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Feedback Comments on TQM

by Ron Kurtus

A total of 206 comments and questions have been sent in. They are listed according to date.

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General Where is TQM used? Mexico
Principles Explain the components of TQM USA
General Role of training in TQM Cambodia
General What is the function of TQM? South Africa
General How can a company use TQM? Lesoth
Complaints Customer wants refund with no claim ticket USA
Restaurant Quality Is service person part of product? Phillipines
General Applicability of total quality management Uganda
Inspecting for Quality Inspection in shipping goods Nigeria
General Want to know the philosophy of TQM India

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Where is TQM used?

Topic: General


February 11, 2015

I would like to know some of these questions...

For what type of business is it designed?

What does the business need to do to obtain it?

Which businesses had or have this system or prize?

valeria - Mexico



TQM can be used for both for profit and non-profit businesses. The idea is to improve the quality of products and services delivered to customers, such that they are satisfied and want to do repeat business. But also by improving the processes, the business will reduce wasteful practices and have better profits.

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Explain the components of TQM

Topic: Principles


February 7, 2015

can u plzz explain the components of total quality management?

shrijana - USA



The basic principles for the Total Quality Management (TQM) are to satisfy the customer, satisfy the supplier, and continuously improve the business processes.

Customer satisfaction is often found through surveys and by seeing repeat business. If the company is getting good work and products from the suppliers profits increase. A component in this is to help the suppliers provide quality. Usually, statistical analysis is used to help improve the business processes. It helps determine any failure rate.

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Role of training in TQM

Topic: General


August 26, 2014

1-Discuss the role of training and education in supporting TQM ?
2-Explain the difference between satisfaction and loyalty. why is loyalty more important ?
3-Let explain, why are strategic partnerships and alliances useful to an organization ?

Tem - Cambodia



Since there may be confusion or even resistance to implementing TQM in a company, training and education is important. This includes training of management, so that they understand the principles.

Loyalty comes from having good experiences with a product or company and results in repeat business. However, if the customer is not satisfied with a product or service several times, the customer will no longer be loyal and even disgruntled with the company.

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What is the function of TQM?

Topic: General


May 27, 2014

What is the function of TQM

Wilfred - South Africa



TQM is philosophy of doing business intended to reduce costs from wasteful practices and increase business through quality goods and customer satisfaction.

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How can a company use TQM?

Topic: General


April 4, 2014

How can a company use total quality management? for example Vodacom company

- Lesoth



Vodacom is an African mobile communications company. The first application of Total Quality Management (TQM) is to continuously improve the quality of their products and services, including reducing faulty parts and waste. This will improve profits.

Helping vendors ans suppliers to provide quality parts helps the quality of the products.

Customer satisfaction is very important in TQM. Vodacom must make sure their customers are pleased with their products and services.

The major requirement in applying TQM is that upper management buy in and agree to these principles.

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Customer wants refund with no claim ticket

Topic: Complaints


January 15, 2014

a customer came to my shop with no claim ticket. She said she brought a pair of boots to get stretched but we could not find any boots that she described. She wants us to pay her 225.00 for these boots that I have no record of What should I do?

anna - USA



Some people get confused about where they purchased products and actually go to the wrong store. Of course, there are others who may be trying to get something for nothing.

The best way to deal with such a person is to be sympathetic but say that company policy requires that you carry the product and that she has a claim ticket.

Also, you could mention that since you do not carry that product, she could have purchased them at a different store.

Best wishes in handling this difficult situation.

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Is service person part of product?

Topic: Restaurant Quality


January 7, 2014

how the service person in the restaurant is part of the product the customer receives when purchasing a meal?

zshar - Phillipines



Whenever you purchase any product, there is also a service involved. The quality of each item is important to the customer experience.

In a restaurant, if the food is good but the service is poor, the customer will not be satisfied. Likewise, if the service is excellent but the food is not good, the customer will not be satisfied.

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Applicability of total quality management

Topic: General


November 15, 2013

applicability of total quality management in business environment

gorret - Uganda



Total Quality Management is used in business to reduce wasteful processes, make quality goods, and satisfy the customers, such that the business will prosper.

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Inspection in shipping goods

Topic: Inspecting for Quality


September 9, 2013

What are the necessary steps to be taken for inspecting cargos to be delivered by sea to another part of the country?if there is shortages at the terminal or at the destination,who is to blame and how will the shortages be recovered,pls its urgent,thanks

Ifeanyi - Nigeria



I assume you are only interested in inspecting the quantity of items and to insure there is no damage before they are sent. Typically, a visual inspection is made, checking off items from a list from the owner of the material.

If there are items missing from the original list, the owners should be notified. All items may not have been sent or some could have been taken during shipment to the terminal.

It is important to be thorough in checking the items to make sure the terminal is not blamed or liable for the shortage.

At the destination, the quantity and condition of the items should be recorded again to make sure there was no loss or damage in transit.

Depending on where any shortage is found, you can determine who to blame. Unfortunately, there are people who steal. Sometimes even companies sending material or goods will claim things are missing, as a way to get some undeserved payment.

I hope this helps.

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Want to know the philosophy of TQM

Topic: General


August 1, 2013

The philosophy of TQM

sayooj - India



TQM is based on three principles:

(1) Satisfy the customer with quality products and service. This is the most important item.

(2) Continually improve the way you do things. This includes studying data and statistics to verify improvements.

(3) Help your workers and suppliers provide you with quality goods and services. This includes clear instructions and even providing extra training.

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