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Feedback Q&A on Technical Writing

by Ron Kurtus

Readers have sent in a total of 105 comments and questions on Technical Writingissues. They are listed according to date.

You can read them to further your understanding of the subject.

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Process Looking for a web writer Canada
Knowledge Comparing technical writing and literary writing Philippines
General What does technical writing Mean? New Zealand
RoboHelp and WBT Learning to use RoboHelp India
General Want to learn more about online program Nigeria
General Looking for a job as a technical writer USA
Skills Needed Excellent article Italy
Skills Needed Is RoboHelp like the Oracle User Productivity Kit? USA
Type of Docs Needed Is a technical marketing brochure a technical document? Philippines
Salaries What are the average salaries for writers in Illinois? USA

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Looking for a web writer

Topic: Process


July 17, 2011

Are you available to write a software user manual for a new web based application? Can you write in Robohelp?

Brook - Canada



I'm sorry, but I no longer do Technical Writing. A good place to find a writer with your requirements is through the Society for Technical Communication. Check to find a chapter in your community in Canada.

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Comparing technical writing and literary writing

Topic: Knowledge


June 21, 2011

differentiate technical writing from literary writing by considering the following factors:
1. porpose
2.subject matter
3. language
4. point of view

shelmy - Philippines



In technical writing, you are usually writing for a company with the purpose of describing or explaining their products or services. A user manual is a good example of technical writing.

In literary writing, the author is often expressing emotions or telling stories. Poetry, short stories and plays are example of literary writing.

Certainly, the two types of writing are quite different.

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What does technical writing Mean?

Topic: General


November 14, 2010

What does technical even mean

lucy - New Zealand



Technical writing is usually about descriptions of machinery, computer devices and equipment.

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Learning to use RoboHelp

Topic: RoboHelp and WBT


August 7, 2010

from where i have to start to learn RoboHelp?

- India



RoboHelp is mainly used for online help for computer applications. It can also be used for creating tutorials.

For information and tutorials, see:

I hope that helps.

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Want to learn more about online program

Topic: General


May 16, 2010

I will like more information on online study programme on technical writing including the fees.

Harris - Nigeria



The School for Champions website provides free supplementary lessons to help students and other learners to understand a topic.

You can go through our lessons on Technical Writing to help you understand the subject.

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Looking for a job as a technical writer

Topic: General


August 23, 2009

I am a TW with an engineering background. I have a mechanical engineering degree and experience. For the last 11 years, I have been a TW. Most of this time was overseas.

I am currently looking for the next position and would like to know if there is a survey on typical salaries for TWs categorized by industry. This would show which industries typically pay more. I would, of course, like to focus my search more on those industries.

My background is varied, including the electrical, electronic, and mechanical aspects of machines and airplanes. I also have experience documenting software systems. So, I should be attractive to more than one industry.


William - USA



See our list of wages for technical writers in the U.S. at:

This list is about three years old, so many of the wages have dropped, especially in California.

If you're not a member all of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), it is worthwhile joining in order to make contacts and find out what is happening in your area. Check to find a chapter in your area.

Best wishes in your job search.

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Excellent article

Topic: Skills Needed


July 5, 2009

Excellent article.

Paolo - Italy



Thanks for the feedback.

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Is RoboHelp like the Oracle User Productivity Kit?

Topic: Skills Needed


January 29, 2009

Is RoboHelp like the Oracle User Productivity Kit?

Minnie - USA



RoboHelp is a program that uses Microsoft Word to build online help programs. A similar product is Doc-to-Help. They also can make HTML Help applications.

Oracle User Productivity Kit is an overall documentation and training system, primarily for companies using the Oracle database and other applications. There is a special class of companies that use Oracle products.

In general, the technical writer not only must write the documentation but must also learn to use the Help and other documentation tools that her company uses.

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Is a technical marketing brochure a technical document?

Topic: Type of Docs Needed


January 23, 2009

A one pager ad in a newspaper or a magazine featuring an equipment, highlighting some of its key technical descriptions (no details). Can this document be already considered a "technical document" or simply a marketing tool? How about a brochure, can it be considered a "technical document" already?

- Philippines



There can be an overlap of marketing and technical documentation, especially with product specifications and features. Usually, the purpose of a marketing document is to help sell the product, while a technical document concerns how to use the product, repair it, or explain how it works.

Many technical marketing documents are written by technical writers, teaming up with marketing writers.

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What are the average salaries for writers in Illinois?

Topic: Salaries


January 17, 2009

How much are the wages or average salaries in Illinois for technical writers? How is the job market in Illinois?

Thank you,

Aaron - USA



The average wage for a technical writer in Illinois is about $67,000 per year, probably around the Chicago area. Beginners or those in small companies average about $42,000 per year.

The job market is slow everywhere right now. The best bet to find out about job opportunities is to check with STC in Chicago at You might be able to get on their job announcement list or find out about openings. There are two other chapters in Illinois, if you are not in the Chicago area.

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