old and I 4 foot 8.
DO you think I can make the NBA?

steven - USA



You have a good start. Obviously, if you would grow up to be 6 foot 8, you would have a better chance, but there have been some great NBA players of all sizes. Spud Webb was 5' 6' and won the NBA slam dunk contest. Muggsie Bogues was the shortest NBA player at 5' 3".

Just keep up the good work. The more you know about the game and the more experience you get, the better you will be. But the big thing is to have fun in the game. You do your best and have a good time in the process. That makes you a champion.

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Shouldn't Vince Cater be on the list?

Topic: Top 50 NBA


August 24, 2005

don't you think vince carter should be on the list and lenny wilkens should be off of the list?

steven - USA



There are a number of active players that are better than some of those on that list. Although many of the old-timers were great in their day, I think they would have a tough time against the present athletes. I agree that Carter is probably better than Wilkins was.

This list was put together by sports writers a few years ago. It really should be brought up to date with new players. Perhaps I'll add some like Carter.

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Rules on touching concrete table

Topic: Table Tennis


July 10, 2005

Can you touch the table with parts of your body other than your free hand (e.g. legs, paddle hand) if you don't move the table?

I play on a concrete table in a park, where you touching the table with force that would move a regular freestanding table doesn't move it.

I am worried that I may be unintentionally cheating :)

Peter - USA



The rules state that you can't move the playing surface or touch it with your free hand. So with a concrete table, you could easily lean on the table or grab the side for more power and not "officially" break the rules. But it would be a bad habit to get into, since you might then do that on a regular table and lose points.

Since a concrete table is not standard, players should probably agree what to allow. The best would be not to touch the table, unless others agree to it.

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Ping pong ball hitting the eye

Topic: High Velocity Ball


May 31, 2005

How fast can a ping pong ball travel. What kind of damage can it do to a human traveling at that speed (particulary to a human eye). I ask as I'm doing research for an Association and wanted to gather as much info from as many different resources. Your reponse would be of great help. Thank you.

Tony - USA



I don't have information on the top speed of a ping-pong ball. Since the ball is not heavy, the force it would apply to the eye would probably not be enough to really cause damage. For example, if a ping-pong ball hit your skin, it might sting a little but would not create a welt. On the other hand, a racquetball can create a welt on the skin and also damage the eye.

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How do basketball players jump so high?

Topic: General


April 20, 2005

1-I played for a team in my public school, but not Junior High School or High School. If I go to a college and try out for the team and I make it and i'm good, can I get drafted to the NBA?

2- How do Basketball players Jump so high such as Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, etc?

Shaun - USA



Try to get on some team. The more you play, the better you will get and the better your chances are in college. If you're good in college, even in a small college, you may be noticed and get drafted.

Not only are they tall and athletic, but they also have great spring in their legs. A play who can't jump as high can still do well if he can pass and shoot and has a good sense of the game.

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Hiding the spin

Topic: Table Tennis Service


April 19, 2005

some players serve with apose u r not able to see what spin they r putting to the ball (action is like they hide the hand behind thier back by standing a little more sideways)is that legitimate??

how to judge the spins on these balls??
specially the short ones..........
the serve normally gets lofted up and opponent bangs a shot right after it..




You can normally tell the spin by the way the paddle is moved.

For a legal serve, the ball must be tossed slightly upward and allowed to bounce off the table. It would be very difficult to hide how the ball is then hit.

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Wand to be a basketball player

Topic: Basketball


April 18, 2005

Hey, I just wanted to know how to become a basketball player because I love the game and I enjoy it and im pretty good.

Shaun - USA



It is a good game. You can play a lot of pick-up games and get pretty good, but it is important to get on a team with a coach that can teach the fundamentals and some of the tricks of the trade. Certainly, try to get on the school team. But also look into other organizations that have teams.

To make the pros, you really need to be good in high school and college. Being extremely tall helps too. But even if you don't make the pros, just getting on a team and playing is fun.

Best wishes in the sport.

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Will any Pistons make the list?

Topic: Top 50 NBA


March 1, 2005

do ypu think that any of the detroit pistons will make the top 50 like maybe a ben wallace or a rip hamilton if so write back

martin - USA



That Top 50 was established several years ago and is already getting outdated. Note that there are many in the NBA Hall of Fame that are not on that list.

The Pistons are more of a team than one with superstars. Look at the old championship Detroit "Bad Boys". I think only Isiah Thomas made this list.

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Can you use two paddles?

Topic: Table Tennis


February 28, 2005

In basement table tennis can you use two paddles?

Brent - USA



You can play doubles in basement table tennis, but I never heard of someone using a paddle in each hand. I guess if everyone agreed on it, you could do it.

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Plays one wall handball in New York

Topic: Handball Kill Shots


February 11, 2005

This site is great. I play one wall handball in New York and I am doing a Q & A on my site also, . Are there one wall questions on here? I only got sent this link.

Tyrone - USA



One-wall handball is tough. I've played three-wall and can get you running too. I plan to add more material on playing handball and the strategies involved.

Also, I'll add a link to your site as a resource.

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Hopefully, this reader feedback has helped provide information about Sports issues.

Have fun

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